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What is Arsenal? A business? Or a football club striving for success?

Fellow Arsenal fans. Last season, I wrote about how the first 5-1 loss to Bayern Munich was my low point in 45 years as an Arsenal supporter. To see us being totally humiliated by a Bayern team, which wasn’t even one of their best in recent years, was a nightmare. But seeing for the first time several Arsenal players not even giving close to 100% in a Champions League game was no less than a disgrace, and I firmly believed, that would and should be the end of Wenger’s reign. Surely he would himself admit that it was time to step down, and if not, he would be sacked.

Obviously, I was dead wrong. Somehow he is still our manager, and somehow we have now reached an even lower point. We got totally humiliated by Liverpool, which of course is a club with a great history (let’s give them that), but which is also a club, which we have been better than for almost the entire period of the Premier League. And honestly, their team is no more than a group of good players, and their only world class player was not even in the team. Not only did we get humiliated, most of us actually felt or even knew beforehand, that we wouldn’t stand a chance. So we can’t put it down as a just a fluke accident. It was a logical consequence of our own shortcomings. And that how low, we have fallen now.

Personally, I have no doubt, that these shortcomings are brought on by our manager. For years he has failed to strengthen the team in the right areas, and he has failed to organize the team better, so we wouldn’t be so easy to score against. Yes, I admit that the players yesterday and also in other games could be blamed, but ultimately it is the manager, who must be replaced, if several players aren’t motivated to perform.

So now, we have a situation where:

We are nowhere near the top 4-5 clubs in England
There is absolutely no sign of improvement
Players don’t give 100% when playing
Several of our best players want out
Fans are rightly infuriated
Absolutely no neutrals believe we are a force to be reckoned with
The contractual situation is generally a big mess

Apparently Wenger himself doesn’t seem to have the dignity to step down, and that leaves the big question; How, or maybe why, can the management of the club accept this? It really is beyond me, and I can’t understand it!

I often see people claiming it is because the owners only care about money. But even if that is the case, it really doesn’t make sense. Surely there is more money to be had for the owners, if we are one of the top clubs. As I see it, nearly all sources of revenue are dependent on how the team performs over time. It certainly goes for:

TV revenue, both national and international
Merchandise sale
Ticket revenue

In fact, I would go as far as to say, there is quite a big alignment of goals for players and fans, who want sporting success, and for the owners only interested in money. So, I really don’t believe it is a big part of our problems, that the owners want to make money. It may in fact be good. But what is then the main reason for our problems?

Could it really be, that Arsene Wenger personally has become so “big” at our club, that no one actually takes charge and put things right?

P.S. I have no shares in the club, I am really just a frustrated fan, who hope and pray, something will change for the better.


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29 thoughts on “What is Arsenal? A business? Or a football club striving for success?

  1. Nothing changed

    Weather it is business or a football club striving for success it is failing in both cases.

    Even as a business, letting assets deplete because you allow players contracts to run into their final year, or buying players you don’t utilize (Perez, Gabriel, Mustafi) and sell sometimes below cost despite a rising market is simply poor business.

    We used to buy the excuse that Wenger was so great at running the club like a business. Make no mistake about this, this club even as a business is a shambles.

    1. Remember Resource?

      You know I have said multiple times the only way to be happy as an arsenal fan is own a part of the club. That way we can all celebrate together as we make money buying and selling players, higher ticket prices, developing in house products (youth) etc etc: I believe that the Supporters trust is also completely bullhsit. Wtf has the trust done for fans? They don’t protest, they don’t do shit. I bet their management is hired by the board itself. Arsenal fans in the UK need to grow a pair and stop going for matches. You know you may say fans are unhappy etc: but the board don’t see all of that because in all honestly it doesnt reflect in the numbers. If I’m kroenke I’m sitting there thinking, people claim to be unhappy but over the last 13 years the club has been raking in big bucks so it really isn’t reflecting in the numbers at the end of the day so it may not be that bad. Maybe its just a small portion of the fans and every sports franchise has that. Look He doesnt watch matches, he probably doesnt even know our squad. So you guys really need to do the right thing and make a difference where it matters. you’re letting arsenal fans down all over the world by continously paying big money and buying merchandise etc: you dumb idiots. GO donate to charity instead or give it your family..You fools why don’t you do what really matters instead of priding yourselves in the fact that “You will always support the club” Your not supporting the club you’re supporting the people who are destroying the club and mismanaging it. If you’re kid wants to become a pot head will you support her/him no matter what? Idiots.. Grow up and save the club. You’re not supporting the club, each and everyone one of you who sing and get behind the cub and the team are the equivalents of kroenke.. He has a ready buyer its not like arsenal will go into administration ever. So do what is needed.

  2. McLovin

    Arsenal Financial Club.

    It’s where mediocre players can get rich beyond their dreams and where failure is rewarded.

    1. Arsenal_Girl

      I know. Wenger is very generous to average players. No wonder most of our players are comfortable here and don’t want to leave.

      They would not get paid the same wage at other clubs

      Also some of our starters would not start at united, city, Liverpool, Chelsea or even Spurs.

  3. Arsenal_Girl

    To Kroenke and Wenger its a business more than anything else. Kroenke is a businessman not a sports fan. Abrahamovic and Usmanov are business men but want to WIN.

    Also don’t forget Wenger has a master’s in Economics.

    Kroenke and Wenger want steady continuous profits.
    As long as we are in the top 4, they are over the moon.
    They are not interested in taking risks to create a team for Trophies especially Premier League and Champions league.
    If we happen to win FA Cup then that is a bonus but profit comes first

    Kroenke needs money for buying another Ranch and his hunting hobby. As long as Wenger makes profit for Kroenke he gets his £9 million per year salary.

    Everyone is happy (except the fans, who they know will always buy tickets no matter what because of our loyalty and love for Arsenal).

    So to Kroenke and Wenger its a business first.

    1. Remember Resource?

      Its not your loyalty, its your lunacy. Youre supporting kroenke and wenger by giving them your money. Wenger out, kroenke out you’re still giving them money. You are destroying arsenal as well.
      Admin please approve my comments. I’m being extremely direct because I just find this whole thing wrong. I mean, your club doing well could have huge affect on your mentality. We’ve all heard about how this stuff really make a big difference to a person. So collectively everyone must make an effort to rescue their beloved club.

  4. Zimbo

    A football club striving for success?? Not as long as Stan, Gazdiz and Wenger are at the helm. It’s not even a proper business, rather a cash cow that’s being milked dry.

  5. drewISpissed

    you say liverpool have one world class player? mane is world class, same level as sanchez buddy.

  6. Les

    I share the sentiments of AndersS.Well said.With Wenger– Arsenal might go into the abyss and its seems that only the fans care.It is obvious that we have some deadwood in the team that must surely be left out and become frustrated and leave.I am an Arsenal fan but a disappointed and frustrated one and it is painful to watch the once glorious team now in shambles

  7. Arsenal_Girl

    Yep. Mane is excellent. Actually, Salah, firminho and Mane have won me a lot of points in fantasy league.

    Sadly, I have even more Huddersfield players than Arsenal players on my team. 3 Huddersfield, 2 Arsenal and Wenger didn’t even start my two Arsenal players in last match (Lacazette and Kolsanic).

    1. Break-on-through

      I have Lacazette and Xhaka. I have Lukaku and Kane up front with him. Wanted to try and swap Xhaka for Mane somehow, but a big price difference and I’m happy with my other midfielders. Might look at Salah and see if it’s close.

      1. McLovin

        I have Kola as well. Rooney and Chicharito upfront have been quite formidable. Had Salah as captain against us and worked out pretty well heh.

        #22 in the JustArsenal league

    2. walle

      Lol… I have zero Arsenal players in my fantasy team eventhough im an Arsenal fan..i have a few MANU, Pool and Spuds players….Its how crap we have become. If you want to win your mini-leagues, you cant include Arsenal players in your fantasy team. The only one player ( Sanchez) I would include does not want to play for us anymore

  8. Sean Williams

    What is happening at Arsenal is akin to a crime. It should not be legal for Kroenke to own all the clubs that he does. He is shameful. Arsenal are being sabotaged by Wenger through his intransigence and deluded views on modern day football economics. We know he is unable jo judge the quality of players. Fans at the top clubs expect to challenge for the Premier League. Wenger and Kroenke are sabotaging that notion through greed and a business asset mindset by Kroenke and delusion and arrogance by Wenger. Only by the fans vacating their seats will change come.



  10. Break-on-through

    When we speak about Arsenal we have to do it in a way that Arsenal understands us, that’s the only way to make real change. So here goes, do you know that if you had of bought five quid worth of shares in Bitcoin, only five years ago, that would be worth just under five million today. And if Arsene had of been outed back then, we’d have had our pick of allot of great managers and things would be more hopeful than they are.

  11. Olaitan Kayode

    Class or Mediocre. I watched the UEFA champions league draw and I saw Class. Check out the class of teams that are there, (Barca, Juventus, Real Madrid) to recieve awards. Take a look and see the class of players (CR7, LM, modric, suarez, higuain, Dabyala, Lewandoski,) there in. These are class. U can never see a club like arsenal or a player from Arsenal there. The last time I check, it was 2016 that we were in such league. Then we had TH14, Gilberto, Campbell, pires, F. Lunberg) class of great players. Check out the coaches on sit. If Arsene Wenger is there, it will just be on an honorary invitation.. Sometimes I wonder why Arsene can’t learn from this instances… As far as am concern, Wenger has lost his winning touch. He is now financially oriented. We are not a great football club anymore, not untill Wenger and stan leave my beloved arsenal or probably till when they decide to change because I don’t see them leaving anytime soon….

    Up Gunners… Arsenal but not Arsener in my blood…..

  12. Abdulazeez

    Wenger is d man controlling arsenal,he is just making money for kroenke and dat’s what kroenke stop blaming gazidis,he wants to do good things but he can’t just do it with kroenke and Wenger in charge. Arsenal is falling,let’s mobilize and save our beloved club from the destroyers.

  13. jacob

    Arsenal r neither a club striving 4 success..Arsene is my worst coach in epl ..I expected after our heavy defeat to pool we shud b closing in on at least two players..buh dey old cargo is just der..we are ere screaming 4 sterling wad will he do 4 us..our problem is we lack a dm n a centre back..I just pray he shouldn’t sign anybody today…lemme c if we dnt finish atleast 10 dis season..I wunt leave dis club…I will wait until dis guy jes leave dis club…m tired of talking

  14. jacob

    u think wenger is selfish? he is not l..he personally do all this thing..who on his right senses wud not address his player by naw after sunday game..I just wsh I cud c wenger

  15. ArseOverTit

    If you are happy that your club do not procure the best manager, staff and players and that you are ‘really’ competing for the highest honours, then you can’t really want success on the football field (where it counts to fans and the history books). You only care for the generous revenue that it brings you.

    Prawn sandwhich eating football tourists spending big in the armoury, a mediocre who can deflect responsibility and passive fans will ensure that that remains the case.

    This has been coming for years now, at least 5. AFC has stagnated from top to bottom and there is no change insight unless results really take a turn for the worse and greater pressure mounts.

  16. Chekwube Kwentua

    The little opportunity given to a monkey to wear cloths does not guarantee it to join the dinning table, says an African proverb…the fact that Arsenal has a football stadium and footballers, does not make it a football club! Arsenal is purely a business venture!

    1. waal2waal

      i think you’ll find arsnal is a football club with a rich and impressive history. we used to be known as a fortress, for being self sufficient and very successful, unfortunately wenger is “gorilla glued” in position as manager and he’s helping us lose our way.

    2. Akan

      I keep hearing this story that Arsene is a professor of economics and it really does not make any sense to me. Has anybody seen proof of it ? I tend not to believe anything anyone tells me until it can be proved by evidence or I can see it for myself (like the story bout some bearded guy up in the sky waiting for me to die so he can have me sit next to him forever) If it is true the institution where he studied should be closed down and the person who handed him his diploma should be taken out and shot (just kidding). The evidence that I can see is that he (Wenger) is now in a state of complete and total confusion, nothing that he is doing works anymore, he is lost and deluded by past glories now the club is being dragged down with him as he deteriorates . The signs have been there for years. The first clue, I can recall thinking “this is complete lunacy” was the year when, instead of buying a striker in the January transfer window to try and win the league, he played little 5’4″ Andrei Arshavin as centre forward???? At the time Arshavin was playing great out on the wing and our best player, his experience at centre forward needless to say did go well and thereafter his performances nosedived and he was never the same footballer again. Inane nonsensical team selections and idiotic transfers followed regularly, buying a player in the middle of a season who you know is injured and cant play can only be described as madness, its a sign of insanity. For the nerds out there please find me another football coach who has ever done that ‘in the middle of the season’

      When the fans of opposing teams are waving banners and chanting for you sign a new contract that should have been a clear enough omen that the writing was on the wall, but the ego of Wenger took it to mean that he’s doing a great job and that they love him, He is now a sad mad figure who the majority of Arsenal now hold in contempt and disrespect

  17. Chuauhnuna

    This is what i have in mind for a long time. Shameless Stan must sell the club to those who have hearts to make the club a real title contender

  18. Okoro E Alaebi

    I strongly agree with Remember Resource it’s not just about carry banners wit senile Arsene Wenger must go and still go watch live matches. Boycotting all season matches, not buying tickets, souvenirs anything that will bring money into Kroenke’s and d mediocre board of directors pockets. Let see if d fans make d club broke if they will continue in their stupidity. Fans in Africa especially Nigeria can’t hold their heads high because of mediocre owner, senile coach who has lost touch with reality, I do not know know what category I will place d board of directors. The bunch have all become a cult they do not want a new face to take over, well we d fans in other parts of d planet r appealing to fans in England first n others in neighboring countries to boycott matches till d end of d season then an oil block money that loves football, n has a winning mentality will buy our beloved Arsenal. Has long has these bunch r there mark my words Arsenal will definitely go to relegation. Am sick n tired of Arsenal been called a club that keeps archives let do d needful n throw this bunch out n start winning trophies not archives.

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