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What name do you want on your new Arsenal shirt?

With only one new player added to the Arsenal playing staff so far in the current summer transfer window, Arsenal fans have not exactly been spoilt for choice about which player’s name to have printed on their new replica football shirt, but there is still plenty of time.

After his less than impressive Premier League Gunners debut at home to West Ham last weekend, I reckon that the number of Gooners getting the name of Petr Cech printed on the backs of their shirts will have dried up dramatically, but as long as he puts that behind him and helps the Gunners to a much needed win away to Crystal Palace on Sunday, I can see the Czech Republic keeper being a popular choice with the fans.

For one thing, his name is only four letters long and with the cost of being a football fan, especially an Arsenal fan, climbing all the time, any way of saving money and reducing costs is a good thing. There are ways, including voucher sites that can get you money off all sorts of things including shirts and other football related clothing, various ways of getting to the games and even on flights for when our Champions League adventure starts again. You really should check it out if you are trying to save a bit of money or make your pounds go further.

With Arsenal having recently released new versions of the home and away kits, we already have a hard choice on our hands, although I might just wait and see if the third strip is really the one reported by Metro to have been accidentally put up on the official Arsenal website. If so it is very different to anything we have seen recently – but I quite like it.

Then comes the choice of whose name to put on the back, assuming that is what you want to do. I am, like most of you out there, hoping that we will have at least one more player to choose from before the transfer window closes in a few weeks.

But whose name or names will we have? Karim Benzema is the subject of most of the recent Arsenal transfer rumours and we keep hearing more on the matter of the France international star. But I have a feeling that we are living more in hope than expectation on this particular signing. I keep coming back to the question of why Real Madrid would consider selling this striker that has consistently performed for them since his move from Lyon?

If Arsenal had a striker that had scored 124 goals in the last four seasons and we had the sort of money making power that makes Madrid the richest club in the world, would we sell him? It is not as if there are many rumours suggesting that Rafa Benitez is in the market for a new forward and so I very much doubt that the Madrid fans would be happy to see Benzema leave.

Another couple of big name strikers in the shape of Gonzalo Higuain and Edinson Cavani have started to be linked with a possible move to north London and while neither would be cheap, there is that reported £200 million in the bank that the Arsenal board member Lord Harris spoke about recently.

Also, while most of the football media agree that a striker is the most likely signing for Arsenal, Wenger rarely does what we expect. So perhaps another midfielder is on the cards, whether a solid central player or another creative one. I think we could do a lot worse than get a really good wide man in, and for me the German international Julian Draxler would fit into a few of these categories and I would love to see him sign for Arsenal.

So for me it would be the leaked third kit with Draxler on the back. How about you?

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34 thoughts on “What name do you want on your new Arsenal shirt?

  1. muffdiver

    muffdiver on the back…
    busty brazilian girl on the front

    oh yes, i read the posts properly 😉

    1. Harshil

      Draxler? Why mate? Draxler is no better than Ox/Sanchez/Ozil (the positions where he can play).

      1. Gunner

        Cause of his ability to use both feet, his speed, and his powerful shots..i know we need an out an out striker now but to have Draxler and Sanchez in the same team…

        1. Harshil

          I agree he is a talented player and infact we all know Arsenal were in talks to get him 2014 January but after getting Sanchez i don’t think he would fit in anywhere in the team. But i agree he is a talented player and Sanchez, Draxler seems mouth-watering.

  2. kev

    Hahahahaha speechless that’s how you make me feel.However if i want anyone it will be Gabriel because fans dont know what they are missing.A possible legend.A pity he is not starting but he is my choice if not him then Wilshere just for me to dream of the days.

    1. Harshil

      I am very very sure Gabriel would start over BFG after a few games. Wenger doesn’t change his team easily but Gabriel-Kos would lead us to the title very soon.

      Also i have a very strong feeling that Benzema to Arsenal would be done. Although no good sources have confirmed it yet but it is very likely that the injury to Benzema being claimed is fake and Wenger would never have sent Akpom on loan if this was not happening. A lot of things point towards this deal.

  3. kev

    When he gets his chance fans will not be singing the name of Laurent Koscielny anymore he is going to be a really dominant defender.What a waste that he is kept on the bench.The guy would be considered world class once he gets his chance you wait and see i said it.It is a real shame.I hope he gets his chance just so you can see what am saying.

  4. Fatboy Gooney

    I would have “stubborn as a mule” on the back of my shirt!
    It’s big enough ?
    dedicated to our dear old manager of course ?

  5. win_withstyle

    OT; It is easy for a whole team to fall apart when they not at their best, same reason I was praying we go after a fighter like Vidal. His drive and design can inspire those on d pitch. I have always known that Le Coq, will not be superb every match that is why I wonder why Arsene doesn’t go for a player like Krychowiak and a WC striker.

  6. TH14atl

    Alexis Mesut Ox/Theo
    Santi LeCoq/Kyrchowiak
    Monreal GP5 LK6 Bellerin

    Impact Subs (or Depending on what the game calls for): Ox/Theo, Giroud, Ramsey, LeCoq/Kychowiak, TR7, Defender, Ospina

    For me that team can battle for top 2 in the league, and go a round or 2 farther in the UCL. I still don’t think we go toe to toe with the class of Barca, Bayern, Real, but that 11 for me is balanced and a lot closer. Has everything you need. That 11 has class, it has pace, it has finishing, it has close-control technical ability, it has steel, it has vision. The 7 coming off the bench can also affect the game as well and give Arsene tactical adjustment options.

    I fear that Arsene isn’t playing GP5 yet because maybe he feels Per brings more leadership and organization to the squad. What Per also does, in my opinion, is force Koscielny to do the job of two people – which ends up getting him hurt potentially. Per for me still serves a purpose, but should not be immediately in the 11. Ramsey serves a purpose, but only against certain setups or in certain situations, and also should not immediately be in the 11. At present he’s too focused on getting the glory himself rather than doing what the team needs.

    This 18 also leaves a lot of people out, which is something that Arsene maybe struggles to do. Not listed:

    2 of the 3 out of Per/Debuchy/Gibbs

    Team selection is not Arsene’s strong suit.

    1. Harshil

      Amazing team i think. But i think Arsene would sign only 1 player. I think it would be Benzema, a lot of things point out towards that but i do not have reliable sources to confirm.

      1. TH14atl

        I fear you’re right. That team could compete though. Compare that to the lineups of the other big boys (in no particular order outside the top 3 of Barca, Real, Bayern…list assumes we get Benz and i have no idea who RM’s new CF would be….also wasn’t exactly sure of some PSG players….had to make some assumptions so don’t get tooo hung up in the details):

        CF – Suarez, RM CF, Lewandowski, Zlatan, Aguero, Costa, Benz
        RW – Messi, Bale, Robben (muller), Cavani, Navas, Willian, Ox/Theo
        LW – Neymar, CR7, Ribery (goetze), Lavezzi (Di Maria), Sterling, Hazard, Alexis
        ACM – Iniesta, James, Thiago, PSG, David Silva, Oscar, Ozil
        CM – Rakitic, Modric, Vidal, Matuidi, Yaya, Cesc, Santi
        CDM – Busquets, Kroos, Xabi Alonso, Thiaho Motta, Fernandinho, Matic, LeCoq/Kyrchowiak
        LB – Alba, Marcelo, Rafinha, PSG, Zabaleta, Azpilicueta, Monreal
        CB – Mascherano, Ramos, Dante, David Luiz, Kompany, Terry, Paulista
        CB – Pique, Pepe/Verane, Boateng, Tiago, Mangala, Cahill, Koscielny
        RB – Alves, Carvajal, Lahm, Aurier, Kolarov, Ivanovic, Bellerin
        GK – Bravo/Ter Stegen, Navas, Neuer, PSG, Hart, Curtois, Cech

        We’d be right up there to battle each of the big boys position for position.

  7. fred cowardly

    Draxler would make a good addition to the team as a LW.

    I’m sick of seeing Ozil or Cazorla playing on the Left

    Draxler would be good backup to Alexis.


    I Know Reus and Greizmann are better but I don’t see Wenger spending that much on a LW

  8. kamn288

    Arsene Wenger has given giroud the opportunity to play as first choice striker without competition and help him in his objectives. Players like Welbeck,Walcott are not consistent in their goals but still act as occasional performers. Wenger has a method in transfers where he will sign players of unimportance like the youngsters who need 5 years to actually be elite or good. Enjoy the season cause Wenger is motivated to play 6 no 10 and give a stupid reason for which no press person retaliates to his words.

  9. Raoh

    Whose name? Great question for all we know no additional business will be done. That being said refreshing the squad and having 1 or 2 new faces of great quality would be good. Wenger knows that exceptional quality= pricy players; but we also know that Wenger economics is different from pretty much everybody (put another manager in there and guarantee money would have been spent already once).
    Still think one addition will be made…my money being more on a DM than a ST. If Coquelin goes out only Arteta or Flamini are available: neither provides the same profile. Whereas if Giroud goes out there’s Walcott, Welbeck, Sanchez that could play in the hole. They surely don’t have the same profile as Giroud but are more reliable. There’s still a few great catch available on the market for fees ranging between 22-26 millions pound. The ball is in Wenger’s court.

  10. ruelando

    I would put a Kos in the back of my shirt(only have one from the 2013-2014 season, so if anyone want to donate one to me that be great)

    A Walcott, Sanchez, Welbeck or a hopeful new boy Krychowaik would do nicely too.

    The reason i would chose any of those names

    Kos – the backbone in defense (obviously)

    Walcott – can easily have a 20 goal season, once he is injury free

    Sanchez – The chilean tiger just his determination says all

    Welbeck – as everything needed to become a top striker just need to put a run together

    Krychowiak – reason he is just a MONSTER

  11. Gooner Craig

    Alexis Sanchez, Santi Cazorla, and I got to get a Rosicky top before he retires or worse, leaves!! COYG

  12. pco

    If only we got cavani and carvalho. Two incredible players that would do incredible things in our team and they would be worth more than what we paid for them after a season. We don’t need much but we need just a couple of really good players and if we don’t make the signings then forget the trophies that really matter, epl champions league

  13. Arsenal_the_GREAT

    What a joke that was? Who seriously bid extra $1 for a world class player? Says alot about AW.

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