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What result do Arsenal fans want between Chelsea and Man City?

The two big moneybags tems in the Premier League meet this afternoon at Stamford Bridge. We all hate Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, and Man City have snuck through to win the title twice in the last few years, but who do Arsenal fans want to win the game.

If Chelsea win they will go 8 points clear of their opponents in the title race, but it could reduce City’s lead over us to just five points, whereas a City win would leave a huge gap between the first two and the rest of us minnions…..

Arsene Wenger left us in no doubt what result he is hoping for when he said. “When two big teams play each other you always want a draw. Most of the time you get it! It could be a draw, a draw would be an acceptable result for Man City because it would not kick them out of the race for the title.

“There is still a long way to go with them five points behind – they are not out of it. With eight it would be much more difficult.”

But those same Weger words could be used to describe our situation in the race for second place. If City lose they are five points ahead of us…..

Obviously Arsenal fans want BOTH teams to lose, but as that is not an option, what result would you prefer?

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52 thoughts on “What result do Arsenal fans want between Chelsea and Man City?

  1. ethangooner

    City to win. We need to shorten our gap with the top and wipe the smirk of of Maureen face.
    If City lost we may have better chance with 2nd but no much difference between 2nd and 3rd anyway.
    If Chelsea does lose both Fab and Costa, I expect Maureen to park two buses and be happy with a draw. But then the bus will concede single goal in extra time – that would be great. I am a happy Man Shitty supporter for tonight only

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      officially a Citeh fan for 90mins…….pheww! That was so easy a question there …….. L()L

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    2. Luko Bratzi

      I don’t care who wins but all we have to do is beat United, Liverpool,Chelsea,then finish minimum 3rd same as second means we are in Champs Lge.Look out next season time to put the Arsenal name back on the trophy CB

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    3. sevenitti

      Personally i think that draw is the best result for every rival playing eachother. If City win, we need another 3p to catch up with them. If Chelsea win, we need another 3p for them. With a draw, not only is it 1p for both, but there are also less points given out with a draw, so the less points there are in total around us on the table, the better the chances we have to improve our position.

      Who should win? The team ending up over the other at the end of the league – and since we dont know that, using my mentioned logic is good enough – in my opinion 🙂

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    4. Arzenal

      I agree with you ehtangooner, I want chelshit to lose tonights match. I know things don’t work the way i want. I hope man city wins the epl end of the season as we can’t win it this season. I would like see what happens to that big mouth c@nt end of the season without the epl. Also I would like him to be banned for few games that b@stard.

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    5. SaveArsenal

      What difference does it make? We need to be concentrating on 4th.
      Even if we beat Villa we sit 5th on goal difference.
      UTD are in in 3rd and their run in doesn’t look too difficult in coming weeks..
      2nd is a pipe dream, finishing top 4 is the target and it won’t be easy playing against the Saints form and UTD’s luck.

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  2. fred cowardly

    A draw because we will have gained 2 points on both of them.

    A City win would be next best outcome

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    1. muda

      City have to win, I rather see them win the league than chelsh!t. +our gap could be reduce to 10pts

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      1. Tas

        Realistically we should want Chelsea to win,
        we have a chance to catch up to CIty but Chelsea I cant. See it,
        But it would make me happy if. It’s a draw with a few red cards 😉

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        1. GOONSTER

          So we catch City up and then what??? 2nd is nothing compared to 3d or 4th, you don’t win anything.. If Chelski win they win the title and the Chelski fans with Moaninghoe will not shut up about how brilliant they are.

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          1. Tas

            GOONSTER the higher you are in the EPL the more chance of geting a WC player joining you.

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            1. Tas

              And not forgeting a couple of Million more in our account from FA and TV and not forgeting beter sponsership, it all ads up so yes it does matter a lot weather your 2nd or 4th

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        2. bazooka

          A lot of red cards and injuries would be the most ideal results for me! Heck care who wins..

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  3. Kojima

    I will want to city to win, what will make the end of this season sweet for me is to see
    1. Man city
    2. Chelsea
    3. Arsenal
    4. Sothampton
    5/6/20. Man utd
    chelsea loses out on the title and man u loses out on top four even after spending 150 mil… I’m i a hater? Maybe

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    1. jonestown1

      I agree – if 3rd ends up being the best we can do then that is the perfect end of season table. Actually it is beautiful.

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  4. Seetsuma

    If you’re not first, you’re just the first loser. To me, a City win would be perfect. I’ll take a Chelsea draw though. There’s only 1 team that I want to win the league less than Chelsea, and that’s the Spuds. I don’t see the game between City and Chelsea effecting us too much to be honest, as we’re vying for 3rd and 4th place this season. Ideally, and realistically, City take the title and Chelsea come in second with us in third. While it is still possible, I don’t see us overtaking either of them and coming in above 3rd place this season. Not unless one of them has a major collapse, which I feel they are entirely too experienced for that.

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  5. Greg

    A draw would be a good result, with other other results going our way like a man u, loss southampton loss and a liverpool/ westham draw! Coyg!

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    1. cescyfab4

      Oh, the nerve of you.

      You are just a silly Chelsh*t fan. You can’t fool no one around here.

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      1. YingYang69

        @davidz, i knew you werent a Gooner, didnt edgar davidz play for che… and now your true colours come to light.

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        1. davidnz

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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          1. luvdaguns

            so its ok to say your want city, but i guess if you express chelsea, your a scum chelsea supporter?

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            1. Hardave_90

              oh just buzz off from this site you piece of garbage.. davidz, craigwe and hafiz rahman are not arsenal fans… they r just here to stir up hatred among us arsenal fans.. i’ve been monitoring their ppls comments for a while now and ive not seen even one positive comment… furthermore regardless of how bad our situation is, no arsenal supporter will ever like that tw@t of a manager called moaningho who has no class n openly chats sh*t about our beloved club.. get lost from this site imbec&ls…

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    2. jonestown1

      The vast majority of all football fans will support the team first and foremost, the manager second and the board/owners third.

      At Arsenal we can criticise the players when they perform poorly or stink up the place with their attitude. They have no part to play in this 4th place trophy artifice.

      We criticise the manager for his tactics, team selection and transfer dealings (to the extent they are within his absolute control). If anyone thinks Wenger is aiming for 4th each year then they are an absolute muppet.

      We criticise the board for strategic gaffes, lack of investment and general policy. They will dictate whether this mythical 4th place trophy is the real end game or not. Unless they are prepared to risk the investment to try and match City and Chelsea (both over 10x our net spend for the past 11 years) then the manager and the team are just the pawns in this game.

      You appear not able to even manage the first basic task with the team. Absolutely no idea why you bother.

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  6. cescyfab4

    I’d take a City win any day men.

    Chelsea have such classless fans… They get in my face in a very annonying way, everytime. I’d love nothing more than to see them end up with just the Carling cup trophy this season *wink*.

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      1. cescyfab4

        Yeah.. I should heed your voice. It happens that He is one of my most favourite Gunner of all time.

        But since you’ve mentioned it.. I am going to seek something better.

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  7. whitehelios

    Beside City win, I want both of team have suspended and injured players again. Mourinho clash with pelegrini, slap referee team because dissatisfied with the decision and get banned for the rest of the season.

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  8. Noldo....Durban Gunner

    I don’t like having to hope for other teams results….I’m ok with the progress we are making but I would like to go back to us doing the business against all our opponents….but it will take sum time

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  9. YingYang69

    It be nice if both of them fielded ineligible players and got deducted ten points each and were also banned from spending their oil money for two years.

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  10. Darlingbudsofarse

    We have to beat Villa first and then hope for a draw between those two enemies!

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  11. Bartender

    I couldn’t careless, the results of this game do not affect Arsenal in any way possible. We are nowhere near these team.

    Lets just focus on the Villa game.

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  12. AYZAY

    Hazard red card, matic trying to protest n the referee shows him red ( he already had a yellow) city win 7-1

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    1. jonestown1

      Thumbed you down further up the thread but would give a 100 thumbs up here if I could. Would be absolutely priceless. Would be funnier still if Frank forgot where he was, got disorientated and whipped his shirt off and dived in to the Shed end.

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      1. sevenitti

        Old habits die hard, dont they say? Respect to Lampard though. Any player – especially a midfielder (!) who scores more goal than the king Henry in PL deserves a medal of some sort. As for his loyalty – Who gives a rats ass, I just want to see the arrogant supporters burned (figuratively, of course) ^^

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  13. sohara

    This may be a controversial comment…but I want Chelsea to not win ANYTHING this year…even though that means Spurs win the League Cup…

    So first today I want a draw, or a Man City win..worst result for me would be Chelsea win

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    1. jonestown1

      Mate, I assure you, that is very long way indeed from being controversial!!!!

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      1. Hardave_90

        i want the same thing as well as it would be nice to see moaningho getting sacked for the second time…:)

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  14. luvdaguns

    why do i give a sh*t who wins that match? i feel like I am villareal, and we ask if we care if barca wins or real madrid… i want to beat aston villa, i want to get out of 5th place… i am rooting for west brom and LC today,

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  15. Ks-Gunner

    No brainer. City over Chelsea. I simple hate Chelsea. Their players, the manager, them having our former captain, the fans, the color blue.

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  16. whitehelios

    If arsenal do not win the title, It will be good Soton win it. After their players have gotten robbed, it will be the shock of the year.

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    Chelski have got to lose. I just can’t stand their cockiness. We ain’t going to win the league so I am all for City winning it instead of Chelski..

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  18. fred cowardly

    I wish we were not in a position where we are so many points behind the leader fighting for 4th and 3rd place.

    I wonder if we will challenge for the title next season with United spending some of their £750 million advertising money on summer signings, Chelski already buying Cuadrado, City signing Bony and more in the summer.

    We will need to hope for an injury free season or hope Wenger signs big in the summer again.

    But I’m still sick of 4th place

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    1. ethangooner

      Whatever the amount money they spend they can only field 11 players on the pitch. We will always have chance. We need to buy smartly, plugging the hole in the squad, keep our squad healthy and hope our players will all hit form together.

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  19. Patrico Kamtambo

    It should go in favour of MC. However, we need to come out victorious tomorrow against all odds. Only there and then can we appreciate the impact. MC 3-0. Shelsia

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