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What will Arsenal do with £150 million?

I am sure we have all thought about what we would do if we won the lottery or the football pools, and that is the sort of situation that Arsenal football club find themselves in after signing one of the best sponsorship deals in football. The Gunners will continue to have the Emirates airline on the front of the strip for five more years, and will receive £30 million a year for it. Arsene Wenger will be rubbing his hands with glee, thinking about how to spend the money, assuming that it does find it’s way into the Frenchman’s war chest.

What should Le Prof do, Gooners? First thing I would do would be to but Andre Santos a one way ticket to Manchester, where he can spend all the time he wants basking in the radiance of his special friend, Robbing van Payslip. Or maybe a trip to Turin to compare notes with Nicklas Bendtner on how much better off they are away from the Emirates. Imagine, the best striker and the best defender in the world in the same place.

I’m afraid that Leo Messi is still out of the question, as he has a release clause of around €250 million, but he is over-rated anyway. Ronaldo might become available, as he is not happy at Real Madrid and has said that he misses the Premier league and England. We could probably get him for less than £100 million. No, I don’t think so either. Falcao is a snip at around £50 million, but rumour has it that an agreement is in place with Chelsea for the Colombian.

Realistically, though, it will give Wenger some spending power, and will mean that Arsenal are almost certain to splash out in January. Huntelaar, Wanyama, Capoue, Cavani and Willems are all possibilities and have been linked with Arsenal recently. If it was me, I would raid Everton for Fellaini and Baines and do whatever it takes to get Lewandowski from Borussia Dortmund. What about you?

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119 thoughts on “What will Arsenal do with £150 million?

  1. YounGooner

    If it was down to me:
    David James, Luke Shaw, Victor Wanyama and Lewis Holtby.

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  2. henry14

    I’d be happy if our current players are rewarded with an improved contract, especially Walcott and Sagna.

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  3. NickTheYank

    1. Sign Theo! If he won’t do it give Marco Reus anything he wants to replace him.

    2. Tie down Sagna.

    3. Get Fellaini & leighton Baines.

    4. Get Cavani! If not then Lewandowski, if not then Klaas.

    5. If there’s money left get Lewis Holtby

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  4. Albert

    Hi I’m from Venezuela and I love Arsenal, I hope that the money is used according emirates to sign Fellaini, Lewandowski and Pablo Armero / Baines..-

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  5. Albert

    Hola yo soy de Venezuela y amo al Arsenal, ojala que el dinero del acuerdo con emirates se utilice para fichar a Fellaini, Lewandowski y Pablo Armero/baines.

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  6. COYG12

    I still believe that the club’s philosophy of buying cheap is better than buying hype. I’ll take Alex Oxford-Cambridge or Cazorla signings over Fernando Torres busts any day of the week. If Wenger can continue to buy spectacular players at great prices, please do so and I won’t complain about not splashing 10329812390123 pounds on the Hazards and Falcaos of the world.

    What I would like to see is using the funds to ensure we retain talent. If players like RvP or now Walcott can seriously be retained for 10-20k more pounds per week, utilize sponsorship deals to keep them rather than selling them to our rivals.

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  7. arsenal80

    Whats the point of dreaming,he will probably buy some 17 year old kid for 500,000 and when he comes good sell him or let him leave for nothing and the rest will stay in the club and they will tell you every year how well they are doing financially with out investing in the team even though they dont win anything and they are further away from winning anything every season.

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  8. hamid

    I agree with you on Fellaini, Baines and Lewandowsky. Would add Zaha to the table, something tells me he will be a big player.

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  9. DarDethrone

    Use the money to keep our players. We lost Nasri , Fabregas, Clichy, Adebayor, Van Persie, Song… All great players. Imagine if ther’re still here…. damn~

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  10. ArmanRafi

    1.Tie down Sagna and Walcott
    2. Sign Lewandoski or Marco Reus
    3. Sign Andrè Schürrle or Lewis Holtby
    4. Sell Andre Santos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. Get another LeftBack.

    Agree or No?

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  11. wouteeeer

    1st sign walcott and sagna!
    2nd get mario götze!
    3rd get jan klaas Huntelaar
    4 get a defender who can play in the center and at the back: for example toby alderweireld
    5 maybe some will love some will hate but i think with all this signing + cr7 we could win the premier league and champions league again

    agree or not?

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  12. Chris

    I personally think our back four would be better than what showing at the moment if our midfield controlled a game like we used to. When we had cesc, nasri the likes of pires etc, they kept the ball in attacking positions for longer periods of the game, which gives rest bite for the back four. I know the back four isn’t great, and could be improved, but I think our engine room in midfield is lacking in energy and drive!! Arteta is very comfortable on the ball and has that experience, but plays too many side ways passes. We need to penetrate other teams defences with pace and quality.
    I personally think a defensive midfielder is vital. As well as another cazorla type attacking option.

    Why he doesn’t go back to the glory days formation is beyond me! Have a solid spine through the middle of the team, and then have pacey, technical players bombing forward in wide areas.

    If he refuses to play podolski upfront, then we Defo need a striker! Someone with movement and enthusiasm to move players around and chase down lost causes. Then players like giroud and podolski can concentrate on getting in the box and scoring goals, rather than linking up in wide positions and having nobody in the box.

    I would like to see lewandoski, or huntelaar in attacking areas.
    I’d then like to see Fellaini adding strength to our midfield.
    With mario goteze

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  13. Robin

    I believe we need a winger with skills
    Neymar would be perfect if we could get him.
    if we want to spend heavy go for Suarez..
    And we need a world class playmaker
    Arteta is fine but I forget he’s in the game sometime..
    Plus we need a goalkeeper that will keep the back line organized and give his orders

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  14. goona

    i would love to see the matador at emirates, i think his agression infront of the goal is something were lacking at the moment. even when we control games we look timid, that y we do bad against agressive teams. i think we need someone like cheillini, a big bad ass defender to put it in there. we dont have any proper tacklers, we got ball winners but no tackler. arteta is quite good but we need a hard man.

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  15. gooner4life

    Firstly we should get rid of Walcott (15 mil), Gervinho, Ramsey and Chamakh. We will get around 25 mil minimum from the sale of these players. Then, we should sign Tiote
    (15 mil)for the holding midfield role as we all know that Arteta just cannot play there. Next, we should buy Isco (20 mil) and either Goetze (30-35 mil) or Holtby (20+ mil). With these signings our midfield will consist of Tiote, Arteta, Carzola, Wilshere, Isco, Holtby, Chamberlain, Couqelin, Roscisky, Arshavin. Personally, I want Goetze over Holtby as Goetze is more creative but Holtby is the cheaper alternative. In about 2 years when Arteta, Arshavin and Roscisky step down, reserve players like Eisfield and Gnabry can come into the first team. In the striking department, we should buy Cavani (30-35 mil) who is a proven world-class foward. However the cheaper alternatives are Huntallar (6 mil) or Adrian Lopez (15 mil). Either one of these players will do. They can provide stiff competition for Giroud and Podolski.

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  16. Mojo

    We need to replace the 10 dead woods/ players that are loaned out and we knw are never coming back as we need there to be competition for each position in the starting line up to bring the best out of our players. We as fans complain about the inconsistent form of arsenal players and yet we see them play the same awful game next week where as other teams will simple have someone of a high standard waiting in the wings. When we accomplish this, the club will once again be great.

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