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Where will Arsenal finish in the League this season?

A Look At Where Experts Have Arsenal Finishing The Season & Where Fans Think We’ll Finish

It can be very frustrating being a Gunner when it comes to the Premier League. You could argue we have been the most consistent club over the past decade, who else can say that they always finish in the top 4? Manchester United have missed out twice in the past three seasons, while Chelsea finished 10th last season when they were the reigning champions.

After many years of finishing fourth, we finally finished second, behind Leicester city by 10 points. Although you have to respect Leicester for how they won the league, but if we had a top quality striker we could have won the league. Hopefully, Wenger has improved our Premier League odds by signing Lucas Pérez, to become our new goal scoring machine, and Shkodran Mustafi to partner Laurent Koscielny and ensure we’re solid at the back.

Experts Predictions

Many of the pundits on BBC Sport expect us to finish fourth place behind a top three of Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea respectively. It’s hard to argue with their logic as all three clubs have hired new managers, Pep Guardiola at City and Jose Mourinho at United are arguably the two best managers in the world right now, and proven winners everywhere they’ve been. Then there’s Antonio Conte at Chelsea who is an unknown entity in the Premier League but has won the Serie A three times and the Supercoppa Italiana twice during his reign at Juventus.

All three clubs have also spent big money on players, most of whom were in before the season started, while Wenger waited a little longer to get the two players he really needed. Another talking point is that Arsene Wenger is currently in the last year of his contract, so unless he is to sign another extension, he really needs to achieve something big as a way to end his 21 year legacy at the helm of the club.

Early Results

After a perfect pre-season our opening fixture against Liverpool left a little to be desired. Although there were some great performances from Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Chambers, it’s never good to lose 3-4 at home on the opening day but we were short of defensive options as Chambers and Rob Holding (who also made his debut) were our centre-back pairing who had never played together before.
Then in our next match we had to settle for a 0-0 draw away at Leicester. They are the reigning champions and we were the only team to beat them twice last season.
Since then we have earned two crucial wins on the bounce, first a 1-3 away win at Watford with Cazorla, Sánchez and Özil scoring the crucial goals, followed by a 2-1 win at home to Southampton with Cazorla and Koscielny scoring on that occasion.

Where We Will Finish

There’s still a long way to go but, if we can remain as consistent as we have in the past two games, then we should do well and finish in the top 4. The toughest opponents will be Man City as Guardiola has them playing really well already. Although, City’s new goalkeeper Claudio Bravo looks vulnerable in goal and has been criticised as such,  any team who capitalises on that can beat City.

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11 thoughts on “Where will Arsenal finish in the League this season?

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Hahaha ? More like Gooner shrimps, sniffing for a title.

      As for the article, it’s way to soon to be predicting where we will finish. It’s not the first time that we lost our first game of the season and then went on a long unbeaten run and it won’t be the first time if we are at the top of the league during the Christmas period, only to drop out of the title race in the following months.Lets just enjoy the Good times and wait and see how it pans out.?

      Isn’t it Great that is a ‘Moanfree zone’ … at the moment. ?

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    I don’t have a crystal ball unfortunately

    We have a very good team
    In my opinion a more complete team than we have had for a long time

    We still don’t have the WC striker (ie ibrahimovic, Aguero, Costa) who has precision finishing and scores lots of goals but the combination of Perez, Giroud, Theo could compensate for that.
    Alexis is WC and is as good or better than Hazard, de Bruyne, Martial, Mkthitaryan, pedro etc

    We probably have the BEST Central Midfield in the PL
    We are spoilt for choice with Ozil, Cazorla, Xhaka, Coquelin, Eleney, Ramsey

    We have a WC Goalkeeper and Excellent back up

    Our defence starting line up is Brilliant
    Our back ups could be improved but good enough

    As long as Wenger plays our best starters, gives rest at the right time, plays the right formations and doesn’t make stupid mistakes we could have a great season

  2. Skandalouz

    Obivous guess is 2nd, Man City have an edge on us but it’s not a big one. I think Liverpool will play some sort of role too and Sp*rs completing the top 4.

  3. PiresTheLegend

    This Arsenal team is the best we’ve had in a decade.

    Cech is still one of the best keepers in the world, Kosc is absolutely one of the best CBs in the world, Mustafi is settling in nicely and will finally be the defensive partner Koscielny deserves, Bellerin was in team of the season last season, Monreal is mr. consistency, our 2 partnerships of Santi-Coquelin and Xhaka-Elneny are dynamic and give selection headaches, Ozil seems off to a bit of a slow start this year with exception of the Watford match, but is still assist-master-Ozil, and then we have a fluid front 3 that could be any of Alexis, Walcott, Lucas Perez, Iwobi, Giroud, Ox depending on form and our opponents weaknesses.

    Plus our backups and youngsters are looking to legitimately challenge for places in the first team.

    I think man city and sustaining our players’ fitness are our biggest challenges for the title. But this team is very exciting.

  4. Fatboy Gooney

    It’s funny how the ‘Stating the obvious’ crew are all pointing at City to win the league, yet the same folks were holding Utd in the same light before they lost 3 in a row. ?
    City will drop a few points in the following weeks, they have some tricky games coming up, wait and see. ?

  5. jamaicanarsenal

    what a delusional gullible fan base what in the world make we think our midfield is the best in the league go on watch the game against hull our players still keep running into each other. ozil Wolcott all cowards no run into the box or behind the defender you thing this will work against Chelsea. our game is the easiest for the so call big boy in the league there manager is watching our game tape on be confident of three point. Organized defence don’t fear us because we don’t make crosses iside the box. on we wonder why no championship for ten year. i want to ask arsenal fan this question if ozil is that good why no offer of a hundred million for him. they are more to a soccer game than the occasional short pass that he make other team score goals on lot of goals without a player like ozil because they contribute more to the game

    1. Dontspill McGinnis

      If you judge players on how much other teams offer for them, why is Messi still rated as the worlds best?
      No one has put an offer in for him because they know that Barca won’t sell. Possibly the same applies to Ozil, hmmm?
      Jus’ sayin..

  6. Big G

    I’ve a strong feeling this could be Wenger’s last year in charge no matter the outcome. We have a decent squad, one that looks capable of competing strongly against the other contenders for the Premier League title. It’s early days atm but if Wenger can get player selection and tactics right and the players click and gel, then we will have every chanceto go one better than last season. An improvement in the Champions League wouldn’t do any harm either.

  7. Wilshegz

    based on what Iv seen of the team so far and our co-contenders ability and potential i.e
    ManCity playing very well,yet to drop a point even with Kompany and Aguero returning an added advantage.
    United yet to get it right
    Liverpool moving closer to Klopp’s utopia-Dortmund team-play
    Chelsea with advantage of no European games but also yet to integrate Fabregas and get their defense sorted
    Spurs getting the results with a deep squad
    and finally Arsenal still lacking assurance in the CF-role, yet to have a stable team, Mustafi-Koscielny partnership not yet at their best.
    based on all these Arsenal ll finish 3rd or at best 2nd…. things could change though

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