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Which, if any, of Arsenal’s EPL rivals will slip this weekend?

I may be asking for trouble with this question, as it might turn out to be Arsenal that ends up dropping some vital Premier League points this weekend while our rivals all go an win. I doubt it, though, about Arsenal at least, as I feel we are growing into the season and should have way too much for the visitors Brighton on Sunday.

We already know, of course, that either Man City or Chelsea or both will drop points, as they play each other at the Etihad, but what about the rest?

Liverpool have been in the shakiest looking form, missing a raft of chances while conceding poor goals at the other end. They suffered more disappointment in the Champions League this week after being held by Spartak Moscow, but they do have Sadio Mane back after suspension. An away game in Newcastle is rarely easy though, so I am hoping that Benitez and the Magpies can do us a favour.

Then we have our north London rivals Tottenham, who are probably happy to not be playing at home, as they are calling Wembley these days. Huddersfield have been decent so far this season, though, so you never know, and the Spuds may suffer from fatigue after playing a strong side in Cyprus this week. More hope than any real expectation on this one though.

And there is almost no hope that Man United will slip up this weekend, as they are at home to pointless and goalless Crystal Palace who have just lost Benteke to injury. Stranger things have happened, I suppose, but it looks to me like Arsenal will have to beat Brighton just to not lose any more ground.


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11 thoughts on “Which, if any, of Arsenal’s EPL rivals will slip this weekend?

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    We should focus 100% on ourselves and winning each match. Not get distracted by other clubs.

    Let’s focus on beating Brighton

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    1. Redmau5

      I agree if we’re gonna beat everton stoke and the like to the Europa league spots we need to focus on us

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  2. Goonerboy

    Only one of one Chelsea and Man City is guaranteed to drop points…
    But am looking at Liverpool too, I don’t think they can beat Newcastle at home…maybe a draw

    We on the other hand, must win at home, we can’t afford even a draw..coyg!!!

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  3. Tony

    we should think about our games now. need a good winning streak.every team will lose points at a time

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  4. Godswill

    I always say the only way up is to win, win, win and win, beating everyone and your rivals.

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  5. Sue

    Can’t see Huddersfield beating the spuds, or Palace beating United. I’ll also go with a Liverpool win. Not sure about City/Chelsea. Rather City win… but most importantly I want the Gunners to win!! Come on Arsenal

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  6. Dennis

    Among our rivals, I guess Southampton and west ham might drop points against stoke and Swansea but I don’t think Everton is going to drop points against Burnley.
    Among the top four probables only city/ Chelsea is guaranteed to lose points while Liverpool might also drop points.

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    1. Redmau5

      Lol ppl don’t like u calling west ham our rivals
      Honestly believe we are on man city and spuds level

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  7. Jean MOUELI

    I sincerely hope and pray that we win all our next 10 games. This is not impossible. To this end, Arsenal needs our support and the players must commit to and fight for the club. Although we may have had a slow start to the season, I strongly believe that the current top four teams in the log will start fading. A win against Brighton will change the hierarchy in the log. Arsenal 4 – 0 Brighton. Mark these words!!!

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  8. citrenoogeht

    This is an ill thought-out article. Obviously either Chelsea or Man City (or both) will drop points as they play each other and they play each other at Stanford Bridge (and not the Etihad!).

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  9. Clive

    Let’s stop looking for favour from other teams,focus on our self and win our games.
    is simple.

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