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Which NextGen are set to become senior Arsenal players?

Which Arsenal youngsters can breakthrough to our first team? by KJ

After watching our U19s go agonisingly close to the Next Generation finals, it’s got me thinking, who would go onto to be first teamers? This has always been a problem for any team in the world. Your youngsters look brilliant for the reserves but then for a multitude of reasons, they rarely make it to the first team squad, let alone to being in the starting XI. I remember looking at the squad of players that won the FA cup in 2009 thinking that we had a very bright future with that lot and now we only have Wilshere and Coquelin left from that lot that are close to the first team.

Serge Gnabry:
He is well known amongst the fans and for good reason. He is one of our most highly rated players and has already got his first appearance in the Champions league. He is similar to Alex Oxlade Chamberlain in both stature and their way of playing football. They are direct, physical and great dribblers. Wenger expected him to breakthrough to the first team this season but unfortunately, our first team has been pretty bad and hasn’t really given Wenger the room to bring in younger players for easier matches. Wenger at the beginning of the season may have looked at Reading at home as one of the games he’d introduce Gnabry into but now, not a chance.

Kris Olsson:
The Swedish youth international is another player that the fans have been keeping a track of. He’s always looked great for the reserves and has looked pretty decent during the Next Generation tournament. He is similar to Fabregas in my opinion and looks to dictate the game. He isn’t blessed physically but his technicality more than makes up for it. However, the Arsenal midfield is extremely packed at the moment with quality attacking midfielders and I don’t know how Olsson will transition from reserve player to first team player without a season loan.

Chuba Akpom:
He has burst onto the scene this season. Before we were looking at Gnabry as the up and coming winger/striker but now, Akpom has stepped up his game and he could be vying for a first team spot very soon. He has really impressed me this season and seems to have great strength. He is powerful when running at players and is difficult to dispossess. His dribbling is what stands out most and his ability to run at players is uncanny. He has been Arsenal’s top scorer both at U21 level and in the Next Generation tournament. His only real downside is his lack of passing ability. He may be able to learn this as he gains more experience but there’s no doubt he’s a talent to look out for.

Hector Bellerin:
This is the final “big talent” amongst the youngsters and he is arguably the best one of them all. He joined Arsenal (along with Jon Toral) from Barcelona in a Cesc-type deal. He was 16 and was able to sign for Arsenal but not for Barcelona until he was 17. He weighed up his options and decided to join us instead. He is a brilliant talent who conventionally started out as a right winger but has since been converted into a right back. He recently talked about how the transition has helped his defensive play. I could definitely see him knocking on the door for the first team within a year as he’ll do fine as a backup to Jenkinson when Sagna leaves (I would prefer Sagna to be replaced properly though). I just hope he doesn’t end up like our last signing from Barcelona. That would be devastating and I’m pretty sure Gooner hearts wouldn’t be able to take it for a second time!

I think it would be fair to say that this youth team is potentially our best yet and we can look forward to one or two stars pushing for a first team spot within a season or two.

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42 thoughts on “Which NextGen are set to become senior Arsenal players?

  1. donJoel

    bellerin has amazing potential… i watched the game vs chelsea, and bellerin won most of his challenges and even despite of his lacking height he won most of his aerial duels…
    P.s. Gnabrys equalizer was astomishing.. great technique from such a young player…

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  2. Lolcat

    I tod all of you these were the only players likely to get promoted and I got disliked hideously. I really do hate the bipolar readers of this website.

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  3. @djkrixx

    Sorry off topic. just sick of watching our top transfer targets getting hi-jacked by our rivals, sick of loosing our best players to other rivals and having a cheap copy as replacement. we deserve more, and the club have to make up for all these years of disappointment by going for some of the hottest property on the transfer window. i meant HOT! HOT HOT! the very best striker and defensive midfielder on or off the market. its about time arsenal make some major stealing of their own. 3 points 2day COYG!

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  4. Maxigooner27

    What about Yenaris?
    Other than that the players you’ve said are sick

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  5. @djkrixx

    Only two stands out. Eisfeld & Gnabry. and i’ve noticed chuba Akpom scoring a lot of goals lately, hope he keeps it up. we need a home grown Centre forward from the reserve.

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  6. Pat Rice

    Akpom is still a bit too young, but Eisfeld, Gnabry, Meade, Yennaris and Bellerin need some game time in our first team.

    Sell gervinho play gnabry and ryo.

    If wenger don’t wana play rosicky n wants tell sell arshavin then play eisfeld.

    If wenger sells sagna put bellerin and meade behind jenkinson.

    And where’s Jon Toral Harper

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  7. landi

    We got alot of great upcoming talents but lets get real, on 2 will propably play for the first team regulary in the future and if we are lucky 4.

    Great hopes for Gnabry,eisfield,apkom,bellarin and then we have toral,olsson,meade,angha,hayed,martinez,yennaris etc but will they have that extra to become an arsenal player? I doubt it but i hope they do.

    And then we have superb talents like campbell and aneke who already is ready for Arsenal.


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  8. AFCEdwards

    I, much like lolcat, said that Bellerin, Gnabry and Akpom were the only three players I saw getting into the first team and as it was one of the top comments the hate I received was astounding. Olsson impressed me yesterday so he might have an outside chance but the expectations of our fans need to be altered. Nobody out there looked as good as Boga for Chelsea though and as they don’t know how to promote youth then he’ll have to look elsewhere for football.

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  9. harp

    Zak anzi is the best wenger in our under 19… He plays like ryo but a lil beter dan ryo…. His leg over is a killer

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  10. always a gooner

    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen CoLe/Clichy
    Wilshere Fabregas
    Bale Rosicky Nasri
    Van Persie

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  11. Coyg

    Kyle ebecillio….that guy is a talent!!!! Believe he will be the next yaya…

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  12. Sizindan Gooner

    Well Arteta did say dat 3 or 4 players could make it in the senior team.I expect Eisfield,Gnabry,Bellerin and Yannaris to be amongst the lucky ones that could make it.The future looks bright indeed,it’s unfortunate that the boys lost yesterday you could tell that they were absolutely gutted after the match.So today lets mesmerise Reading and get all three points and i tell you i will be watching that tit n ham hotsperms vs swansea match with a keen interest as well.Come on you Gooners let’s rally behind our team and celebrate the easter holidays in a merry mood.

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  13. Brendan

    This is a bit off topic but, now diaby is knackered (again) we should be looking at 3 different players, Wanyama, De Guzman or promote Aneke, no excuses from Wenger we need a big player in the middle!

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  14. leo

    gnabry/bellerin/eisfeld/olsson are good joel campbell is another one no he didn’t play in nextgen tournament but the spanish media are full of praise unlike song lol voted the 2nd worst signing in la liga

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  15. ferro

    Not sure about Bellerin being a pl rb… i hope were just playing him there so to toughen him up… also gives himself and Gnabry playing time.

    Gnabry looks a talent but when you consider the excellence that we expect from this pos on a weekly basis… he will have to improve tremendously as hell have a real fight on his hands in holding onto his place… or earning one.

    Toral and Eisfeld havnt made it yet so its showing these lads just how difficult its going to be in getting a look in… never mind cementing a place.

    Whoever of these lads have the correct attitude mentality and work ethic will have the best shot… needing one hundred percent commitment and putting in those extra hours.

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  16. Sergio

    I believe Martinez and Iliev will eventually be promoted to the first team too.

    Interesting that no one’s mentioned Miquel, who seemed destined to break into the first team at one point.

    It’s also a shame that Henderson, Eastmond and Watt, although good players, will probably never be good enough to be part of the first team. The first two have struggled to come back after serious injuries, and although Watt is technically gifted with an eye for goal, there seem to be too many others ahead of him in the pecking order.

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  17. kron

    Gnabry, Eisfield and Bellerin are the closest ones to breaking in to the first team. I think you’ll see Eisfield and Gnabry a couple times next season and they probably go out on loan for a couple of months. Hector i think won’t break in for another few seasons. He’s only 16 and it would be to much pressure on his body to throw him in at this age.

    Kris and Chuba great potential but they don’t quite have tht cutting edge tht the 3 above have yet. Chuba needs to get his head up a bit more and Kris can dwelt on the ball in dangerous positions. They both could sharpen up on decision making as well. But i see bright futures for them both. Technique wise, they both have tht.

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  18. sansabonsam

    Beautiful GET WELL SOON shown by arsenal players towards Abou Diaby…..GET WELL SOON ABOU…..DO NOT GIVE UP and i hope arsenal does not give up on you

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  19. Super Jack

    Nico Yennaris and Isaac Hayden are both very promising too. Think that Olsson is a bit overrated and probably won’t be able to become an Arsenal player for the long term.

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  20. toumazis

    yenaris chuba gnabry eisfield bellerin cambell miguel we have the players, dont need any from outside the club give the boys games this summer on toure, they would show as how good they are.

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  21. Dubya

    To be honest I was pretty disappointed in the boys v Chelsea. The pitch had a lot to do with it though. I thought Yennaris looked the most ready (despite switching off when Chelsea scored off the penalty). Couldn’t understand why Gnarby was playing centrally and Eisfeld was out wide. If I had to pick two for next year I’d say Yennaris and Bellerin. Akin and Gnarby a year or two away.

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  22. colin

    It is hard to say because most of these boys are very young and the ones that stand out now may have peaked? and is this good enough? also the others may have a lot more to come as they mature so I would wish them all the best and say well done for reaching the semi just a shame poor defending let us down at this level as well.

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  23. Wanchor

    From what I’ve seen Gnarby and Bellerin have impressed me most and with gnarby only being 17 he has the potential to be world class

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  24. Wanchor

    From what I’ve seen Gnarby and Bellerin have impressed me most and with gnarby only being 17 he has the potential to be class

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  25. Emmmanuel

    One questn…… Is Aneke Nigerian nd many Nigerians do we av in d reserves…
    Bellerin 4 back-up if Sagna leaves…. Akpom, wat happened 2 Meade… He didnt feature in NextGen nd Yennaris is he Greek…. Eisfeld, Gnabry

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