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The signings that can save Arsenal’s season?

It might be a bit too early to write the current season off for Arsenal, especially as we knew that it was going to be a tough start, with the Gunners having played just two Premier League games so far, but after following up the narrowest of victories at home to Leicester City with another loss at Stoke I doubt there are too many Arsenal fans feeling confident about our title chances right now.

Arsene Wenger has suggested that this is no time to panic and head for the transfer market, but even he must be thinking about what he can do to save this being a repeat of our last campaign and his and the club’s decision to go for another two year contract looking like a terrible one.

So assuming that Wenger has seen the need for improvement, where do you think he might be looking? Surely a centre back has to be one of our transfer targets, although there have been hardly any Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with defenders.

Is this the time for Wenger to change his plans and spend big on a proven top quality player like Virgil Van Dijk? What about central midfield, where Xhaka and Elneny have not exactly shone like stars in recent weeks? And what about another creative player? With Ozil not always able to unlock a defence does the boss need other options, like Mahrez or Thomas Lemar?

Which signings do you think could save our season and give us at least a chance of the title?


40 thoughts on “The signings that can save Arsenal’s season?

    1. Remember Resource?

      Unless there are departures there will be no signings. This is a fact not from my source but from everyone with knowledge about the club. No one is willing pay gibbs wages so another issue. Club are now looking to loan players to trim the wage bill. Joke of a club in terms of management.Rumour is utd are in for lemar ( I have no source for other transfers, only arsenal because of my connections) and if utd want someone they will wrap up the deal in a few hours unlike arsenal who can’t close a deal to save their club. We aren’t signing anyone, priority is to get rid of players now. We have to before adding new signngs. If we don’t see any departures by this weekend then there is cause for panic.. as players won’t come in. And time will also be up. Joke of a club in terms of transfers, contracts and overall mgmt., joke of window. Sadly lacazette has been duped into joining arsenal. He should bided his time and gone to athletico…

      1. Shortboygooner

        Your a bit of a clown. No one believes you. Had us going for a bit with the lemar story. Your as bad if not worse than Wenger. I’m tires of you both and can’t wait to see the back of both.#wengerout #kreonkeout #rememberresourceslies

      2. Joseph Paul Saleh. Aussie Gooner from S.A

        Remember Resource,
        No one believes you, you only digging the whole deeper and deeper for yourself buddy. Stop dribbling crap on here seriously I think it’s time you stop.
        For me we need 4 players still, and in 3 different positions. You can take your pick out of these 3 for the positions that need strengthening .
        Attack: Draxler/Lemar/Mahrez
        Central Midfield: N’Zonzi/Fabinho/Kondogbia
        Deep lying playmaker: Goretzka/Seri
        Central Defence: Kalidou Koulibaly I think is the best choice for us .
        If he decides to bench Ozil or move him on cause seriously on the last 2 weeks even the last 12 months evidence he ain’t worth the new contract we are offering. We can play Iwobi or Sanchez there .
        Anyways not going to happen just a pipe dream but if they can pull off any of the 4 players mentioned above we will be a force to be reckoned with this season.
        However we got this manager and he ain’t gonna do nothing . In my humble opinion it’s the owner that needs to go before the manager. It would be pleased interesting to see what he could do with proper investment in the squad but it depends who takes over. Usmanov wants to give him a go and Dagnote will sack him straight away . I guess we will have to wait and see

    1. gotanidea

      I prefer new owner first, then a new manager. We have seen the transformations of Manchester City and Chelsea.

    2. Nebsy

      New owner coming to you live in the season 2019/2020, once Dangote’s Lagos-based refinery starts working.

  1. OxInTheBox

    Srearling and Sane won’t get much play time at city with the new 3-5-2 formation of Guardiola. get them both for Sanchez, or one of them+cash and get Draxler. better yet, sell Ozil and Sanchez and get Stearing, Sane and Draxler. the alternative is to have an unhappy Sanchez in the dressing room to poison the atmosphere, and have him go for free in a year, and have Lazy-Ozil wear the Arsenal shirt again and go for nothing in a year. bad situation but getting rid of them both and get able replacement is the best option.
    and sell all the deadwood any buy a top CM and CD.

    1. gotanidea

      I think Sterling and Sane would be utilized as wingbacks. The three new wingbacks Manchester City just bought would be used as their competitors and as central defenders.

      Guardiola likes players that can possess the ball with more touches and the ones that can slow the tempo down. I don’t think Sterling and Sane would be willing to join Arsenal.

  2. Napersie

    Nelson scores again. We need to put him in the team. Walcott needs to be put off the team now

  3. geegunner

    surely he has to sign at least 2-3 players.
    if not then im afraid it realy is time for arsne to go.
    he cant continue to fool the fans ,dodge buying the players we badly need .it HAS TO CHANGE!!
    no point pleading with this guy..why oh why with the money this club of ours has , are they so bad at signing the players tht we so badly need..its crazy.
    for this one transfer window please do the right thing..sign the players required..

  4. Bakri

    Virgil Van Dijk? should be the top priority signing for Arsenal and they should look seriously to sign a world class defensive midfielder and the possibility is there for Arsenal to get Virgil Van Dijk is there for everybody to see. Liverpool has been ruled out after committing a bad mistake and the player doesn’t want to play for Southampton any more .

  5. Simon says

    Same old nonsense same old arsenal, we can speculate and argue all day long about who and will Wenger sign this or that player but in reality nothing will change. We hear that we need to sell dead wood players to free up money and squad places while another youngster looks like he might be leaving as guess what he’s only got a year left on his contract. I’m sorry all you Arsene knows best fans, he doesn’t, he’s out dated and out thought, we’ve got a net spend of about £18mil yet we have to sell, that’s how bad he and the board have messed up. Change the badge back,put the Latin back on it,fill a team and squad with players that are proud of the shirt and actually care. I want the Arsenal back not the PR and spin machine we have now. We were told when we moved it was to compete with the biggest and best in Europe, never happened and never will with le fraud and kronke around.

  6. shark

    Playing Gibbs as a CB and Wilshere as a LW would be like 2 new signings for Wenger. He will surprise us many times this season.

  7. Shambala

    It would be a miserable season for Arsenal fans. Wenger doesnt have clue on what needs to be sorted out about the team so that it can compete with big guns. How can you play Monreal at the centre of defence when the same player was found wanting playing as a left back last season ? Useless players which should have left team are still there in large numbers eg Walcott , Welbeck, Colquen, El neny , Debuchy, Chambers , Gibbs etc. No hope for change in team’s fortunes.

  8. JJ

    Carvalho could operate both as centre half and cdm. Amazed we haven’t gone for him this year. Also think Sanchez for Aguerro is a runner.

  9. Adam Criniti

    Well as pointless as it may be, I’ll play along.

    What needs to be done @ ARC

    1) Sell Sanchez—I don’t care if its to Oil City or PSG or whoever. $60-$70M and let the mercurial Chilean be on his way Arsene, THE DUDE DOESN’T WANT TO PLAY FOR YOU ANYMORE!
    2) Sell or loan Ozil—Ramsey and Ozil can’t continue to feature in the starting 11 and as much as I don’t fancy the Welshman his engine is beyond reproach and well Arsene will never bench him regardless of form. Ozil is a great luxury player, but sadly Arsenal don’t deserve him and can’t afford to play him considering the current state of the club.
    3) Sell Walcott, Gibbs, Debuchy, Campbell, El Neny, Coquelin and Perez for WHATEVER YOU FREAKING CAN ARSENE. The club and Wenger are solely and criminally responsible for overpaying the weekly wages of these average squad players (I do fancy Perez but Wenger refuses to play him for some asinine reason) and unfortunately must pay the piper to move them on. $65M recouped wouldnt be the end of the world.
    4) Sell Chambers for $20-$25M, he has been passed by Holding and frankly just isn’t good enough to consistently feature in the first 11.
    5) Drop Bellerin and make Ox first choice RWB. The Spaniard has been shambolic over the past 6 months and unfortunately offers nothing atm to Arsenal. Make him earn his place or move him along if anybody is foolish enough to offer crazy money.
    6) Buy Fabinho, $45M-The Monaco man would be an ideal signing, offering the technical ability, physical presence and controlled aggression so desperately needed in the Arsenal midfield. Xhaka, Coquelin and El Neny have proven to be pedestrian at best in that roll, collectively unable to provide the necessary attributes in the center of the pitch.
    7) Throw $40M at Schalke for Goretska, he is the best young B2B midfielder in the world and his future will not be in the blue/white of the German club.
    8) Offer Southampton $50M for VVD. He may be a little injury prone but when fit is irreftuably a top 5 CB in the Premier League. A back three of Boss, VVD and Mustafi would be one of, if not the best back three in the league
    9) Buy Mahrez for $40M. Paired with Ramsey as the creative epicenter for the Gunners attack, the Algerian would be dynamic and not forced to consistently track back with the Welshman offering cover in transition.

    With the possible Sanchez, Chambers and deadwood sales Arsenal would recoup approximately $160M, even more if Ozil is sold. Fabinho, Goretska, VVD and Mahrez would cost roughly $175M. At most $15M spent to bring in 4 fantastic players that would finally address the transparent issues that have plagued the club for far to long.

    Saed….Fabinho…Goretska… Ox

    I concede this will NEVER happen with Wenger in charge but I would be genuinely excited with these moves and think Arsenal would set up for future success under a competent manager.

    Flame away all you Wenger and Walcott lovers..??

    1. Raj

      Who will be on bench for us ? Who will play in Europa league , fa cup and league cup.We can’t sell or buy 4 players now.Season has already started and it’s too late to do that .if we were so keen on improving our squad we would have done that during July not now

      1. Adam Criniti


        Santi, Giroud, Xhaka, Welbeck, Iwobi, Wilshere, BFG, Holding, Bellerin, Nacho, Ospina, Nelson.

        Thats 12 quality players to choose from.

        And I would gladly sacrifice the first month of the Premier League season if the contract rebels and deadwood players were shown the door and these 4 players brought in.

        The future would be very bright, even more so if the old French frog was given his walking papers as well.

    2. shark

      Wenger should have left many years ago. Now, the most important man in the club is the most hated one. It’s a shame what’s happening at a such a loved club. Always finding excuses, blaming on refferees, keeping deadwood, wrong tactics and selection, selling best players, saying that top4 is a trophy, can’t find quality in the market etc.
      Also, I think he hates the fans because he is not giving us anymore a good football. We’re not plastic fans if we want PL or CL trophies.

      1. Simon says

        It is a shame you’re so right, I didn’t want Wenger sacked if only for what happened in the first decade of his time here BUT I really didn’t want him to sign a new contract and after the fa cup he could have left on a high. I feel now after the inevitable losses he will be hounded out of Arsenal. One of his biggest problems is saying enough is enough, he can’t do it with players like Theo and ozil and he doesn’t seem to be able to say it to himself, now we’re left in the position that we can’t give the players away that everyone has known wouldn’t make the grade for years and left with a sitting duck as a manager. I expect this season to be more hostile than last by miles.

  10. Viera Lyn

    There is no real answer to the question you have posed because this club has once again hedged their bets on doing the bare minimum then hoping for the best…if they were serious about changing the stagnant culture that has permeated the club since our move from the Highbury, we would have immediately released and/or moved several players in the early days of the window…this would have demonstrated to the fans that they were serious about addressing our obvious inadequacies…likewise this would have forced them to bring in replacements because they couldn’t have used the lame excuse Wenger is presently spewing about having too many players…we functionally have the same amount of players as we did when the window first opened but he didn’t say jack about it then…he simply waited until the inevitable happened then pulled out his excuse Rolodex, closed his eyes and randomly drew the “too many players” card…the more he opens his mouth, the more I understand his “god” complex when it relates to all things Arsenal…what other manager could continually do the same dumb shit, not address obvious concerns for years, speak to the fans in such a condescending manner, face enormous criticism from many of his former star players and be the architect of so many failed player signings yet be one of the highest paid managers with the longest tenure in Europe…maybe Kroenke is colourblind and instead of seeing all the red flags he can only see the GREEN ones($$$)

  11. Kamikaze

    City loosing at home to Everton…seems like this season the trophy is for anyone to grab but we will miss out again

  12. Arsenal_Girl

    At this point I will be happy with any one of these 3: Draxler, Lemar, Mahrez

    Also, either Goretzka or Carvalho or Gueye
    Seri is going to Barca. Only £36 million release clause activation

    Ideally, a top CB too

    Too much to ask for in just over a week left. Looks like Wenger will screw up again

  13. bonface

    Arsenal need mahrez ,Ross barkly ,vargil ,jeanseri and somebody like William cavalho or nzozi, sell ozil cz he is not consistent n he is lazy,sell conqulin, gibswelbeck,welcot,loan holding or chambers,if Sanchez don’t want to stay sell him all these medium players get rid of them

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