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Which strikers should Arsenal try to sign?

Arsenal’s next striker? Post by Rory Capel

Oliver Giroud is a good player, but he is not the world class striker Arsenal need, he misses a large amount of chances, he has one of the worst goal conversion rates for a striker in the premier league, and what really irritates me in particular is how he whines if he loses the ball or misses a shot, rather than just getting on with the game.

Looking at the stats, we need a player who is going to have a great goal to game ratio, someone who makes use of every chance, testing our oppositions goalkeeper and defense the whole time. Obviously when we bought Giroud, we hoped he would be this player, as he was the equal leading goal scorer in France last season, however even though he was leading scorer in France, he did only score 21 goals in 36 games, which is quite impressive, but we need someone that is going to be right up there.

Recently all the talk has been about Jovetic, I quite like him, he is quite a creative player, but the £28 million price tag is ridiculous, and he’s not the clinical striker we need, with 12 goals in 24 games, not hugely better than Giroud’s 9 league goals in 27 games. I don’t think he is the striker for us.

The player that has been heavily linked to Manchester United, Robert Lewondowski, has a great record for Dortmund, 19 goals in 23 games, as well as providing 5 assists for his teammates. If he keeps up that form he would be fantastic for Arsenal, and I think he could top the goal scoring table in England.

Edinson Cavani is a fantastic player, having the pace to take the ball past players as well as having an aerial presence. He is the striker I would love to have at Arsenal, his range of ability would help him blend into the style of the premier league. He has scored 20 goals in 26 games for Napoli, along with a few assists and I am sure he could do even better in the premier league.

In the Portuguese league, Porto striker Jackson Martinez is having a great season, scoring 23 goals in 23 games. A very good record, though it is the Portuguese league which does not have the quality opposition which the premier league does. However he is a player that should be watched by Arsenal as he has shown he can be a clinical striker throughout this year.

Luis Suarez, a player we all know, and we all hate playing against. He is a player that we may not like, but his ability can’t be faulted, scoring 22 goals, and getting 8 assists in 29 games, leaving him in a likely position to take Van Persie’s title as the top goal scorer in the premier league. He is already adapted to the premier league, and would work brilliantly at Arsenal. If he can score that many at Liverpool, there is no doubt he would do the same, If not better for Arsenal.

Who do you think should be our next striker? And what price tags will we be looking at?

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174 thoughts on “Which strikers should Arsenal try to sign?

  1. WC

    Say what you like about Portugese Superliga but I didn’t see anyone talking bad about Falcao when he was lighting it up for Porto so why Does Jackson Martinez get slighted in your mention of on him saying “A very good record, though it is the Portuguese league which does not have the quality opposition which the premier league does”?

    You could say that about so many Porto players past and present but the likes of Deco, Carvalho, Bosingwa, Falcao, Moutinho, Lucho Gonzalez and Defour would beg to differ about how much the Portugese club opposition affects their “quality”

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  2. Jim A

    All this new striker talk. We have Giroud and if he gets injured we can move some pieces around. The real need and #1 priority is Victor Wanyama. That player alone will provide us with 10 more wins each year.

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  3. Andrew

    It doesn’t matter what we say as fans the person holding the purse strings has to wake up. You pay peanuts you get monkeys.

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  4. herbie

    Jovetic, Reus, Benzima or Cavani would all make us a class side but they all have around a 30 million price tag.

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  5. Abe

    Suarez/falcao/aguero/cavani/ any one would be a dream but realisticly I think aubemang or jovertic are coming in with either isco or gotze and mvila or capoue and akinfeev or Valdez oh and Micah Richards for good measure oh hold up I am still dreaming damn lol

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  6. Louis

    Would take many of the strikers listed but the problem is of course how realistic are they to leave their clubs, most of which currently doing better than us. Jovetic has always caught my eye since Fiorentinas last champions league campaign, my only question would be why didn’t we sign him a couple of years ago for less then half the price as it has always been clear he had the potential. Hopefully the rumours are true but based on past experiences I don’t really trust them. Lewandowski would also be perfect and has a better goal scoring record but would he really leave Dortmund? A team that have won a host of national honours in the past two years, still in the champions league and a club full of young exciting talent most clubs would be jealous of. I could only see a big money offer tempting him. But while a striker is surely needed a feel perhaps our biggest problems are defensive and we should be looking to build from the back. We need a defensive minded midfielder and a versatile defender, there seem to be plenty on the market but it’s all up to Wenger and the big wigs on the board. They say the cash is there we are all pretty sure it is now they just need to take a leap of faith. I’d like next season to start and have some real hope of winning a major trophy and challenging for titles, having teams come to the emirates in fear, and be able to be world beaters. COYG WHO ELSE AGREES??!

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  7. Tony Cannon

    I think Aubameyang would make a good signing for Arsenal. Pace, good technique looks likely to be an aerial threat with his height. His play reminds me a little of Henry.

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  8. Pires87

    Next season we use 4-4-2 formation.
    Buy jovetic.he and podolski can destroy any team.and giroud use as super sub.
    Wilshere and capoune in the middle.cazorla and walcott in the flank.

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  9. ljgomez

    id like to see theo up top more at least this season, he’s stopped scoring because hes on the wing, he doesnt get as many chances, he does great on the wing or up top, but right now that giroud isnt doing much for us put theo up there more!!!

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  10. snakeoil

    I also would like to see new players but what can we really expect from a new striker?

    Wenger will likely bench him for being too “upity” (e.g. Poldi) and within 2 years the new player will either be on the dead wood pile (Arshavin, Gervinho, Bendtner, Chamack)or he will be demanding to leave.

    Wenger picked up a great player, Podolski

    But Wenger just wastes him on the bench and destroys his desire to be with Arsenal

    How about searching for a new manager FIRST so that new players can actually excel as gunners.

    For whatever reason, Wenger has lost it. Maybe Wenger could serve as an Administrative General Manager but clearly he can’t coach anymore.

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  11. Daymee

    I don’t think the real issue is who the striker is, the price tag or if his club will let him go. The real issue is that when good players turn up at Arsenal, they become average. That IS the problem.

    Who is causing that?

    It’s not rocket science. Exactly who you just thought!
    Keep that same problem and bring in 10 Edinson Cavanis and Arsenal will still struggle.

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  12. the gun show

    City will get Cavani, maybe Jovetic too, Lewandowski will go to united, and Suarez will go to Bayern or somewhere in Spain or Italy. There is no point mentioning these players because Wenger will never bid more than 20 million for a player, and even then, he says the wages come out of the transfer budget so we would only get 2 players if we were lucky

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  13. Ed


    Sorry but Walcott is a lazy little sh*t, least number of touches in any match he plays.
    In a recent match the Ox came on in the 75th minute and had 2 touches less in 15 minutes than Wallcott for the whole game.

    If he doesn’t want to work for that 100k a week there are plenty who will.
    Long contract – cash in and buy better!

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  14. Amol

    stats don’t say everything…

    lewandowski plays more as no.9

    while jovetic is a complete forward…which suits arsenal playing style…rvp played last season as a false nine…which jovetic would be good at.

    cavani is a far superior often among all that are available,but can arsenal pay him those wages teams like real Madrid,man city,psg could pay.

    n just don’t count goals per games ratio…

    find out goals coverted per chance too…that’s important.
    just a striker won’t do…a dm and a fullback is necessary too…along with a goalkeeper.

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  15. jon

    It may be just me but I actually support Wenger for benching Podolski. Sure he can score a great goal here and there but for me he goes missing in half of our games. I didn’t really like when Wenger bought him in the first place. He doesn’t seem to fit our game, just like Giroud. I just hope it’s not another Arshavin, because Podolski seems to be little lazy defending just like certain Russian player. last thing we need to have again is our highest paid player sitting on the bench. I do hope he proves me wrong.

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  16. Gunnerineverylife

    @jon podolski lazy in defending?meh, that guy can play better than santos as left back,the best player among all our forwards in terms of defending and his best position is not left wing,he is a striker that scored 18 league goals for a club like Koln,he deserves to play upfront,heck even gervinho has played as striker why not him?

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  17. leo

    the last time the fifa leaked out santi’s signing it came true hopefully this one as well + real madrid are set to sell raul albiol/kaka/higuian/benzema to fund a move for bale wenger get them all will be available within our price range coyg’s

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  18. ban10

    i have a feeling wenger may buy wilfred bony he is may be in our price range
    but you never know wenger he has lot of tricks up in his sleeves
    and of all the names above jovtic is only realistic if he is available for no more than 15m euros.

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  19. Alizorla_

    Bring in a quality striker. bring in a solid defensive midfielder. let giroud be a super sub as that is he’s specialty. let arteta play as a central alongside wilshere and cazorla. And dont get me started with the defense.

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  20. jon

    @ Gunnerineverylife Are you really comparing him to Santos? HAHA pretty much anybody can do a better job than Santos. I have nothing against him but I just don’t see why people think he is so great. Watch him defend, it’s pretty bad. As far as Koln, you do know that they got relegated last year with him right? I do agree he should play as a striker though, he would be better than Giroud.

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  21. Gunnerineverylife

    Jovetic is coming to Arsenal according to a FIFA Agent.Now all of you join your hands,close your eyes and pray that its true.

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  22. dilla

    Why would Lewandowski want to go to United? To win, yes. But why would he want to compete w/ rooney, rvp, welbeck, and chicharito every week when he could just dominate as a starting centre forward at Arsenal? Buy Lewandowski.

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  23. Gunnerineverylife

    @jon Yeah,thats what I am saying,he should play as striker and ox should play on the left,I think ox plays better on the left than right. P.S. I’ve got nothing against Giroud,he should compete with Poldi for that position.I don’t want to read“it’s his first season,he’s scored more than RVP in his first season blah blah blah”,he should compete with Poldi for that position.

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  24. That Gunner

    No MATTER HOW WE DO IT,NO striker is going to come and give us 25+ goals for his first season,face it,you’d have to be a fan and carry AFC in ur heart! Its going to take time,Aguero is lethal and he hasnt managed a 25 plus campaign as yet,but summer will be INTERESTING,I HOPE WE SIGN SOMEONE WHOS CLASS! CAVANI,HIGUAIN,FALCO & SUAREZ are all proven,if Cavani is by far a better finisher than Suarez,ILL TAKE HIM LOL^

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  25. Gunnerineverylife

    @That Gunner Aguero would’ve scored 25+ goals but Mancini has messed up things at City.Look at Balotelli’s record after he left city,strikers shouldn’t be rotated each week,they need to build confidence to score and playing continously does that.Torres is an exception though,lol.

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  26. Big Gun

    This brings me back to the same old question, why oh why did we let RvP go? I just shake my head in the utter lunacy of it all.

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  27. New World

    It will be a dream to get suarez, wenger will work on his attitude as he did to r*p

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  28. leo

    & spanish media belives isco to arsenal a possiblity agreed with @gunnerineverylife moancini has messed aguero/tevez/dzeko he is clueless

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  29. dan87

    i think everybody should stop talking new strikers,giroud is going to smash it next season if arsenal can adjust the play slightly and use him as a target man with good accurate balls instead of lobbing it expecting him to get i have all faith in giroud most of his goals have been pure class…….the only other striker i want to see is podolski given a real chance in the centre the only reason he dipped at bayern was because they moved him out to the wing and his goals show when he gets a half chance he is a clinical striker try both up front together goals galore…

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  30. Gooner Cape Town

    Here’s hoping guys:
    Now just a DM and a CB or Goalie.
    I am always proud to be a Gooner, even in hard times and take huge flack from colleagues and frieds, but that doesnt deter me support. We have a huge fan base in Cape own South Africa and it is growing by the week.

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  31. jermaine

    cavani would be massive signing. jovetic would adapt quickly. lewendowski would be our goals man. fal1qao would end the trophy drought.higuiin is the dark horse. in order of probability 1)jovetic£17m-£22m 2)lewendowski 16m-20m 3)cavani 35m+ 4)falqao 45m+ 5)higuin 18-24m

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  32. proffetic

    Very least of our problems would be a new striker.I believe Giroud will get better as his confidence grows. As far as I am concerned we need to move on resident sloth Mertesacker.He is poor in the air slow on the ground and his positional sense and awareness of danger is non existent. Furthermore these factors have affected the form of both Verm and Kos. They have to watch him and cover for him. Sagna has also been affected and hasnt gone forward enough because he doesnt get cover.Otherwise we need to accommodate both Caz and Jack and add a bit of power and height in midfield. Arsene might actually buy one of those players he has been dangling in front of us for so long.Jovetic not that good, neither is Williams. Have a strong feeling summer window will be frosty for us again….

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  33. landi

    isco,jovetic, a young talanted defender a la varane, a experienced DCM

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  34. sank

    Just get

    1. lewondoski. he would get more first team chances at arsenal and he would cost around 20 million and clinical then jovotic.

    2. ceasar of qpr is a first choice goalkeeper of brazil, above 30 and a great keeper. he has 2 million release clause if qpr relegates which will happen.

    3. i think a dm and defender will be good but we alredy have 3 quality defenders.

    all are saying for a dm but if feel arteta is perfect in that role. we play with ball and he suits that style. all our goals conceded are mainly due to simple errors. coquilan is also developing.

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  35. SD

    1. The top guys, Falcao and Cavani, aren’t happening. Ever. Neither pricetag or wages is within Arsene’s reach. Also, it sounds like Cavani will either stay or move to one of the big 2 in Spain. Move on.

    2. Jovetic has as close a skillset to RVP as any of the better strikers in Europe. If he develops into a better finisher, then he is going to be a superstar in the discussion for best players in the world. Also, the 28mil price tag is ridiculous. I will be shocked if he goes for much over 20 mil.

    3. I can’t see Lewandowski going to ManU. He leaves a team that has been among the best teams in Germany for years and in which he is the go-to guy for a situation where he has to compete with Rooney, RVP, Welbeck, and Chicharito? I also can’t see Sir Alex seriously courting a big name striker without getting rid of Rooney and maybe one of Welbeck and Chicharito first.

    4. Take Martinez with a grain of salt. Not everyone that lights up lower leagues works well in the best leagues. I remember a young guy destroying the Belgian league a few years ago and now he’s on loan because he couldn’t beat our Torres for a spot on the team. Not saying he won’t be good, but odds are that his stats are inflated from the league.

    I would be equally happy with Jovetic or Lewandowski. Lewandowski is like an improved version of Giroud. He is a slightly better finisher and is much better on the ball. He can at least create his own shot occasionally, where the Frenchman really can’t. Jovetic is incredibly skilled for a striker, and is usually more comfortable in a secondary striker role. But he can handle the physical battles pretty well and is a decent finisher. I feel like if Podolski, Walcott, and Cazorla are also on the field with Jovetic, the offense will come alive. All these guys that can score and create for themselves and others. 3 guys on the field that can play on the wing or in the middle. Plenty of speed and skill to get past anyone.

    I feel like Jovetic is the best fit the way the team is currently constructed, because the team is still built around a concept that involves a player like RVP in the middle. Lewandowski should be more comfortable in the system than Giroud is, but I think Jovetic may be the better choice right now.

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  36. James

    Everybody SHUT UP! we all know no one will come to arsenal because wenger is too stubborn, he will not pay more than 20 million. He is a great manager! but I just don’t know why he wont spend money to make arsenal world class again!

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  37. arsenal4eva

    Try Poldi upfront 1st…then if its doesnt work, buy another striker!..

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  38. dynce

    Just wat I want to say,does our opinions make any diff?this is wat we do every season,Naming world class players for wenger bt nothing comes at the end
    The next transfer window wil b thesame as ever,wenger won’t sign any stricker believe me!

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  39. fabalien

    Arsenal players will get hurt in the summer and when they’re back they’ll be new signings, dixit Wenger !!!

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  40. Big Gun

    Why would we sell one of the best strikers in the world for 24m, and only a few months down the line have to fork out over 25m or more on a new striker? You should all know by now, Wenger does not work that way. His plan was to buy Giroud for a fraction of what he sold RvP for, and refine him to become the next best thing. The first time I saw Giroud, I knew he would never amount to much. But Wenger for some reason thought differently. This is why the man has lost it and quite honestly he never had it in the first place, because all the greats we sold, we scouted by Dein and not Wenger. Wenger just thinks he can sign any muppet and transform them into superstars. He is wrong and 90% of his signings since Dein’s departure prove that fact.

    If Wenger were to fork out over 25m now for a striker, he would be admitting him and his policy were wrong…which as we all know Wenger IS NEVER WRONG. The man is a stubborn old coot who should pissoff asap to another club. I bet you the board meeting after Dein left went something like this:

    Gazizis: “So Arsene, will you continue to be able to bring in prospect players on the cheap and develop them into superstars now that you chief scout and right hand man Dein has left?”

    Wenger: “But of course. My name is not Arsene Wenger for nothing.”

    Kroenke: …

    Gazidis: “I like the idea of selling all our most valuable assets over time, making a massive profit off them all. in the interrum, Wenger can keep replacing them with cheap players which in time will also be developed into superstars. We can make a fortune from this policy!.”

    Kroenke: … (sly smile)

    Wenger: “Of course. I do not have a degree in economics for nothing. Leave everything up to me. I will handle transfer policies, wages etc. Mr Kroenke and you Ivan, can just sit back and reap profits and perhaps in a few years time even give yourself a fat pay rise or…I donno, perhaps buy a ranch.”

    Stan: *Nods in agreement*

    Gazidis: Ok, Arsene if you say you can keep replacing our best players with cheap players and develop them into superstars, then we have a well oiled money making policy in place. We can also raise ticket prices and just say it is for stadium debt. In actual fact, use that excuse for everything. Meeting ajorned.

    Folks, the truth is, Arsene does not have the ability to spot players like Dein did. He has brought in very poor players over the last decade to say the least, players that have cost us not just financially in terms of wages, but also the quality of our team has deteriorated to such a point that we are battling Spurs for 4th place! No trophy in 8 years since Dein’s departure. NEED I SAY MORE?


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  41. mtawarira

    off topic,, imagine this,, strootman/coquelin
    wilsh/eisfeld santi/arteta
    ox/theo isco/gnabry

    would we still not be title contenders?

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  42. african gunner

    villa mst likely be here so gt lewandoski nd villa nd we hve experience,youth,pace,skills,clinical finishers nd team players all together

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  43. Arsenal1Again

    I like what I’ve seen of Dzeko. He’s the only Prem striker I would like. I only want a striker with proven prem experience. I have no patience anymore to wait for players to adapt or bed in or gel, etc. We need players straight from the starters block when the gun goes off.

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  44. trm

    Who is available for around £20million, that is who we would consider with offers like £17ish million.

    This will be our summer

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  45. Paul

    We can not simply buy any old striker who will score goals. For a number of reasons.

    I believe that buying a striker this coming transfer window will define our future. I think it will Wenger’s biggest signing ever and that it will influence the future of Arsenal as a club. The pressure is Wenger pick a player that is not simply a goal scorer, but a forward who can play our game. With our team and get everyone involved. We need to be more than a one man team to win silverware. We are expecting RVP V2. While RVP was and is an amazing player. I believe he was the reason behind our problems this season. We relied on his goals. Leading to 90% of attacks ending up with him shooting. The exception was RVP scoring 9 times out of 10. Where as now we have Giroud and Walcott. They are different topics.

    I believe the player we need is Jovetic. He might not be a prolific goal scorer but he has emmense potential. He will get everyone involved. From late runs from Wilsher, Carzola and Arteta to inside runs from Walcott and AOC. He will play our game very well. The only thing he has yet to develop is a perfect finish. If he can improve his goals to game ratio then he could be destructive! Saurez is a matured Jovetic. Although I think Jovetic could be much better. He has everything. Pace, power, vision and emmense technical ability.

    I think no matter what happens this summer as fans we need to drive our team with our support. Change the Emirates from a place of entertainment for everyone to a fortress. Just look at Dortmund. There crowd play the game with the players!

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  46. colin

    We need to have at least 3 top players all lined up to sign together because no top player will come unless they are guaranteed other top players, we have not looked like winning for so long that it will effect our ability to get the best because they can go elsewhere get more money and join a squad full of quality and win competitions, put it in perspective the OX was 10yrs old last time we won a trophy now he is our great hope? so the manager and the board need to get their fingers out and get the deals done early and put all the frustration to rest.

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  47. Daniel bromley

    Pref cavani but not realistic.. I’d go for lewondowski and pierre aubameyang with giroud and podolski we’d have 4 top strikers

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  48. That Gunner

    @Gunnerineverylife I think we should buy a Decent winger who can play ACROSS the front 3 and is COMFORTABLE ON THE LEFT AS THE RIGHT,The Ox is RAW TALENT,but hes still not ready yet,I say get the Winger and move Poldi to the middle,him Giroud are 2 diffrent types of strikers,so they are impact players prior to whoever starts,mind you if you look at Girouds hold up play,hes NEEDED NOW,lets face it,the striker we are going to bring in still needs to adapt and still wont give us the 25+ ,but thats where the Prince comes in,he will be one to watch next season if hes fully fit,who do we CURRENTLY HAVE thats more CLINICAL THAN POLDI? I dont know why Wenger wont TRY other TACTICS,I dont think our defenders are bad,its just that Mert is last man and we play with Roaming Wing Backs,which is VITAL for the pockets that Cazorla and Wilshere finds when our Wingers push up and go wide,but for some reason the equation is still unbalanced and Le Prof has seen it,after Gilberto,we had NO MORE BIG & POWERFUL DM,instead we played with a Disruptor (Song) in which his job was to break up play,failing to replace Song has cost out MORE THAN RVP,check the stats for goals from last year and this year and you will see,Arteta is INTELLIGENT hes a (Distributor) NOT a TACKLER,hes DIRTY but its DISGUISED LOL ..WHEN WE GET A PROPER CF AND DM,WE WILL BE CHALLENGING ON ALL FRONTS,OUR 3 CBS ARE PROVEN,1 MORE AND ITS GAME ON!!! COYG!!!

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  49. AidanGooner

    @ Danny Boy, £100 mill to splash:
    Julio Cesar
    Mats Hummels
    Ashley Williams
    Fellaini/ Ramires

    We can but dream

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    i will prefer suarez and jovetic….both are good but suarez will have to work on his on and off field problems

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  51. Neil

    1. Higuain. Like Jovetic…but much better.
    2. Lewandowski
    3. Suarez
    4. Jovetic
    5. Fletcher (as long as he returns ok from injury)
    6. Cavani (dreamland…not likely)

    If we’ve got 100m or so to spend no reason we can’t get one/two of the above. Just pay the wages. City/Chavs/Real/PSG can’t buy everyone FFS.

    Like I class players=top wages. If we want to seriously make an effort in winning the PL or CL then we need at least one of the above (and we’ll still need defenders and midfielders!).

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  52. ben

    Maybe a certain German player who had one of the most devastating left foot I have ever seen but his retarded manager decides to play him on the wing for some reason, if he even gets played at all.

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  53. Ben Adams

    Lewandowski lovessss arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Search it up, he idolized Thierry Henry as a kid! Not to mention last time he played us, he lost! might linger in his head !

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