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SSSHHH….but Arsenal have Man City in our sights!

It might not have been the most convincing Arsenal performance today, but it was the result that was all important and you cannot complain after the Gunners emerged from a sometimes tricky game against Everton with a win and, perhaps just as crucial, a clean sheet.

It was a massive result for Arsenal who were under serious pressure after Man United beat Sunderland yesterday and Liverpool beat Man City in the early kick-off. That put Brendan Rodgers’ team level on points with us and made the race for the top four look decidedly more difficult.

But take a look at the table now and it is not the teams below us that I am focusing on for once. Man City’s loss means that we are now just four points behind the champions. I am not looking at Chelsea because even I am not that optimistic, but after the start to the season and all the injury problems Arsene Wenger has had to cope with, I would see a second place finish as pretty good going. We must keep going strong though as Liverpool could be as big a rival for it as City.

There is not much difference in the difficulty of our remaining fixtures but whereas we bounced back from a disappointing result in the Champions League, Man City were poor and deserved to lose today. If they fail to turn around the UCL tie in Barcelona then it starts to look like they are going to end the season empty handed – and that will not help their already low morale.

I also think it would mean a lot more to Wenger and the Arsenal players to finish higher in the table. If we could finish second and win the FA cup, would that be enough to appease the long suffering Gooners until next year when we get the Treble!

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19 thoughts on “SSSHHH….but Arsenal have Man City in our sights!

    1. fred cowardly

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      1. Hafiz Rahman

        Exactly hes receiving the same treatment from Mancini

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    2. Sumant The Gooner

      Hafiz.. you slated Poldi when he was at Arsenal. Seems you don’t appreciate what we have. Are you like this is real life?

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      1. Trick

        Hafiz have mental problem,please don’t regard his comment,he is my friend and i know him from the time he was born, i was his babysitter . You all should pardon the little boy Hafiz.

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      Ask yourself, is it the managers fault or Podolski is not up to the task??? All the managers that have dropped him can’t be wrong. He got booted by Bayern, dropped in the pecking order in the German national team with the all new exciting talent, Wenger did not fancy him, now Mancini too does not fancy him.

      Ask yourself why?? All those 3 managers can’t be wrong regarding Podolski..

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      1. Hafiz Rahman

        the answer is simple….

        the managers do not like him…

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    4. Champagne Charlie

      Let’s not. Poldi has his strengths, but he doesn’t fit this team…last thing we need is a midfielder/winger who puts nothing into defending.

      Regarding the article…..just stop. Sneaking 2nd would give us a false idea of where we feature. We are not the 2nd best team in this league irrespective of whether we end up there. Let’s just do our best and see where we end up.

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        1. Champagne Charlie

          what’s strange about it? you think we’re the 2nd best team this season?

          It’s a big difference being in the title convo until march then getting beat and sulking your way to 3rd, than not being anywhere all year to finish well and be 2nd. Doesn’t mean you’re the 2nd best team in the damn league despite ending up there.

          But whatever makes you think this team is progressing. Blinkers well and truly back on after Monaco.

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    5. Goonsquad8

      @ hafiz

      But what does that tell you about poldi? If mancini won’t play him in a weak league, on a very very average inter side I think that says it all.

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    1. Goonsquad8

      But you do get more money and most importantly its a sign of our progress

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  1. butters

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      Totally agree, Players like Welbeck, Mertesacker, Coquelin, Poldi and Jenkinson shouldnt be playing for Arsenal and should be sold…..

      Im still wondering how did

      Mertesacker con his way to so many German caps???


      Welbeck winning so many medals and England caps???

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      1. Trick

        Hafiz must have mental problem, You cry for Poldi to be brought back and next you totally agree he should be sold, I think you do smoke weed before coming online.

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  2. TJ

    11 games left for the EPL…while the Gooner in me says we can tally up 33 points from the remaining fixtures…I’ll be a little more realistic – I think 28 pts which should give us a total of 79 for the season.
    If we look purely at the numbers – 79 points = no progress cf. 2013/2014 season. Our goal difference should improve above 27 and total goals scored should eclipse 68 (which was not a good benchmark).
    So realistically – we can only really afford 1 loss and 1 draw for the rest of the season to match the 2013/2014 points tally and with that I think we will end up 3rd on the ladder. 1 position higher than 2013/2014.
    I think the gap between 2nd and 3rd will be 1-2 points at most.
    Chelsea will get around 90 points so they’re out of sight (30 out of 36 available points).

    Let’s hope the boys can push on beyond the 79pt mark!

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  3. FFFanatic

    Let’s focus on us, not everone else. How the heck can we look at City when we still haven’t produced a genuinely good performance since losing at Spurs? We may be getting results but our performance is not great – unless that changes we’ll slip up again.

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