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Who Arsenal need to buy and sell in January to save our season….

Where do Arsenal go from here……. by LS

I don’t think I will be the first Arsenal supporter to say that Tuesday nights disastrous performance against league 2 Bradford was one of, if not the worst of recent years.

We lacked leadership, technique, pace and above all the will to win the game at any cost. But this is not only isolated to Tuesday night. We have performed consistently poorly this season, however somehow still maintaining 6th spot in the league, probably more down to the fact that every other team has been so inconsistent.

So where do we go from here? First and foremost we need to pick up some serious points between now and the New Year and given the teams we are playing this should be the minimum expected of the players. We all know that that Wenger needs to seriously revamp his squad and this for me needs to start in January. The game is up for many players, Gervinho, Chamakh, Arshavin, Djourou (remember him?), Squillaci and Santos. I would also argue that Ramsey is not up to it and needs to be moved on.

In terms of incoming players it’s well known that January is not the best time to buy however whether it be January or in the summer we most certainly require a world class centre back, strong holding midfielder, creative winger with pace and a top class centre forward. Huntelaar would be a welcome addition and if Henry comes in then that’s just a bonus. I would like to perhaps see one of the Dortmund boys also come in, either Hummels or Subotic to sure up our leaky defence. There are plenty of holding midfielders around and I like the look of the Mbiwa who plays for Montpellier, he can also play at centre half. I also don’t see there being any reason why we should not make a bid for Wesley Sneidjer, he is currently in dispute with Inter and is a top class midfielder who can play anywhere across the middle, although I might also like to see someone with a little more pace.

A news years line up of Szczesney, Sagna, Subotic, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Mbiwa, Wilshire, Cazorla, Sneidjer, Walcott and Huntelaar. If we believe what we are told in regards to the clubs healthy financial position I cannot see this is out of our reach, particularly if we can also recoup some monies from selling the deadwood we have in our squad…..


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76 thoughts on “Who Arsenal need to buy and sell in January to save our season….

  1. abel

    Sell chamakh,bendtner and park= 13mil (wages combined =162k/week)
    Replace with llorente free wages = 80-90k max. U have 13mil 3.5mil wages saved= 16mil.
    Sell arshavin 5-6mil (90k wages) replace with holtby free.wages = 40k/week… 5mil saved + 2.4mil wages saved = 7.4 million
    Sell djorou,n release squillaci = 6million (wages combined = 120k/week)
    Replace with yanga-mbiwa 6million.wages = 50k/week. 2.7 million wages saved.
    Sell santos 4million wages = 60k/week replace with j.williems 3mil wages =25k/week 1million saved + 1.6xmil wages saved=2.6mil
    Sell fabainski 3mil wages = 50k replace with landreau free wages 50k.3million saved
    In total we have 32million saved from selling deadwood and replacing with better quality.

    Loan out olsson,toral and the likes
    Bring back miyaichi,campbell,afobe,wellington Ramsey,eisfeld,gnabry,meade for the cup games.

    Now ADD to the squad. 32mil + the supposed 70mil = 102mil
    Renew contracts sagna + walcott = 8million a year
    Buy isco 17million
    Wanyama 10million
    Zaha 10million
    Cavani 35million(no time for cheap options)
    Adrian lopez 12mil

    So we have a 1st team like this
    GK-szczesny,landreau and mannone
    DF-sagna jenks mert,tv5,lk6,yanga mbiwa,gibbs n j.williems
    Midfield-arteta,cazorla,wilshere,wanyama,isco,coq,holtby,rosicky,diaby n ramsey as a last resort
    WF-zaha,adrian lopez,ox,gervinho,walcott

    TALK ABOUT DEPTH!!! We still have the youngsters too…. If we cud sign 5 players on a deadline day i believ we shouldn have trouble making these deals possible by january and summer transfers.

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  2. AFCF

    buy either huntelaar or adrian lopez. and felliani or capoue or even Diame and we are done.Maybe a left back too to cover for gibbs.3 experience player is enough if not the squad will be too congested not forgetting henry may be loaned for the rest of the season.We do not want to be another man city do we?

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  3. YoungGooner

    Why have you replace Mertesacker in defense? If anything Vermaelen has been the poorer out of the 2. My ideal singings would be: Landreau, Yanga-Mbiwa, Wanyama and Jesus Navas. We could then line up a team something like this:
    Jesus Navas Cazrola
    SUBS: Landreau, Koscielny, Yanga-Mbiwa, Arteta, Rosicky, Chamberlain, Walcott/Podolski

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  4. Gunnersince15

    Why do you and others put us through all this hope and expectation, every transfer window? You know they aren’t going to buy anyone. It’s all a smoke screen to make us think that they are going to do something, when the reality is, they are happy for us to remain as we are. If and it’s a very BIG IF, they bring anyone in, it’ll be someone we and nobody else has ever heard of and is really cheap. Do I sound down hearted? Another season of not winning anything and not even having a “shout” in winning the CL. Too bloody true, I’m down hearted.

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  5. JamesHenry

    Arsenal should sign … Sneijder (apparently only 15 mil) would be the winger we all crave . De Rossi (20 mill give or take) The Defensive Mid we NEED! Demba Ba or Hunterlaar (Either less than 10 mill) and a Left back maybe Cissokho (8 mill) or Criscito (12 mill or less) = 57 mill approx ..

    What you think homeys?

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  6. gunner

    We heard this song many times, this promise many times, but you my friends, i don’t believe a word of this one.
    the reason is that, wenger and the board are liars.
    in this last summer, wenger promised that he will not sell rvp and song, and he did.
    the board promised they will use 50 mil in last summer, and they made 10 mil profit after they sold rvp and song.
    walcott is on his way out and i don’t think he is injured. Fabregas was injured before barca bought him and he passed medical and barca bought him. ( ask ue self, how come injured player pass a medical?) then he played for barca after just 3 days after his transfer.
    don’t believe a word they say, see the action!!

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  7. Nii

    the press in england are the cost of arsenal trouble they are giving the team a whole lot of pressure talking here and there all the time they are the cost of arsenal trouble. the press should leave arsenal alone cos the went the team down fall arsenal need one definsive midfilder who can hold the back 4 that is what we are lacking now one shape striker add to oliver geured

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  8. Emaster

    It’s obviously unrealistic considering Wenger is our manager… but I would love for Arsenal to just crumble under this pressure of losing and invest in a couple amazing players. I’m not just talking about good players who will help our club but superstars who can make an immense difference. It would be awesome to get players like Cavani and Jesus Navas in January.

    3 wins out of the last 11 games is just embarrassing, and as solid of a player as Diame is, he is not the type of player that is going to change our fortunes. We need players that would show the rest of the league that we are serious about winning.

    Hey I can dream right….

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  9. mtawarira

    go crazy in spain. Get muniain (no1’s talkin bou him), david villa (he’s hardly gettin a look in since the messi spat & is unhappy), strootman & mbiwa.. Dispose of squid, djorou, arshavin, chamakh, diaby, loan ramsey & give eisfeld a chance for cryin out loud!!!!

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  10. georgegooner

    If we sell, we should replace like for like. e.g
    Fabianski out – Ruffier / Landreu / Vorm in
    Santos out – Coentrao / Willems in
    Djourou and Squillaci out – one of M’biwa / Sakho / Chiellini / Agger / Samuel in
    Diaby out – Luis Gustavo / M’vila / Capoue / De Rossi / Tiote in
    Ramsay out – Isco / Erikson / Fellaini / Gundogan / Holtby in
    Arshavin out – Gotze / Reus / Dzagoev in
    Gervinho DEFINITELY out – Nani / Navas / Arfa / Hulk ( wants to leave zenit ) David Villa / Pedro / Zaha in
    Chamakh, Park and Bedtner out – one of Huntelaar / Llorente / Klose / Benzema / Falcao / Cavani / Lewandowski / Jovetic / Soldado in

    Bring back – Miyachi / Joel Campbell / Denilson (then sell him)
    Send out on loan – Akpom / Toral / Bellerin / Gnarby / Eisfield / Martinez, get them some experience from league 1 and the championship
    If we sell, we need to replace with class, I don’t think any of us want to see anymore Silvestre’s of Chamakhs

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  11. Emaster


    Every top team in England has to deal with the press. That is the reality when you play for a top club. It is not nearly a good enough excuse for our players underperforming. They are professionals who need to step up and ignore the press.

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  12. artillery1

    U dont want to change MANAGER!

    U dont want to hang sticky(not abusive) banners For GERVINHO n RAMSEY to start!

    thn Y U complain about bad performances??????????
    silly ppls!

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  13. kimbono

    sell walcott
    buy yann mvila, lopez, zaha/ben arfa
    resign sagna wilshere on longterm
    then sell sell sell

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  14. gerard

    its not players we are missing, player for player against bradford or swansea WE HAVE WAY BETTER PLAYERS,YES? but we lost this is down to the manager, wenger can not get the best out of his players that is the problem.
    Pleyers i would like to see us sign Reus,Hummels,huntelaar,mvilla, and of course Henry back will be a massive boost……….. Arsenal are close to having the best team around we are short 3 players, But wenger has lost the dressing room and confidence in his players, a new manager is needed

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  15. JustJoy

    We have to sell like 10 players eg Chamak, AA23, Santos, Denilson, Park, Rams, Fabianski, squid, TW cos he’s leavin, Bendner, be4 we can breathe.

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  16. JustJoy

    And our subs matter, if a player is playing mess in the first 20mins of any match needs to be sub. Cos he is distroy the organisation of the team. And thats a warning to any player on the pitch. Gervinho and Rams do play mess but they never get sub why? This also kill the spirit and movement. And every player need to play his position.

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  17. mark

    it doesnt matter who comes in or leaves in January. Wenger has become the problem. I have been one of his biggest supporters upto now but tuesday night capped it off. We are CRAP!!!! manager has to take the blame and leave now!!

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    One Fact , Change the Captain and we will move forward , Vermallen is not a Leader, we need a leader, Give the band to Wiltshire ,Just like when Adams was given the band at a very young age,

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  19. Mitchie


    GK: Szczesney
    Brad Friedel
    Jack Butland




    Yann M’Vila





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  20. Invincibles nice (1)

    Agree on the montpellier player.
    Cant see any Dortmund player wanting to leave that team for us, besides Hummels fights Sacker for a starting role in the German national team so neither would stay at the Arsenal if benched over a rival German.
    Do like KJHs striking prowess but would prefer a striker who can do it all, maybe along with the Dutchman to be safe?.
    Wouldnt want Sneijder as he doesnt look interested anymore and since its creativity were lacking an awful lot depends on the Dutchman finding form.

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  21. dilla

    Guys, in a combined 25 games this year for Shalke and Bilbao, Huntelaar and Llorente have 6 goals. Are those the types of strikers we’re looking for? I hope not. Podolski and Giroud both scored a ton last year in their leagues and they’re struggling right now for goals as is our entire team. I like Huntelaar but I think he’s getting past his prime. Why get Llorente anyway? I’m sure Giroud would be better if he actually got service in the box. We need speed and movement. Get Adrian Lopez, Cavani, Fellaini, M’biwa.

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  22. Nick

    There’s honestly not that many players out there that I would love to see come to Arsenal. Sure there’s a wealth of talent out there but we need players that fit into our system.

    1. Sign Theo. If he will not sign because he’s more interested in becoming a striker *, money, money..cough* then I want Marco Reus! He’s one of the most exciting players I’ve seen in a while! But, if Theo goes Ox most likely fills that void.

    Jesus Navas would also work but is known to be easily homesick. At least he doesn’t have Barcelona DNA! Iker Muniain would do the trick since Gervinho can’t.

    2. Sign a striker that’s a little different than the HFB. Lewandowski, Huntelaar, Llorente, Cavani, (entering dream mode now……) Falcao. Or a daft move for someone I’m a huge fan of like Alvaro Negredo.

    3. I’d also love to go after Belhanda or M’Vila. Realizing they are a bit different in terms of their play but I think either would give us something in the midfield we don’t have enough of right now.

    4. Sign someone to compete with Gibbs for his spot.

    We need to sell some players, but who’s gonna buy them? AA23, Squid, Djourou, etc… who wants them? The #s I’ve seen on here for them people are dreaming!!!! We also have our loanies out like Bendtner, Dennilson, etc that we can’t offload on a permanent basis.

    Finally, Rambo & Gervinho. I truly don’t know what to do about those 2. Performances have been absolutely horrid. Ramsey isn’t the same since the leg and Gervinho left his heart in Africa at ACON last season. Oh.. he’ll go again this year….yay!!!!

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  23. Ed

    Wenger needs to go plain and simple!
    He doesn’t inspire the players to play or stay and what player would want to come to a club that will not improve their football?

    Read a lot of posts about being 2 points off 4th WTF? 4th? 15 points off the pace is the truth.
    Does a runner run a race hoping for 4th or a boxer fight hoping for 2nd?

    This attitude (usually from the Wenger cult) always amazes me. So now it is enough to turn up?

    I used to count down the days, hours and minutes to an Arsenal game, I haven’t watched one in weeks, why would I?

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  24. Dalmar

    why u guys dreamin these greedy guys would not buy three world class players,mark my words they will either bring only one player like adrian,zaha or huntlar if not they will buy two or thre but at the same time will sell theo and sagna. and we are still the same. what we need now firs is to get guys who can replace Nasri n RVP our wingers theo,ox,gervinho and poldi cant driblle bast two or there my be gervinho can n theo can run but their last touch is dead no good crosse if we can get huntlaar and holder mid like mvilla would be good

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  25. johnverdal

    im sick and tired of arsenal not winning trophies for 7 years now. every year the arsenal say they have the money to spend but they sell best players and bring second hand players and make profit every season. wenger is never gonna change his stupid philosophy which is coting arsenal badly. i think its time to bring a new manager and spend some money and bring some world class palyers.

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  26. Arsenal4Life

    Sagna Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs
    Wilshere Fellaini
    Isco Arteta Cazorla

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen(in form) Gibbs
    Wilshere Fellaini
    Isco Ozil Cazorla

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  27. Adam Gregory

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger tells that his vision for the club is to continue nurturing most of his first-team talent within the club rather than to import big-money buys.

    “My vision is to continue to produce a large majority of the players from within the club,” he said.

    “I want to buy players who can bring top-class pedigree from outside, but I think our target is to produce players who integrate into our style of play.”

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  28. Lee S

    Firstly Wenger is not going to get sacked, so it’s completely unrealistic to expect a manager change. The only reason he will leave is if he resigns, and you know how stubborn Wenger is so this is not going to happen.

    Mertesacker is not a top class defender, and anyone who is totally happy for him to sit in our back four for the next however many years I think is a little deluded.

    Great to see so many thoughts though on who we should bring in. I will be locked to sky sports news on the 31st Jan, let’s hope we do some business!

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  29. Adam Gregory

    As per my comment above. Stop dreaming about big name signings. It’s not and has never been Wenger’s way. He hasn’t become a bad manager, I just feel he has failed to move with the times. We used to play beautiful counter attacking football. I remember watching MOTD and them calling us the ‘red arrows’because of the pace precision of the counter. You do not see that style so much anymore anywhere, it’s all about the 1 or two holding midfieders allowing the other three to be more attacking and fluid. However we do not have the quality for that style. Wenger hasnt adapted and as much as I love him for the things he has done for the club. I feel it needs freshening up and time for a change.

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  30. true goon

    no chance of getting Sneijder,his wages are too high.Hummels isn’t coming to Arsenal either y would he?.
    Still think that kos is our best defender,an he can bring the ball out from the back and start attacks,Mertesacker can’t do this.
    I agree with you tho we need 4 new players,defender,DM,Winger and a striker all of top,top,top quality.
    But in reality i think we will get 2 or 3 out of the 4.A striker and a DM are the most vital.

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  31. DNT

    Sorry but IMO those are horrible choices. No one in his right mind would call Huntelaar top class. He is average, he was not top class for Real Madrid nor Milan and he is not going to turn into one at 29. Why would you bring a CB to turn him into a DM? just bring a proper DM and avoid the risk of playing someone out of position(like Podolski). I strongly believe that Koscielny, Vermaelen and Per are all top class, but we do need a LB so we don’t need to rely only on Gibbs.

    So i’d say at this moment it’s necessary to get rid of half of the squad, even if we don’t bring any players at all. we could just promote some of our very talented youngsters and they would still perform better than the likes of Gervinho, Ramsey, Chamakh, Santos, Squillaci, Fabianski, Mannone, Djouru, Arshavin and would cost us half of their wages, giving us the chance to pay some decent wages to our best players. Given the money i would bring Baines, Strootman, and a great striker(no one comes to mind, but obviously someone better than huntelaar).

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  32. D'sean

    no one wants some of our dead weight players, so the board will say that we have to sell players as an excuse not to buy…

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  33. WC

    I hope you realize Sneidjer earns 200k a week. His transfer fee is low, his wage demands ridiculous.

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  34. medhane

    lets buy gotze, huntelar, fellani and agressive defender and left back is wat we all need and offcourse a winger like nani or navas either walcot leaves or not. no place for gerviniho
    see this line up


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  35. Lee S

    Huntelaar’s stats over the past 3 seasons are as follows:-

    103 Games
    71 Goals

    In a league which in my opinion is actually better than the premier league.

    He also has 34 goals in 59 caps for Holland.

    So to say he isn’t a classy centre forward is inaccurate and he would improve our side most definitely.

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  36. Andrew

    Why does everyone think Szczesny is good enough? He’s not.

    Why are Chamakh, Arshavin, Squillaci, and Djourou still collecting paychecks? They are worthless to Arsenal so they should be sold immediately.

    Why are Bendtner and Park Chu Young still Arsenal property?

    These are my biggest frustrations with Wenger. He wastes piles of cash on excess baggage and then says he can’t afford top quality replacements because he won’t disrupt the wage structure at the club. This is nonsense! Get rid of all the leeches named above and the problem goes away.

    New players must show more of a fighting spirit who are willing to physically challenge their opponents. This is the main difference between Man Utd and Arsenal. It’s not talent and technical ability alone, but the willingness to fight until the end. Arsenal fall behind in this crucial area.

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  37. Gary

    In 1999 arsenal played Bradford in a cup game

    2 susbtitutions were made at the same time. Henry and Bergkamp were taken off and on came Overmars and Suker.

    The players coming off the bench were one of the best wingers in europe at the time and a world cup golden boot winner a year earlier. Now we have chamakh and Gervinho

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  38. mani_gooner

    check this guys

    “On 7th December 2012 Arsenal announce they have agreed a deal to sign Yanga-Mbiwa for a fee of £6.9 million. He will join up with his new squad on the 1st of January.”

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  39. sen

    If after all we are gonna buy 4 or 5 players in January window, we might as well think that these players will take time to adjust to the premier league conditions. So according to me I will stick to EPL players and buy within the EPL with few exceptions.

    1. Fabiansky out – John Ruddy in [4m. at the most]
    2. Djourou out – Ashley William [3m max.]
    3. Ramsey loan – Diame in [4m – 5m] {*if Diame recovers by January or else we go for Check Tiote, 12m – 16m will do to get the Ivorian from Tyneside}
    4. Santos out – Garrido in [4m max.]
    5. Get Diaby fit [because clearly he can be the difference player and yes you all read it correct, it is DIABY I wrote]
    6. Chamakh out – Huntelaar [6m] {* yes he is not from EPL and yes he is the exception, now there can be a big IF to this deal and that is Schalke were the group leaders and they can get a easy draw at R16 in CL and we all know our luck, so depends on what draw we get and then may be Huntelaar can decide to stay with Schalke or come and join us. If we dont get Huntelaar we should go for Kevin Gamiero for approx 7m at the most}

    ps : yes I didn’t mention Demba Ba because I think he wont be apt to the way we play. We already have Giroud, a very similar type player. But saying that if I was Wenger I would gamble and buy Demba Ba but only if the fee is 7-8m.

    Play Arshavin and Ox when Gervinho is going away for ANC. and if we sell AA23 which is more likely, get Holtby for 10m maximum. Play Cazorla wide and Holtby in the Centre and they can interchange. And then we all know we will sign Henry. He can assure that left side.

    Give Walcott and Sagna what they want because honestly getting a RB like Sagna’s quality in today’s market is very difficult. And Theo is different we all know he is an impact player and even Messi is scared of him.

    But saying all this I really wonder what Wenger will do. I’m a huge fan of Wenger but even I have become a little fed up with his decision making of late. But right now till January I would request Wenger to follow this line up

    ———————- Sczcesny————————

    Sagna ————- Mertesackar — TV ———–Gibbs

    ———- —- Arteta ———– Wilshere ————


    Walcott/OX ——— Podolski/Girioud —— Cazorla/AA23

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  40. ahmad

    -sell fabianski and get buttland
    -sell djouro , squillaci and buy collocini
    -sell santos and get armero/garrido
    -loan frimpong and buy gustavo
    -sell arshavin and buy gaitan
    -sell chammack and get henry and buy lopez
    …… the summer get huntelaar for free as i think he will not come in january becuase he want to play cl,and holtby for free too.
    and replace wlcott if he go zaha,

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  41. Ardi

    calm down guy you should know wenger and arsenal board by now if we can get 4 good players in and 6 or 7 out we would be lucky. I hope Huntelar, Nani, Zaha, Gustavo comes IN and Arshavin, Chamahk, Gervinho, Sqolaqi, Djour, Fabianski and Bentender OUT we would have very good second part of the season

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  42. donal de burca.

    the only way that this board will buy is if we spend a season in the championship . they will not spend one penny on any of the above mentioned players , why spend now ,because their ambition has long gone , they are safe in the premiership (they think) , so whats the point in spending . once the income exceeds the expenditure then thats all they care about . so heres to playing in the championship next year , it will give the entire arsenal that kick up the “arse” that is so badly needed at our wonderful club .pains me to say that but it is the only way i see the scrooges from upstairs getting up off their fat annual profits and spending some cash for a change .

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  43. Antonio Jackson Cruise

    Those so called Arsenal players who are simply deadwood that need to go are as follows: Santos, Djouru, Chamakh, Ramsey, Squailaci, Podolski, Gerviniho,. Those we need in are as follows: Essien of Chelsea, Bring back Frimpong from his loan spell, Huges, Gortze from Dortmond,put Theo upfront and have the Ox on the right and get Zaha to be switching flanks with the Ox. Have Theo along side Giroud. Now things are looking faster and stronger up front and in the middle with either Essien or Frimpong in front of the central defenders.

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  44. Chris

    I just want Arsenal to go out of the blue and surprise us with serious top class signings like signing Cavani for 30 million, with sneidjer coming in as well as Luis Gustavo and a solid left back that can compete with gibbs like aly cissokho and beast of a centre defensive mid that can protect the defence like Wanyama or Mbiwa. What frustrates me is that when the whole spending on tranfer topic comes up, arsenal always say that its not about spending big, its about spending enough and devloping to which they point to Barcelona as an example with all of the players that have developed there like Xavi, iniesta, messi etc BUT look at alexis sanchez, dani Alves, Jordi Alba, David Villa; all were bought in the 20 and 30 million range. They know that it is important to develop but now and again you have to splash the cash to get quality when it cant be developed and thats what arsenal have yet to realise…

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  45. g00ner4lyf

    Just one point – some of the figures being thrown around for selling our deadwood are waaaaaaay optimistic! They were probably worth those figures when we bought them. Under Arsene the quality of Arshavin, Chamakh, Gervinho, Ramsey, Djourou, Santon etc. has regressed so badly we’ll be lucky to get £10m for them COMBINED!

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  46. g00ner4lyf

    If any club will even actually pay money to have our shit deadwood players…good til Arsene got his has-been hands on them.

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  47. Sonasombra

    Where is Wellington?
    The kid was so talented here in Brazil!!!
    He definitely needs a go around with the first team!
    Poor Gervinho has no football intelligence…lol

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  48. Moses

    Couple of things to think about before we even consider who to buy:
    Can we actually spend 50 million?
    Are we upping our wages to be able to attract top tier talent?

    It’s all well and good them finally saying we have money to spend, but if you can’t afford their wages then it’s like shopping for a ferrari when you don’t have enough money to afford the running costs if you did buy it.

    We’d all love to get players like Llorente, Huntelaar, etc… But despite being able to afford to buy them, will we agree to pay them what they are actually worth? If not, then guarantee another team will.

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  49. haris

    I think the left back should be BEDIMO he’s playing for montipeller , he’s great , young and cheap . Striker should be only Huntelaar . One defensive midfielder . I don’t think wenger will spend more .

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  50. Mohammed Diame to Arsenal

    Mohammed Diame.
    Adrian Lopez.
    Thiery Henry.
    Mapou Yanga Mbiwa.

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  51. TC

    We need another CF to back up Giroud with finishing. Because Giroud is all by him self in the box. And we need a player like Aguero (Small quick and compact) A guy that would be able to finish. Maybe Adrian Lopez. Because Giroud has the aerial threat as he has proven with his headers. We definitely need a DM, A guy like M-Biwa. Tremendous potential right there. A guy who can control the midfield. A full time DM and a part time CB. YANGA M-BIWA is perfect for this. If one of our CB’s get injured he can quickly replace them whilst he is still on the pitch and just bring on a midfielder like Rosicky to replace him. About CB’s we definitely need a new one. Mertesacker has been good. But he’s not consistent. We need a guy like Hummels or Ogbonna who is very powerful and consistent. I also think we need a winger because I doubt Walcott will ‘Sign Da Ting’ There are many choices but to be honest I hate when Ramsay plays on the Right hand side. Sterling would be good, Zaha will be good too. But what’s bad about them is that they have no experience we need a guy in his late 20’s to guide the right hand side along with Sagna. And Jesus Navas is perfect for this.

    Also I think Wenger should release the usual Suspects that all of you commented.

    If Wenger does not buy any decent players in January and we are still below the Top 5. I’m sorry but he must be Sacked!

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  52. philthompsonsnose

    Arteta (old and negative..too similair to the above player!controversial)
    Loan out Ramsey & Giroud. (they both need to find confidence!)
    Shave Gervinho’s head, tie him to a raft and send him along the Thames where hopefully he will get rescued by Oxfam and taken safely back to the Ivory coast where he deserves to be FOREVER PLEASE!!

    Some players I’d love to see but it would be a miracle to get even one!!!

    Agree we need a commanding strong Cente Half
    (Cahill hello!!)We def’ have to find cover for Gibbs (Baines?)Lahm? And another Right back as Lasagna and jenks aint been pulling up any trees of late…!
    possibly another keeper, Vorm gets mentioned?? Reina??
    A certain box to box defensive midfielder.. Why not Scott Parker-Been there done it?! Diame from the hammers? Tiote? or what about our own Frimpong??
    Schneider would be awesome but think he’s more of a luxury player..
    Nani would be a good alternative if we lost Theo??
    However..It’s all hypothetical and its all a coincidence that something gets leaked to appease the fans that there is 50 or 60 m to spend just after a humiliating defeat.. so let’s not hold our breath fellow gooners..

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  53. That Gunner

    I would take Hummels-Hummels is a great leader,talkative,strong in the air,can also play in the holding role,very hard to pass,just ask Ronaldo,will cost us about 18mil or more..for the winger,I would say Munian from Bilbao,the kid is 20 and hes already in his prime,he will only get better,15mil shud be enough,his club needs money and we are Arsenal,he’ll come..Sammy Kheidra is unhappy at RM,hes a pretty decent holding,we shud have bought Dejong,but he went to Milan..Luke Shaw shud be brought in or better yet Meade seems comfortable,Wenger I still have faith in you,your a GENIUS when ur back is against the wall,you need to STOP BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR A SLOPPY PERFORMANCE,start letting them know your thoughts,if they played sh!tty,let it be known,heck SB will deal with the discipline for you..COME ON WENGER,PEP WONT CUT IT,HE PRACTICALLY HAD TO JUST PUT OUT BARCAS BEST 11 AND THEY DO IT THEMSELVES..

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  54. rob

    nobody wants to buy our dead wood who is going to buy chamakh, squillaci, arshavin and take on there gigantic wages.

    Our squad isn’t too bad it’s just that the players are under-performing we lost to bradford for christ sake!

    Spending is not the key here…for example at one point Wenger was heralded for bringing in podolski now we want him out! Wesley Sneijder and Huntelaar could easily flop. Gervinho scored 17 goals before we signed him and hazard said he was the best player he’s played with!

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  55. yemmy akinley

    M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ question has consistently remain the same. Should a player that is not good enough to play Fø̲̣̣я̅ teams like Barca & Real Madrid play Fø̲̣̣я̅ our own Arsenal? Fø̲̣̣я̅ crying out loud, Wђã† are players like Ramsey (feel like puking), Chamakh (just unbelievably stupid), Asharvin (dead wood) Squilaci (cant even spell his name) Fabianski (never really clique) Djourou (ouch) Santos (catastrophic), Diaby (kept on sentiments & hope) Gervinho (what is his real name?), still doing in Arsenal? In the days of the invicibles, which of this players will be in the reserve team? Definitely, Arsene is losing the touch.

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  56. muzi d

    Arsene Wenger must be replaced, his philosophy toward soccer is no longer good for present time.

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  57. GoonerNL

    Stop dreaming, Wenger will maybe buy one player, and get Henry on loan, thats it. Do you want to bet?

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  58. Top Gunner

    The problem with Wenger is to trust these deadwooo:
    If Wenger sell these above mentioned deadwood then he can buy players like: Pato, Christian Tello, Lopez, Gotze, Lewadonski.
    Besides that, these deadwood will enjoy Arsenal salaries by sitting on the bench.

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  59. khaesar


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  60. **** Set Gunner ****

    This is what i would love to see happen before 31st Aug 2013…

    1. Andre Santos
    2. Sebastien Squillaci
    3. Johan Djourou
    4. Gervinho
    5. Marouane Chamakh
    6. Vito Mannone
    7. Abou Diaby
    8. Aaron Ramsey
    9. Andrei Arshavin
    10. Lukas Fabiansky

    1. Maroune Fellaini
    2. Stevan Jovetic
    3. An Experienced GK
    4. Mbiwa / Hummels / Subotic
    5. Luke Shaw / Jetro Willems
    6. Isco
    7. Holtby / Belhanda

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