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Who is to blame for Arsenal’s crisis?

Is Wenger the problem or is it the board? by KJ

After our last 3 results, a lot of Arsenal fans are rightfully livid at what is happening at the club. We are now 15 points off the top of the table. That is frankly embarrassing and at this rate, we could easily be 30 points off the top come May.

My question is; is it Wenger’s fault or the board? There is definitely an argument for both.

Those that want Wenger out have some good reasoning. The man has failed to win a trophy in 8 years for the club. He’s had teams that were very capable of winning the league and failed to rally the 2007-2008 team to win the title after that horrific leg break on Eduardo. The team was heads and shoulders above United that season and yet we crumbled from the summit to lose a title that should’ve been ours.

He’s also proven to be stubborn and is making far more mistakes tactically than he used to do. Even now, we’ve already had unsavoury results against the likes of Sunderland, Fulham and Swansea at home as well as Aston Villa and Norwich away. Wenger is better than that and he’s always been able to consistently beat the smaller teams. Why has it changed?

The board are also accountable. They have failed to secure the long term contracts of key players that would make us one of the best teams in the world, let alone the Premier League (Van Persie, Nasri and now possibly Walcott and Sagna). They have also failed to give Wenger the appropriate funds to get his men. We’ve been so close to signing stars like Mata and Gotze for it to only go to pot because we didn’t offer another million or two.

I personally feel like it’s a combination of both at the moment. Wenger really is struggling to do the simple things at the moment and that is to motivate this team. They seem completely disinterested. However, the board have constantly shown they are not willing to pay the money to push this club to the top.

My only question to you is, if the board ever do sack Wenger, do you honestly expect them to sign the likes of Klopp or Guardiola or more like Roberto Martinez to take Arsenal forward?

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134 thoughts on “Who is to blame for Arsenal’s crisis?

  1. leo

    @s.h dude you are right half time writes crap
    i don’t think that the fellaini’s or cavani’s are going to come i jan i think we could most probably sign huntelaar,holtby,adrian lopez & zdravko kuzmanovic because they will be cheap as all their contract ends in summer

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  2. leo

    even if wenger get’s fired the board will replace him with another yes man rumor was it that back in 2009 wenger wanted to move to psg & ancelotti waho was sacked from chelski was in contetion for the job ancelotti even said he wanted to be arsenal’s manager or rafa bentiez all of us dreaming about pep guardiola/mourinho/klopp will never happen as long as the board is in charge & if ancelotti takes over he will buy old players & give them long term contracts & sell all the kids look at his record at ac milan

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  3. Ali

    The board has been killing us for the past three or four seasons. However, AW was pulling rabbits out of the hat every season and making sure we stayed afloat for the past many years. This year AW is struggling with that and so we are struggling. I would say that the way the club is being run by silent Stan has ensured that we do not challenge for top honours (Premiership, UCL) and the way AW has managed the season so far (a lot of stubbornness that could be done without, player handling (Walcott in particular), persisting with some mediocre players and playing some out of position etc.) we will struggle to finish 4th or 5th. So the current crisis is to be shared by both. Having said that AW has been doing a damn exceptional job delaying this crisis over the past few seasons.

    All this talk about 70 million available in January is just eyewash. If the board does not change the salary structure AW could have all the money in the world and he would still lose good players and not be able to sign any world class players. Do you think Falcao, Cavani, Moutinho, Goetze, etc. would sign if they are being offered 90000 per week?

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  4. S.H

    Why do people keep complaining about the 4-3-3 formation? The old 1-0 to the Arsenal played 4-4-2 which is more defensive as you would then play with two DMs. We went from the boring Arsenal playing 4-4-2 to a trophy winning, league dominating team playing 4-3-3. At the moment we’r struggling to score goals and lack forward movement, yet people want Wenger to revert back to 4-4-2. So do people want to see less goals? It’s like saying we know there’s a problem so lets just make it worse because that will fix it! LOL

    The 4-3-3 formation is actually better for Arsenal’s style because that gives our players more flexibility. Guys like Cazorla and Wilshere have more freedom to create, but at the same time a 4-3-3 formation can turn into a 4-4-1-1 which is virtually a 4-4-2 anyway except you have someone in the Bergkamp role behind the striker! Just depends where the players are positioned depending on the course of the game. I used to watch Arsenal play 4-4-2 in the early 90s and believe me there is a huge difference in creating chances to score! We have versatile players that can play 2-3 positions. Why do we want to keep them strictly in various roles? We can keep goals out that way yes, but we also have to score to win and thats why we play 4-3-3.

    The top teams in the world play 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 because it allows them to attack. Haven’t we learnt that attacking football is the best way to win games? Or do we want to follow a Tony Pulis long ball game? Yeah 4-4-2 my arse!

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  5. don

    everybody is entitled to their own opinion,.We all love Aw n really respect n value all that he’s achieved,the more reason he was rightfully imortalised,with henry n adams,but,when his performance has drastically declined to a point he’s become tactically inept n has ran out of ideas,n it clearly shows,its better to make changes,attimes change is good however difficult it takes time to adjust,the team is desent n if u think its not,what did he do with a vastly talented team with cesc,nasri,rosicky,arshavin,van persie in it.Aw even claimed its the most talanted team he’s managed,he has nothing to show for it,real criticism doesn’t mean we don’t know what were saying,i also breathe arsenal n have supported it for 20yrs,im only 32.we all love the club but lets not be afraid of change coz its very evident its the only choice we have.fergie will retire in 2 yrs time n man u will feel disabled,but,life goes on n new challenges are faced,for arsenal its time,its sentimental because Aw has been here for 17yrs,we can never know the inevitable but its the most crucial thing we need to do now,change of management.

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  6. leo

    Martin Samuel: “If Wenger had £70m, he’d have spent it by now or Van Persie would still be his CF. His team are sitting 10th in the league.”

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  7. Nathan

    Wenger is our main problem then after we get the board and our players. Why Wenger 1st because he has made some bad bad tactical n coaching mistake..example at A.Villa he took off Giroud to put Coquelin for him he was satisfy with 1 point this show he has no ambition or he really getting old out of ideas. Then the board, every tranfer window we have to sell to buy but where are the profits and the money they promise to give Wenger to buy, do Wenger really used it?,do Wenger really have it? or its Wenger choice not to buy because he already have what he need?Or its so hard for them to find the right player at a good price? For me i still think its Wenger fault he jst think he can cope with the team he has right now, his policy is not working and will never work and it will get even worst if he continue like that.Player he can get on a good price for me..Holby(Shalke 04),Baines,Huntelaar (but have a doubt on this 1 don’t think he will adapt but for me he is better than Van pershit he prove it with his national team),Fellaini,Navas if we sell Walcott, many player i can mention so do tell us there are no quality players.

    And 3rd our players..Hey we are playing at home against a smaller club difficult 1 but we are Arsenal when you are wearing our jersey that means you will give 100% even if you are tired you play till you die i don’t have the feeling players are giving it 100%. Wenger now its your job to motivate them invest,revise your tactical,work out which formation will be better for us. Hope we start winning cause am sad to see my Arsenal going down like this.

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  8. leo

    Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger is again linked with PSG, as pressure builds on Carlo Ancelotti after defeat by Nice ac milan too wants wenger ther you go if he was that crap would all these clubs want him even real madrid is lining him up to be the replacemnt of mourinho if he leaves

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  9. Gunna

    I blame both the board and wenger. Firstly if the board thinks he isnt doing a good job with the resources made available they should sack him. But they wont because of the profits generated. The club has a wage cap and would never break that, they would rather sell a player and replace with an inferior player with less wage demands. Theo is gonna walk, because they wont pay him his wage demand. The club is about making money end of. Every season all we hear is there is money to spend, but how much, and that money isnt being used to buy quality players because quality players cost high transfer fees and demand high wages, more than arsenal are willing to pay. As for wenger he is to blame for the poor performances. The players lack confidence, they dont look sharp and i dont think they are being prepared adequately before games. We hardly win any of our early kick off games and normally play very poor. Arshavin & chamack are not bad players but wenger messed them up. Arshavin isnt a winger, why play him on the wing, his style of play is useless there and makes the player looks poor. Chamack had a very good start at the club and then got drop when rvp returned from injuryy. This knocked the guys confidence and form and he hasnt recovered. Wenger should have found away to fit him in his system instead of leaving him to rot when rvp returned, now hes lost 2 quality players, because if chamack gets a good run in any team he is gonna score alot of goals and rvp repaid him by moving to united. Hes gonna do the same to arteta, arteta isnt a holding player but hes playing him there, now his performances are poor compare to last season when we had song playing there.

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  10. leo

    a tactic can only work if u have right players to execute it for ex giroud as our striker is not that mobile he is not a typical false 9 like rvp was hence we always have to play it to the wings & cross it in earlier in the season we tried the splitting pas against sunderland,chelsea & even against swansea where he couldn’t control & instead went down we need a good striker like huntelaar then the goals will come in we need to play it through the middle last season that how 90% of our goals come in & that at the moment is not poss with giroud playing

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  11. Nathan

    Leo you are right at the moment it is not working because we don’t have the right players to play in this formation, and tactic. Wenger is blind.I think we should start getting some spanish player rather than french they are better quick with great passing ability

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  12. AJ

    It’s a case of one thing leading to the other. We did not replace when needed, we have a weak squad. We kept extending contracts for the mediocre players that weren’t fit to play, they gradually fell out of the team, piling the pressure on those who are better leading to long term injuries. Long term injuries meant we were always on the edge and couldn’t risk anyone, nor could we make room for youngsters to be eased into the team. We began to sell reserve players as well after that, many left for lack of opportunity.
    The problem still persists, we still have a lot of players that we do not even play, and yet are paid more than first team players, Arshavin, Chamakh especially.
    The problem is quite deep, our squad is full, we have only one ‘non-homegrown’ spot free. We wouldn’t have even that had we not managed to send Park away on loan.
    That also means we can sign only one player, if he’s not English or homegrown, unless we offload some.
    The management should take the blame for that.
    And you realize that we haven’t even started talking about the actual problems on the pitch which extend the list.

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  13. S.H

    The formation does’t concern me as much as the players playing in those positions of a chosen formation. Arteta for example is too slow and weak to hold back some big attacking players. He is too safe as a passer and this is partly the reason why we see a lot of backward passing and not enough of the forward movement. He needs to take more risk and MAKE the ball move from the back! Song was very good at dribbling and passing forward when we were desperate for a goal. In fact, he a RVP combined a couple of times to rescue Arsenal. In fact he is a better and stronger defender than Arteta. So many people blasted him for going forward too often but only now are they seeing the difference in class. Not too many players got away from Song. He has a knack of lowering his centre of gravity and using his body to protect the ball. No one in the game uses this technique as proficiently as Song. It is a common technique among many sports. Please tell me I’m not the only person that sees this!

    Ramsey, Gervinho and Walcott CANNOT KEEP POSSESSION. We ruin our chances or stop forward movements because these professional players can’t perform basic amateur skills! Don’t even argue this point! We all learn the basics when we start, professionals should not have to relearn this again! This is exactly what I mean about class. Do you think the top players in the world need a lesson in basic skills? Messi would laugh at Theo dribbling and say to himself, I wasn’t that bad at 5 let alone 24! We want change as a team but everyone keeps defending these 3 beginners like they are good enough to stay. Sorry Theo, i know the English love to hype you up, but you’re never going to be an Arsenal legend like Henry. Henry is light years apart in class and skill. C’mon guys if you can’t see the obvious than you must be blind or worse….. nationalistic! Cazorla has given Arsenal more hope in 3 months than Theo has given in 7 years! Go figure!

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  14. Beyondbelief

    What message does it send to the team, when we sell our best players every year to our biggest rivals? No wonder they have no heart or passion for the club. The board show now passion. My heart left the club when RVP was sold to Man Utd.
    However as the manager its up to wenger to motivate and organise the team.
    He is to blame for the tactics he is supposed fo motivate.
    If i hear him say how great the team spirit is again ..!!
    He has clearly failed with his squad rebuild plan. Admit it and do something about it.
    We have been getting worse year upon year.
    Time for fresh ideas at all levels.

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  15. AJ


    I agree, we are missing Song. He is the kind of guy we need in central midfield. I always felt people were unfair to him last season, criticizing him for not tracking back. But when you have a mid field of Ramsey-Song-Arteta, you know it’s a two man mid field. Arteta realized that and stayed back, Ramsey wandered as usual, Song created the chances, we were vulnerable on the counter, no one could do anything about it.

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  16. Abu-Mekelle

    I lost faith on Wenger when a team like Arsenal call back a retired goal keeper(Lehman)In 2011.

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  17. Big Gun

    Arsene sooner or later would not be able to achieve what he has over the past few seasons, simply because the caliber players we used to have, aren’t around anymore. If you think about it, we’ve had players like Cole, Fabregas, Nasri, RvP, Song that have been stalwarts in continuing Arsenal’s CL success. Now all those players are gone, and Arsene has been having to rebuilt his squad beginning of every season WITH WORSE PLAYERS! It had to happen sooner or later. But I don’t blame our imminent demise solely on the selling of our best players. Arsenal has a massive squad, mostly full of deadwoods and over earning players. Players like Djoure should never have been given contract extensions (this occured last year). Terrible management, and Wenger also decides on who to buy and keep. All those deadwood players were bought by him. He persists with Ramsey and Gerv when it is clear we need better players. The other top teams all have at least 3 world class strikers. Yet we have a slow frenchman who I’ll admit is getting better, but what if he gets injured? It’s this type of logic that makes me want Wenger to be replaced. There are a lot of other managers who could do a better job, and start off by sorting out the afformentioned.

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  18. S.H


    Had we kept Song, our midifeld would have been unstoppable with Wilshere and Diaby returning from injury. That would have given us the option of Arteta and Diaby coming off the bench. More depth! I rued the day he left as I thought at the time he was actually more important than losing RVP. I still feel the same. We’ve still managed to score without RVP as I suspected, but our midfield frailties are more significant. Teams now know how to defeat Arsenal, and that is to play us deep up the park where it gives Arteta (who loves to pass back and sideways) less time on the ball and players like Wilshere, Ramsey and Cazorla have to drop to the halfway line to help defend. That totally negates our aim of pushing forward and playing in the final third. Our attacking midfielders should be receiving the ball 10m past the halfway line within the attacking part of the pitch, not the other way around.

    I’m glad Rosicky is back to give Cazorla some much needed rest. The Little Mozart knows how to attack and make the ball move. He plays with urgency which through a lack of Vermaelen leadership, the team requires! I never see Verms telling his troops to hurry the fuck up and get moving! We need more direction and assertion from our captain! To me a good leader is one who has the moral courage to speak up and make a difference. This is a reason why I never really thought Cesc was a great captain, nowhere near as good as his game. He is the kind of captain that likes to be good with everyone on the team. A good captain doesn’t care about this, but cares more about winning. After all we pay expensive tickets to watch the team win, not to be a bunch of jolly good blokes! Wenger needs to buy in January. It’s obvious that this squad isn’t good enough to win a trophy.

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  19. S.H

    Hmmm find it strange why my comments are all of a sudden under moderation by admin, especially when I only use the same email and username for every blog. I guess some of my comments have really hit a weak spot! Good to know I’m getting my point across! So Adam Kemp/admin or whatever pseudonym you’re using, have you found your balls to face me on this forum?

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  20. mala

    The board will never initiate the buying of a player, the proposal will have to come from the manager, Wenger. Likewise, they will take Wenger’s advise in selling players.

    Ultimately, Wenger was the one who sealed the deal to sell RVP & Song. Due to his shortsightedness & partly to please the board, he refused to buy replacements which results in a lack of squad depth which results in player fatique, plus his poor player selection, failure to motivate players & keeps playing players in the wrong positions, Arsenal end up in mid-table now.

    The very recent example in 2011 summer, he refused to buy repalcement after selling Nasri & Fabregas until Arsenal was thrashed 8-2 then almost next day he bought 5 palyers at one shot, it proved that he had ready funds but just that he refused to spend it!

    I’m not saying the board is blameless, it’s greedy & its only interest is to make profit, we all knew, but Wenger is the person who failed to win games due to his poor management. So first & foremost, Wenger has to realise his mistakes & change his stubborn ways before Arsenal can be back on track.

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  21. S.H


    You said when RVP left your heart left the club. Well it might as well make its way down to shite fart lane! No one player is bigger than the club, not even Messi. I agree that our club needs to show more ambition, but if you can’t stand supporting Arsenal, take your red and white shirt off, give it to a proper fan and buy yourself a Vertonghen shirt!

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  22. Invincibles nice (1)

    Walcott, Giroud, Gervinho, Podolski, Alex O.C, Arteta, Cazorla, Ramsey, Diaby, Mannone, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Sacker, Koscielny, Santos, Arshavin, RVP, Wenger, Kroenke, Hillwood, Gazidis, Dein Junior, Player Agents, Sunderland, Chelsea, Man utd, Schalke, Fulham, A Villa, Swansea, plenty of blame to go around, we really need some big egos to step forward and show why they are good enough to play for the Arsenal coz if for some reason we start to look at the relegation gap it will become the ultimate nightmare

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  23. brian waldron

    Wenger is the problem! Year after year he tells us that he is building his team. The nett result is a squad full of misfits and underperformers ie. Bentnail,diaby,djourou,squillo,almunia,etc. The inability to keep the stars is not the boards fault is whinning Wengers. Get rid of the french idiot, sell off all the trash and invest the income in good quality players whoose ability has been tested and verified.

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  24. kay

    Enough of all this. Arsenal is dead and we can only beg Wenger and the board to give back our Arsenal. A profit oriented club not minding the fan wasting our money to buy the most expensive stadium entrance ticket in London. It’s a shame. Fan, why wouldn’t you invest your money on watching a team that will entertain you and also produce result over a club that will send you back home sick and disappointed. RIP arsenal, Wenger and The board. Give us back our arsenal Fc

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  25. Darule

    Wenger will never spend at best 15million with wages that wont exceed 110 per week. With the current market you can only find average players. Wenger is the problem should never have sold Fab, Nasri, Perise, Song etc he was instrumental in all their transfers.

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  26. sunny10

    Wenger should be replaced.
    Latest mistakes
    1. Should have kept RVP for a year , even for loosing him free. Teams like Shalke (Huntlar) and Athlitico Bolbo (Lorente) did same. That showed their ambition , even if they are way behing than arsenal in trems of Finance.
    2. Selling SONG was a crime. Can accept tht Barca needs him but Arsenal does not.
    3. Dependence on injury prone playesr like Diaby too much.

    Previous mistakes are countless.

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  27. Robin Van Payslip

    It is all Wengers fault.

    We can go on about the board etc etc. But lets look at the facts:

    Podolski – a perfectly good CF that is mobile and can score everything from your basic to most spectacular of goals. Arsene plays him as a winger. All of this when a winger called Gervinho is ruining chance after chance.

    Arteta – one of the stars of last season. Not the most spectacular last year but very dependable. We saw how we missed hime when he was injured for the last few games. Arsene now plays him as a DM and has now influence on games whatsoever.

    Walcott – where do I even begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wenger has a very serious issue. The midfield has and remains weak. He keeps on ignoring this and seems to have gone on a personal mission to prove that the attacking midfielders make up a midfield of 3 in 4-3-3.

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  28. Beyondbelief

    When i said RVP leaving club caused my heart to leave club it was not the leaving but to whom he went to..look at all the quality ex arsenal players playing for our rivals. Thats a disgrace. Caused by the board of the club. No wonder our players have no spirit. I can accept not winning every year but to become a feeder club to all our rivals. I cannot accept that. Where would man u be this year without RVP? About where we are.

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  29. theRealgooner10

    @ S.H. Since we,ve switched too 4-3-3/4-5-1 we havnt won anything mate!

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  30. Smart

    Wenger is not Arsenal’s problem as he’s also an employee of the board. If he identifies a player and the board decides the wage demand of the player is high and aren’t ready to pay; then his hands falls and have to look at a cheaper player. I guess the board needs to be sacked rather than the manager.
    If Arsene is sacked today, the board remains and continue with their stingy attitude; how then do we attract quality players when they want to be duly paid.
    We need Usmanov and get rid of Kronke.

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  31. R1sk

    If I was Pep Guaridiola I would join Arsenal over Chelsea any day. Professional organisation, emphasis on develloping young players, aim to play a style of footbal that is pleasing to the eye, sustainable business model, no random interferance from the owner. More importantly, time to devellop the team and add your mark to it.

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  32. pt

    The board can’t be sacked, AW is the problem. It must be clear to all by now that he likes to build and nuture teams, he’s not a wheeler and dealer; spending big, it’s not in his nature, he will never go against his instincts and beliefs. I only hope this great manager leaves with the dignity owed to him, when that day comes. If and when taht day comes, I hope we get Jurgen Klopp,forget Guariola, he needs money to fund his ideas. JK would almost certainly bring in some of the Dortmund players, perhaps Gotze, but with this board, who knows, R. Martinez is more likely- he’s ok but most importantly for them … cheap!

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  33. jonjiric

    Always remember wat RVP said, the club lacks vision and ambition. he was later backed with Usmanov yet the fans get brainwashed time and time again by wenger and the board. everytime they say that they have money to spend, and yet up2 date we don’t have a top world class player in this team. To be honest it looks like team b planning every week. with the ticket price that Gazidis and his team have implementated i’ll be a fool to go watch an arsenal game at the emirates and if i do my name aint jo ma’f***in njiric!

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