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Who shone for Arsenal against Reading?

Reading 2-5 Arsenal Match Ratings by AH

Szczesny – 7.5 – Couldn’t do much with either goal as both were scored as a result of lapses in defence. Unlucky not to get hold of the ball for the first goal we conceded but Adam Le Fondre rounded Szczesny well to finish.

Sagna – 7.5 – Solid performance from Sagna, wasn’t at fault for either of the goals conceded and he held his position well throughout, whilst also helping out in attack.

Mertesacker – 7 – Not one of the German’s strongest games of this season with several lapses in communication with teammates as well as some sloppy passing. However his positioning was good and he made several interceptions, meaning that although it wasn’t his best game he still deserves a relatively good rating.

Vermaelen – 7 – Like Mertesacker, it wasn’t his best game of the season and I feel that we’ve seen a different Vermaelen this season; however he made several key interceptions during the game and headed well. Unlucky not to make contact with the first goal conceded.

Gibbs – 7 – At fault for the first goal after a very sloppy pass, however apart from that he attacked and defended well gaining an assist in the process.

Arteta – A better performance for Arteta, who hasn’t been his usual self for a few weeks (despite 2 penalty goals last week). Controlled well in midfield and was quick to close players down and fill in for others when attacking.

Wilshere – 7.5 – The new Mr Arsenal, proved why he is such an important player from us both with his ability and with his leadership skills. Another solid performance from the Englishman.

Cazorla – 9.5 – What can you say about our little Spanish magician? He is unbelievable and this performance summed up why he could be buy of the season. A hat-trick for a midfielder doesn’t come along too often and to grab an assist as well, summed up an absolutely brilliant performance.

Podolski – 8 – Took his goal well and he seemed more involved in this game than in recent weeks, however he still tends to drift off during a game. Also gained an assist.

Walcott – 8 – He also topped off his performance with a goal. Not as involved as usual, however he made decent runs and was effective when involved. Needs to improve on his shooting, especially as we saw him play in his striker position that he so badly wants at Arsenal.

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46 thoughts on “Who shone for Arsenal against Reading?

  1. zack gunner

    enough with this Reading thing…should start focus on wigan..dont be too carried away…

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  2. ams

    we are still not safe at all…we can move to 10th position again…let bygone be bygone…COYG

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  3. Happy gunner

    @Zak. I agree wiv ya fella.

    lets win wigan,,newcastle games.
    Man city,chelsea,liv r on the

    we need Capou and Stefan Jovetic or klass Huntelaar.

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  4. AH

    I’ve noticed I have left out Oxlade Chamberlain’s match rating and I will be adding that to the article soon

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  5. CW

    Ok. Enough said but however, it was an important confidence boosting win. Beating Wigan will be icing on the cake. Then beating Newcastle and Westharm will send the right signal to everybody that we are a indeed a team to beat.

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  6. ST The Gooner

    The thing is we showed that urgency in this game from the very beginning till the very end that led us to a resounding victory. That should be our way for all our games. But my heart fears we’ll see completely different Arsenal team against Wigan that will show no urgency and we might be up for a hard earned single point at best!!

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  7. Toni Balle

    Podolski had two assists I believe. Also, you forgot to report on Oxlade’s performance.

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  8. dilla

    We need to continue to play with urgency like we did at Reading. Fast passing, good movement, pace, getting in the box, ox on the wing, theo +poldi/giroud up front, let santi and jack orchestrate the attack, defensively putting pressure on opponents to get the ball back quickly. If we can get all that working then we’ll get back into the top four. now that we lost our best chance at a trophy, lets at least hope that we can get the FA cup-our next best chance. coyg

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  9. NIKK

    THE FANS! – 10
    Especially the ones who stood up & made noises and protest against recent results which the media picked up on and as such put pressure on stubborne Wenger to change from his predictable ways!

    Pace & power,the invincible blueprint is hopefully back!

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  10. leo

    Arsenal have opened formal talks to sign Klass-Jan Huntelaar in January. The forward is demanding around £100k pw & Shalke want £6m. but i get the feeling it will be david villa in for gervinho he can also play on lw up front + llorente

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  11. Siraj the gooner

    It was a good game glad to see the passing gsme being put to superb effect and carzola my man take a bow!! Pure class. Up gooners!!!

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  12. mohawk35

    The entire attacking crew (FBs, Mids, Fwds) shone because they were all working in sync. The reason…. the players who have disrupted the attack in past games did not start – that was the difference.

    Also, the box was not crowded with wingers coming inside all game – ox and podolski stayed wide just often enough to help provide some width and spread the defense.

    Great organization, energy and sync.

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  13. aussie gunner 247

    Meterslackers positioning and awereness for the second goal was shocking. He gave too much space.

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  14. Sureli

    Tha problem with Arsenal fans is that when we win we think that we will win one match a treble, and when we lose one, all the players are deadwood, and the manager doesn’t know what he is doing.

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  15. mr lean

    @leo huntelaar would be a great signing but would still like to see us in for a lb(sell santos) and a dm.squad would look a lot stronger then.

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  16. ripple

    The team shone because Wenger finally picked a starting squad with the idea of winning in mind. It was not the only option – Rosicky, Eisfeld, Arshavin, Diaby, Coquelin, Meade, Koscielny, and Giroud could all contribute. But this squad was probably their best.

    How long will it take, however, before Wenger gets cocky and reverts to his old habit of selecting a weaker squad – like any squad with Ramsey in it.

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  17. mohawk35

    @Sureli – You have got a point about Arsenal fans. But, regardless of wins or losses, I can name the dead wood and problem players consistently – the list does not change.

    As for Wenger, any time he keeps Ramsey off the pitch and he subs in attackers (instead of defenders) when Arsenal are behind then I fully support him. As you know, he often does not do these basic things.

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  18. mr lean

    like to see rambo go on loan for rest of the season to a club where he will get playing time

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  19. ripple

    @ aussie gunner 247 I was wondering about Mertesacker’s positioning on that goal but I am not at all an expert on this. He stepped in front of the attacker and was then blind to any of the attackers movements behind him – and it seems to have cost him. Do I have it right or am I missing something?

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  20. winner

    Cazorla has once again proven that he is the signing of the season. Look at the price and thenlook at the class. That said WE MUST SPEND IN JANUARY

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  21. chike

    After jst a game against the bottom club of the league plsss.maybe after we win our next 2 or 3 games then we cud be happy wit the team.

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  22. LoCkAy

    @ Zack

    I agree with you mate, ENOUGH OF THE READING GAME… !! IT LIKE WE WON THE LEAGUE OR SOMETHING, “JESUS”…!! IT ONLY WAS READING…!! BOTTOM OF THE TABLE! REMEMBER??? ( And they still managed to score 2 goals back to back !! ).

    We should focus on Wigan and the next features that will be much tougher…!!!
    And also the next January transfer market ( if something happens for us ).

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  23. bob

    Does not matter…..the Reading players played bad….Denilson would have shone in that game….even Ian Wright could have played in his old age and shone

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  24. dalinho

    GIBBS was the missing link we’ve been with out for a while now! He seems to bring out the best in poldi! A same about the pass he messed up for readings goal

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  25. Ricardo

    Podolski’s goal showed why he is a striker. Walcott would not be able to control the ball like that. I think he is on 5 goals for the season, and he is playing on the wing. Put him in the middle and he will score for us every game !!!

    Also, Reading are bottom of the table, I expect nothing less that an easy victory. Its the middle of the table teams that we need to beat week in and week out.

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  26. Big Gun

    I hope you guys are aware the the only reason we had so much movement on the ball and created to many chances was because they allowed us too. Not many teams in the league give us that priviledge anymore. I doubt Wigan will be as lenient on us. Don’t get carried away guys, because when we face more physical and tougher teams, we always seem to struggle. Wenger needs to realize and have squad players ready for games like this. That is why it is crucial we get a proper, no nonsense DM like Mbiwa or Fellaini. We need some physical presence in the midfield…I mean Arteta plays a good game but is a bit on the soft side.

    As for our defense, I still feel we are a bit shaky. Vermalaen and Kossie have been quite inconsistent. If you watch closely, the second goal from Reading was because Vermalaen back tracked and did not get in as quick as he should. I feel at times Mertesacker too is a bit slow in getting things going from the back and tends to enjoy one twos with Sscezny. This invites the team to be more urgent and pressing. The back four should not mess around. Get the ball and either clear it or make sure the man you are passing to is not marked. Can’t stand it when they diddle daddle at the back. Look what happened to Jenkinson against Bradford.

    The next game is so vital. Come on gunners…WE BELIEVE IN YOU

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  27. RT

    Yeah it’s alright calling Cazorla the buy of the season for his pricetag but Malaga, like most Spanish teams are in financial crisis there are so many bargains over there e.g. Michu – 2MIL?! Isco – buyout 16MIL Adrian – buyout 13MIL David Villa – 10MIL Llorente – 10-13MIL etc

    Anyway yes we may have successfully got a ‘bargain’ but how easily could it have gone the other way?
    Look at the money on Forehead, Arshavin, I’d even argue Santos and all them, absolute waste of money.
    Smart (dare I say expensive?) buys in Jan please Arsene!

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  28. zicson200

    Let’s forge ahead cos Reading game is gone, so let’s focus on Wigan game. Let us also try and avoid complacence. Gunners for life

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  29. Sam

    We need to win the next 3 games to make sure we are back on track. Reading is a poor team and defeating them is not a sign of success, they were defeated by almost every team this season, therefore, please don’t get carried away. The game against Wigan will be more of a test.

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  30. ripple

    @Big Gun You are absolutely right, I believe, that Poldi would be better in the middle. I would disagree that he has been “lost” on the left. He has had a couple of poor games there but he also often provides great service from wide left – like 2 more assists from wide left vs. Reading.

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  31. aaa

    We played well because ramsay, gervinho and arshavin had little or no involvement. keep walctt at all costs!

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  32. synsix

    i told u LP9 is most effective when we have Gibbs to back him up/just see the differnece since the time of Gibbs absence and now/he is so better and efficient/Oh i loved the 1st goal/really enjoyed the co operation of our Left side

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