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Who should start as striker for Arsenal vs. Newcastle?

Which striker should Wenger use against Newcastle? by KJ

Wenger has been experimenting a lot with our current line up as nothing seems to be consistently working. The one position that he’s experimented with most is the striker position as there is no real player that has proven that they can constantly put away goals in that position. So, I want to look at which player will be best to face Newcastle:

Giroud: He’s the obvious choice as he’s our only conventional striker. He’s not really had the best start and has proven many times that he’s leagues apart from Van Persie. He does hold up the ball better than any of our players and seems to put in the most work.

Walcott: He’s started the last two games as striker and was decent. He was impressive against Reading but didn’t really do much for me against Wigan. He struggled as he was easily isolated out of the game. His pace seems to be very effective on the counter which is more prominent with away games.

Gervinho: I don’t really see why Wenger would even play him on Saturday let alone start him as striker against Newcastle. By in large, he’s been terrible this season. He really lacks any footballing intelligence and seems to be lacking all confidence.

Wenger has definitely tried many front 3 combinations but I feel that Giroud will be best suited for a home game. He’ll be a good player to lump the ball too when defending as well as providing the movement and energy to hassle Newcastle’s defence. I just hope Wenger is on the same wave-length as me!

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52 thoughts on “Who should start as striker for Arsenal vs. Newcastle?

  1. Dave

    Gervinho should not even be in the equation, but unfortunately he is. I think Walcott should be given a few more games to show what he can do. Can’t judge him on 2 games.

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  2. Ryan

    I think he should give walcott anoter shot up front. Last chance to convince him to sign da ting!

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  3. Mowember

    Wow jackson martinez from fc porto is a promising striker btw.

    I think giroud striker and poldi on the left ox on the right. Should win this match cause we got one week to rest and newcastle isnt as good as last season. Chelsea is on fire and they have one game to play they will get very close to man city. We cannot afford to lose more points.

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  4. Stupidfruityswag

    Lol at not even mentioning podolski. Poor lad i feel he should start up top.

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  5. Lol123

    I would definately prefer theo its an easy choice. Giroud reqiures a lot of crosses and that doesn’t suit our style of play and isnt effective enough with just one striker. 442 isnt an option. Gervinho is not a striker and is just to bad for our team.

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  6. Bouba

    Giroud or Podolski.

    Walcott will never be a striker. He does not have the instincts and automatism…!!
    He is a winger and should pretend otherwise.

    When teams play high on the pitch ( Wigan ), he is lost and useless… He makes the wrong run and he has no power and his control of the ball still approximative.
    Also when it is time to cross, he is not going to be the one going for the header !!

    Like I said, Giroud or Podolski are the best bet.

    Gervinho should catch his plane right now for the African Cup and stay there if he wants to… WE DON’T NEED HIM ( useless… Totally useless )…

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  7. Ricardo

    Newcastle have David Santone , Michael Williamson , Colochini and James Perch. Any striker worth his salt would be excited to face this back four. Other than Colochini , they are ordinary. Santone will be caught out of position at least five times in the game and Ox will run straight past him and cross balls into the box (something theo isnt very good at).

    This fixture would be better suited to a quick striker. ie: Walcott , however i feel that our best striker has been stuck on the wing all season. Bring Podolski into the mix. He will score goals !!

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  8. artillery1

    Giroud n Walcot!

    Air plus ground 😛

    I said it many times before!

    Both can stretch Defense!

    Giroud: When he is in Box 2 man covers him, Because he is very very Strong in Air!
    Secondly, His presence create immense Tension for Full backs to stop the supplies!
    His Movement we all know is excellent, Always looking for Others to get in play!
    Clever Flicks, Winning Aerial Duels!

    Wallcot: Has Pace, Also Stretches Centre Backs, Very speedy, Improved his finishing!

    So, WaLlcot n Giroud both can make Opposition defense Vunerable!
    1 in air stretches Full backs to stop supplies to Him, other in Ground stetches Centre backs!
    it vl b very very good combination!

    WENGER MUST TRY 4-4-2!

    plz No Gervinho :/

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  9. Arsenal Diehard

    How about this line-up to face Newcastle
    Sub: Mannone,Koscielny,Jenkinson,Coquelin,Oxlade-Chamberlain,Giroud

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  10. artillery1

    Out Of Topic but Important!

    People wont Agree But i vl say COQUELIN is much better than Arteta, If he is given Chance!

    I dont knw Y People have stuck wid ARTETA, he is AMF not DMF!
    i Love him as AMF not DMF!

    i vl give simple Facts….

    *** In Arsenal Team, What is Work of DMF?????
    just to sit deep????
    always pass Back???
    NO NO NO!
    In Arsenal, DMF means:
    To Hold Mid-field.
    To Launch Very very Quick Counters.
    To Look Forward.
    n most Important, to drive Forward!

    Arteta: Always pass back.
    never take risk Of Longs balls even!
    Cant Penetrate in Defenders, he see Opposition player n pass back!
    Jack n Cazorla had to share his Defending Burden as well!

    Very speedy.
    verstile player.
    Always look forward to lauch quick Counter.
    Long balls, risky Through passes!
    Excellent vision!

    Now Be wise n decide by yourself…..
    What DMF means in ARSENAL…………

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  11. elkieno

    We can’t really afford to experiment too much anymore, as the games coming up are points we WILL drop.
    Newcastle, Man City , Chelsea then Liverpool, in that order I think. Maybe a game in-between but defo City ‘n’ Chelsea after each other. So that means we play them games with 3 days in-between as a break, need to sort out our striker issue now, or buy one in Jan. That must surely be a convincing point that we are in CL and going to play bayern, wat more do u want to convince a man!

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  12. Gunnerineverylife

    @artillery1 I have told this before but I am going to tell this to you again…you post nice poems!!

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  13. Gunnerineverylife

    I would go with Podolski,but the problem will be who will play on the left if he plays in the middle,I certainly dont want to see Gervinho in the starting 11.

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  14. artillery1

    Thanks man, But Y u give me thumb down 😛
    dont knw Y People dont understand this 🙁

    Give Coquelin a chance!
    just sitting deep n doing defending is not ARSENAL DMF’s WAY… HAVENT U SEEN SONG VEIARA etc ??????

    come on!

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  15. Gunnerineverylife

    @artillery1 I didnt give thumbs down mate,probably some other guys who dont like reading poems did and yeah I agree with you about Coquelin,except from the penalty spot Arteta has been pretty average this season.But I think Coquelin needs to bulk up a bit to stop the big guys.

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  16. artillery1


    Hey MAte, plz Watch this On Youtube 😛
    Francis Coquelin – Arsenal’s Future

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  17. alex

    Newcastle’s weakness is there defense, especially Coloccini. Giroud should play this game, when Giroud gets service he scores FACT. He is a different type of striker than Van Persie and it isn’t bad type. We just don’t know how to utilize it. We should start up front with


    Almost like a combination between 4-4-2 and 4-4-3. Allows us to utilize Giroud’s hold-up play and Walcott’s pace. Also playing like this allows us to stack the midfield.

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  18. Lol123

    Why do all of you guys want Wenger to play 442? All the big clubs are Playing 433. We really need to have 3 centermids to keep position

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  19. AJ

    I think we should try this line-up

    GK and back 4
    Giroud(if fit)/Walcott-Poldi

    The same players, but Podolski deployed centrally and Cazorla out wide. Wilshere and Arteta in usual mid field roles. do not know if Ox can play on the left though.

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  20. Rishab

    My formation for ars vs newcastle –


    Sagna – Mertesacker – Vermaelen – Gibbs

    Cazorla – Wilshere – Arteta – Rosicky

    Walcott – Podolski

    I bet a win for arsenal

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  21. leo

    play the same line up with ox,podolski on wings & theo as striker a false 9 against wigan it looked more like 4-6-0

    off topic arsenal sources(no inside info)are saying that Wilfried Zaha has already chosen to join Arsenal. Backdoor discussions held long ago, Palace acting up a bit but Jan move is still on he’s chosen to join his boyhood club. Arsenal willing to pay him higher wages right now too
    as far as striker goes the names doing rounds are adrian lopez/david villa/ba & dezeko

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  22. leo

    we definetly need a proper cdm neither coquelin nor arteta can fill that void we need someone else

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  23. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo you got that info about Zaha from Established1886’s twitter account,didnt you?

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  24. Liam-Jenko


    I think we should give Podolski a more central forward role as in most games he doesn’t get involved as much as he could

    And if Giroud’s not getting many chances, could move Podolski to the left walcott more to the right and Cazorla more to a CAM position.

    This is the team i wouldnt be suprised seeing Saturday


    I cant see Walcott playing striker in this game

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  25. leo

    @gunnerineverylife from a friend who is on twitter yeah i think he got it from there not sure you think zaha deal is done because some say manure are also in for him

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  26. leo

    afcamden said it on twitter not sure if he is telling the truth or if it’s even a genuine account zaha deal was announced a long time ago just weeks after we got linked with him as far as established1886 you told about this to me a long ago but he did also say henry deal is done while henry’s manager recently came out & said that even talks haven’t started

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  27. Arsenal1Again

    The Arsenal player I would pick is Bendtner. He is an excellent striker, he’s just very poorly managed.

    The truth is, if we had other excellent players like Ballotelli then they too would be on loan. Bendtner is a constant reminder of Wenger’s failure at man management. How many people realise how many goals Bendtner scored for us as a bit part player? You’ll be shocked.

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  28. owens

    Surprised a club like AFC who plays in the best league in the world..dont av a dependable striker,tanx to wenger and the board..we are now comtemplating on who to use as a striker..and i assure u wenger wont get a striker come january..his stubbornex is just certain with dis squad getting a world class striker and a DM will take us far dis season,and hopefully lift a trophy next season..but wenger always thinks primitively.

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  29. D1G

    I don’t think it really matters who gets the centre role at Arsenal. Rather they should be more fluid and swap positions when needed.

    I still think Walcott is best at right, but effective in the middle too.

    Giroud can play centre, a bit left, or drop a bit deeper to second striker.

    Podolski, left or centre.

    The only problem is the wings have to track back more to help defend… not sure if Giroud is capable of that, that’s why he’s usually middle while the other 2 are flanks.

    We don’t have anymore forwards other than this 3 and I mean it, the rest either suck too bad to be even playing for a top 4 side or don’t even cut it in EPL.

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  30. jibber

    the whole striker dilemma came from a different problem. D1G saying the wings have to track back more” actually hinted on the the problem…
    We don’t have a true winger.
    all 3 up front are either strikers push wide(even walcott), or central midfield playing wide. Closest to a winger we have is OX(RW), and then it’s already Gervinho(LW).
    we don’t have a left winger at all and that is why podolski’s playing there. It really is NO one else can.
    some might say Arshavin could play LW. even though he provides nice through balls and passes, he is lazy in tracking back. Podolski is doing a gd enough job there, but i’d still prefer him upfront any day.

    if anything, get a Left Winger this jan as well as the much needed DM. thne podolski can play upfront, Giroud can have better service, and we can ease in Walcott as striker if he’s still with us. I see the potential in him(i stress POTENTIAL) to be our nxt speedstar striker like Henry, but he has much more work to do to get there.

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  31. Gunners10

    I’d start:

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  32. Michael

    I think we should use both walcott and Giroud because they r both such different players. Use giroud as the target man bt wen he is a lone striker he has to hold thr ball up for too long as the mid field flood forward. Walcott on the other hand can’t hold the ball up and is also isolated as a lone striker. So I say let them both play up front and let’s giroud hold the ball up and play walcott through or he can play in walcott who can pick him out with a seems like a perfect combination to me.however I would also like to see podolski get a chance down the middle but we can do that once theos contract is out of the picture. My suggest formation: giroud jst ahead of theo so theo can assist the mid field. Santi on the left chamberlin on the right(need the oxs pace bt would b gd if him nd santi continuously switch sides so he can run at both full backs)then whilshere and arteta in the middle of the park with arteta holding bt not playing as a DM. Back four of gibbs vremaelen, mertesacker nd sagna. I believe we have a quality back four that we jst have to have a little faith nd show confidence in their ability to get the job done. That’s y I believe we don’t need an out and out defensive midfielders but all our midfielders including the wings need to help defend and put a bit more pressure on the ball when the opposition have it because its no good playing a possesion game wen we are not trying to get possesion.nd then also forgot to mention…obviously szczensy between the posts. GUNNERS4LIFE. COYG.

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  33. PuntaGooner

    Um guys… We have an up n coming LW in Ryo! The next Ronaldo he was being touted as. What happened to him. Why is he on loan and Arshavin still at the club ??

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  34. Jarhusanthegunner

    For a starter Arsenal need a new formation as everyone knows our formation

    Sagna Vermaelan Gibbs
    Arteta Wilshere
    Gervinho Cazorla Arshavin (give him a chance)
    Podolski Walcott

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  35. Graham

    Why has Podolski been left out of this article yet Gervinho has been included???

    I really think Podolski should be given more opportunities as a central striker as thats his natural position. Yes with the German national team he has been used as a left winger/forward because he is left footed but with his previous clubs he played as a striker. If we play 433 Podolski or Giroud should play as the striker and if we play 442 then Podolski n Giroud or Walcott n Giroud may work well.

    Again, players being played out of position in order to fit formation is an issue. Arshavin is not a LW, Gervinho is no striker and personally I dont see Walcott able to play as a lone striker (as our current formation is) but maybe in a partnership.

    If we will play 433 and Wenger is reluctant to use Gervinho on either of the wings then why dont we use Cazola on the LW (or on the RW) as he has previously played in those position with former clubs. Theo, OX and even Gervinho could play on the RW. Then we could use Arshavin through the middle as a AM which he excels at.

    Just may 2pence…Merry Christmas Gooners!!!

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  36. Jarhusanthegunner

    Arsenal need new midfielders and a striker. The following are terrific players and players who Wenger should try to buy :
    Isco Sneidjer Robben Ribery Kaka Ozil Y.Toure Zaha Henry Fabregas Ibrahimovic Benzema Ba Lopez Lahm Sergio Ramos

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  37. sollygunner

    giourd walcott/poldi

    oxy wilshire arteta carzola

    gibbs verm mert lasangya


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  38. rob

    so i guess gervinho is the new ramsey now and it’s “cool” to say how terrible he has been all season even though he was our top scorer at one point. IMO Gervinho can still be a useful player for us. Sure he had a couple bad games but he’s still more dangerous then alot of our players

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  39. true goon

    you missed out our best finisher Podolski,i think he should go with Walcott again but have him interchanging with Podolski,he can hold the ball up better.And when he’s doing this Walcott can run in behind him cutting in off the wing

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  40. true goon


    because that would mean altering our whole formation an pattern of play for 1 player,who we aren’t even sure can play that position.His called Theo not Lionel

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  41. Shiva

    Podolski is the best striker we have and he should be given a chance. Possibly play 4-4-2 with Walcott alongside for pace against ordinary Newcastle defence.

    But knowing Wenger – he wont go for 4-4-2. It will probably be Walcott with Podolski on wings *sigh*

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  42. philthompsonsnose

    Don’t change a winning side AW!!!
    Newcastle will play an open game that will play to our strengths..
    Walcott’s pace is our only weapon playing with Cazorla Rosicky Podolski and the Ox..
    Giroud as a desperate last attempt when we have to lump the ball in the box if we are chasing it??
    Please AW cheer us up in Jan and buy a TOP CF

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  43. reece

    I wouldve said play podolski and giroud upfront but wenger won’t change the 4-3-3 formation we use so how about just play giroud in the center podolski on the left and walcott on the right? And if he plays podolski plays in center play ox on the left!(:

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