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Who was Arsenal’s best striker ever? Choose your favourite…..

Arsenal have had a long history of players that were pretty handy putting the ball in the back of the net and over the last couple of seasons it’s been apparent that was missing from the team. Aside from Wenger’s nutty £40,000,001 bid to sign former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez that had the Liverpool owner asking for Paddy Power football odds on whether Wenger is puffing the reefers or not, Arsenal relied on some fairly average strikers to do the business but now they have signed someone who looks to be a 25 goal a season man in Alexandre Lacazette.

It’s for this reason we have decided to ask who you think are  Arsenal’s best attackers, past and present:

Dennis Bergkamp
Forever immortalised with his own statue outside of the Emirates Stadium, as well as a fact file printed on the side of the stadium it’s fair to say Dennis is well loved by the Arsenal faithful. Beginning his career in his native Holland with Ajax where he was the league top scorer for 3 years in a row it’s easy to see where he honed his scoring touch. An ill-fated move to Inter in Serie A followed and after a sad couple of years in Italy Bergkamp arrived at Highbury in 1995. Along with Wenger, Bergkamp revolutionised the way Arsenal played at the time being the focal point and playmaker for many of their attacks. Whilst not a super consistent scorer for the Gunners Bergkamp managed to net 120 goals in 423 games and probably got many more assists.

Thierry Henry
For fans of Arsenal this man requires no introduction. After following a similar route to Bergkamp, Henry left the relative comfort of his homeland to join Italian giants Juventus. After an unspectacular year he joined Arsenal in 1999. Failure to score in his first 8 games had the fans on his back so when he finally netted his first, a spectacular goal against Southampton, the flood gates opened. He scored at a rate no striker had ever done for the Gooners and regularly finished top goal scorer in the league. When the time came for him to move to Barcelona in 2007 Thierry had established himself as the greatest goal scorer in the clubs history with 228 goals overtaking another player on this list in the process, Ian Wright.

Ian Wright
“Ian Wright Wright Wright” – This was a call shouted from the terraces of Highbury so often after a goal was scored it’s no surprise to know he’s one of the greatest goal scorers in the clubs history. Signed from Crystal Palace in 1991 for a then club record fee of £2.5m, Wrighty didn’t take long to endear himself to the fans, scoring on his debut in a League Cup tie against Leicester City. He then went on to score a hat-trick in his league debut against Southampton. He finished that season with 31 goals in all competitions further solidifying his status as a fan favourite. He became Arsenal’s record goal scorer in September 1997 with a hat trick against Bolton Wanderers taking him to 178 goals for the club. He finished up in 185 goals from 288 appearances making him one of Arsenal’s greatest ever strikers.

These are my Top Three, but who would you choose? I’m waiting to see how many of you vote for Nicholas ‘Best striker in the world’ Bendtner!


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22 thoughts on “Who was Arsenal’s best striker ever? Choose your favourite…..

  1. ThirdManJW

    I love them all, but it has be Henry for me. Most ever goals for Arsenal, tons of assists, entertaining to watch, beautiful goals, pretty much the complete attacker in my opinion.

    Not sure why the list is only limited to these three though. Let’s not forget the many other quality strikers that have worn the badge: Park Chu-young, Hartson, Jeffers, Sanogo, Lord Bendtner, Aliadiere, etc.

    1. miker

      Its got to be Lord Bendtner.
      Just kidding. Why do you even bother with a full article. Go take a look at the statues.
      One is a manager, the other is a CB and the third..

  2. muda

    History maker, recOrd breaker Thierry Henry of arsenal.
    he is the king and the best. bergkhamp is modern day no.10 for me. not a top 9

  3. Mitch Connor

    Henry on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly bruh!
    He scored loads of goals but also scored goals from nothing. He was prolific AND accurate. He scored important goals ie last minute goals. He not only helped us winning Trophies, Invincibles and also took us to Champions League final which we lost by 1 goal.
    Also, he is the Premier League all time Assist record holder for most assists in a season too. So, very creative player as well

    I miss you Henry on a daily

  4. jon fox

    To really be able to judge accurately you would have had to be old enough to watch , back in 1886 and still be around now, which is unlikely, or to put it another way, getting on a bit! I go back to David Herd in the late fifties , so with apologies to Jack Lambert, Cliff Bastin, Ted Drake(my late Fathers choice, but made well before even George Graham managed us) Ronnie Rooke, Reg Lewis et al . Number one is easy , a certain Frenchman who says “If I can say” quite often. Second, as a pure striker, has to be the Dulwich legend from Sarf London innit, Wrighty. And third, though far more than merely a striker is my personal all time favourite player, for pure poetry in motion and freakish ball skills, Dennis the Opposition Menace Bergkamp. Sorry therefore, Joe Baker , Alan Smith and Big Raddy; you are third, fourth and fifth respectively in my own paltry 60 years of watching. Though sometimes in faraway moments , I dimly fantasise about that wonderful player , old whatsis name from 1888. Whatever happened to him? I wonder if he is still playing! PS My old Dad, who would now have turned 100 a few weeks, had he lived, and had he seen Thierry, Wright and Dennis in the flesh , would still plump for the Aston Villa slayer, Ted Drake. Eight shots, in a game at Villa Park, seven goals and one hit the bar. We won 7-1. I can see what he meant! Honourable mentions too to, Herd, Strong, Stapleton , MacDonald, Kennedy, Woodcock and even Giroud.

    1. jon fox

      It occurs to me that at my great age , I have obviously forgotten how to count. Joe Baker , Alan Smith and john Radford would be 4th ,5th 6th, instead. Apologies to those with keen eyes and the required amount of brain cells, in which I am clearly deficient.

      1. Kenny Rolfe

        Brilliant post Jon, I wrote mine without reading the others. When I did read them I realised you’d already beat me to mentioning Joe Baker

  5. mmmbob

    Non of these brought me to become Gooner. Only 1 guy , even for 15 mins sub appearance, i waited to watch him. NWANKWO KANU.

  6. Sukhjot Gunner




    Bergkamp is my Man. If you look up the word Perfection in the Oxford Dictionary you will just see a picture of Dennis Bergkamp.

  8. Ian wrights bruva

    Daddy Henry, no contest.

    No 10 the non flying dutchman

    Ian Wright Wright Wright.

    Kanu as I simply had little idea what he was going to do, but he had fun doing it and scored some crackers.

  9. Break-on-through

    Henry is best PL striker ever, I’d say the best the game has ever offered up over at these side of shores. Bergkamp is no1 for ingenuity, Bergkamp’s brain is one of the best footballing brains I’ve ever seen. Whereas Henry’s attributes relied upon having the perfect specimen body, he had intelligence alright but nothing on Bergkamp’s level. Ronaldo is a bit like that, keeps in great shape and practices practices practices. DB was born with a quick mind and creative knowhow.

  10. Kenny Rolfe

    Without a doubt Thiery Henry was the best striker but Dennis Bergkamp was the best player, he made Thiery the player he became but I don’t think many of you on these pages apart from Jon Fox and maybe a few others, saw Joe Baker, not that tall but lightning fast, two great feet and surprisingly good in the air, with a record of about 100 goals in 150 games. Joe, who we bought from Torino after starting he’s career with Hibernian was a great centre forward and could also have a row. Stories came back from Italy how he knocked out three Italians after they picked on he’s best pal Denis Law. While at Arsenal we were playing Liverpool at Highbury in a 5th round FA cup match when the scouse’s centre half, an enormous man called Ron Yeats kicked Joe while he was on the floor, without any hesitation Joe jumped up and hit Yeats with a right hook on the chin, the whole crowd went hush, silence all around the ground then the bully Ron Yeats began to fall, like a giant oak tree he hit the floor, out cold. He never picked on Joe again. Joe’s dead now but as a kid was my idol and one best centre forwards we ever had.

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      The last time I see Joe was the centenary match at Highbury in 1986. I was in my seat in the old East stand with a mate and he’s young son when my mate gave me nudge and said “you seen who’s behind us” as I turned round it was Joe and without any hesitation said “seen anything of him” and in he’s broad Scottish accent, although Joe was English, born in Liverpool to a Seaman father, he grew up in Scotland, “who’s that” he said, I said Ron Yeats, with that we all burst out laughing, I then lifted my mates young son, turned him round and said “see this man, he’s the greatest centre forward ever to play for Arsenal” I got a massive smile from Joe and could see that it made he’s day, made mine as well


    Henry may be the best striker ever for arsenal but Bergkanp is the greatest arsenal player. By the way why did the article not mention the number of matches played by Henry. The goal/match ratio matters too.

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