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Who will be Arsenal’s top scorer this season?

The season is now four games old and the title race is starting to take shape. Man United, Man City and Chelsea occupy the top three slots, with Tottenham in 5th, Liverpool 7th and Arsenal in 9th. One of the biggest effects on the title race will be the goals scored by each teams top strikers.

Man United’s expensive signing Romelu Lukaku is currently top of the goalscoring charts with 4 goals, and Mane, Morata, Jesus, Vardy, and our own Danny Welbeck all on 3, and our new man Lacazette is also up there with 2 plus he had one good goal disallowed for offside. Alexis Sanchez still hasn’t had much chance to get going yet, and supersub Olivier Giroud got off the mark in our first day win over Leicester.

I would like to think that Lacazette or Alexis could win the Golden Boot this season, but there will be much competition amongst the top clubs. Here are a few talking points on the race so far.

1) Romelu Lukaku leads the league with four goals.

2) Man United and Man City have four players on the board where Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham only have two.

3) Where as Romelu Lukaku was fortunate to have been credited with his offside goal (against Stoke), Alexandre Lacazette was equally unfortunate to be denied his goal against Stoke (that was equally offside as Lukaku’s).

4) United’s players also lead the board on the number of assists they create for each other with four.

5) Leroy Sané has the best strike rate with 100% of his shots (two) on target and scoring on each occasion.

6) It has so far been difficult to keep Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku quiet as Kane has been able to calve out 26 opportunities and Lukaku has been able to calve out 23 opportunities on goal (with Lukaku having 14 of them on target).

The question is, who do you think will be Arsenal’s top scorer and who will actually win the golden boot?


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40 thoughts on “Who will be Arsenal’s top scorer this season?

  1. JembutArsene

    We are looking like clicking and its exciting for our fans who haven’t had this feeling for a while, i just struggle to understand why most you dont want us to do well individually and collectively, most of you are the most baffling people on here. You should be proud of Arsene as true fans.

    Our glory days are coming, lads.

    Hail our great leader, Arsene.

        1. JembutArsene

          Got to love the naysayers daily attempts to undercut everything and anything associated to Arsenal so Wenger can take a hammering for it. I’ll say what I have said before – those who so clearly get upset by what a Frenchman they have never met does (and who truly has no real impact on your life), must be very weak individuals. Really don’t get this whole “if you aren’t as upset by football as I am than you’re not as much of a fan” narrative. It is like they don’t want anyone to enjoy the game since they can’t, very childish really. You are proof that evolution CAN go in reverse. Your father should have just gone to sleep that night.


            1. JembutArsene

              Don’t feel bad. A lot of people have no talent.

              Keep talking, someday you’ll say something intelligent.

                1. JembutArsene

                  Look at the whole argument on here. Recent win looked different, this looks pacy, crisp attacking. High up the pitch pressing, everytime we lose possession. Calm assured defending, winning duels. Midfield pivots breaking up attacks. Le’ts see if Chelsea Away next yields the same approach or not. But it’s exciting to watch, even the haters should admit that.

                  IN ARSENE WE TRUST.

                  1. DeludedFan

                    “Recent win looked different, this looks pacy, crisp attacking. High up the pitch pressing, everytime we lose possession. Calm assured defending, winning duels. Midfield pivots breaking up attacks. 
                    The things you said here only happened in some of the matches just like seasons before and before.”

                    What you said here we have seen it in some of few matches before just like season before, can this arsenal playing like this whole season. They only do when they like . Maybe just a couple of matches.

          1. Wengerout

            Maybe your life did inspired by wenger during the 90s but I don’t think he now can inspired the young one here.

            1. JembutArsene

              Arsenal are a massive club. Do not for one moment underestimate that. It’s just unfortunate we are not in the hands of an ambitious owner who will do anything to win. No one was absolving AW of his slightly recent setback, but that was only pointing out that he is not the sole reason for our problems as a club.

              Arsene is part of the system and not the system in itself. He has his full share of the blame in what Arsenal FC has become, but to put all that is wrong with the club at his doorstep is just being childish in my opinion.

              1. DeludedFan

                I think a lot of here do know that. Wenger decided to stay meant he happy with how arsenal going toward so don’t he belong to group of people we need to force out.

                Or wenger is so poor he need this job to feed his stomach.

          2. ThirdManJW


            I think you’re a troll because you never seem to say anything constructive, factual, and your replies to other comments are often antagonistic. But on the off chance you are an Arsenal fan, then I wonder why you put Wenger first, and what’s in the club’s best interests a distant second?

            I love your deluded opening line “Got to love the naysayers daily attempts to undercut everything and anything associated to Arsenal so Wenger can take a hammering for it”. The naysayers (or fans that know that optimism and Arsenal do not go hand in hand), are not responsible for Wenger taking a hammering daily, he does that all himself. Just a factual reminder for you Sir: Who is it that hasn’t yet picked his best team in a total of five games so far? The fans or Wenger? Who is it that has had players out of position in every one of those games? The fans or Wenger?

            You’re obviously under the illusion that Arsene knows best, but clearly he doesn’t, because we’ve already lost half our league games. Not to mention the last 11 years!

            1. JembutArsene

              Deep down, you are fully aware of what an appalling owner he is and are as fearful of his impact on arsenal as I am. However, you are also aware of how difficult it is to dislodge any owner of a football club- particularly someone like him- and have resigned yourself to the fact that we are stuck with him. So, you are hoping that in spite of the dead hand of Kroenke, Gazidis might be able to manoeuvre something.
              He might be able to edge wenger out , get a new, young coach full of fresh ideas and we’ll still have be able to tug enough cash out of Kroenke’s hands to build a side that could still seriously compete. It is possible. What I do not believe, is that you think Kroenke is anything more than very bad for arsenal, and that with a better more ambitious owner, arsenal wouldn’t have done a lot better since 2007.

              1. DeludedFan

                Oh I see so we just keep quiet like wenger follower the boss want. We don’t pay by arsenal like wenger please.

                BTW the boss also ask wenger to make funny post talk or funny team selection so arsenal can lost the game. Are they the whole group up there trying to fix the match?

    1. Nothing changed

      You are so deluded. All of us want the club to do well. We just know it won’t happen with Wenger. You are still trying to move him credit for something he did 14 years ago. How much longer are you willing to let this man carry on on past glory, collecting a massive check whilst taking us backward.

      They are all having a laugh at us in the PL. Did you read about Mourinho’s conversation with Piers in Harrods? He hopes Wenger won’t retire soon and he feels bad for us Arsenal fans!! Can it get any more embarrassing before you are willing to ask for results rather than to have to travel down memory lane to find a decent result?

  2. arsenal_championes

    If they are available all season
    and bearing in my we should go
    far in the Europa league
    Lacazette 27
    Sanchez 25
    Giroud 20
    Walcott 19
    Wellbeck 15
    Ozil 10
    Ramsey 7

    1. Taiwo

      If we do these numbers, then come May 2018, Arsenal would be lifting at least a cup. I sincerely hope it’s not the FA Cup.

      Oh! It’s free to dream, right? ?. Let’s dream on then.

  3. DeludedFan

    I used to be proud of arsenal and wenger but now I felt he just a employee of this club who follow what his boss want.

  4. gotanidea

    If Welbeck is not injured and keeps playing as a starter, he would be the most potential candidate for Arsenal’s top scorer this season. Most fans will predict Lacazette would be the one, but he is still settling down and he hasn’t get enough support yet from the attacking midfielders behind him.

    Welbeck has improved a lot and he has physical advantage (tall, fast and strong) as compared to the other forwards. Sanchez has missed several games already, so I don’t think he could catch up, unless he can perform like Lionel Messi.

    I hope the three skillful forwards (Lacazette, Sanchez and Welbeck) will play together more often. Their physicalities and skills combination could be very scary for the opponents.

    For the golden boot, only a special Arsenal player can get it. No forward should think about it, because currently Arsenal need more team work than a personal achievement.

  5. arsenal_championes

    Koln is 18th i.e. bottom of the Bundesliga
    They are 0 and 3 having scored one goal.
    They are about as good as Sunderland.
    Arsenals “Cup” squad should beat Klutzy Klunky Koln easily.
    Besides our “B” players are paid mega millions
    in salaries so they blinken well should be
    made to get off their gold plated arsits and play .
    Ospina 40k per week
    Debuchy 70k Holding 40k Mertesacker 90k Monreal 75k
    Chambers 25k Elneny 55k
    Walcott 110k Wilshere 90k Iwobi 30k
    Giroud 110k
    Bench: Macey Niles Bielic Mcguane Nelson Nwakali Akpom
    Remember this is Thursday night football
    a competition 6th placed Man U won last season.
    Of interest is the score line and who will play DM.

  6. Break-on-through

    Why most of us don’t want to do well? trying to twist things doesn’t help. Arsene tried the same, we want for top honors so Arsene twisted it by saying we are all defeatist in attitude. You’re doing the same, we want for our side to do it’s well-est, so you say we don’t want it at all. Neither of you have made any sense, maybe next time try it with some junior Gooners and you may get some luck.

  7. Jim wall

    To have any chance against Chelsea……
    Kos…. Mustafa.. Moneral
    Bellerin.. Ellneney.. Xakhai.. Sead
    …………… Ramsey………..
    Sanchez… Lacazzette… Wellbeck

        1. arsenal_championes

          Read between the lines guys.
          Jim wall is speaking in code.
          Having one more player can work.
          Look at City v Liverpool.10 v 11.
          Clead up didin they.
          Filick da ref a fiver and wheel be jake.

      1. Jim wall

        Sorry take out wellbeck from line up above, and play Sanchez and lacazzette for as a front 2 with ramsey playing am….

  8. arsenal_championes

    JJPAWN has been fighting a lone battle
    trying to keep at bay those fools who
    keep banging on about Arsenal
    not winning the PL for 13 years .
    Now admin has brought back “JbA” or JembutArsene to add zing
    to the campaign relaunching our new Title winning Arsenal.
    PAWNbut has a certain ring about it don’t you think?
    PS I wonder if JJP and JbA are the same person. C’mon admin we know 🙂
    One PAWNbut theres only one PAWNbut one PAWN but…

  9. ks-gunner

    Laza can be the one, if ozil is in the mood to work his ass off like before, where he almost broke his assist record, but at arsenal he is not doing what he is known to do, but does what he is told to do, which is play his football in a diff way the Wenger way, therefore, f it

  10. Nothing changed

    I would say under normal circumstances our central striker would be our top scorer. With Wenger, you never know who that will be. Last season it looked like Sanchez would win the golden boot hands down until Wenger removed him from the central spot and moved him to the left wing.

    Personally, I would like Laca to be our central striker. Welbeck did well against Bournemouth but I don’t think Welbeck can come close to Laca’s finishing. And Welbeck is also pretty good on the wing.

    It is typical Wenger to buy a potential 30 goal finisher only to start him on the wing.

    1. Rashid

      That us whats hugely bothering me.. Buying lacazette and playing him on the wings to cross for giroud, its getting really frustrating to watch my beloved arsenal

  11. Yossarian

    I reckon Lacazette will be our highest goal scorer, barring a serious injury, or Wenger going mad again and trying him out as a defensive midfielder or goalie or something.

    However I don’t think Laca will be getting the golden boot this season. I would expect that to be Lukaku, Kane, or Jesus.

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