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Why are Arsenal fans so negative?

There is still room for positivity at the Emirates Stadium

The football at the Emirates Stadium has almost taken a backseat this season, with the Arsenal supporters divided on the future of long-serving manager Arsene Wenger. The Frenchman has added fuel to the fire throughout the campaign, by refusing to confirm if he will remain the club’s boss next season or step down.

Arsenal are currently sixth in the Premier League table, and potentially face finishing outside the top four for the first time since Wenger arrived in North London. However, last night’s late victory over Leicester City kept the Gunners well in the hunt for a place in next season’s Champions League.

Robert Huth’s 86th-minute own-goal handed Wenger’s side a 1-0 victory over the Premier League champions, applying pressure on both Manchester City and Manchester United, who sit fourth and fifth respectively.

The Gunners are now just four points behind Man City, and with six fixtures of the season remaining, Wenger’s side still stand a good chance of continuing to defy doubters and finish inside the Champions League places, with the best price on a top-four finish 11/2. Punters looking to place a bet may want to check out the best offers from new betting sites, which are available on betting comparison sites.

Arsenal’s next two fixtures could be crucial in the race for Champions League qualification, with the Gunners facing North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, before welcoming Man United to the Emirates Stadium a week later. Victory over Spurs, who are challenging Chelsea for the title, would not improve Arsenal’s chances of finishing above Mauricio Pochettino’s men, but would give them some much-needed confidence ahead of the must-win clash against United.

After nine silverware-less years for Arsenal between 2005 and 2014, Wenger’s side also have an opportunity to add to their trophy cabinet between now and the end of the season, after the Gunners recorded a fine victory over Pep Guardiola’s Man City in the FA Cup semi-final last weekend.

Goals from Nacho Monreal and Alexis Sanchez cancelled out Sergio Aguero’s opening goal to hand Arsenal a 2-1 victory after extra-time. Wenger’s men will now meet Premier League leaders Chelsea in the Wembley showpiece on May 27th, for their third FA Cup final in the past four seasons.

After their trophy drought, Wenger led the Gunners to back-to-back FA Cup triumphs in 2014 and 2015, silencing many of his doubters. Should the Frenchman lead the 3/1 underdogs to another cup triumph, he will become the most successful manager in the competition, having lifted the trophy on six occasions previously.

Despite many looking at the Premier League table and jumping to the conclusion that Arsenal’s season is set for failure, there is plenty of room for positivity at the Emirates Stadium, despite their below average league position. Should Wenger defy the odds and lead the Gunners to a top-four finish it may paper over some of the existing cracks, but an FA Cup triumph over Chelsea should be celebrated. Victory over Man City’s multi-million-pound squad in the semi-final was impressive, as would be a triumph over Antonio Conte’s Chelsea – showing that Wenger can still cut it with the best.

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12 thoughts on “Why are Arsenal fans so negative?

  1. Durand

    If, if, if….

    If my aunt had balls she would be my uncle.
    If a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his a$$ when he jumped.

    Arsenal FC or If FC?

    I hope they play their a$$e’s off, don’t expect a win, just expect fighting spirit and the players to give a hoot

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    Do you really need to ask that question? lol

    We had an awful season.
    And may lose top player
    And probably finish outside top 4
    And Wenger will stay another 2 years
    We are playing Chelsea in FA Cup 🙁

    What is there to be positive about?

    1. Durand

      Positive? Have you seen how much money Arsenal fc makes? Now that’s positive!

      Ivan gets very nice paycheck, Wenger gets great money and even more after signing new contract.

      He never complains about growth or amount of his paycheck, however player wages and transfer fees are ridiculous. Gifts Walcott enormous wages, but still haven’t payed Sanchez like top players in league get.

  3. John0711

    This has to be Bob or Sam p

    We are not negative it’s very simple we pay to see entertainment, that not happening. If u go to see a film and it’s crap you say something about it and don’t go again

  4. ThirdManJW

    To simplify an answer to why we’re so negative – there’s no light at the end of tunnel with Wenger in charge!

    Even winning the FA Cup, a top four finish, or both, is a double edged sword. Of Course being in the Champions League makes it easier to sign top quality players, and I want us to win any trophy going (especially beating Chelsea in the final), but it only strengthens the chance of Wenger staying another two years, probably more. That is the worst outcome possible for the club.

    As a fan, my priorities are:

    1) Wenger out
    2) Retaining Sanchez on a new contract
    3) FA Cup
    4) Champions League

    People may question why I have Sanchez over the FA Cup, but it’s to do with our future. As unlikely as it is, Wenger out, and Sanchez signing a new contract would be a massive boost for the club going into the new season. He is WC, he is the leader that we’ve been crying out for years, he’s getting all the goals and assists, he’s our only player that strikes fear into our opponents. I love the FA Cup, but we’ve won it recently, and it would only paper over the cracks, as the last two did. Sanchez can lead us to glory, with a top manager, and better players around him.

  5. Twig

    If Arsenal wins all their remaining games, including the one tomorrow and wins the FA cup will you be happy with our season?

    1. Mr_Clear

      The odds of this happening are obviously extremely small and will not happen. I hope it does cuz I root for my team to do well but it will not. If it did I would acknowledge our remarkable ability to pull a rabbit out of the hat and win our “4th place trophy” as usual but I will still not be happy with our season. Every year we are solid except for the 1-2 month stretch where we fall on our faces and embarrass ourselves and blow our season. And the constant is Wenger. Fact of the matter is we do not have good enough players, it’s pretty simple, we have been passed by more forward thinking teams. With the current lot this cycle will likely continue to happen year after year and us fans will never be truly happy cuz we won’t compete for anything save for the occasional cup.

  6. Break-on-through

    What will make me positive. If we manage to get into the top four places, and bag the FA cup to boot, then lord it around London for a bit.

    Then we get Alexis signed.

    We get a sports director in along with some new training methods, and a new transfer team, who set about delivering a new plan before accomplishing it.

    A striker arrives, the top target. Whether it’s Lukaku, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Mbappe, we get him.
    Then we sell Giroud, and bring in an understudy to Alexis and the new striker, one with allot of creative and goal-scoring potential.
    Then we get either Van Dijk or Koulibaly.
    We get young Pickford to fight it out with Cech and Martinez.
    Kolasinac arrives and looks the business.
    We sign a very good wide-man who has a hunger to succeed, can outwit players with trickery and speed and is good in final third as well as being a tough competitor, who ever he is we need to find him.
    Personally I like Goretzka, I think he’s going to be a big part of the German team soon enough, but once we get a better defensive midfielder than Coquelin that’s the main thing.
    A young right back willing to put the work in and bide his time.
    Lastly, Santi’s replacement would be enough then, he and the other new lad, Xhaka, along with Elneny can fight it out for starting births.

    Before all this there needs to be eight to ten players that must go in this window, I don’t think there’ll be too many arguments on which ones. If all this happened I’d be optimistic enough, actually I’d be ecstatic.

  7. Yossarian

    When the Arsenal board voted to sell shares to Kroenke instead of Usmanov (Triggering the departure of David Dein) we were told that the “Self-sustaining” financial model would allows us to build a new stadium then “Compete with Europe’s top clubs” for players and trophies.

    We now realise that the “Self-sustaining” model was actually about providing on-going big-money for the board members, getting their fat dividend payments from the super-profitable cash-cow that is AFC, and nothing to do with winning trophies or competing with clubs like Barcelona, Real, Bayern, Chelsea, Man U, Man C, PSG, etc.

    An Usmanov take-over would have led to genuinely competing with Europe’s top clubs on the pitch, but the higher expenditure and lower profits would have meant less earnings for the (Already very wealthy) Arsenal board members, at least in the short & medium term.

    The “Negativity” is because Arsenal fans were blatantly lied-to. If we’d have been told “We’re selling to Kroenke because we’re going to get incredibly wealthy at the expense of turning Arsenal into a 2nd-rate team” then at least it would have been honest, and everybody would understand what’s actually been going on.

    1. Midkemma

      A wonderful post 🙂
      No sarcasm or anything, I genuinely mean it, it is a wonderful post.

      Let us not forget the promise that the old board made about not selling to a single foreign majority shareholder and the situation we are in now.

      Or how Usmanov offered to loan us the debt at a interest free rate and over a longer period so we can keep spending money on players to compete…

      Or how Usmanov is blocked from having an input by Silent Stan.

      Then we read about Silent Stan buying that ranch while screwing us over in the process… Now he is getting a new stadium for his soccer team and the shares in Arsenal are rumored to be used to get the loan required.

      If true then that will be 3.5 BILLION!!!! he has spent on other stuff and Arsenal shares has aided him in those business ventures away from our club.

      When Dein left then the Arsenal board lost the only person who had a passion for the sport on the board.

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