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Why Arsenal are not like Barcelona!

There are a number of reasons why Arsenal are not like Barcelona, the most obvious one being the current form of the two teams. While Arsenal are suffering the worst start to a Premier league campaign ever, Barcelona are enjoying the best start of any team ever in the Spanish Primera Liga.

Arsene Wenger said last week that Barcelona would be an average team without Lionel Messi and the Argentinean striker is the best player in the world who should easily win the Golden Ball award. That statement reveals one of the main differences between Arsenal and the Spanish club.

Wenger has Changed and built Arsenal during his reign, and he has done it in the same way that Barcelona is run, with alot of focus on the youth system and getting the team to play passing and elegant football. It worked wonders for years, and Wenger should be rightly proud of his achievements.

The problem with Arsenal, however, is that they have sacrificed this ideal over the past years at the altar of financial prudence. This has caused us to lose our best players, fail to replace them with enough quality and put too much pressure on the up and coming talent.

Yes, Barcelona would not be as good without Messi, just like we are not as good without van Persie, or Nasri, Clichy, Cole, Fabregas and Alex Song. The difference is, Arsenal have lost their best players while Barcelona keep theirs.

The other day, Barcelona fielded a team with 11 players who had come through the academy. That was only possible because the youth are brought into a winning team and thus acquire a winning mentality. When good young players come through the Arsenal system, we are so desperate for players that massive expectation is put on them.

Look at Jack Wilshere, just back from 17 months off with injury and he is expected to be the saviour pf Arsenal. Fans are calling for Eisfeld and Gnabry, but to bring them into the team now could have seriously negative effects on their futures and Arsenal’s. They need to be brought on gradually, into a successful team, not thrown into a team struggling for form and confidence and expected to lift it.

Also, it sends out a terrible message to the Arsenal players when they see the best of their team mates moving on and then achieving the success they missed at Arsenal. It seems that Arsenal have gone past the tipping point and will now find it very hard to get back to where we were a few years ago.

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41 thoughts on “Why Arsenal are not like Barcelona!

  1. No more excuses

    Barca and arsenal were once rivals (8yrs ago) . Then arsenal started to sell their top 2/3 players EVERY SEASON (half the time to barca , city etc) , while barca STRENGTHEND EVERY YEAR . It doesn’t take a genius to understand we are not barca rivals any more . We are spud rivals , Everton , stoke and liver pools rivals . It destroys me to think how far we have fallen – but let’s not kid ourselves – we are a shadow if wot we were . Fact .

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  2. j

    100% agree with this article. The board never spend money to improve, they only spend money to replace. Also the wage structure for a club that is the third richest in the world is disgraceful. You can be financially stable whilst building a top team just look at the german teams. Kick out the deadwoods like any top club would, and buy quality players on good wages and this would send out a message that we mean business, and that would in return attract top players. With our squad we are about 5th best in the league and thats not good enough

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  3. gunner

    hahahahaha!!!! barcelona? you kidding right?
    the headline and article should be ”why is arsenal not like swansea”
    barcelona have far supperior squad than ours, and swansea as well have a better squad than ours.
    we have 15 top players butthe rest are not premier league fit players. while swansea have 2 top players and the rest are fit to play in the premier league.

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  4. No more excuses

    I blame kronke and gazidas along with the major shareholders who sold us out – banking their money whilst pretending to have done it for the good of the club . Arsenal with stan are headin the same way as Blackburn did with venkys . I love arsenal but I’m also a football fan – and I sympathise with the Blackburn supporters – cos if we dnt stop the rot then we’ll have same future . Stans cash cow – that is all we are .

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  5. kieran

    well anyone cud see dis was eventually goin 2 happen.wenger couldnt keep pullin off miracles.last year we had RVP who was world class.dis year we av no one,except possibly cazorla

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  6. arsenal to I die

    Hill wood has had a heart attack, let’s hope he settles down. We need a new manager and a new owner. George Graham one us two league titles fa cup and league cup in one season, and the europe cup twice in his 8 years at highbury so we don’t just need wenger we need someone with passion an belifs.

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  7. Dave

    Its a joke that people are blaming Wenger. They all say ‘we want our Arseanl back’; which one do you want, the one Wenger built?

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  8. wenger out

    Yea agree with you George Graham was a good manager, also wenger adopted Grahams back four, has wenger really had a good defence since them four retired? Also if you google george graham he was supposed to be the assistant manager at arsenal while ferguson was supposed be manager but fergi said to arsenal wait 6 months while he was looking after scottish national team. So we made george manager instead, if only we waited!!!

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  9. Spendah

    This is exactly the type of shit i hate reading from this website. A lot of you keep living in the past.

    Are you actually trying to tell me that Gazidis and Kroenke picked the team and substitutions, tactics n all for the last 3 games?

    No, it was wenger, and they were the most poorest decisions i have ever seen since i started to know about football.

    1. against aston villa we play shit because he puts on a shit team and puts players in the wrong positions, then subs giroud for coquelan when we need a goal what a dickhead.

    2.against everton he starts vermalean at left back, ramsey on the right wing. These arent their natural positions. Did gazidis pick these? Then when we still need a goal he subs coquelan for cazorla and he does some dreadful long pass when looking in a fairly promising position. he also brigns on le forhead when there is oxlade chamberlain and rosicky sitting on the bench. Yeah gazidis did this too didnt he?

    3. against swansea was just pure shit i dont even wana f###in talk about it.This dumbass is tryna say that gervinho is a better striker than walcott, which is just an insult.

    my point is, i’m not saying the board isnt to blame, because they are, but wenger picks the line up,tactics and everything and if those are the major factors which are making us lose then surely it is his fault too?

    i am just sick of wasting 90 minutes every weekend when i could be fu###ng my girlfriend, but instead i am sitting around on a freezing chair at the emirates stadium, or on front of the tv watching this bag of shit team being managed by a thick man and the fans are being deluded by the past. I dream these days of waking up in the morning to hear sky sports news announcing wenger bein sacked, but it is lookin less likely each day.

    Well i aint ruinin my weekend with another 90+ minutes of pure shit im just gona go out there and enjoy myself, come home, check the final result and just shrug my shoulders

    in fact i used to go and watch match of the day all the time becuz arsenal usually win and when they dont they atleast play decently and score a couple goals. Now we just play like pure shit we cant even make a single chance, in fact we cant even pass the f###in ball anymore. But now i only watch it when we won the game as a bare minimum because i dont want it to ruin my night too. and i think i only watched match of the day like 4 times this season? says it all really.

    Van persie fair enough shouldnt have gone to our rivals but now i understand him because he knew what was happening behind the fans backs.

    i hope your happy Mr. Wenger and your jolly crew of board members. enjoy your financial ‘trophies’. go shove more dirty cash up ur backside.

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  10. Alex J

    The only thing we have in common with Barca is that we sell them our better players.

    End of.

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  11. Fish

    Why we’re not like Barcelona?!!

    a) Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world.

    b) Arsenal USED to be one of the best teams in the Premiership.

    Bit of a difference.

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  12. BOUBA

    Arsene Wenger just announced that he will assess his situation at the end of the season ( if he can get to that )…!!!

    Again he is more worried about his own “shyts” then the club !!

    David “the twat” Ginola said that he does not understand why the fans are upset !!! Typical french, all into themselves !! And i know what I am talking about, I am French…

    Another silly and dubious comment from Wenger because he knows he does not have the keys to get us out of the all.


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  13. Disappointed

    This is a result of many issue
    From management , board level..
    Arsenal problems are very deep and
    To fix them they is a need of complete
    Change from owners, players ,management
    And policies .. The funny thing is that
    Wenger is also a shareholder so this could
    Explain his reluctance to buy big player
    Because this would also affect him financially..

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  14. Daymee

    Was VanPersie wrong after all?
    It’s a bitter pill to swallow but the truth hurts.
    Accept the truth and it sets you free.
    I’m an Arsenal lifelong fan. Arsenal is dead. We are now in the business of fast cash and fire sales. Next Sagna to be sold to a PL side. Shame

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  15. Zulhazmi

    The board members are interested in making profits.That’s the reason for the building of the emirates.kick aw out?i don’t think long as aw could retain arsenal as the consistent top four achievers, he will stay.the money will come as CL contenders .Do they bother about winning trophies?No, I don’t think so.That’s why, we keep on losing our stars over the years.if the players demand for increment , the next thing we know these superb players will be the utd,city,Chelsea or any other title contender players.there’s an urgency for Defensive Midfielder, do they have the winning mentality? I don’t think replacement for song,missed the guy a lot.his vision is far better than arteta,the passing were superb and he was good defensively as well…congrats for the ex arsenal players, who showed us how good they are by helping their new teams to achieve what had been missing in their previous gun power anymore,just sparks all over the place….love arsenal,but not even a bit for the greedy board members.feel sorry for aw……..

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  16. Zack gunner

    Seriously…???? you are comparing arsenal with barca…?? Are you out of your mind..??

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  17. Kemp hater

    @ gunner
    you say we have 15 top players…… I dont know where your seeing them

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  18. Kemp hater

    @ Spendah

    Please don’t stop going to the emeriates cause you will come home and catch me f###ing your girlfriend. LOL

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  19. Ryan

    We need to sign A central mid our mid is good but has no physicality Arteta and wilshere are to similar those 2 should be rotated he’s wasted at cdm, we need a Ramirez or someone like that willing to cover the ground an all out central midfielder – we’re struggling without diaby and song

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  20. Arsenal4Life

    Why are we not like Barca? 2 reasons
    1) We do not have Messi (Messi=Barcelona)
    and 2)We don’t act like pussys on the pitch and dive while there is no contact and ask for a yellow or red card for our opponent!
    F*** BARCA!

    Now to the point:

    We just need a cover for GIBBS, A Beast in midfield and A creative player like Cazorla.

    Luke Shaw/ Willems/ Armero/
    Fellaini (Capoue)

    Sagna Koscielny Mertesacker Gibbs
    Wilshere(C) Fellaini
    Walcott Cazorla Isco

    Bench: Mannone, Vermaelen, Jenkinson, Arteta, Arshavin/Coquelin, Chamberlain, Giroud/Podolski

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  21. Sunny

    Rubbish article.. Our arsenal is in trouble and man u r comparing arsenal wid barcelona … Utter bulshit

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  22. BOUBA

    People are saying that Pep Guardiola will never come to Arsenal because he will ask for too much money !!!

    Guardiola was on £1.5millions at Barcelona, but he won most of his cash due to great results, so bonuses ( about £6millions ).

    Wenger is on a ridiculous and overpaid £7.5millions ( A DISGRACE !! )… If Guardiola wants a challenge he will come to Arsenal.

    The only problem is, will he get the funds to reinforce the team or mould it the way he might want ???

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  23. Bomber

    I stopped reading this article when I read this:
    ‘Arsene Wenger said last week that Barcelona would be an average team without Lionel Messi ‘.

    When did he say that? Do you have a link – I don’t believe he said that. This site is just embarrassing sometimes.

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  24. Bomber

    BOUBA and others, just remember Wenger has done more for Arsenal then you ever have – somehow you think your ‘support’ gives you divine right of passage. Here’s the deal – if it’s between your ‘support’ and Wenger for the good of Arsenal – I’ll take Arsene every day and twice on Sunday, now jog on

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  25. BOUBA



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  26. BOUBA

    Keep living in the past… That is why we are where we are now.
    No vision for the future
    Selling our best asstes ( well who could blame them when you have fan like you and a policy based on saving money even though we are banking the highest ticket price in Europe, YES IN EUROPE ).


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  27. dude

    ‘why Arsenal are not like Barcelona’ ? SIMPLE – They keep their world class players while assenal sells theirs

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  28. Bomber

    Bouba – I don’t like what’s going on but I have respect and tact – I’m not some over zealous blowhard that types in caps looking for attention and a comfort 24/7. Is Wenger a complete idiot?No, he’s not. Are some of his subs and tactics questionable? Yes. Does that make Wenger some kuckle dragging ape? No.

    It’s the sheer lack of respect that eats at me – he’s not garbage you can throw away.

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  29. dude

    You don’t keep dismantling your farking best players season after season after season and still expect to be competitive ?!! Simple logic that good old wenger seems unable to comprehend

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  30. WC

    First of all let’s get something straight. This bullcrap about fielding a La Masia starting XI is false. Pedro is not a La Masia product. He was bought from San Isidro at 17 years old. If that is the definition of a youth academy product then Cesc is ours and Pique is Man Utd seeing as they were both at Arsenal and United at 16 so don’t buy into the Barca PR machine.

    Secondly Barca can keep their players because they offer on average the highest wages in football and they don’t get taxed as heavily in Spain as they do in England. It’s no coincidence we used to win trophies when we had the second highest wage bill the league. We have around the 4th or 5th highest wage bill now and we’ve finished in 3rd and 4th consistently since then. You do the math – football trophies are bought nowadays, not won.

    Lastly Barca are ruthless in their selection of youth. Only the best of the best make the grade and they are not afraid of selling anyone else. Wenger sticks with crap players for too long believing they will somehow grow into world beater s but most hardly ever do and then we’re stuck with them because they’re a 21 year old making 60k a week that no one else wants to pay for.

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  31. tfemi

    Who has noticed that on fifa any player that leaves arsenal ther player will increase in the next editiod

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  32. Segun

    Buhahaha!! You’ve gotta be kiddin me!
    This is a goddamn insult to Barcelona and Football! 8 yrs ago, I could’ve agreed but right now, we should compare ourselves to spuds, loserfools, swansea and co.
    We can’t f•cking beat Swansea at home and you compare us to Barca? You’re a deluded fan who lives in the glorious past.


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  33. Wise_Fortune

    I have read the article and the comments and I would like to say……PRETTY INTERESTING STUFF..we as arsenal fans are very diverse in our thinking,cultural and ethnic back ground…some say the world is divided into two…those who love Real Madrid and those who love barca…you can love a team but not necessarily be a fan of that team…you love a team from a far based on the idea that you think they are the best in the world, or have the best players in the world or have THE best player in the world…you may love a team because they almost never lose…you may love a team not just for the fact that they aways win but its how they go about doing it…I am not hyping the Spanish league nor am I escaping the topic of conversation…but the fact is its easier to love a team than to be a fan of team…before MESSI came to rise and before ronaldinho went to barca…how many people loved them?..I remembered a weak barca with aging kluiverte and a non effective saviola , and an erratic ludvic guily forming their strike force…how many people loved them then..Madrid had Raul in his prime, figo in his prime, Zidane in his prime, RONALDO the Brazilian…GALACTICOS THEY CALLED THEM…and together they RUBBISHED barca and the rest of the Spanish league and marched to Europe scalping opponents in the champions league…it was easier to love them THEN than NOW…and fact is once you stop winning every game then the love that those people bare for you begins to fade..every loss becomes another lit candle of love being put out.
    But that is what separates fans from those that admire…fans love their teams no matter what. Fans will voice their frustrations but never quit…fans maybe a little disgruntled but never say I am no longer watching the games…fans are there through the peaks and the valleys…US ARSENAL fans should be proud of the arsenal…I know this maybe a strang time to say this but we should be proud but at the same time be a little disgruntled at the recent performances…Chelsea averages a manager every season and they are still crap..yes they started well but they are sinking and fast. Not to mention they spent £80million pounds this summer…among many differences that separates us from Chelsea is OUR BOUNCE BACK ABILITY…


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  34. BOUBA

    bomber, tres bien !
    I wish you the best for the future games… Obviously it is a correlation because I saw the same symptoms when he was at Monaco.
    Fans like you were the first one to turn your back on the coach when it got really critical… And you will, I guaranty you.

    The only difference between you and me is that I have been complaining and unhappy for 4 years because I do not understand why a club like Arsenal is never in contention for trophies… Oh yes we came close so many times, but you also realise each year that it would become more difficult… Not because the league was changing and teams were gearing up, but because WE WERE GETTING WEAKER BY THE YEARS ( FACT !! )…



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  35. Uche Edochie

    If barcelona gave us messi for free, we will take him and then sell him to mancity for 150 million. And then wenger and gazidis will publicly declare us a victorious club because we just made a ton of money. That is one of the key differences between us and barca. Barcelona will never sell messi for any amount of money. His buy out clause is 250 million. That just tells you how much they value their best players.

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  36. mohawk35

    “Why Arsenal are not like Barcalona” otherwise titled, why a mule is not a racehorse. Harsh but currently valid.

    I know this won’t go over well.

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  37. ben

    Barca have a way better team, they all know how to pass, they know how to get into the right spaces and provide options going forward, they have multiple special gamechanging players and messi is a god. Arsenal have none of the above.

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