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Why Arsenal could do without Wenger winning this award

I have been quietly and tentatively more impressed with Arsene Wenger and Arsenal since we returned from the last international break, at which time we were at a real low point after the worst start to a Premier League campaign ever.

The fact that the manager and players have displayed more determination since then is good, of course, but it has not exactly convinced me that the Frenchman is still the right man for the job, or even that he has what it takes to steer the club to a successful season in the Premier League title race.

And that is why I would rather not see Wenger beating the three other contenders for the September Manager of the Month award. I get the feeling that if it was Wenger rather than Guardiola, Mourinho or Pochettino who won he might just think that all was well in the world.

Just as we have seen with the Arsenal players on many occasions, slacking off and thinking you are doing well can lead to big problems in the fiercely competitive world of modern football, so please donĀ“t give Wenger any reason to ease up.

Do you think the boss and the Arsenal team need to be under pressure all the time in order for them to keep getting results?


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22 thoughts on “Why Arsenal could do without Wenger winning this award

  1. Sledgehammer

    OT- Yusuf Yazici is a great talent …. Maybe the new Ozil.. Wish we could get him

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  2. The barrel

    Now you wanna tell us what to say. You earn a living by writing these articles, and Wenger earns a living by managing Arsenal. I use my own data to comment. That’s your opinion. Who is the right person for the job?
    Talking is cheap. If you get a chance to manage Arsenal, you’ll fail. Don’t indoctrinate the fans, but write your articles

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    1. Matt

      Nothing wrong with the article imo. That is an opinion. I don’t agree with some of the things myself but I don’t see any reason to get upset. Surprising reaction.

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    2. redmau5

      ur not the barrel
      ..ur the bottom of it

      dont have to be here babycakes…theres plenty of lonely heart sites on ur side of the moon

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      1. GunnerJack

        . . . ur side of the moon? May I ask what particular planet you’re on?

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    3. sniper

      Wenger can win all the awards but not the league, if there is a big team that is always written off the title race by pundits and fans it is arsenal even if we top the table untill March, we are certified bottlers under wenger

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    4. GunnerJack

      Please point out the sentence or paragraph where we are told what to say. Oh – you can’t? Could that be because there isn’t one?
      I look forward to your next Article with great anticipation. I am in need of a good laugh:)

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  3. sanmi.marvellous

    The whole Nigeria is agog with a well-taken opportunity and goal by Iwobi.
    The whole stadium is singing
    Iwobi ! Iwobi!!
    Russia ticket just 13 minutes away.

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      1. Godswill

        Yes don’t. But he has send Nigeria to world cup and will be there. 2 goals in 3 matches for Nigeria in the world cup qualifying.

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      2. GunnerJack

        Yes but he’s young and can get better – unlike Welbeck, Walcott and Ramsey, the 3 AW darlings.

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    1. sanmi.marvellous

      Alex Iwobi has been giving Zambia a great worry since coming off the bench. Keep it up and save more for Arsenal FC

      Zambia a great team though.

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  4. Incarnate

    Maybe it wasn’t in the best interest of Wenger to have won those EPL titles and the six FA cups too, maybe it was bad to have signed Henry and Fabregas, maybe going the whole season unbeaten was not such a good thing after all…let’s give a dog a bad name just to hang it, this is a new low for whoever wrote this.

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    1. John Legend

      Well, you have just seen what he said from another angle. You made a good case really.
      I for one do not want him to win anything personal. He needs to step down please.

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  5. John Legend

    And Iwobi’s goal puts Nigeria in the draws pot for Russia 2018 World Cup.

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  6. John Rambo

    You have to admit Wenger has done a decent job to claw his way back from the back to back defeats. Five clean sheets and zero losses since. Credit when due should always be given. It’s the grown-up thing to do.

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  7. Colin Decoteau

    To all of you takin comfort in drawing against Chelsea and winning against opposition you are expected to beat , i say to you enjoy it because it won’t last long, i believe the same players under a better manager would do much better.

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  8. Yossarian

    Surely Guardiola would be manager of the month? Man City have scored so many goals and looked awesome.

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  9. The barrel

    “Slacking off by thinking you are doing well in a competitive world can lead to problems.” That is negative writing. Did Arsenal slack off?

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