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Why Arsenal DO NOT need a new goalkeeper this summer

Wenger: Arsenal Do NOT Need A New Keeper! by AT

Amidst numerous rumors linking Arsenal with a summer move for a goalkeeper, the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has come out to clarify that he is very happy with his goalkeepers at the moment and will not be in the market for another when the transfer window opens at the end of the season, effectively laying to rest rumors of Arsenal’s interest in veteran custodians like Chelsea’s Petr Cech and Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas.

On being asked whether he was looking for a goalkeeper, the Le Prof said: “No, not necessarily. I believe that Szczesny is a very good goalkeeper and Ospina has come in and done a fantastic job. You look at the numbers in the Premier League and who is top of all the goalkeepers and you will see it is Ospina.”

Looking at the performances that David Ospina has produced since replacing Szczesny as Arsenal’s Number One, it really is difficult to argue with Wenger’s statement, especially when stats back up his argument! In addition to the fantastic saves, the Colombian has shown great consistency between the sticks and is also very adept at dealing with crosses and set-piece deliveries. Simply put, Ospina has been brilliant for Arsenal this season and it is certainly no coincidence that Arsenal started picking up form when he took over goalkeeping duties.

Coming to Szczesny, I really do believe that he can potentially be Arsenal’s Number One for many, many years to come. Considering that his ousting from the starting eleven was more or less a humbling experience for the Polish international, I believe that he will take it on the chin, cut down on his errors and prove himself at the club. But with Ospina doing so well at the moment, he has to wait for his turn.

With that being said, I have to agree with Wenger and conclude that Arsenal do not need to bring in a keeper in the summer. As exciting as it may be to be linked with seasoned veterans like Cech and Casillas, I’d have to say that Ospina and Szczesny are good enough at the moment. Wenger really has to focus on signing a defensive midfielder and a prolific striker.


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18 thoughts on “Why Arsenal DO NOT need a new goalkeeper this summer

  1. Honest Opinion

    Of course we do not need a new goalkeeper.Ooooospinaaaaaaa is fantaaaaaastic!!!

    1. YingYang69

      Thats not the point. We all agree that Coq is fantastic but we know an injury spells trouble. Personally i have more faith in Arteta being a solid back up compared Szcz.

      Szczesny subbing Ospina vs Ospina subbing Cech. Im sorry but that my friend is a no brainer.

  2. muda

    I don’t know what else did Ospina needs to do for people to believe in his ability, I personally have a full confidence in him. Because he’s yet to be wrong.

    1. muda

      As for szczesny, I don’t really know if I can trust him again. His main down fall is concentration and decision making but not ability. Let’s see what happen.

  3. zhord49

    Ospina is good enough for us with Szczesny pushing him. I still believe in Szczesny tho.
    All I need is Shneiderlin and an improved Welbeck or a new player capable of playing RW & CF. E.g Reus 😉

  4. davidnz

    Ospina and Szcz are fine.
    Kondogbia or Schneiderlin
    at DM and we are ready to rock.

  5. Andrew AFC

    Has everyone forgotten we also have Martinez coming back from his loan spell at Rotherham.

  6. oluwafemi

    I agree with u Mr. Muda, Oooospina has been outstanding ever since he became our anoited Shot stopper between the sticks. I however disagree with ur position about him “yet to do no wrong.” Let’s face it, that goal he let in against Souton in the Capital One Cup fixture was rather disappointing. Agreed, it was his first appearance from injury so that kinda says it all. I almost never forgave him but then, he is and remains Ooooooooooooospinaaaaaaaaa.

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