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Why Arsenal do not really need Benzema transfer

Even though Arsenal beat Chelsea yesterday to pick up a third trophy from our pre-season preparations, some Arsenal fans were left disappointed after Arsene Wenger declared in his post match interview, reported by the Arsenal website, that the transfer rumours linking Arsenal with the Real Madrid and France striker Karim Benzema are very unlikely to come true.

Wenger said, “No, nothing is happening. Honestly no. I don’t know who brings that up. Is it Spanish media or English media? I don’t know.”

Now while this does not mean 100 percent that Wenger will not sign the Frenchman, it does sound as if he is not trying to right now and a lot depends on the player and Real Madrid. I personally think that it might still happen towards the end of the transfer window but if not, then I do not think the boss is looking for other options.

Some people saw the game yesterday as proof that we need another centre forward, because Theo Walcott did not have the same sort of impact that he has in his last few games and because he was preferred to Giroud. But I disagree. I think we should have started with the big man down the middle and Walcott on the right and I think Giroud´s physicality would have worked better against the physicality of Chelsea.

But it shows that Wenger has options and that is without Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck. With those two fit and available, the Gunners can field a side according to who the opposition are and still have good options on the bench. So although Benzema may be an upgrade on Giroud, and there is no guarantee he would be, especially straight after his move to the Premier League, I do think we really need him.

What do you think?

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89 thoughts on “Why Arsenal do not really need Benzema transfer

  1. PiresTheLegend

    You’re right, we don’t need Benzema if we want to finish third or fourth. However, and I say this as a huge supporter of both OG and Walcott, if we want to compare ourselves with the likes of Bayern or Real etc. we need an absolute top top striker. Name a recent champions league winner without one.

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    1. seancali

      Let’s bring back lord bentdner!!!! We can surely get him for 40 mil

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    2. psytripps

      He’s only a slight upgrade but he would be the difference in 3 or 4 games in the season that could collect is 9 or 12 points.

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    3. Tristan

      I am not against bringing in a World Class striker, but it’s not easy and cheap to find a TOP striker.

      Giroud back from injury was one of the major reasons we were on fire in the 2nd half of last season. Without him, we probably will not even be in top 4.

      Theo has pace, but in terms of finish, he is no better than Poldi. Both Theo and Poldi’s game contribution is too less. He probably is a squad. Theo made assist yesterday. Great! But most credit shall go to Ozil as he found the space to made the pass to theo among 4 Chelsea players. Certainly Ox’s movement, balance and finish were brilliant.

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      1. Arsenalover

        Giroud is still with Arsenal just because he is French and no one want to buy him,
        any good striker plays in front of Ozil and Cazorla can score at least 40 goals per season,
        Wenger waste our time with Giroud and Walcott

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    4. wizardry

      Lewi won’t move. But we can offer 32 000, 001 £ for benteke. I have a feeling liverpool will sell.

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  2. Just_Trolling

    Enough about Mou and Benzema really now.

    Neither are deserving of any more of our time right now.

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    1. seancali

      We are being linked with a 50 mil deal for benzema!! I don’t know what to believe anymore. I don’t think 50 mil would be a good deal, he’s not worth that much but in today’s market and the lack of availability of strikers we should just pay that amount and get our man. He would be our record signing. Hope this happens sooner, enough of waiting. We need a player like benzema

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      1. PiresTheLegend

        The practical part of me says 50 mil is too much, but if not Benzema then who? Any top striker (and there’s only about 10 in the world right now at most) would cost 50 mil or more because teams do not wish to sell them. If we currently had any of the top strikers we are begging for and another team came along with a 50 mil bid, we wouldn’t want to sell either.

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        1. seancali

          Yes true we wouldn’t want to sell, we would sell only if we could get a better striker. The case of benzema seems complicated and it all depends on real and if they are going to get someone like aguero. Guess we have to wait for a while and see what happens

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  3. chinaka1

    I would be sad if petr cech were to be our only major summer signing.
    We need atleast a top striker to wear the vacant number 9 shirt, lewandowski, cavani or benzema.

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    1. Just_Trolling

      Lewandonski would be a dream signing, unfortunately wont happen.

      By the wsy, what is Flamini still doing at the club? Thought he was on his way to Turkey.

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          1. seancali

            Flamini is probably the most useless player we have in our squad. We should agree to let him go for free. If we do that the clubs interested can pay him higher salary and we could get a new DM that could be actually useful

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            1. jensenvk

              Useless?? U ungreatful b****rd! He has played some great games for us gunners. Remember him vs Tottenham. He is still a great squad player that can play in several positions and of course he rejected the move to Turkey. Coz he is loyal and he knows that something great will happen at Arsenal this season! COYG

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                1. NY_Gunner

                  Kos, Alexis, Le Coq, Ox, Rosicky, Olivier and Flame. These are the true “scrappers” of our squad. Santi has also shone that you should not be fooled by his “eternal smile”
                  If Flame were to show more discipline in his DM outings, by holding his position, he would be more deadlier there than Le Coq…

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              1. Gigi2

                some true here.
                Flamini served us well in the “dont mess with us” sense that we so much needed a while ago.
                Granted he reduced his use but we cant fforget the attitude he injected

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                1. GoonAR

                  also if he were so loyal why did he leave in the first place to play for ac milan? some loyalty…

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  4. Durand

    Start Giroud? Why because 3rd time is a charm? Giroud was in Terry ‘ s pocket last year.

    Terry CB > Giroud CF.

    Theo didn’t have space, and Giroud did ok if you don’t count missing another side foot shot at 6 yards away.
    (Both teams missed their share; Ramirez anyone?)

    Giroud does decent job of hold up play but he isn’t clinical is all. Not bashing him just an observation.

    We don’t need Benzema like we didn’t need new stadium.

    Anyone missing Shez yet? Not

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  5. lalitsyal

    Can’t say what he will bring to this side…… Anyways I don’t want to say this but this side look better with Giroud than Walcott…….similarly it would be cruel to bash Walcott in a new role just after one match…… its a very tricky situation upfront……!!

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    1. seancali

      Theo never looked good even against Villa at Wembley!! He only managed to get a goal and that was it.he wasn’t involved in our build up play.yesterday was the same case he looked lost. When giroud came on you could have noticed his hold up and build up play. For me giroud is the better option compared to Theo.he is more dangerous. Theo should be used on the rw, him and ox to fight it out for that position

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    2. Mesut O-chill

      I just don’t know why it’s so hard for people to appreciate both OG and Theo. Both give us something different depending on what the opposing defense gives us.

      Theo and those runs…. something Giroud lacks. Perfect for counters.
      Giroud and those hold up plays, something Theo lacks. OG is a decent assister too.

      The ST position is the most criticized position and when neither of ours score in a given game, we are quick to scapegoat. A little love from time to time would be nice.

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    3. fred cowardly

      Benzema would be another quality CF to add to Giroud
      You need three decent CF like Chelsea has Costa, Remy and Falcao

      Welbeck is not good enough. Walcott hasn’t proven himself as a CF yet

      Benzema also has bags of experience and CL winning experience.

      If Benzema is good enough for Madrid, he is good enough for Arsenal

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      1. seancali

        Welbeck is good enough, Theo is the one who should be used at rw. That leaves us with giroud and welbeck. So we need a third striker,va WC striker like benzema

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      2. jonestown1

        If we are judging TW on yesterday then just as well judge Falcao and Remy with the same scrutiny rather than hold them up as bona fide world class back-up options. Unless Falcao rewinds the clock a couple of years or Remy ups his game (maximum 15 league goals in 8 seasons as a CF) then I wouldn’t presently swap either for Walcott as a squad player.

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  6. Gigi2

    I agree until some extent about the not needing.
    I also undestrand that three parties need to agree and that it cant bejust anyone that comes and puts a risk in our very much nice environment in the dressing room (Cech confirmed it exists).
    On the other hand, I do think it is important for one of the reasons why Cech signing has been a boost: the psychological factor.

    Hazard felt it yesterday.

    And any goalie might feel it if we field a “statement” at some point. For the matter of the example, whenever you field an Agüero, people will be aware.

    However its got to meet all those factors to be viable.

    And in no case i see all those factors being met.

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    1. Gigi2

      I d like to see Cavani, but I think his wages are too high.

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      1. seancali

        Cavani is not available while we actually have a chance with benzema. The Benz deal might actually happen

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        1. Gigi2

          i hope so, I said Cavani cuz it seems he is more available than Benz

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          1. Gigi2

            never say never, a certain striker who was a beast in Monaco went to be a failure at Juve….

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  7. gunnerup

    Up until recently I did not see much I liked about benzema. And like Walcott He has improved in the last season or 2 quite a lot especially in finishing. But I don’t think he has the capability to break through solid defenses like a Suarez type person. And that is the type of player we need, a real skillful and dribbler in the box. We have the rest. Cavani is also not an option

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    1. gmv8

      I do not understand why we didn’t push the boat out on Suarez, he was the missing piece – it didn’t even get out of the docks let alone the harbour. Maybe Wenger learnt from the Suarez experience by signing Alexis, as they seem to have a similar playing attitude.

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      1. NY_Gunner

        Suarez main goal was to get to Spain. Liverpool had no intention of selling him to us after his spectacular displays. That would have been a foolhardy move.
        I still wonder how people don’t get this…

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        1. jonestown1

          So true and so irritating – the Suarez thing re-surfaces every few days or so – thought everyone was clear what happened but obviously not.

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        2. gmv8

          Suarez was made to train alone at LFC and left out the squad because he wanted to come to Arsenal. He was becoming a real headache to Liverpool, and they would’ve sold, like they did with Sterling, but with Wenger refusing to budge Suarez eventually had to give in, as he was damaging his career. Yeah he could’ve come to us and then wanted to go to Spain, but you run that risk with any player. Read the history – that’s the truth.

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          1. NY_Gunner

            Suarez never said he wanted to come to AFC. He stated his main goal was to get to Spain to be with his wife.

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  8. Jim A

    Theo and Olivier just signed huge contracts. I really can’t see the club signing another £140 a week player. Theo was for 4 years I believe and Olivier was for 3 years.

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    1. seancali

      Theo should play on the right wing where he is best at

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    2. Mesut O-chill

      I’ve been thinking that too, but what I wonder is if OG/Theo/Danny and then Sanchez would be enough for us given our history of injury woes. So it would be nice to have more diversity up front with someone like Benzema who could give us a combo of OG’s hold up play and speed.

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  9. ArseOverTit

    Don’t worry: we have DW to come into the side.



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    1. seancali

      Welbeck has lots to offer this season. Mark my words on this. Bash me if he doesn’t shine this season. Welbeck has adjusted to the club and will come good this season. I actually think the DM signing would be more crucial for us. I want to see benzema join but i f I was to choose one position I would choose DM . I just don’t trust in arteta and flamini

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      1. gmv8

        TBH I don’t see Benzema as a sure fire solution, but I would’ve put a sizeable bet on Suarez and Schneiderlin solving our outstanding problems, but Wenger either messed the deal up, or diidn’t want to know.

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        1. ArseOverTit

          Sean, get ready for your beating:)

          Agree on Arteta and Flamini though. Flamini should have been forced at gunpoint to leave. Both good servants but with cash in the bank and enough better quality & younger players out there this is another major mistake (that is unless Wenger actually does something here in the window).

          And we need a goalscoring forward as we currently have giroud and a very costly try out for the CF role.

          ALL IMHO

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          1. seancali

            I repeat my words, welbeck has so much to offer this coming season. But this does not mean we don’t need a WC striker. We need a player like Benz

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  10. marc.overmars

    if we do not buy one of the top strikers out there, we will finish the league as usual… as simple as that… walcott is not striker, striker must have off all stuff he possesses the first is technique, which he dont have… He is fast but that is not the major quality striker must have, if you compare him and pippo inzaghi… pippo barely could walk, but he is by miles better striker than walcott and giroud.. giroud is great sub, but he cannot be first choice… Apparently Ibra is movin from paris, there is your striker if you fail with benzema, lewa etc….

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    1. ArseOverTit

      Marc, would you consider a comeback! Please!

      Zlatan will (with his next move being a surprise) will if he comes to the PL be courted by Van Gaal and Man U. Otherwise a mega money deal to the USA or Quatar.

      Would take him in a heart beat or: benzema/Cavani.

      But I just can’t see it happening as I suspect AW is once again happy with his lot. If so, like others, I feel this (and the lack of a DM transfer) will be our downfall and will see us come in 2nd,3rd..again.


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  11. Ks-Gunner

    You have teams like Barcelona who besides being the best, they do go out and try to get better. Thats the diff between champions and BS wannabe big mouth teams.

    We need every single fack out there who can turn us into a better side.

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  12. Ks-Gunner

    But to be honest. 50mil for Benzema is criminal. but thats the price you have to pay for failaure. Players like Lewandowski have moved to Bayern for free for one particular reason alone.

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  13. Zulu-boy-SA

    Giroud’s shot accuracy is 50% according to squawka, so if he takes a shot, you mught as well flip a coin.

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    1. jonestown1

      So……Benzema’s is 53%, Aguero’s 54%, Lewandoski’s is 49% and Ronaldo’s is 54%. Pretty much still a coin toss.

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      1. ArseOverTit

        Giroud can’t try to shoot that much in comparison to Ronaldo!:)

        Although 4% is 4%!

        Giroud scored, what..21 whereas Ronaldo scored 61 in all comps.

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        1. jonestown1

          I know, I know, I know…….why not mention Lewi or Benzema? Just get tired of the general misunderstanding and lazy use of stats on here. He obviously put 50% in as a p*ss take but it is a bog standard figure rather than a thing of ridicule. Just like the “needs 5 chances to score” which is actually a decent conversion rate. Saw someone on here rip in to Theo for needing 3 chances to score the other day – jeeez if he could achieve and maintain a 33% conversion rate he would be one of the most sought after strikers in Europe!!

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  14. rkw

    Giroud up front walcott on the right ain’t going get us past 3rd place that’s a fact … I think there are better options than benzema but he is a notch up for sure so if it’s all we can get then will happily accept it .. The status quo is not where an ambitious club should b weep before kick off … Have needed a top quality striker plus powerful DM for three seasons …and still do

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  15. Mozart7

    50 mill for Benzema??? Neva!!!! He could easily flop in the epl (fire extinguisher ala Soldado, Shevchenko, Falcao, Di Maria). We are not breaking our transfer record for Benzema no!!! Rather spend that 50 million on Lewa NOT Karim or don’t spend it at all lol. Flip guys I don’t want us to “sell out” like the likes of Man U, Liverfool etc if we stay injury free we can win the league, seriously!

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  16. goonerwineverything

    the list of potential strikers we can honestly attain before the end of the window is getting smaller by the week.
    1.benzema- benitez has just come out and said he is staying with real so we can most likely rule that one out.
    2. higuain- if we could negotiate his release clause in to 2 payments(one of £40 million and one of £25million) instead of one big cash payment, then this could be doable he has just rejected an extension which to me would indicate that he would be willing to move is the wages and circumstances and guaranteed game time in the c/l. to get the deal down to 2 payments could work out better, only problem if he flopped no sell on value very risky indeed but if he could get us 20+ goals then if is a risk worth taking then.
    3. dzeko- this would most likely be a last minute body in to bolster the attack for next season a loan would be better in this case than buying him, he would serve well as a back up giroud through the season and he has a knack of scoring against smaller teams could be worth extra 15-20 goals a season might be the difference at the end of season

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    1. jonestown1

      Not sure of the maths there regarding Dzeko’s “extra 15-20 goals” a season”. He has scored less goals than OG in the last 5 years and if he plays then Giroud doesn’t – so you have to deduct OG’s goals so not sure where the extra goals come from. He would have to score 30-40 and that ain’t gonna happen.

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  17. jensenvk

    Arsenal WILL sign a striker or else Wenger would not have sent Akpom out on loan. I am pretty sure it is going to be Busqets and Benzema.

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    1. seancali

      Wow!!!!!busquets???? really??? What are u on buddy! Whatever it is I will have two

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      1. jonestown1

        I know, a ridiculous rumour. The only thing I would say is that Barca also have Roberto who is the new dogs bollo**ks and the Samper whizz-kid whom everyone at Barca rates. Outside chance that Barca may need to make a decision on one of the three because they all occupy the same playing position/role and they won’t keep all three happy for much longer.

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  18. goonerwineverything

    if he doesn’t sign one top c/f or goalscoring winger, and we dont do much this season then he should step down next summer without excuses. that’s the hurtful truth we are facing the stark reality of now the cash is there, so there is no more money excuses anymore. if its availability then dont leave it to long in the market to move. but unfortunately the only thing in wengers favour atm. is it doesn’t seem to be a market for big name strikers moving around much this summer very boring indeed, but if one is coming on the market then we have to move double time. coyg

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  19. Dennis

    If real can get aguero, only then we’ll get benzema. RM won’t sell us their true #9 just because, that makes absolutely no sense at all.

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    1. ArseOverTit

      Maybe if they get reus. Bale/Ronaldinho may be moved more centrally by Benitez and with the sale of Benzema they could bag Reus (a current big name star who the madridistas desire)…

      All is possible..

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  20. ArseOverTit

    Benitez at press conference today:

    On speculation about Benzema, former Liverpool boss Benitez added: “My answer is that I THINK Benzema is going to stay with us. I’m very happy with him. There’s no reason to think that he’s going to go.”

    Mmmmmmmm. Interesting choice of word.. Scratches chin

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    1. ArseOverTit

      Ps Higuain has rejected a new contract. Current one expires 2018.

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      1. goonerwineverything

        i would go for higuain if it was a fair deal brokered between both clubs, it unfortunate that he has such a high release clause £65 million (but he is the clown that agreed to it not a wise thing to do if napoli aren’t always guaranteed c/l each season.) i think he would do a great job for us, we dont need to spend that much on d/m just enough on decent cover for le coq or competition for him. if wenger was willing to take a chance on higuain it could well be the feather in his cap or flat out bust. but that is the chance you take these days, lets see what wenger does he needs a big signing what ever the outcome.

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        1. ArseOverTit

          I’d take Higuain . But can’t see his release clause ever being met by anyone let alone penny pinching Arsene.

          I too think we need a top marquee signing ala Reus, Griezmann, Benzema as like previous big name signings would: inject greater belief, add footballing potency, sell shirts, increase exposure and frighten our opponents.

          I just hope he doesn’t miss this trick, this time.

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    2. Gigi2

      interesting choice of words indeed.
      After the Arsene “i dont know who that player is” i dont ay too much attention anyhow…can drive a gooner crazy hahahah

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      1. ArseOverTit

        Benzema is injured and misses next game and Ronaldo too as he is at his agents wedding..


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        1. jonestown1

          We are all guilty of it. Read some fluff about Schalke about to sign Shaquiri signalling Draxler’s departure. Trying to find links for players going to Real etc – the dominoes start falling then.

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          1. ArseOverTit

            I think I need help.
            Worse than crack or that stuff they put in Big Macs (runny crack).

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            1. jonestown1

              Know how you feel. I hate myself for doing it – and I mean proper self-loathing. The problem is that there is literally zero reliable info out there – none at all. And why would private companies have their decision-making processes out in the public domain – we should know better. I would be absolutely jaw-droppingly gobsmacked if there is not at least one more decent signing though. Roll on 31st August.

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              1. ArseOverTit

                im glad we are cloak and dagger but I wish he gave something away that poker faced Son Of a Witch in terms of , yes we are looking for ‘Messi’ to sign for us (along those lines).

                I just hope that their is some dagger action behind the cloak and not just an empty hand.

                #twoCardRelated ReferencesInOnePost

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  21. arsenalkid1970

    He needs to bring players in end of. We have the same team as last season o sorry players have gone out or sold and he has not replace them. DM needed a utility player and a CF

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  22. chenrob2

    Well Zlatan apparently said he may have played his last game for PSG over the weekend, now that would be the signing of the season. Give a two year contract, this will give Chuba, Theo and Welbeck two years to get to top, top level, provide quality competition for Giroud and scare the heck out of Chelsea etc. I say Zlatan is the way we should go.

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    1. jonestown1

      He will go to United if he moves. Would be a typical LVG/Utd signing – more chance of Wenger recalling Sanogo than signing Ibra imo.

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      1. ArseOverTit

        Alas I have to agree on this..

        But you never know!!!!


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  23. chenrob2

    Talk about missing out on a disaster, Khedira injured and out for two months, pheeew.

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    1. ArseOverTit

      He could have kept Jack company now diaby has gone to Marseilles Medical team.


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