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Why Arsenal don’t need Adrian Lopez or any other striker this January

So, over the coming weeks and months, rumors are certain to be speculating how Arsenal will be in the market for a striker. One name has already popped up-that being Adrian Lopez, with some reports saying that Wenger tried to buy the Atletico Madrid striker ahead of Giroud’s arrival in the summer..

The Spanish international hitman has already been linked with a move to the Gunners in January but simply put, Arsenal doesn’t need a striker. Already having bought Giroud in the summer, I can’t see the need to bring in yet another striker, especially one that’s around the £15m mark. Even if Giroud doesn’t perform well this season, we have the back up needed from the likes of Gervinho, Chamakh and even Podolski who can switch to a more central striking position if Arsenal need him to do so. To comfort Arsenal supporters, the likes of Walcott likes the idea of playing further up the pitch and Wenger could do worse than to give him more opportunities to do so and hopefully persuade him to sign the new contract. Let’s not forget that both Van Persie and Henry started out as wingers.

Lopez then simply doesn’t make any sense to me. There’s no certainty that he would any better than any one of Arsenal’s existing players already and to top it off Giroud has the potential to be great. Yes, he’s only scored one League goal so far but anyone can score a lucky goal or a tap in during a season. What Arsenal fans should be happy with is his positioning on the pitch and especially in the box. He’s finding space and sucking in defenders which is allowing gaps.

Right now that hasn’t really paid off for him but it’s only a matter of time before he clicks with the rest of the team. But one thing is certain is that Wenger needs Giroud to play as much as possible to get in the rhythm of the team, but if he starts to believe that Arsenal are already trying to find a replacement for him in the centre-forward position then it will only destroy his fragile confidence even more.

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50 thoughts on “Why Arsenal don’t need Adrian Lopez or any other striker this January

  1. Red DB 10

    I know this is off the above subject but we are top of the league when it comes to match day prices.–comes-expensive-match-day.html
    I would appreciate it if someone in the AST could please tell Gazidis that we are not running a great business model as he calls it.
    Without the ridiculous ticket prices and selling at least two players every year we would be in the red.
    Greedy gits

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  2. leo

    we need a special signing a striker who can score 30 + goals we can’t wait patiently for giroud to come good giroud is a good player but his record at his previous clubs shows he needs atleast 1 year before he can do well we need someone like david villa/llorente/soldado/huntelaar/ all are within budget reach hear even jesus navas is ready to move on if his club sells him despite his home sickness chammakh out llorente in arshavin out jesus navas in

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  3. abyyb gooner

    Having lopez and a very good DM is going to give us more depth and also remember,we need at least a title thiS season..Some players in the squad are always prone to injury…we need to have strong and competent back ups in d team.I believe we will win something this season..up gunners

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  4. ceezee

    Dull/inconsistent/poor technical ability THE0..OUT

    Vibrant/consistent/rich technical ability ADRIAN..IN

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  5. craig2500

    did you just reference Chamakh as a striking option?, think thats when your statement lost credibility. Adrian Lopez is an option that could win us a title this season, this post wasn’t written by Gazidis was it????

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  6. Allen

    You are not an Arsenal fans that is the reason u are sounding this way, please don’t wish us bad luck ok due to what am seeing in you i belive you are either Chelsea or man u fans please give way to the Gunners. Bye

    My message go to D story above here by saying Arsenal dnt need any striker

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  7. Johnno

    Walcott move up front and we bring in a right wing replacement (not Ox, too young and wants a central role) and I’d agree. But if that doesn’t happen then I reckon a quality striker is exactly what we need. We don’t really need a centre forward type like Llronte. We need a smaller, pacey, skilful type – which I think Walott would fit the bill for.

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  8. chuck

    I can’t believe an afc fan would say that we don’t need lopez and what worries me is the fact u named charmkh as someone 2 turn 2 when u need goals.

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  9. Olayinka hoppy mario

    Giroud can still remain as the striker while Lopez can be in for walcot, I dont expect the admin to be writting something like this.

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  10. Cramer

    Silly article. The fact you named chamakh as an option shows how much we lack striking depth and means the article loses any credibility. Look at utd…v.p Rooney, well beck Hernandez, look at city…augers tevez balo and dzeko. We have giroud chamakh and then gervinho, Walcott and podolski all three not being primarily strikers. Compare with the other two, I’d say we need a striker!

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  11. Enny

    I doubt if you are a true gunner fan, u must have been sent to distract us.

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  12. Ganaz

    Admin.people with poor comments like you are the ones pulling back our team.We real need a striker as we all know that Theo and Gervinho aren’t true strikers so we welcome Lopez to Gunners he will a great addition to our squad.Always there should be competition among players which will make everyone work hard.So stop your ridiculous comments.

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  13. Laurentkboi

    I wish chambo was a second striker he can out muscle and out skill any deffender one on one? He can do three and his finishing is spectacular.
    If anyone can be our next Henry as hard as it is it would be him, wish one game we play theo strik and ox second strik

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  14. nrml

    @Cramer… you forgot chelsea… torres… and thats pretty much it… strurridge is their backup who in terms of quality may be as good as or marginally better/worse off than any of our backups… our gameplay is not like city or united… last season was a one off with rvp as our lone striker… this season we have seen goals from all our front players with not too much difference between them… looking at the table… a united with rvp sees a goal difference of 8 and an arsenal without rvp sees a goal difference of 8… as for replacing rvp, that says a lot if you ask me…

    that of course doesnt mean we don’t need a striker… but it’s too early right now to decide… giroud is blending well… the fact that he hasnt scored says nothing actually… he almost scored a stunner against stoke… missed a sitter against sunderland… and missed against chelsea… if all of those chances (especially that one against stoke!) would have ended up in goals we would be having different opinions now… that is the simple difference between giroud and chamakh… and the similarity between giroud and a top quality striker…

    if there is a “grab”… wenger will take it… else i dont think there is any need to make any “marquee” signings…

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  15. randomguy

    YES, give our damn youth players a chance. Moulding youths and not using them is like building a big, badass supercar, but placed in the garage. Soon, they become rusted, dust collectors and sold to a second-hand dealer, or a lower league cup. Too many promising Arsenal youths have dropped to lower league sides because of bad luck, and lack of opportunities. (E.g. Lansbury, Kerrea Gilbert, Pedro Botelho, Fran Merida) Now that we have DA FRIMPONG, Wilshere, Eisfeld, Gnabry, Aneke and Akpom, Wenger must USE the best among them.

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  16. Freddie

    This is stupid, if course we need a striker as gervinho will be going to African cup of nations and podolski has played all but one unsuccessful game as striker do therefore it’s clear to see wenger is sticking with him on the left and have you ever seen chamakh you do know this is a player who isn’t even good enough to get on our bench because he doesn’t!

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  17. Henryesk

    Good player.. 18 goals last season.. Then again Carlos Vela got 12 playing for a worse team… Hmm, you just never know with the EPL some players just aren’t cut out for it.

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  18. sidney

    Well I feel grioud is good,but we still need a substitute strikers podolski gehvinho are not CF.walcott might not be @ arsenal for long with his contract problem.I can recall us havind the likes of vela vp bendtner 3 strikers.there is № harm Ȋ̝̊̅̄ŋ having options up front.I think if we can get navas llorente lopez and sell the unfavoured players @ arsenal we would be greater than wat we are analayis it,it won’t affect grioud.I feel it would help us and make the team better and stronger.

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  19. Segun

    Gervinho will leave for the CAF this January while Walcott could be sold this January. Should this happen, and Giroud get’s a knock(I hope not), who will be our striker cos Poldi’s better of on the flanks cos of his work rate.
    Lloriente’s a must this January, a proven goalscorer.

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  20. Abu

    Hallo, am on opinion of no need of a striker other than Huntler who will not participate in champions league with Us. I will appreciate we get a goal keeper like Reina.

    Mombasa, Kenya.

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  21. winston

    i agree that we dont need adrian lopez. We need a striker but not him. Wat has he done to prove he is worthy of donning the arsenal shirt. I’m surprised at ppl who say he scored for fun in the europa league. The europa league!! The guy is rarely considered for the spanish squad for heavens sake which has the misfiring torres as its number 1 choice. Get someone who is a proven goal machine nt a step back from giroud. Class not quantity

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  22. @Dynobrit

    Article is way off. Although I am not convinced of Giroud’s potential the real point is we need forwards scoring NOW. Not in the abstract near future. We also do not have sufficiet cover either. The options listed, only Podolski is suited for the role and he has been succesful for club and country where he is on the left. Get a Striker Please

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  23. Travis Bickle

    @ randomguy

    Korea Gilbert now plays in Ireland (not high standard)

    Fran Merida’s agent demanded too high wages, and forced a move out of Arsenal. He moved to Atletico Madrid, but was subsequently released and is now playing for a ligue 2 side in Spain

    Pedro Botelho couldn’t get a work permit, he also battled with off field problems, and now plays in Brazil

    Lansbury is the only player out of this list who maybe could have had more of a chance, but with Wilshere, Ramsey and Eisfeld playing time seemed very sparse and at 21 he was demanding first team opportunities, which Arsene couldn’t provide.

    Most of the players who are released by Arsene, never live up to anything, and more often than not the ones who remain, do. I will never for a second think that our youth system is failing Arsenal. Thats a ludicrous thing to suggest. Furthermore, on some ex youth players who leave Arsenal, there are sometimes release clauses in the deals which would allow Arsenal to re-buy for a nominal fee. For example Carlos Vela was sold for £3million, if Real Sociedad sell Vela for more than £3million, Arsenal would get 50% of that transfer fee. They also can buy Vela back, after a year for £1million.

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  24. Cramer

    I agree with you on Chelsea but they too are short on strikers and are consistently linked with falcao for example.

    Also I never said giroud was a flop, I think he needs time and could be a real asset, but its not fair for us to expect 30 goals from him, he isn’t rvp so we need another striker who will get15 or so to balance it out. There’s no harm in having quality depth and I was saying this article seems to think you don need quality depth…

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  25. simarsenal

    plwase we need a reliable finisher like lopez or llorente and a back up midfielder to back arteta.lets try to spend for once.please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  26. Gooner_greece

    I totally agree..we dont a striker..giroud is a great player and if he get used to team’s rythm..a position where we suffer is in defence..kosielny is good player but he makes a lot of mistakes..per is great so far but for example if we play with barcelona he wont make it as he is too a defender its what we need..kuriakos papadopoulos from shalke is the best choice..

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  27. Dan

    Sorry mate, but i’ve got to say you’re talking out your backside. I’ve been to every league game so far, and the one thing I say we do need is a natual goalscorer, as do many other fans i’ve spoken to.

    I’m sure Giroud will be a great striker in time, but to be a top club you need at least 2 quality strikers (and Gervinho is a winger by the way not a striker, regardless of what Wenger thinks)

    Utd – Rooney, RVP, Hernandez, Welbeck
    City – Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko, Balotelli

    They can all play as a lone striker – the only 2 that could play as a lone striker for us long term is Giroud and maybe Podolski.

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  28. Dean

    We need Adrian cause theo is not going to sign. Gervinho is going to africa cup. Chamack is going to either Bordeux or Fiorntina.Giroud might get injured. Adrian is the next david villa,so dont be so against it.

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  29. true goon

    what a short sighted rubbish article,of course we need another striker,what happens if giroud gets inured?we have to rely on walcot an gervinho?i dont think so,no trophies will come that way.we will only be sucessful if we have a squad with genuine depth,we need a striker,and a DM

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  30. Uche

    Silly article. Has it ever occured to you that if Podolski plays as central striker in the event of an injury, it upsets our team’s balance and reduces our goal scoring threat because someone has to replace him on the left wing? Have you not realized by now that walcot will be sold in January and Gervinho will be off for the african cup of nations? Man U has Van Persie, Rooney, Welbeck and Chicarito. Man City has Aguero, Tevez, Balotelli and Dzeko. Arsenal has Giroud and Chamak and you think we can do better than these other teams and win the epl while challenging as well for the FA cup, Champion’s League and Capital One Cup? Newsflash, the goal is not to find players that can fill in the gap but to get players who can deliver! If we simply needed to fill in the gaps, then we have chamak, afobe and a few other reserve team youngsters. But can they win us cups? Chamak cannot even buy a goal with all the money he earns and you call him a striking option? We need all the top strikers we can buy!

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  31. northlondonsfinest06

    How many times do we have to go around in the same circles! Look its as simple as ABC Arsenal need cups… The only way we can do that is if we perfect our imperfections and I’m sorry but our striking force is one! We need consistency! And we lacked that in important games like against Chelsea & Man Shitty! A striker is most definitely a plus! And Giroud is a good man! He won’t fear a lil friendship upfront! Afterall wenger prefers to use a winger in place of him! If Giroud can get through that and still manage to be scoring goals I’m sure he won’t mind a natural born striking force to help out! And to also give him a few tips on finishing! Experience is never a bad thing in a team like Arsenal! I mean look at Arteta, Carzola, Mertsacker, Vermalean etc… Its experience that gives them the force and skill to be Arsenal’s favourites! So I disagree with the Admin! Bring in a striker and let’s secure this premiership for sure!

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  32. Gunner Stew

    Remember that Gervinho will be away at the African Cup of nations and Chamakh is more interested in his hair, and couldn’t make a chance in any of the games he played in this year!!! Do you really think Arsenal is covered in the striking department ? Definitely not !!

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  33. Invincibles nice (1)

    I agree with, our team surely looks like there is many goals to be scored, but the only problem i have is if we are to get injuries, it could spell the end of any possible silverware, granted we would probably have to have three forwards out at onetime for it to become serious, possibly i believe that we are be better off safe rather than sorry, even though ourselves are better equipped up top than lpool and che, i cant help feeling that it will be us that gains the unlucky short straw were injuries are concerned, must say that i totally agree with you that there isn’t anything to suggest that Lopez would be better than any options available to us right now, also with all the player’s being touted about himself is the one i would least like to have arrive just coz i don’t really rate the lad very much at all, and moreover his stat’s are not really that impressive at all and given that the lower tier in Spain is most suitable for record breaking, then my opinion is that the lad is just slightly above an average player.

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  34. Braven

    Silly!!!! We need striker especially someone mobile and has good technical skill.

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  35. Braven

    BS!!!! We need striker especially someone mobile and has good technical skill.

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  36. ArsenalBrasil

    Ok after all , something like 2 months you will make a post saying that Arsenal need 1 more striker . Comone man if we have a chance let’s take it!

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  37. SD

    I don’t know that we NEED anyone. The team is pretty strong and it is rare that we could get someone in the January window that would be better at any position than what we have already. More defensive cover would be nice and if Frimpong and Le Coq aren’t up to backing up Arteta, a backup DM may be needed, but I think we are actually pretty deep once we get everyone healthy.

    Since it seems we have some money to play around with, we should be looking at maybe one marquee signing. A top player is a top player, no matter what he costs (look what we sold RVP for). We should sign someone that is either a decent player that is willing to come off the bench or someone who will be an immediate improvement over someone in the squad.

    Think about this and ask if Llorente or Lopez or any of the strikers names thrown around are significant upgrades over Giroud, Podolski, Walcott, and Gervinho. As much as I like Goetze and Fellaini, who do they replace in the lineup? Of course they could slot in, but what happens to Wilshere’s recovery and continued development? Diaby’s reemergence? Rosicky, Ramsey, and Ox would have smaller roles as well. What about Mbiwa? Where would he fit in the current lineup? Replace Jenkinson or one of the CBs? The simple answer is that none of these guys are significant upgrades over what we have, and none of them would be comfortable with lesser roles either.

    So the answer is, we do not NEED anyone. More signings would be a luxury at this point, so if anything we should be looking at one or two special players that could improve the squad immediately.

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  38. kevin

    gervinho is leaving for african cup of nations and that leaves us with just podolski…..what is wrong with having a great player as a back up, we’ve got the money and hes incredibly cheap. there nothing wrong with having a powerful bench its called DEPTH!!!!

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  39. dubz

    dude, chamakh his possibly leaving and we all know, you can never fully rely on gervinho as he has his mood(and form) swing. that leaves only giroud as the lone hitman and as for my opinion we do need backup or atleast sum competition.

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  40. Bravia Ernest

    U posses all kind of madness, What hs Chamk done since his arrival? so far 2yrs now & given alot of chances, 100% we nid a striker, en i wish we go for Dzeko or Huiguen no one cn battle with us for titles.

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  41. Ryan

    We need to sign another striker for the competition and decide what’s happening with chamak I believe if we did sign another striker we’d have a healthy fight for all positions in attack, players would be happy to play for the club where ever they could and not demand positions, I said it about gervenhio and Arteta last season and got laughed at – they are quality and will be the hub of the team next season and look what’s happened! Giroud will be a revalation at arsenal and get a lot of goals, similar type of player to chamak when he was on form Giroud is better I think, but we do need another striker… Hernandez is only 8m ?????

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  42. Ace

    I agree….its not like giroud is wasting chances..the fact is that he is not getting enough chances n still he finds spaces nd create chances for others…n there is always walcott whose finishing seems to be just awesome we can go 2 up in front….so i think we should giv giroud a chance…

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