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Why Arsenal face much happier week than Man City

The results were the same this weekend for Arsenal and Man City but the circumstances were very different. After the way they lucked their way to all three points against Swansea, Man City should start marketing their own brand of jam.

A wrongly disallowed goal and a horrible deflection were really harsh on the Welsh club but at the end of the day it has left Arsenal facing a crucial clash with Manuel Pellegrini and his players next week, with the winner getting one over on their main Premier League rival.

I am not disrespecting Leicester City here and I have been very impressed with the Foxes and do not expect them to collapse, just to not be able to maintain this level over the course of the season. And Man United are being found out big time so in my opinion there are two clubs in the EPL race.

So the coming week is a very important one for Arsenal and City but I think it will be a happier one in north London. For one thing we are a point better off and so a draw will keep us ahead of them. For another, and this is a big one, the Gunners have been playing better than our rivals.

Both clubs might have big players back next week in the shape of Alexis Sanchez and Sergio Aguero but I think City will be hoping for this more than us. With a week to rest, Arsene Wenger will be perfectly happy to field the same starting XI for a third game in a row, and why not?

Man City, on the other hand, will be coming south with real concern about facing us and that is the key. So enjoy the week Gooners, especially if Chelsea stop Leicester winning and leave us in top spot.

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24 thoughts on “Why Arsenal face much happier week than Man City

  1. GunnerForLyf

    Perfect week ruined by two deflections…. One for Origi n one for Yaya… COYG

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  2. Mick The Gooner

    Yep. Man City have been really lucky lately, but I still expect them to bring it for the massive game against us next week. They have a world class team and a world class striker let’s not forget. Being without Alexis and Coquelin is making me nervous.

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    1. Colin

      I think, however, that this is the first time in a long time that we have a psychological advantage over them. We are in the ascendancy they are not. We are above them in the table. We have a better goal difference, first time in a long time, and they’re coming to us. Aguero can’t be that fit by then. I like our chances, and I think they will fear the look o of what Rambo, Ozil, Giroud and now Theo and Campbell have been doing to defences. I’ll take our team over theirs thanks.

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  3. SoOpa AeoN

    HumiLiation for the spu*s!

    An army of Toon
    Built a pLatoon
    upon the moon..

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  4. Johannesburgunner

    See what Thursday night football could have done to us. SPUDS 1 NEWCASTLE 2: LIVERPOOL 2
    WBA 2. Job done today, even though we were tired after our successful trip to Greece.

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  5. kamn288

    Man city will force Arsenal in the early stages play tactics on the team just like the previous matches when they took the Arsenal’s side of field from the start. But this time they will surely press with Yaya,Fernando and Fernandhino and flamini is little bit careless when it comes to facing big teams. During the Bayern fixture Arsenal had Coquelin who practically did what was told of him. If Arsenal start like the Man utd match then they have problem which dependant on whether Alexis will be fit or not.

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    1. almostawinner

      think sanchez will be back. he wouldnt miss manc for anything.
      flam and mert scare me a bit. their weaknesses aren’t costing us right now, but mert regularly gets beaten. was hoping gabriel would be a bit further along in replacing mert than he has been.
      ramsey can sub in ok for cazorla. but its coq who we’ll really miss.

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  6. SoOpa AeoN

    @Admin….why is my

    “Hahahaha……dodged a bullet” comment awaiting moderation?

    Is there a personal insult or swear word in there somehow ?????

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  7. SoOpa AeoN

    @Admin… all my comments are awaiting moderation…….. This is funny admin!

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  8. Greg

    Congrats to petr cech for equalling the premeireship clean sheet record, hoping that he breaks it in the weeks to come. Well done! Coyg!

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  9. Davros

    I hav mixed feelings about tomorro. Match

    As much as I want to be top of the Premier League, I would love to see Leicester beat Chelsea and see the look on Mourinho’s face lol

    Anyway, it’s impossible for me to get too disappointed no matter what the result is.

    The main thing is that we won today and MUST perform well at home against CITY

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  10. optimisticgooner

    Is it only me or has Olivier Giroud gotten somewhat faster !?!

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    1. NY_Gunner

      I was on the edge of my seat watchin him beatin a defender with a slick dribble and a semi burst of speed…Lol

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  11. Koss

    i also want leicester to win coz i believe they will not be able to hold on for the rest of the season. But another mourinho loss is always a cherry on the cake after a perfect week for us.

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  12. antiwenger

    Mertesacker keeps starting ahead of Gabriel and it makes me wonder just how bad is Gabriel???coz mertesacker is really bad truth be told,everytime he has the ball I get really nervous

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  13. arsenalkid1970

    Man city will fancy this one. Our team is a bit team at the mo and we should set up not to lose this game. Could be a very hard 4 games for us because one more player out we are done, just hope AW has done some good business for Jan
    The talk of stones coming in and chambers going there with cash I think is a good start and could be the start of a great team in the make img

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    1. Colin

      What bit do you mean ? Ozil Giroud Rambo Kos Mert Natcho Cech Theo Bellarin oh you mean Flamini and Campbell. Sorry I thought that old hat had been put to bed.

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