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Why Arsenal will NOT get £42m Aubameyang deal

With the January transfer window now open Arsenal fans will be hoping that Arsene Wenger really is as busy as he suggested earlier this week but that does not mean that we should believe all of the Arsenal transfer rumours in the football media.

And in my opinion that goes for the one in The Sun today that claims the Gunners are set to make a massive transfer bid of around £42 million for the Borussia Dortmund and Gabon international star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Now it is not that I do not believe the prolific and talented striker is not worth that or that Wenger would not pay it, as that is about the same as the Frenchman paid Real Madrid for Mesut Ozil a few years ago. I just do not believe that the boss sees a top quality centre forward as our transfer priority right now.

For one thing we are just about to get Alexis Sanchez back from injury and Olivier Giroud has been doing a great job for us. So with Theo Walcott and Joel Campbell and with Danny Welbeck on the comeback trail there are other positions that are more in need of a boost.

Even if I am wrong about that, there is the Sky Sports report of a few weeks ago in which the Gabonese forward specifically poured cold water on the transfer rumours surrounding him.

Aubameyang said, “I am very happy here. The people here accept me for who I am. Dortmund has become my second home.

“I learnt a lot through the clubs I’ve played for previously [AC Milan, Dijon, Lille, Monaco] both negative and positive. It’s made me a better person.

“Every goal I score feels like the first. It’s a special feeling to play in front of these fans. I don’t know my limits yet. I set personal goals every season, that’s very important to me. I have improved in every year I’ve been at Dortmund.”

With Dortmund pushing Bayern Munich hard in the German Bundesliga, why would they sell their best player in January? So even if Arsenal are looking to sign a striker, you might as well forget about it being Aubameyang.

Is this Spanish beauty the reason for Bellerin’s drop in form?

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37 thoughts on “Why Arsenal will NOT get £42m Aubameyang deal

  1. Invincibles49

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  2. Mehrzad

    Aubameyang is exactly type of player arsenal need. ha can play as winger or CF and he is one of the fastest players 30 m in 3.7 seconds. His speed will be the key to score goals. Arsenal have got options in CF position but not as winger. Beside Campbel (and perhaps Sanchez) nobody wants to play wing.
    he signed a contract extension recently but stranger things have happened in football world
    at 42 mill he will be a bargain and a big move towards league title

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    1. GoonerLad

      I agree and I would also like to get another winger in summer because frankly Walcott has been disappointing and imo he should remain a bench player because even as a CF he’s inconsistent, he turns up in the big games and goes missing in the smaller ones without realizing EVERY game matters.

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  3. goonthinker

    forget these dortmund players.
    Each year el classico teams sell some of
    of their best players.
    Im sure

    Im sure we can get some of these.
    My preference would be isco rakitic and samper
    Maybe grimaldo

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    1. 007

      You make a good point on that list, but ask yourself which players would those two clubs be willing to sale now?

      rakitic – The new Xazi?
      isco – The darling of Madrid
      bale – Earmarked to succeed CR7 and would cost a billion
      samper – Loved by the Barca fan and is seen to be one of there future stars
      jese – Loved at Madrid but would he really improve us? Different man after his injury we need someone to go straight in the line up.
      alvez – ???? Aint sure which Alvez this is.
      grimaldo – Never head of him so I wont comment.
      Modric – After selling Ozil and getting stick for it I don’t think Perez will be selling another star that they actually need to Arsenal anytime soon.

      My point is most of the players you listed are either not needed, cannot improve the team or are no where near the level of Auba. Priority for this transfer window should be CF and DM, but if a player like Isco or Modric is available of course we should try to get them.

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      1. GoonerLad

        Isco never gets a game and he’s fed up of being a bench player, Rakitic is far from the new Xavi, any midfielder with a front 3 of MSN can look world class, remember how Henderson was considered the new Gerrard because of Suarez ? Bale is staying in Real, Ronaldo will retire soon, Samper is overrated, as I said before any skill full midfielder with a front three of MSN looks top top, Jese loved by Madrid but like Isco and every young player at Madrid in the last decade he won’t be first team player and will most likely be sold, don’t need Modric, we have Cazorla and Wilshere, it sounds deluded but a in form Wilshere is as good as Modric and in terms of replacing Cazorla we should go for Isco.

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  4. 007

    Aubameyang at Arsenal, match made in heave.

    With his pace, and technic Ozil would turn into an assist god and he would definitely turn us into titles favorites for some time to come. Whether will get of course is another issue though I’m confident he can fit in well (the guy is proven in Europe now and bangs goals for his country too).

    Some advantages:
    1. Fast
    2. Good technical ability
    3. Good awareness
    4. Goes for AFCON – meaning every after 2 years gives chance to the other strikers to also have game time.
    5. Deadly in front of goal and entering his prime age

    1. Not a very good passer of the ball
    2. Goes for AFCON
    3. Claims he wants to stay at Dortmund
    4. Wants to play for either Barca or Madrid some day (we know how this story ends).

    Well I say get him. Closest we can get to Titi in the modern era.

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  5. Jazlon

    firstly….arsenal are top with 7 influential players out injured….prob 90%of our first 11 players played about 3 games in a space of a week full 90min….aren’t they suppose to be jaded? ofcause

    we probably not our fluent deadly selves, but common? we top of the league and managing consistency…..lets be optimistic..

    Whats with the walcot hate? tel me?..the guy is probably also returning to full match fitness. He is arguably one of our most dangerous players behind sanchez…get a grip guys….the magical trio MSN couldn’t get past espanyol if im not mistaken…

    I really hope wilsh,welbeck,rosisky make speedy recoveries, I feel they going to be vital in the second part of the season…

    Auba?…mmmm I think if we ought to get him, we’ll prob have the fastest front 3 (alexis,auba,walcot) damn that’s mouthwatering and pretty scary if you ask me…question? will wenger go for him…I doubt..

    El neny? mmmm wenger probably saw something in him that can be natured, he seems a good passer and like them rockets….

    Lets win the next 5 games in a row…and show our intention to the people writing us off

    Gunners for life>>#whoooooSHH

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  6. kamn288

    There is a massive difference with aubameyang against giroud,Walcott,Campbell,Welbeck and do you what it is 24 goals in 23 games. And add pace to it. And then add height to it. Giroud can
    lose form any time and is unreliable.Walcott can’t be trusted,Campbell is good but not Arsenal material. The Dortmund forward is a player who terrorise defence with mertesacker in the team wh re the opponents will be defending most of the time.

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    1. Trevor

      I’m sure that was said in July to August, along with no outfield signings he has lost his marbles ..but in comes P Cech and we have first or second best defense in the league then Theo alternates with Oli giving us two different ways to play along with two to three of the very finest midfielders you can get and we are top of the pile.

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    2. infumous25

      1st I will come to the defence of Walcott he has been something different this season, hungry looking out for the ball making smart runs and his finishing has got better (still needs work but much better) he can do a job for us when played with the right people around him.

      2nd. Campbell stop slating the guy people keep saying he is not arsenal martial but I think he symbolises who we are..always the underdog who can be very dangerous and never ever gives up. he can play 70min on the field and for 70min he is running almost non-stop looking to make openings yes he can work alot on his finishing and a bit on his descion making and passing but that comes with time..we are all expecting another Sanchez in the wing. This is still his offically first season with us..what more do you want from the kid he has given it his all and has improved alot.

      3rd. Guriod is an impact sun who needs someone to challenge him for his spot that when we get the best out of him. it was only at the start of the season when Walcott took his place that he stepped up when he came off the bench he would score when he started (but did not finish the match) he would score.

      Yes Aubameyang has scored more and most likely will but lets not just throw away and disrespect the some of the guys that have given it there all this season…No matter how much we slate them and have slated them in the past (me included) they still there fighting for US!!

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    1. 007

      Nice one. Anyone with some info though on how Sanogo is performing and what happened to Gnabry????????????????????????????????????????

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      1. NY_Gunner

        Both have been considered to not have what it takes to play 1st team football in their respective loan teams…

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        1. 007

          Then what are they still doing at Arsenal? Lets send Gnabry to the championship next season and see how they fairs there. As for sanogo, its time he finds himself another club and let us look elsewhere for a young ST.

          Thanks NY.

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        2. gooner100

          Can’t help but feel that Gnabry was abused by Pulis. 12 mins of footy this season for someone who even Pulis was salivating over at the beginning of the loan. We’ve been had and I suspect that’s half the reason for his recall.

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    2. Trevor

      Anti-Wenger, because of your chosen username I always want to thumb you down whether making sense or not, this time it was the stupid comment though.

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        1. Trevor

          What was stupid about it Sam? I was being deadly serious whereas anti was not being serious in the least.

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  7. andre88

    based on how wenger think , i dont believe he make offer for aubameyang, almost same play style with theo. i think elneny/rabiot/insigne / other midfielder is in wenger priority. but we’ll see..

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  8. Zulu-boy-SA

    Oxlade Chamberlain time is running out, it will take only few games for Jeff Reine-Adelaide to displace him, he’s one player I think has the potential to fill Ozil’s boots.

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  9. Redeye

    The likelihood of aubamayeng is 50%,because he is welbeck 2.0 or rather welbeck with finishing ability, I say we place a bid for shane long he could be a useful tool in our quest for the double.

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  10. Fatboy Gooney

    To be or NOT to be … Nice title Bob 😉
    Even the most simple Lemming should be able to understand that title without getting their knickers in a twist.

    We are not signing Aubameyang 😜
    And Just to put the final nail in this rumours coffin,
    A Dortmund insider has stated that the club are in the process of rebuilding their team and are not in need of Money!


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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      And then this news breaks out in the last 20 minutes! 😲

      Borussia Dortmund Chief Executive of Operations Hans-Joachim Watzke has claimed that while Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is highly valued at the club, no single player is ‘irreplaceable’.

      The Gabon international has been heavily linked with a move to Arsenal over the last month, with a £42.5m bid reportedly being readied by Arsene Wenger and the board.

      The 26-year-old has been most impressive for Dortmund this campaign, scoring 18 goals in his first 17 Bundesliga appearances this season, making him a prized asset for the German giants.

      However, in recent years, Thomas Tuchel’s side have been known to allow some of their biggest stars to leave the club, with the likes of Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski joining rivals Bayern Munich.

      With that said, Dortmund CEO Watzkeadmitted to BILD that Aubameyang is not irreplaceable and for the right price, could leave the club for the Premier League due to the financial differences.

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      1. juhislihis

        I would laugh out loud if the deal would go though for that reported 42.5 million.

        42.5 million pounds, that magical amount which got us Özil and Aubameyang. Probably would’ve gotten us Suarez as well. Messi isn’t for sale at any price, except for about 42.5 million.

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  11. Trevor

    If he has any ambition he will beg Arsenal to come calling, never said that in a long time. Arsene would make him a better more rounded player and he would earn bigger respect doing it in the PL. I believe he is an Arsene type player with his pace stamina and room for improvement but I don’t know if he is a forty mil player, well I suppose since eve payed what they did for Lukaku and Liv for Benteke etc etc well then maybe a player who is scoring around one in one momentarily and offers huge threat is worth the large punt.

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  12. emmnuel neci

    I think Wenger should buy Auba, but I will be more than happy if we can get Chicharito. I have this feeling that he’s gonna a better buy than Auba considering the fact that he’s already an Epl material. And again we really a Le coq type of DM if really we wanna win the title.

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  13. infumous25

    I would take him for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for around the £35- £42 million mark…he is quality, Diverse (can play on the wing and in the centre) He loves to attack and him and Sanchez with the vision of Ozil would be a true terror in europe.

    Value for money for season we have begged Arsene to spend ££ on Good players and tbh he is a great player would get us goals an create his far share of chances…

    We will kick ourselves if she signs for another team due to us no paying for him. We are making strides forward lets not let our “tight-wallet” selfies come back out..We spend when we need to and the right price for the right player!!!

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  14. Twig

    With Aubameyang and el-nenny we’ll have two players that’ll run and run and never get tired 😝

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    1. sanmi.marvellous

      In all sincerity, do you think Wenger can actually splash such huge amount on Aubameyang ???

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      1. infumous25

        Did you expect us to sign Ozil £42.5m??
        Sanchez for £35m???
        or for us to even get a steal for Cech for £10m????

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