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Why Arsenal fans should be happy if Wenger gets Lacazette

If Arsenal get Lacazette, Arsenal fans should be happy…by Goonerboy

Arsenal appear to be closing in on Lacazette and In my opinion he is a good striker who will be a good addition to our team. Unsurprisingly for me, many Arsenal fans have began their devaluation campaign saying all sort of negative stuff about our potential signing…

I have seen tweets saying Lacazette is an average player… he can’t get ahead of Giroud in the French team… most of his goals are from the spot.. etc…

I will start with the ‘Lacazette is average’ argument. How is scoring over 20 goals in at least the past 3 seasons average? Is it because it is in the French league? Dortmund picked Aubameyang from St.Etienne with an inferior quality compared to Lacazette but now we all want him and some blame Wenger for not getting him sooner… Hazard also came from French league remember…

Secondly, many say he can’t get ahead of Giroud in the national team…that’s true but do we play the same style as France? France play with two strikers, a target man and pacy striker which at the moment is double G(Giroud and Griezmann) and I don’t see anyone that can displace them yet as they really compliment each other. Even Mbappe won’t bench Giroud…

It even shows how unfortunate and underrated Giroud is and it is such a pity for such a good goal scorer to be treated with such contempt…we don’t use Giroud well enough but France get the best out of him. May I add that France at the moment has one of the teams in Europe and it is a tough task to get in, so using that to judge Lacazette is really harsh in my opinion.

Come to think of it, what other striker choices do we realistically have? Auba is 28 and will cost 70m even City, Madrid and Man Utd are not willing to pay and BVB are really looking for someone daft enough to pay that…

Belloti is still a one season wonder and would also cost 70m upwards but he is only 23. Mbappe same as Belloti and is 18 with a massive price and he wants to end up at Madrid or Barca and only wants a stepping stone to get there..

Or is it Morata or Lukaku??? All these strikers are guaranteed to cost a lot of money but not guaranteed success If Lacazette scores 20 EPL goals I will see him as a success. If he had joined Atletico, many would have blamed Wenger for missing out. If we get him, I will be a happy Gunner…

How can Arsenal fans be satisfied? Do you still think Lacazette will flop at Arsenal?


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41 thoughts on “Why Arsenal fans should be happy if Wenger gets Lacazette

  1. TW14-TH14

    Mbape! Mbape! Mbape! The hoard keep screening plays in the same French league and has inferior stats. They just want to hear 100 million pounds and nothing else. Mbape has proven nothing yet. At 21 Walcott scored about same number of goals and you know how the hoard here still talk about him like he’s a waste (he scored 19 this season by the way). The hoard just likes to moan and whine. The like being sad. If Mbape in a few seasons fails to leave up to the hype (like many they cursed Wenger for not buying) you won’t hear them apologise for the disturbance.

    1. Arsenal_Girl

      Mbappe is the real deal
      Top clubs want him for a reason
      He will succeed in any league
      Of course there is risk in everything
      But Mbappe is worth the risl
      Very special player

      1. OZ11

        Every damn frickin 18 year old with a good season is arel deal now a days, even 16 and 17 years old are touted to becom worlds best just because they play good at young age

        1. Arsenal_Girl

          Mbappe is not “every damn freakin 18 year old”
          He is special in my opinion
          Hey, just an opinion. I could be wrong
          But I don’t think if you compare him to other 18 years olds you can see how good he is
          Real Madrid, PSG and Wenger want him for a reason

          1. ojay

            Exactly.I agree with every single word you just wrote.The biy Mbappe is special.everyone will see it soon enough.he is the new generation.

    2. slash

      lacazt is sanches replacement. I think no one can replace sanchez. Another top player needs to come in to cope sanchez loss.

  2. LL_cool_gunner

    OT.. I hope we sign that Golovin guy that plays for Russia, heard we were atfer him yeah? He’s really good..

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      If I was Admin, ?? I would have deleted you, along with your comment.

  3. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Some ugly bitch with teeth that would scare a shark ?? has posted a photo on social media of herself with Giroud at Lyon airport. There’s Speculation that he could be on the verge of joining Lyon as part of the Lacazette deal.

    Good luck to Lampy, even though he was given a hard time for being the main striker at Arsenal, it’s funny how we finished out of the top four in the season where he played the less games. ?? he had the last laugh, I suppose.

    1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f###

      We can say bitch?!

      Lol happy days

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

        It’s a female dog, right? ?? That would be discrimination if it was forbidden ??

          1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

            Yup, I know that mate.??
            My ?? react to what beauty looks like? ? and they also react to Beast ??

            Anyways, So when are you going to step out of that closet GoonerLad? ??

  4. JPS_AFC1

    I think Lacazette is good business if we do it. Would prefer Aubamayang but the author makes a good point about age, however I think Aubamayang still has 4-5 years off top class football left in him and if we go for him I think that would be the best option when it comes to buying the finished product. Back to the article I have watched Lacazette quite a bit and I think he will thrive with the players we have supplying him at Arsenal. He is fast, strong and a clinical finisher who can also play with his back to goal. 25+ goals a season IMO. Just go and get it done Lacazette, Lemar and Idrissa Gueye or Fabinho would be a great summer for us. Giroud is not in front off Lacazette for France the author is right it’s Griezmann, and like he said Mbappe can’t bench Giroud regularly at international level. For once we are being linked with the players we need and we are still finding something to complain about. Sure I would prefer Aubamayang, Belotti, Dybala or Costa but Lacazette is one off the best in the world ATM and we should be happy is we get him.

    1. Deano the gooner

      I agree mostly with what has been said,I do actually think that Lacazette is the cheaper and younger option which will obviously prove vital for Wenger and Aubamayang is a better player maybe but when you consider he will disappear every other year to go and play in the ACON we would be losing our main striker for an important part of the season too often and that has to be a serious issue for any team

  5. John0711

    Lacazette still has to prove himself. The French league is below standard . Auba proved himself
    Lacazetta hasn’t acored for France in I think 706 mins
    And you didn’t mention the penalties you just said people say

    My argument is if he’s so good why are Man City. Chelsea. UTd In for him

    I may be wrong but from the evidence in front of me I’m not overly excited

  6. Deji obe

    Lacazette is an upgrade for us in the striking position,any one who did not want him must be a spurd fan

    1. Disgusted1

      I think that’s a stupid buy. I think Arsenal needs 3 players 2 of those are wingers and someone for the midfield. We keep forgetting how good Alexis is up top.

  7. kev

    I just don’t know where to begin.What’s wrong with we Arsenal fans?Arsenal finally trying to sign a striker for almost the right price and people are complaining.Some say Lacazette is behind Giroud for France so he can’t be any better.Griezmann benches Giroud and how he gets in France’s team is beyond me.Some also say many of his goals are from penalties and so if you subtract them the number is smaller.Are we serious?We should even be happy that he’s a striker who won’t be wasting penalties.Some also say he’s from the French Ligue and the fact that he’s scoring many goals doesn’t mean he’s the right choice.Telll that to the great players who have risen from Ligue 1.I just don’t know what their about.Don’t we know there’s a risk associated with signing any player?To me Lacazette is value for money and I believe we are signing him at almost the right price.All we need is someone who can finish and Lacazette fits the bill.This is the kind of mentality that won’t see us winning trophies anytime soon.He was my last option for CF but I won’t deny the fact that he’s a very good option.People are not able to justify the fact that he’s average with facts.Yet the same people say Giroud is world class and so on.Shame on those people.They obviously don’t know and understand what football is.

    1. Phred

      Look at his goal tally, magnificent!
      Is it better than Giroud?

      They suddenly forget Sanchez was nowhere @ camp nou

  8. Bryce Bean

    Why I like Lacazette: He’s consistent, he’s not injury prone, he’s still young, and he gives us options. Not a lot of strikers in Europe that have notched 25+ goals the past three seasons without injury struggles. I hope we get him and keep Giroud and have options and good competition for the striker role. Sell Walcott. He’s done a lot over the years but isn’t worth the wages we are paying him currently. If we can get Lacazette it is a step in the right direction.

  9. kev

    Lacazette is a very good player.All we need from him is goals.However,I have to confess that he’s not as good as many people think.But at least he’s proven that he’s consistent and can finish when given the chances.His price is a bit too high given his quality.But I think he has the quality to scre at least 20 goals in his first season if given the right chances.He will for the time being solve the poor finishing we’ve being seeing from our CF’s.

  10. Jimmy

    I had rather bring in Lacazzete and Mahrez for 100 million pounds than buying unproven Mbappe for such ridiculous amount of cash. Lacazzete is a better striker than Mbappe.

  11. shambala

    Lacazete is definitely an upgrade in our striker position. Giroud & Walcott have failed us over the years & that’s why we have not won anything – both can’t score many goals say 20+league goals per season. France National Coach prefers Giroud & other strikers are not given ample time to prove themselves. Every season we are mourning how slow & less sharp Giroud is . In fact Giroud is luck to be still at Arsenal considering how other teams off load non performing strikers eg Benteke (Liverpool) , Manducic ( Bayern), Falcao ( Man U & Chelsea) .

  12. Adam Criniti

    Goertska or Seri
    Lemar (if Sanchez leaves)
    Jonathan Tah (Leverkusen CB)

    Schez or Ospina

    Prettt simple folks

  13. Break-on-through

    We all get a bit ahead of ourselves. All Aulas has said is how during a France match, that Arsene told Houlier that we might be interested in him.
    Then he said Arsenal know the asking price and if it doesn’t agree with them, they can wait til jan to get it off Madrid. Then the outlets say Lyon confirm talks, then it snowballed into terms agreed.

    There is definitely smoke, but no fire yet.

    1. ArseOverTit

      Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story or you will have the hoards baying for blood!

  14. Sean

    Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and mine is that the money would be better spent on Turan, auba and lemar instead of laca and mbappe……..we need more than an 18 year old kids at this moment in time. We need some balls and Turan has that, we won’t make top 4 with laca or wenger as manager. I know il get thumbed down for negativity but it’s realism unfortunately

  15. Joseph

    I absolutely now know some Arsenal fans are really bad and fake. People here are born to mourn and I will care less if I hear one express sorrowful words against players or manager. What on earth do you people want to see so you can let joy run freely here? It appears even if Wenger brings in Messi and Ronaldo you will still still curse the manager of not picking them when they were young: I see Arsenal’s greatest opponent is some fickle arsenal fans here; our enemies are not from other clubs but ourselves. I can testify in my life I have never seen any other club deviding thoughts or plainly intimidate themself bad like Arsenal fans. It’s really difficult to instill winning mentality in our players with this our attitude and behavior. It’s bad manner to belittle our own players while recommend average players from other teams; why would any good player that comes to arsenal soon turns to be average and deadwood? Why bring misfortunes on ourselves more before the enemy does? We are a laughing stork because we declare it ourself to others, definitely we are insecure can’t defend our players or manager from outside attack like other real supporters do. Bad manner

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      I’m still trying to imagine what that laughing stork would look like ?

  16. ade

    Great post from the postal, my choice among d cf is lukaku bcos of his EPL proven experience. But is really hard to be convinced that someone our rejected OG12 benched in national team will be great here. Anyway, any signing is a gamble. Let him come but Giroud must not leave yet

  17. alhajzulkifil

    Even before Giroud came to England he was also a season playe from monpellier let alone lacazette who prove him self more than 3season

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