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Why Arsenal fans should beware Pep’s title contender claim?

Maybe it is just me but I always start to worry when I hear Arsenal or Arsene Wenger receiving positive and encouraging comments and praise coming from one of our big rivals. To be perfectly honest I would rather have a Jose Mourinho being negative and disrespectful because at least you know where he is coming from and that he really does not want us to do well.

When another managerial rival talks nicely about Wenger I am always looking for an ulterior motive and the comments often appear to me to be a bit patronising. You know, like he deserves a lot of respect and has been in the game and at our club for so long, blah blah blah…

Do you really think that Pep Guardiola is looking at anything other than a win for Man City at home against the Gunners today? When you compare the way the two teams have played so far it is easy to see why the home side are big favourites, as they have been playing great football, sweeping aside all comers and are unbeaten as yet, while Arsenal have lost at Stoke and Watford and were hammered at Anfield by Liverpool.

So when I read the report in the Daily Mail in which Guardiola talks up Arsenal’s credentials as Premier League title contenders and suggests that Man City have a very tough test ahead of them, my concern is that he really does not mean it and is confident of a win at the Etihad this weekend.

The Spaniard said, ‘We are in November. They won the FA Cup last season. The prestige of the club, the Emirates Stadium – of course they are a contender. It is nine points. The difference is nothing, believe me.

‘People consider we are going to play like the last two months all season. When that has happens I can say, ‘OK we have a big chance to be champions’ but nobody can assure you that. We have to fight.’

Of course Pep is sending a message to his own players about staying focused and working hard but in my opinion he is also saying to the Arsenal players that they should not worry and are not about to face a firestorm. Don’t believe him Gunners, because if you are going to challenge for that EPL trophy then you need to be bang at it today.


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12 thoughts on “Why Arsenal fans should beware Pep’s title contender claim?

  1. McLovin

    He’s just being courteous. He knows they will win 9 times out of 10, so it’s just good sportsmanship.

    We might see another thrashing this,afternoon. Prepare yourselves.

      1. Alexis the Great

        Err the difference was 5-2 I believe, and Everton are in the relegation zone. Oh sorry I didn’t know you were an Everton fan.

  2. Ivan

    Arsenal are yet to beat a team in the top half of the table this season so it is absolutely crucial we get a result today or at leat not lose.
    Wenger must ensure that the usual problems do not happen today. So:
    1) do not have 9 players all attacking at once.
    2) do not have the big gaps between midfield and defense.
    3) do have the team aware about the punt up the middle of the pitch to which Arsenal seem so vulnerable.
    4) Ensure Xhaka and Ramsey are switched on to tracking back their opposing midfield number.
    If we do all that we might stand a chance of not being embarrassed.

  3. Solomon

    Let’s be optimistic gunners, I have this feeling that we’re going to surprise the world with this game. Remember the game at Chelsea, nobody expected what we did. COYG

    1. Remember Resource?

      Sanchez will audition for city today. Let us see how the trial goes. He is playing for a weaker team so his quality will stand out a lot more. If he can prove himself, then I’m sure next year we will see the next english team that is truly capable of pulling of a treble! Spending more money will only make their net spend per point go up hahahaha suckersssss. Arsenal are like ninjas, without anyone realising we are top with net spend per point 😀

      1. lcebox

        Just like Ox’s great show for Liverpool.
        Let’s hope not.
        And i mean his last game for us b4 joining the dirt.

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