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Self-inflicted wounds – Why Arsenal fans simply can’t trust the club anymore

Self-inflicted Wounds: the basis for the fan’s distrust of this flailing organization by Vieira Lynn

There are many Arsenal fans trying to speculate on how and why the relationship between the club and our best player has disintegrated to such a degree over the last year, so much so that one has to wonder if his presence in and around the club can actually be beneficial this season.

For many, like myself, it was the only reason I felt it best to cut and run prior to the close of the window, in the hopes of avoiding another nightmare scenario if things continue to go horribly wrong and the focus shifts squarely on his mismanaged contractual situation. Of course this isn’t an indictment on Sanchez, he was the only party that truly honored his commitment. Few, if any, former Gunners have given more effort game in and game out, regardless of how his methods may have rubbed fellow teammates and Wenger the wrong way. The fact is that this team has waited a long time to have such a vocal and focused leader on the pitch who likewise possessed such talents, whereas this club, instead of embracing his passion to succeed by bringing in the necessary transfers and handing him the armband, they seemed to side with the overpaid and under-performing lesser lights.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, they actively engaged in treasonous behaviour by trying to sabotage Sanchez’s popularity, which is why it’s vitally important to remember that the point of no return came precisely when this organization tried to undermine fan support for Sanchez around the time of the Liverpool game last season. Their actions were reckless and were certainly not done with the best interests of the club as a whole. Whether this was ultimately done to protect the increasingly fragile Wenger or to plant a seed, with the goal of making it easier to sell off Sanchez in the summer, matters little now, except to prove once again that this club is an absolute sh** show! So it begs the question, how many times can our manager and that muppet, Gazidis, contradict themselves, lie through their teeth and/or fabricate stories, before our largely complicit fan-base rises to the occasion and forces major changes at this club. It appears that these individuals, including our absentee landlord, will go to any lengths to spin whatever tale is deemed necessary to maintain the status quo, which clearly only benefits their pocketbooks.

Whether it’s Gazidis making ridiculous claims about our supposedly successful transfer window, even going so far as to suggest that everything went according to plann, or it’s Wenger having the audacity to speak about taking a much more proactive approach to the re-signing of players with less than 2 years left on their current deals; which on it’s own is a nothing story, it’s football management 101, but let’s not forget just a few weeks ago he was proudly championing his “ingenious” plan of having his best players playing in the last year of their respective contracts. This “company man” appears to be willing to say anything, no matter how contradictory, so long as it fits the current narrative. He even made some of you Pro-Wenger suckers believe that he had just unveiled some sort of cutting edge business model that was sure to reshape the footballing landscape.

Then there was the recent release of “information” regarding our supposed financial shortcomings, which feels contrived on a number of different levels. The most obvious being the timing of course. Think about it, Wenger is stumbling and bumbling at the close of the window again and the fans and pundits are demanding some show of intent on the heels of the thrashing at Anfield, and out of this shambles – lo and behold a story emerges involving the “true” inner-workings of the club. Not surprising it appears to provide some much-needed damage control for our under-fire manager. My only question to those who currently run one of the richest clubs in the world, where the hell is all our money?

Furthermore, if we didn’t have the available funds, why would we have offered Monaco nearly twice as much money as we have ever offered for a player a few days following these supposed revelations, regardless of the pending sale of Ox or any potential Sanchez move. Would it really make sense that a club claiming to be functionally “house poor”, who has a lengthy history of thriftiness, would be willing to leverage everything in the kitty and more on a relatively unknown and unproven player that no one rated anywhere near that 11th hour price point. So either our club is blatantly lying about our financial capacity or the whole Lemar late window offer was a ruse meant to intentionally deceive the fans. Both possibilities send a horrible message to the supporters of this once fine organization.

Finally, although not surprising whatsoever, I’m reading today about Wenger wanting to spearhead the elimination of the dreaded January transfer window. According to this learned man the winter window puts too much focus on the business side of the game. How ironic that someone who has willingly got into bed with one of the most money-grubbing owners in the sporting world, who appears to have little to no interest in the sport itself minus the obvious business opportunities, would openly complain about the negative role of business in the footballing world. If I was him I would avoid even saying the words “transfer window” considering his colossal ineptitude when it comes to all things transfer-related.. One has to assume that either that he suffers from some form of dementia, or even worse, he takes us all for fools, believing that none of us fully understand the serious implications of this particular transfer window. Just think of the nightmare we could be in store for when you combine the issues surrounding those with expiring contracts and the January window, which has always been a nemesis for this most frugal of managers.

For those of you who can’t see the big picture, you might be wise to take a little closer at the facts before you verbally chastise your fellow Gunners. Most, like myself, are simply trying to open your eyes before this club makes bigger fools of us than they already have. It’s time to ask not ‘what you can do for this club’, but ‘what can this club do for you’

Your thoughts fellow Gunners?

Vieira Lynn

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30 thoughts on “Self-inflicted wounds – Why Arsenal fans simply can’t trust the club anymore

  1. Arsene woke up in a new Bugatti

    Arsenal, since the game against Chelsea, have been an embarrassment.

    They are just making a farce out of everything they try. And then the manager and Gazidis think they can win the league. Is this a joke? Have you seen the other teams above? They have got better than they were last season and we have barely made any strides forward in the squad and we are now playing even worse!!!!

  2. Coldzero

    My advise to fellow Gooners would be to just keep a low profile this season and remain under the radar when it comes to banter etc. It could possibly be a bit of a tough one- they happen sometimes- you just got to suck it in and take it on the chin.

    I will be there cheering the boys on Saturday – I just won’t be bigging up our chances in the office or winding up the warehouse lads today- just in case we get turned over again.

    1. andydale

      What an outrageous comment low profile suck it up take it on the chin, We need to be high profile and get rid of everyone from top to bottom, Start a fresh it will take a 2/3 years and we will come back fighting, If Wenger and board stays it may be 10 years or more before we can move forward.

      1. Coldzero

        Well that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon is it. You seriously think we are going to get rid of the board/manager/Kroenke in 2 to 3 years and then go on and all live happily ever after thereafter!?

        Ok then- good luck with that.

        1. andydale

          Why do you really think they will be here in 2/3 years time, Because if they are we & you will not have a club competing, With top 6 it will be with mid table teams.

  3. Nothing changed

    Agree 100%. Well written argument. Little to add.

    To only thing I would like to highlight is the stupidity of closing the transfer window early.
    As far as I can understand foreign clubs can still come in and buy our players after the PL window closes and distract our players with offers etc whilst we will just not be able to replace them. How dumb can you get?

    1. Pablo Picasso

      Wenger was at the fore front promoting for this so what else can you expect.

      He also promoted Financial Fare Play which has come back to bite him in the arse and now his moaning for it to be shut down.

      Our manager for you.

  4. ArseOverTit

    Spot on Vieira!!


    Protest planned for West Brom Home Game September 25th – get involved!

  5. arsenal-steve

    Why does Kroenke need Arsenal to have cash in the bank? Arsenal received a very large sum of money from the TV/League deal so Kroenke was not even going to be spending Kroenke’s own money on players. Two things are happening in America. Kroenke loves only one project……the LA Rams. They are his NFL football team. Two things are happening. Kroenke and the NFL are being sued by the City of St Louis. This is for a measly 100,000,000$. If they lose the case then the real bigger legal actions will follow. Also Kroenke is building a 2.6 billion dollar development in La, including a 100,000 seater state of the art stadium for the La Rams and for the future Olympics. Remember how much we spent on players when we developed the Emirates? Kroenke needs cash in bank to cover his Portfolio of clubs and massive businesses. He needs the Cash to sit there, not to spend. He does not care an iota about Arsenal supporters. Just that the Arsenal business can cover any potential financial crises in the States. He is the de facto controller of Arsenal and in Wenger and Gazidis he has puppets on a string as they are both defending being paid a fortune and both seem to hate the supporters anyway. So Kroenke will sit on Arsenal’s cash rather than spend it.

  6. Arsenal_Girl

    Exactly. Kroenke isi a bigger liability than we thought. Arsenal is affected by his other sports interests

    Also, interestingly, none of his other teams are doing well. LA Rams are losing preseason games. Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets aren’t doing well. Kroenke cares about money not winning trophies. And as you said Wenger and Gazidas are just puppets

  7. Akan

    Personally I blame the press, they buy the players select the team formation decide the tactics manage and run the club. On top of that they take all the credit when we win a game, incite the fans and blame others when we lose. If there was no press we would be champions every year

    1. Nothing changed

      I blame the fans for failing to cheer Arsenal to the PL title for 13 years straight. If only the fans would have been more behind the club these last 13 years we would have won the PL.

      Come to think of it, it is really a miracle this is one of the most valuable clubs in the world despite all these terrible fans. Can you imagine how big and successful this club would be without the fans?

  8. Midkemma

    Wenger has the power to come out and say what has really been happening but he doesn’t, that along with being a yes man for Silent Stan and poor tactical choices are the things that bug me the most about the guy.

    I will never forget the glory years of him and Dein, that partnership was a winning combo and it was a fun time 🙂

    Since Dein left Wenger has struggled and made some poor choices, for me the poor choices are not speaking out when his plans are hindered and for singing the same song as his boss.

    If I was to say #WengerOut then it would be for those reasons over the tactical choices, Wenger has a ton of players he doesn’t trust enough and trust can influence team selection, AFC needed to get a squad of players that Wenger wanted and not just 1 of his main targets a year… What if the new manager gets the wrong players given to him? They will bound to take gambles and many of them could fail.

    I personally value trust a LOT and Wenger losing the trust of the supporters is a big mistake which I feel he needs to rectify, he has done a lot for us and I do think he deserves respect, how he has been blamed for everything in the past was painful to read. I can forgive and be happy with him as manager if he stood up to the board and Silent Stan, if he sided with us supporters and told us the truth about who done what and where things failed. In my honest opinion, Wenger has already earned this opportunity but he needs to take it himself, not have it handed to him.

    Now I am reading more about Silent Stan and Gazidis being in the line of sight for abuse with funding and transfer spending it is easier to focus on the loss of trust Wenger has created by being a yes man.

    If Wenger can not stand up to the board then the board will continue to use and abuse him, that makes me feel sad 🙁

    If Wenger will not stand up to the board then we need a new manager, a manager who will rage if promises are broken, someone who will force the board into supporting the manager in fear of supporter backlash.

    1. JJPawn

      “If Wenger can not stand up to the board then the board will continue to use and abuse him, that makes me feel sad.”

      He did stand up. That is why Sanchez was not sold, and we lost the revenue. If the fans had clearly asked for sale at, say 50M, and told Wenger so, and that they would not accuse him of selling yet another forward to a hated rival, maybe we would have had another sale.

      For me, it was important to keep Sanchez and show the big clubs that we can defy them. You have to remember that Pep was tapping Sanchez the moment he came to English. Also, with Sanchez, there was a better chance of getting back to the top four, and there was reward in that to offset some of the financial losses.

      But with an upgraded team of Lacazette and Kolasniac and no CL we might had an outside chance at more. Maybe even do another FA Cup run. EPL would have been hard, but if Wenger got about world class talent, maybe. But, that failed when PSG made the 200M dump of the market. However, we got near Sanchez money for the Ox!

  9. Arseneout

    lets see if we can win the league ?
    we bring saeed and lacazette
    gabriel and gibbs and oxlade left
    well we can say that our squad become stronger, but look at chelsea man utd man city and liverpool and even tottnham
    they were stronger then us the previous season and they became much stronger.
    i really think we have a strong squad and to prove that look at every player closely and when playing for there countries. so there is one problem, and deep inside every one of you, you know who he is and it goes like that arsel vengel

  10. Grandad

    A very interesting article. While I fully recognise the frustrations of fans towards Kroenke and the Chief executive, as far as I am aware they have no input whatsoever in terms of the recruitment and sale of players nor the tactics deployed on the field .In real terms therefore ,they are not directly responsible for the drop in playing standards which is evident to all fans of this great club.The word we ought to focus on when questioning AW is ICOMPETENCE . During the past 5/6 years he has become incompetent. In the world of business and finance he would have been relieved of his duties years . To this extent the entire Board is incompetent . Faced with this situation there is little point in fans exerting pressure on Wenger and the Board as the next two seasons will see the club slide into mid table mediocrity at best One can only hope that AW and the Board have the decency to step down when his current contract expires by which time it will be increasingly difficult to attract quality players to the club

  11. John

    Dominant opinion………….Arsenal is going in the wrong direction………fans have felt it…………the former players are saying it…………transferred players are saying it………..why is no one listening?……..Wenger and Kroenke have almost turned the team into an average side……..with more focus on making more and more profit……….this is football………with a rabid and ferocious club loyalty…………….I doubt if they can succeed at Arsenal……..

  12. stubill

    STOP all the……………………………………………………………………………………………….it makes the post awkward to read.

  13. arsenal-steve

    It should not be legal to own more than one football club in this country. It also should not be legal to own 5 clubs in this country and the USA. Why. Stan Kroenke is using Arsenal as capital to support any crises that occur in his American portfolio. It’s a disgrace that the Premier League and football bodies must address and ban. Arsenal supporters and fans are in reality at the mercy of his American business ventures. Disgraceful.

    1. JJPawn

      I agree with the ownership issues though I cannot claim to know the facts. But, which clubs would support this limit? Who would want the rule change? How do you overcome loopholes? If people escape playing taxes, surely, they can escape rules, by having “allies” own teams and do whatever it is the current Arsenal owners are doing?

      Shortening the window for transfer might be good. Also, making movements from club to club difficult would be better, say with a minimum stay of X-1 years, so only the final year will be open to transfer. It used to be that team had player stay on for most of their careers, and there is no harm in trying to achieve that sort of spirit, is there?

  14. JJPawn

    Sorry Vieira Lynn, the world is changing rapidly, and Arsenal does not have enough money to keep up with those changes to stay in the top four, let alone the EPL.

    What did you think would happen when former managers of Champion’s League winner arrive in England backed by serious private/ill-gotten money? That Arsenal would remain competitive? You are not serious are you? Only Man U is a club that is actually bigger than us in terms resource prior the money that went to Chelsea and City. Liverpool were punching below their weight and were on the way back, and found the correct combo of Manager and Style after many sad changes.

    It was inevitable that we would have to come down, until we could rebuild in a new way to face the new realities.

    Now, it would be nice to have a team with a billion debt, as with Chelsea, right? No. That is not what he have at Arsenal.

    Wenger hoped that financial fair play would level playing field. It was never enforced that well, with even Barca complaining about PSG’s money gained from Qatar.

    Realistically, we have one choice. That is stay with Wenger and follow his new vision of getting player directly via high salaries (with actual shift in resources out of clubs) to the current model that favors the biggest clubs with massive transfer costs between clubs, and where the player does no benefit as much.

    Wenger has seen that the shift to high salaries is a game he can compete in if Arsenal are the first to do it. Then others will catch-up and surpass us.

    Fan support for the team is essential, especially in home games. The difference between the top for and top six is fan support that has been lacking at Arsenal. In fact it is well know that Arsenal fans are the laughing stock of the EPL. We are a sorry, entitled and spiritless bunch, except when attacking our coach and players. (I have not trouble attacking the owners for not providing more money, so we could spend like United, Chelsea or City.)

    1. Bob

      JJPawn, that is rubbish. We made a profit of 30m FFS, have one of largest cash reserves of any team. our owner is a billionaire and we are paying the highest season ticket prices in the world.
      Wenger is paying our below average players such a high salary that no one wants to buy them now.
      On top of that Wenger has no clue how to drill a defense or how to motivate his players but is one of the highest paid managers in the world.
      We have been mugged off since this stadium was built so what have we got to cheer about?

    2. Stanivarsene must go

      Wenger has no idea how to deal with any of this – We dont have the squad of Spurs and that was built on a shoestring budget and good money management.

      We dont sell high and buy low like some teams do – Even Chelsea is much better at managing their cash flow in the last few years than us.

      We are loosing 100M of income by keeping Sanchez and Ozil. For what? for another FA cup run?
      You either tie your players to contracts 18-24 months in advance or you sell them. There is no major team leaving major players to last year of contract except us and Barcelona and their board is also in a crisis.

  15. Mobella

    There were articles titled “Is Arsenal boss wrong to believe Alexis will fire this season?”and “Wenger to anger Arsenal fans and BENCH Alexis Sanchez?” No wonder Wenger’s mind is messed up. He is a reader of justarsenal.

  16. Elmo

    Good article, I have supported this great club for the past 38 years since a visit to highbury against Tottenham . We have gone through the sale of hoghbury and the building of emirates stadium the club was functioning on a shoestring budget with dedicated players and board. Since the sale of the club to kroenke things have stopped we are not competitive or driven our players are disinterested and at times lax, now we hear about internal problems in the playing group, is this manager related? We have the idiots previous owners for what ever reason shunned us manor for kroenke. Kroenke had poor investments in USA he cares not for football or arsenal only as a continual money pit to feed his other interests. We have to ask year after year the same promises about money and players, the same results lies and undermining the fan base. Wenger, gaxidis and the board are Aware of the business dealings we have to ask do they all receive a gift from kroenke to shut up and keep the cash flowing into his pockets, this is corruption and should be investigated. We need to hurt kroenke in the pocket to get rid of him, if he money stops he will not keep a non profit business, no merchandise, no tickets and I hate to say it no support, remember the same happened to Leeds, Coventry and Ipswich and others where are they?? Horrified for our future!!! A concerned supporter!!!

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