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Why Arsenal have ONE month to secure EPL title

One of the final problems facing Arsenal in the quest to regain the Premier League crown, in my opinion, is the ability to keep the motivation levels as high as possible and to keep pushing ourselves to perform even when we are faced with a game we are expected to win with ease.

That should not be a problem over the next month, because January sees the Gunners faced with some tough looking fixtures. Two difficult away games at Liverpool and Stoke are followed by the visit of Chelsea at the end of January but Arsenal must finish the month in a very strong position. Arsenal are currently around 5/4 favourites to win the title, but are likely to be a lot lower at the end of the month so get your bet in early. But before thinking of placing a bet on Arsenal? Don’t spend your own cash – visit LFBO and get a no deposit free bet!

It really is a case of making hay while the sun shines for us because in about a month from now our main EPL rivals Manchester City will be getting Vincent Kompany back from injury. Now you might say that we have enough crocked players of our own to worry about and while that is true, we seem to be coping better and it was clear once again last night that Man City are just not the same team without their talisman and leader at the back.

So I fully expect them to drop points in January from their away games at Watford and West Ham and their home ties with Everton and Crystal Palace, especially as they have a Capital One Cup double header with Everton to cope with. After that, however, they will have Kompany back and could go on a storming run so the Gunners need to build a gap before then.

That means making sure that we approach every single match in the best possible way and producing something like our top form, starting with not being complacent against Newcastle on Saturday. Can we do it?

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13 thoughts on “Why Arsenal have ONE month to secure EPL title

  1. Mick The Gooner

    We’ve had most of our easier, home fixtures already. In the second half of the season we have to go away to the Etihad, White Hart Lane, Anfield, Old Trafford and the Brittannia. All games where we could easily come out with nothing. We are the best away team in the league, and winning these tough away games will be what decides whether or not we win the title.

  2. Fatboy Gooney

    Man City still kept a cleansheet against Leicester without Kompany, Their problems are more to do with Aguero’s form, he hasn’t been the same since returning from injury.

    Anyways, Let’s just worry about our own unpredictables, shall we ?
    Motivation seems to be lacking against the so called easier teams!

    We need a sergeant bilko type of character, to shout them into action. ?

    1. Trevor

      Aguero is a huge loss but I believe Kompany is the bigger loss, for us he wouldn’t be but for city with all their big purchase signings he is their most vital player. They showed stats saying how many dropped point/goals conceded compared with to without and the outcome was nowhere near marginal, do the same with Aguero and I’m guessing they’ll still score fair amount.

      The author makes a fair argument I’m afraid. However, we have Kos the boss says.. your loss they should be very afraid.

  3. Uzi Ozil

    Wenger and the players know that we are in a good position to win the league but we also have contenders as well…..Mancity and Leicester are contenders. I wont dismiss Leicester yet as they are playing with believe and purpose. We shall see where they will be in March…

    Tottenham are in good form but I really don’t see them topping us…..

    We don’t know the business Wenger will do in January but if the players play with their hearts, then we’ll be up there…..Quick recovery to our injured players…

    1. Trevor

      Uzi, I reckon you are one of the logical fans so I thought I’d ask what you make of this Elneny business. If to be believed and if so could he help instantly do you reckon.

      Myself I believe the papers on this one, but I’m skeptical on whether he is the type which could tighten up our centre in time for a title charge. I know the wobs will want the more renowned name never minding the price tag and to be honest ..I would like us to this one time try a page out of the book of the teams who bought titles ..just a page. They are not wrong in saying we have not had a better shot in years and might not get a better one for god knows..

      1. Harold

        Trevor, Arsenal main problem this year has been to control the game. Once Arsenal score an early goal or lineup against a good passing team their possession stats takes a tumble, they then lose their shape, every Arsenal player drop deep and defend. Most visiting teams at the Emirates nowadays tend to have lots of possession, play most of their football deep in Arsenal half and force Petr Cech to kick all balls long to them.

        The reason why this happens is because the defensive midfielder is not holding his position and does not control the flow of the game. Arteta was the player who gave Arsenal control, his very good at distributing the ball similar to Xavi of Barcelona. Coquelin and Flamini best attribute is tackling they cannot control the flow of a game, they cannot command a team.

        Mohammed Elneny is not the type of player who will improve or solve Arsenal current problems. This guy is more like Abou Diaby, he takes long shots and constantly get caught out of position. I just hope that Mohammed Elneny transfer doesn’t happen. A player like Marco Veratti would be ideal for Arsenal.

  4. Uzi Ozil

    Off Topic: Who saw Barcelona Vs Real Betis game? The penalty awarded to Barca was ridiculous…..betis Goal keeper came out to punch the ball…Messi was the one with the contact on the goal keeper….All pundits on BEIN sport said that’s a foul against Messi but after delays from the Ref, He awarded a Pk. Guess the linesman called that….Oh Lawd, That was an awful call…

    We can defeat Barca at the emirates but I worry for officiating especially at Nou Camp….

    The decision i saw on my Tv is simply crazy…….Jeez!

    1. NY_Gunner

      @Uzi Ozil
      Seeing the play in slo mo, Messi looks like he got”whiplash”. His head snapped from side to side like a rag doll. Scary…

  5. Uzi Ozil


    True That but the goal keeper had to come out.. He got the ball and You can see Messi was the one that actually had the contact with the goal keeper…For mi, Its a foul in the goal keepers favour…Oh well………..i just hope we don’t come here after the game to Barca and complain about the ref… I just want good football with proper officiating….

  6. davidnz

    If Arsenal beat Newcastle
    we will be at least 3 points
    clear of City. If Watford
    gap City we will be at least 5 points clear.
    So the 2 away games at Stoke
    and Liverpool will not be as daunting.
    However if we do pick up some points at Liv and/or Stoke
    we can pile the pressure on City who have
    2 extra games v Everton in the Capital One Cup
    3 if they make the final. Yes if things go our way
    we could be 7-9 points clear by the end of Jan.
    Just make sure we beat the ‘pies first though 🙂

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