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Why Arsenal MUST buy Olivier Giroud (plus video)

Olivier Giroud: A man Arsenal should not miss out on by Richard Hall

Montpellier hit man Oliver Giroud has been is superb form so far this term. After making no secret of his admiration for Arsenal it seems that all the pieces are in place for a summer move. He is a man whose signature Arsene Wenger should secure.

Giroud, 25 years of age, is just under 6ft 4inches tall and is the personification of power and grace. More than just a typical center forward Giroud is deadly in or outside the box, he has a cannon of a shot but at the same time the ability to score with the most deft of touches. He is a good set piece taker, his control is superb, he is strong, agile and merciless when it comes to using his head, in short he is everything that Arsenal need at this moment in time.

Giroud started his career with Grenoble before being loaned to Istres where he scored an impressive 14 goals in 33 games. This prompted Tours to come in a snap him and he repaid their faith by scoring 24 goals in 44 games, this saw him also finish as the Ligue 2 top goal scorer and win player of the year in that division.

It did not take long for Ligue 1 clubs to come looking for him and in 2010 Montpellier came knocking and secured his signature. Since his time there he has become something of a phenomenon, his new nickname ‘le buteur de charme’ (The charmed striker) is down to his good looks as much as it is his goalscoring record but even so, he has been in blistering form. 28 goals in 60 appearances in the top flight show that he is not phased by the step up and his recent performances indicate that he will go from strength to strength.

It was reported by Talksport this week that the French International hit man has his eyes fixed firmly on North London saying that “I love the French feel at Arsenal and the atmosphere that is created by the fans. They always support their players.”

However when asked if he had entered talks with the Gunners he stated “Out of respect to my club I am not considering my future at the moment and we will decide soon what is best for both parties”

Giroud would give Arsenal much more than cover for Robin Van Persie he would give them another option that would be an extremely deadly threat to any Premier League defence. At the moment he plays at the head of a 4-3-2-1 but he could easily link up with Van Persie and it could be to some effect, as with he has the ariel threat and poachers instinct that Arsenal have been missing. He is also a work horse and will work hard for his team, he is certainly not scared of a challenge.

To put a valuation on him is difficult and it is even more difficult to know if Arsene Wenger will make an official approach, the club however has admitted interest. If the believed €16 million release clause is factual then it looks a possibility as Gilles Grimandi has been to watch him now on numerous occasions. If Arsenal are to sign anyone this summer this should and could be the man.

Have a look at Giroud in action right here

by Richard Hall (You can follow him on Twitter @Arsenal1886_RH and visit his Arsenal Blog Arsenal 1886 here)

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47 thoughts on “Why Arsenal MUST buy Olivier Giroud (plus video)

  1. SA gooner

    It sounds like the real deal, however don’t forget that Chamack was also in great form in ligue 1 before joining Arsenal

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  2. S.p.a.r.k.o

    Not so long ago i was reading this article, only difference is where it says ‘Oliver Giroud’ . . . .it said ‘Marouane Chamakh’.. I hope its true this time..

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  3. otoboh philip

    as described he is a player but wenger may not be interested.l hope he change his buying policy to enable win something next season.

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  4. Alex J

    I like the sound of this Giroud. I also like the news reports concerning RVP.. I think he will end up signing a new deal as he came out and said that he’s a true gooner.
    Reports also suggest we have an agreement in place to sign Podolski as well.

    Dare I say it… But has Arsene FINALLY realised we need to buy World Class players to get us back to where we used to be!

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  5. Gyy

    Giroud is great but because he scores often with headers like Chamakh he mag not fit in out team. Still he is à great option and delivers mant assists also.

    Another option is Burak Yilmaz. He is a tank. Strong fast technical abilities great shot.

    We have to keep in mind that EPL is a much more difficult league than ligue 1 or THE turkish league.

    We still need some creativity in the midfield: maybe Sahin. Still on the bench in Madrid. Waste of his talent.

    Im dutch and i also am am Ajax fan. Eriksen isnt ready for an english topclub. Hè is inconsistent and had to work on that.

    Besides that i think we need one viert versatile defender

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  6. Stevie E

    I love these sort of articles. The writer sees something in a gossip column, spends 2 minutes on Wiki, 3mins on YouTube looking at a “best of” clip, and suddenly he’s telling Arsene Wenger which striker he SHOULD buy. That’s a pretty huge ego you have there Mr Hall. And sadly, all the lemmings follow blindly with comments like –

    “Seems good, definitely better than chamakh. And he is french. GET HIM”, based on what? This article?
    “l hope he change his buying policy to enable win something next season.” What buying policy? The one which meant we spent

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  7. Yash

    Giroud, Podoloski and Marko Marin. One full back will do and next season will be ours. Common Arsenal!!!

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  8. Ayo

    I greet all the Gurnners fans in the hous. Arsenal should please not forget to sign Gotze and Podolski in the next surmmer for us to regain our top four back, and collect any tropy in the coming season.

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  9. neil moxon

    Well looking at the video he knows where the net is but the
    style of play was nothing like Arsenal he may struggle if he came and also i would like to think he wants to play for
    Arsenal and not to get a big pay rise who knows?

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  10. Ankeet

    How many players do we expect to buy honestly ??? Lets decide properly on the number and who ? we cant just go running around like headless chickens

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  11. Big Gun

    Giroud looks like a great striker, especially in the air, something Arsenal have lacked of late. But we already have a pre-contract with Matias Suarez and Podolski is on his way here too. According to the latest news negotiations are in progress and looking good.

    So I think we have enough good strikers with RvP (that is if he doesn’t leave), Suarez and Podolski. We should now be looking to bolster the midfield and possibly bring Bartley back from loan to bolster the defense.

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  12. Lostboy

    Looks like this guys got it all, impressive with his overhead kicks, an not afraid to shoot outside of the box fantastic with his head. I think he would fit straight in to our team great skill for a big lad much better than a certain Moroccan. may be we sould offer him as a part exchange along with a few others. He would be a great signing.

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  13. abbz

    we have matias suarez and lewis holtby already sighned on pre contract agreement, now it looks like we will be getting podolski. But! i must stress the importance of getting both Gotze and Sahin tomake our midfield world class. If we get these players there is no doubt we will win the league

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  14. xmoro

    to pete19

    It’s intresting why we should sign Giroud instead Podolski.
    Giroud is forward 16 goals in 22 games.
    Podolski is player behind the forward or winger 15 goals in 19 games in Bundesliga
    Podolski is 7 years in German national team. Scored 43 goals in 95 games even last 4-5 years he played as left winger.
    How long Giroud play in French national team?
    It’s only second year in League 1 for him.
    If RVP top fit he will play alone as forward. Can play Giroud as winger? Podolski can.
    Almost all forwards played first in Bundesliga who played later in England were minimum 1-2 years top scorer in team. Klinsmann, Berbatov, Santa Kruz, Demba Ba and Papis Cisse soon. Even Pogrebnyak has scored already 2 goals.
    Bundesliga is near to EPL than League 1
    Chamakh scored 15 goals in League1. In Arsenal he is flop.

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  15. stan

    Giroud is a realistic target for once, and he might keep on scoring in the EPL as he’s strong and he’s the kind of guy that work on his weaknesses until they are strenghts. I hope it’s not him or Podolski as I’d like to see both of them in our Arsenal. That would be an improvement! Then I’d like to see a LB joining (Badstuber for example as he’s a center back too, same kind than Vertonghen) and an AM (Goetze or Hazard if dreaming is allowed) as I’ve been increasingly sceptical concerning Gibbs and Ramsey… I’m not saying kick them out of the team, but let them face competition and we’ll see what happens…
    So there must be a few outs:
    – Almunia = 1M (for free if needed but he has to go!)
    – Fabianski (as he’s unhappy and I’d like to see a veteran coming and making Szczesny a war machine) = 3M
    – Squillaci = 1M (for free…)
    – Diaby (who?) I’m sad for the guy ’cause I like him as a player but he’s a deadweight for too long now… = 3M
    – Arshavin (on his way anyway…) = 6M
    – Chammakh = 6M
    – Bendtner = 3M
    – Vela = 3M
    – Denilson = 3M
    = 30M at best…
    I know 9 outs is a lot but none of them are regular starters. And whithout their wages we can welcome new players:
    – a GK… I don’t know who but some experienced guy
    – a LB… As I said Badstuber, vertonghen or any talented one.
    – an AM… Goetze or Hazard… if needed! (There could be an eisfeld surprise!)
    – Podolski (winger and striker)
    – Giroud

    And there would be more to expect from Miquel, Coquelin, Yennaris, Miyaichi, Afobe, Lansbury, Frimpong…

    That’s more or less what I expect to happen during this summer’s tranfer window… Close enough from being realistic but it’s just my opinion!
    Let me know who you think could be a realistic target as a GK! And as a LB if not vertonghen or badstuber…
    Come on Arsenal!!

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  16. 9jagun

    Chamakh was only known for head scoring but this guy has the ability to score with leg and head. so thats the difference. I feel chamakh suffers cos we play ground ball.

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  17. stan

    @ alexs sadly reus is no more a realistic target as he belongs to dortmund now…
    @ big gun it’s true we are close to sign suarez (still until it’s done it’s nothing but words) and it is true he seems to fit better to the arsenal style, but being french and still unproven, and with obvious talent for scoring, Giroud looks like a typical wenger signing. This summer’s euro will see him shine or not and it could depend on that. Until it happens better stay in good terms with the lad!

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  18. stan

    Oh and @ stevie E are you the kind of guy that is so persuaded to be right that you keep your eyes closed when you see talent? If you’re interested in soccer make your own opinion on the lad. I watch him play here in France and the guy shines.
    Try again:
    And to you who likes to spend, know that if he comes its not going to be for free… Happy?

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  19. Skudip

    The idea of signing this Giroud guy, would be best after Chamakh, Vela, Berdnter and Gervinho. Because i honestly think, this guy is better than Gervinho. Gervinho was such a waste of money. Plus considering Podolski would be likely to enter Arsenal this summer (whom also would like to be play as a striker – OFTEN) combining Podolski with Giroud upfront, Van Persie should be put back on wing. And voila’ , Invincibles 2.0 is coming next season and beyond…

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  20. Meks

    Speculation is great but this happens every year. We all get ahead of ourselves and forget what’s happened in previous transfer windows when we’re linked to top players, per contracts etc then boom! Chelsea or city and the rest snap them up. I think it’s great to be optimistic but we’ve gotta be real here and not count out chickens before they hatch. Hopefully though we can sign a world class forward, creative midfielder and possibly another CB incase verm or kos get injured and we have to rely on djourou and mert. One time Wenger shock us fans, until it’s official though I will stay skeptical.

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  21. Bolly

    Another wind up. I do not believe we have anyone on a pre-contract, not Saurez or anyone.
    Never heard of Giroud until recently and everything about him reminds me of the hype over Chamakh. I’m not saying he is not good but lets not get ahead of ourselves. I really find it odd that sometjhing appears in a newspaper (this time Bild) and everyone believes it as gospel!
    Sorry but having a whinge today, Why do people insist on constantly listing all our players to be sold and putting their selling prices next to them, same as players ‘we should buy’, how the hell do you know the price? Oh yes, I forgot, Fifa 12 and Dreamteam!
    Don’t believe all you read in the papers and on sites like this. Even the writers here ‘doctor’ the headline to draw us in and then only print parts of a story or interview they want us to hear.

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  22. Richard Hall

    To Stevie E

    I am afraid you may have a point Stevie E. I am the writer of this article Richard Hall and I must admit that Italian Football is my main point of expertise. I am in and out of Italy 3-4 times a year watching various games and report for Football Italiano, Serie A weekly, Think Football and In Bed with Maradona. Gabriele Marcotti, John Foot and James Richardson have accredited me on my Italian writing but i’m afraid not on my French Football or my Arsenal writings. I only write for French Football weekly once a week and have only seen the afore mentioned player play live twice. I did however consult Tor Kristian Karlsen on the matter but I take your point. I hope you don’t think I was telling Arsene Wenger who to buy but merely suggesting an option from my limited knowledge. I would but interested to take advice on intended Arsenal’s direction from a man with your credentials and look forward to reading your work. Thanks again Richard

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  23. Dhrumil

    We might go for a player who’s more good with his both feet…header experts can be a success but at stoke not at arsenal…we should definitely go for a striker who is more technically sound and has got great finishing ability…thats y podolski sounds great for arsenal..another striker that comes to my mind is benzema..but Real won’t sell their in form player…and from what I have read on net..mastias suarez is coming to emirates next striker department is full if we get podolski too…

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  24. SoyuzBot

    Forget about Giroud. We’ve still got Park and will get Podolski at the end of the season. Please oh please nurture Benik Afobe.

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  25. stew

    Let’s not forget that Chamakh was excellent when first coming to Arsenal. No one and i mean no one could have predicted the dip in form that he suffered at Arsenal. This player looks just as good in the air if not better and far better with his ball striking abilities than chamakh was. Could be an interesting buy. Arsenal does not score very much from headers but they put in alot of crosses per game so with a target like this guy in the middle maybe they can take better advantage of those crosses.

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  26. bob

    Him or Podolski we shud buy, people are saying he’s like chamakh but he is clearly better on the balland hav u seen his over head kicks?!! Chamakh has never been prolific

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  27. arsenakl

    stop saying he’s like chamakh, chamakh never scored 20+ goals a season

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  28. Steve-kenya

    I think Robben and Sneijder can offer arsenal real creativity,attacking football and goals as well.remember they have experience

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  29. Koolio

    All this time, it was podolski, now ill see every Arsenal fan saying olivier.

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  30. maroof

    We shall go for Podolski, Gotze and 1 good LB….nd we are done.
    and i think one more player will b good addition “Dries Mertens” he is class PSV nd BELGIUM player…….cheap but as good as Eden hazard..

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  31. dt

    Come on people, you can’t say this guy is just another Chamakh. Have you ever seen Chamakh hit 16 goals, let alone 20+ a season, which is what Giroud’s been doing lately? Have you ever seen Chamakh strike the ball from outside the box, like that wonderful goal Giroud scored?

    I’m not saying we should by him or something, but clearly this guy is better than Chamakh in terms of technique and more importantly, goal scoring. I’d say if we can’t get Podolski, get him.

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  32. elvi

    we need proven scorer to cover RVP my choice would be podolski 12m/ Huntelaar 15m /cavani +20m? let’s not repeat of chamakh.
    just sign 1 of them from the list and sign rickie lambert who is at 30s but better then chamakh worth about 4m, switch walcott upfront to striker position next season.
    RVP, walcott,park, +2 new signing we will have 5 solid striker.

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  33. real gooner

    damn,what’s wrong with you guys ? this is big deal ,he’s topscorer now on ligue 1,and bayern tryin to get him -_- just look how strong he is,how classy, he is the knight on the area ,and he is worker too,imo we should sign him,and we don’t need podolski,he suck ,and yes we need hazard or gotze,but they are WINGER not AM -_________-

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