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Why Arsenal MUST keep Szczesny as backup to Petr Cech

With Petr Cech seemingly very close to signing for Arsenal according to Sky Sports, Arsene Wenger has to decide on the futures of our three current keepers as we certainly don’t need four shotstoppers draining our wages.

Damien Martinez is obviously going out on loan again, but one of the other two are definitely surplus to requirements. Now if this was a discussion on purely footballing ability I would have no hesitation in saying “Keep Ospina”, but there are now new ways of looking at the situation.

The FA, in their wisdom, have changed the rules in an attempt to improve the England international team, so that all clubs must, from now, have a minimum of 8 home-grown players in the squad, which is set to increase to 12 by 2020. This is going to cause a lot of imbalance in the transfer market, and clubs like Manchester City, (who currently have THREE homegrown players!) are going to have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to fulfil their quota.

To qualify as home-grown, a player must have been registered with a club affiliated to the FA or the Welsh FA for a period of three seasons prior to his 21st birthday.

Arsenal, though, are quite well-stocked compared to most Premiership sides, with Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Calum Chambers, Danny Welbeck, and Hector Bellerin making our regulation 8. As the numbers increase we will have to find more English youngsters in the future, hopefully from our academy. This is where my argument comes in that we have to keep Szczesny and let Ospina go, as the Pole (and Damien Martinez too) qualify as home grown under the rules.

So it makes perfect sense for Wenger to keep as many home-grown players as possible if he has to make tough choices. And that means we will HAVE to say goodbye to Ospina….

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37 thoughts on “Why Arsenal MUST keep Szczesny as backup to Petr Cech

  1. AD

    i like ospina and he deserves to play in starting 11…so if cech comes szczesny should b here as backup..

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    1. Arsenalover

      it is simple
      Ospina > szczesny
      Ospina in
      szczesny out

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        1. YingYang69

          I know which one mourinho would choose. He would keep his best to deputise for the incoming Cech and with all his experience the best one is Ospina. People are talking like theyre never gonna see Szcz again, loan people. Che loaned out one of the worlds most promising for a number of seasons and that worked fine.

          This home grown argument, for 1 we are not in any danger there and secondly those rules arent in place yet and you can bet that the PL clubs will have a say on the matter not to mention tv and advertising because they are paying for the rights to the PL that we know not so English International football becomes PL football.

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          1. Nokia810

            What u said does make sense 🙂
            I don’t mind keeping ospina and loaning out szc
            but i just don’t want szc to be sold

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    2. seancali

      Will we even manage to pull this transfer off? Is cech to arsenal a done deal????too early to talk about which of our current keepers should leave.don’t forget the case of higuain.

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  2. No Giroud, I'm happy

    This rule of home-grown players will affect negatively the epl in the future (knowing that epl is the top league in the world right now) and I’m not sure if it’s going to improve England national team that much …

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    1. Dee@ease

      It won’t improve England at all because english players are not world class,they’re just over hyped,overpriced average players who will never perform at the big stage of world cups or euros

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      1. Tidan2

        What a silly statement, it’s as if you think players just wake up one day and are ‘world class’, no, players develop by playing against strong competition and in the PL there is no requirement to field any English players so they miss a vital part of their development.

        Sure, Man City will pay over the odds to bring in the best English players now but then what of the other teams, they will have to reach the same quota by bringing up youth academy players.

        In 5 years the English national team will be much stronger than it has been under this past system (that may have been the reason the PL is so rich but has never improved he national team).

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        1. Dee@ease

          The EPL is the best league but the best players in the league are never english e.g Sanchez,Hazard before that there was Suarez,Bale etc,England just doesn’t produce world class material they just hype the likes of Kane,Sterling who act like superstars yet their performances don’t match up

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          1. Tidan2

            Not sure how this proves your point, all these world class players came to the PL because it’s the hardest league in the world but they came AFTER they had developed in easier leagues with plenty of game time. That’s the point, you need game time to get to this level and you can’t get game time in clubs where half the team is bought fully developed from other leagues.

            Only Bale really developed here and he had the benefit of coming from the southampton academy and getting 3 full seasons of game time before he had his breakout season.

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            1. stubill

              How do you explain the spectacular failure of the English national side before the influx of foreign players?

              If these new rules come in, it will only weaken the Premier League, and the English clubs competing in Europe. The FA are quick to blame foreign players for weakening the England team, but I think they need to look at the attitude of the young English players and the coaching over here to rectify the problem.

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    2. supertuur

      It will create a scramble around everything that is homegrown and drive the value up for a while. But stocked academies like the Chelsea’s one and City’s one will have to start using players in the first team. In the long term term it will even out. In the mean time City will pay through the odds to build their team. Arsenal have been more visionary in this aspect.

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    3. true goon

      no the epl isn’t the best league in the world.It doesn’t have the best players, teams or managers all it has is the most money,not enough to be the best in the world,sorry

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  3. dan

    I hope arsenal don’t try there usual tricks and try and offer less then what chelski want we need cech and 10 mill is more then a fair price Maureen will try everything to stop this transfer if it fails COs we don’t meet asking price then i am going to be steaming if u want the best Wenger then pay up the money!!

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      Maureeen will not let Cech go for less….offer 15m and close the deal

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      1. Wonder

        Paying 15m for a 33 year old player with a year’s contract remaining will be crazy considering we are not in a goalkeeping crisis!

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  4. Godswill

    So sad that one of Ospina or Szczesny has to be unhappy at the beginning of next season. But we need Petr Cech at least for the next two seasons. Getting a top player from a top rival also has its up side. Arsene will know what to do. I think we will need Szczesny more in the future than Ospina. Can Szczesny go on loan to a premier league club that he can be playing every week? If that can be done, sign him on long term contract and let him go out for a year and be back better just as Jenkinson will do for us.

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    1. Gundam

      Who cares, if they want to start they have to better him. Like everyone else in the team. Improve, bench or go elsewhere.

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  5. Dee@ease

    Cech will be to us what Van Der Sar was to United,he was signed at 34 years old played between 2005 to 2011 winning 4 league titles,so I’m of the belief we can get 5 world class seasons out of Cech!

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  6. quantic dream

    at 33 cech can offer us nearly 5 good years of solidity and peace at the back. van der saar and friedel both played well into their 40s i reckon cech can do it. this is one amazing signing now just a world class striker and we can win the league, no disrespect to Giroud.

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      1. YingYang69

        With how professional Cech looks inside and outside of football i could well see him performing at the top age 40 early forties. How old was Lehman, I know Seaman went into his forties but in all honesty i think he slowed down quite a bit in that last season. I think Lehman was about 39. You see it allot with Keepers in fact its usual for them to be around forty, some over some under just before reflexes go. Casilles, Khan, Buffon, V D Sar, James, Lukic, Valdes i think there are enough examples to suggest that Cech will be around for a long time yet. In fact, he may give us more seasons than the great Thierry Henry… maybe.

        I understand it may annoy some people how we are talking about Cech like its a forgone conclusion. I usually wouldnt want or dare put the mockers on a signing but i think this looks a done deal.

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  7. Hafiz Rahman

    Martinez, Sheez and Ospina will not want to warm the bench or go on loan for another 4 to 5 seasons…

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    1. supertuur

      Ospina will be sold and we can make some money on him, Szczesny might go on loan or Martinez, both of them are homegrown. I would love to see Szczesny on loan abroad and go through some life changing experience. It will make or break him.

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  8. Arsenal1Again

    Szczesny played 17 games last season …. Ospina played 18 games.

    Ospina’s stats were far super to Szczesny in EVERY area ….. so please give a specific reason you would rather have Szczesny who has screwed HOW MANY SEASONS with is mistakes and that league cup too.

    Arsenal are a big club now, we have moved on from having players who ‘might’ be useful. We need a team full of player who ‘are’ useful.

    Ospina has done nothing at Arsenal which warrants him to be dropped in favour of Szczesny.

    The only possible use Szczesny could be is to count as a home grown player and it is no biggie.

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    1. No Giroud, I'm happy

      We had a very bad defense in the start of the season when Kos was injured, at that time Szczesny has to deal with all the sh$t …
      When Ospina came on the show we had much better and stable defense add to that the emergence of the coq …. just saying

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  9. supertuur

    I have not seen any confirmation that it will go to 12 homegrown players by 2020. If so it would be good to get Morgan Schneiderlin as well as he qualifies as home grown. Or maybe look into Alex Song as it looks like Barcelona only want £5 mil for him. He is also homegrown and attracting interest from Chelsea to replace Mikel.

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    1. AlanFrank

      The current rules say 8 and there trying to put it up to 12 from 2016 and it would have to be implemented over a few seasons to give clubs time to adjust. I can’t see it happening. All the money the premier league makes it would just harm the league. There isn’t the talent all clubs are trying to get the best 16 year old foreign youngsters so by the time they reach 21 there classed as home grown and our academy although not the best we have quite a few quality youngsters who would make up that number.

      The rules should be that all clubs must invest more in their academies and more should be done by the FA in making sure clubs are producing top quality youngsters. Especially PL clubs as the money these clubs will be making with new TV money will be ridiculous. They also need to improve the youth leagues. Why punish the PL with stupid rules when not enough is been done at youth level to make these rules successful. And to me international football has had its day anyway.

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  10. Invincibles49

    If Cech signs for Arsenal, then my opinion towards Wenger will start to shift a little. Its not about signing a world class GK. Its about Wenger’s attitude shift. Wenger has generally been the kind to persist with the current options unless there is a dire need to sign someone. Considering that Ospina played well and Wenger’s liking for Scez, signing Cech would signify Wenger’s ambition to win PL title and send a message to everyone in the squad that noone is Wenger’s favorite. This is also about us having money at our disposal. Back 3-4 years and Wenger would have never signed him if this situation arose then. And if he had signed, he would have made a homegrown player as part of the deal which is not the case this time. Wenger is standing tough and not letting anyone go. These are very encouraging signs. I used to be a BIG Wenger fan but the season after season nuisance made me AOB. I wish Wenger wins over me or AOBs for that matter again.

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    1. Invincibles49

      You must have started to follow football recently. Ever heard of Edwin Van der Saar? He was 34 ( 1 more than Cech) when SAF signed him and he is considered to be one of the shrwedest signings of SAF till date. He made such an impact in MANU and they went on to win 3 PL title during the time Van Der Saar was there. A GK’s expiry date is much more than a non-GK player. Cezh still have at least 3 years off top football left in him. A GK like him is worth extra 12 points a season. Now go back and look by how many points we have lost the PL title by and you will get your answer.

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      1. Invincibles49

        ****four Premier League titles and a Champions League in six seasons at the club (Van Der Saar)

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  11. Mr Gavis

    To me this Homegrown rule is a waste of time. You should be getting picked based on your talent not your nationality. The simple fact is we dont produce enough quality players. By forcing teams to play homegrown players the standard of football will go down and the premier league will be weaker. I cant see an English team winning the Champions League for a long time if they are forced to keep buying over hyped over priced English rubbish. Also cant be good for confidence of these players knowing the only reason they are being picked is because they are homegrown. Id much rather be picked because i actually have the talent.

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  12. Nokia810

    Ospina played behind a defense of Bellerin Mert Kos Monreal and COQ
    Szc played behind chambers Mert Monreal Gibbs and Arteta/flamini

    Judge for urself who’s better

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  13. infumous25

    Cech will get us another 7-12 points

    I prefer ospina in the shirt time he has been with us he has done much more than Szczesny has in the last 3 seasons.

    He seems more alert…confident..makes less mistakes and is more agile.

    If Ospina goes I still say sell Szczesny let’s try get either Simone Scuffet (first pick) or jack butland both young keepers with bright future under the right management/coaching/ wish lessons from cech.

    In terms of home grown we don’t need to worry about that we have the likes of Krystian Bielik…Jon Toral… Gedion Zelalem.. Chuba Akpom who all still are very young and very talented and we will be making new stars

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  14. infumous25

    And on a related but separate note I think we will end up regretting selling Joel Campbell he is in my view a very big star in the making we don’t want to do what United did with Pogba (arguably Pogba showed more talent but United regret selling him till today)

    he needs time to adapt and he should be playing with the first time more (at least in more Fa cup and carling cup games) he is crying out to be played more and we are ignoring him for getting the talent he has.

    But we would give the likes of Szczesny how many chances as ours FIRST TEAM keeper and even now we are debating between selling him (4/5 season as number 1 keeper where he has made countless unforced errors leading to goals conceded) or Ospina (who has been with us ONE season and put in a decent shift good enough to be Cech backup in my view)

    Sorry for the rant guys lool

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