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Why Arsenal SHOULD accept £35m transfer offer of Isco!

If you have not seen the latest Arsenal transfer rumours, then you may not have heard that Arsenal are apparently one of a number of clubs that have been put on alert to the availability of the Real Madrid and Spain international star Isco this summer.

The story goes that his current club are looking to bring in one or two big name midfielders in the summer transfer window and that Isco is the player that will make room, as long as someone is willing to pay the £35 million or so that they want, according to a report in The Mirror.

I can see why many Arsenal fans would not be overly excited by this news, as the 22-year old is very similar in stayle to a number of players currently in the Arsenal squad, such as Santi Cazorla, Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky, but here is why I think Arsene Wenger should try to sign the talented youngster.

I think the Gunner most like Isco is Wilshere and I hate to say it but the Spaniard is the better of the two, while Rosicky and Cazorla are not getting any younger. We could wait to see if Jack overcomes his injury problems and starts to show the improvement we have all been waiting for, but Arsenal have been too long without the Premier League title and the fans have been patient too long.

Isco has the same sort of close control and ability to burst past players but he also scores more goals and provides plenty of assists. I think he would be great for the Gunners and if you need any more reasons to sign him, the reports reckon that Man City are also very keen and will get him if we don’t.

How about we buy Isco and sell them Wilshere for the same sort of money?

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40 thoughts on “Why Arsenal SHOULD accept £35m transfer offer of Isco!

  1. Skandalouz

    Even though I really really like Isco, as long as Santi is at the club I see no need for him. Would rather see a left winger if we’re going to strenghten in the attacking half of the team.

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    1. YingYang69

      I thought Isco was a winger who can play centrally but right wing is where he played. If true am sure he could play left as the dude is mucho talented.

      That said i think Schneiderlin and striker would benefit us more, we maybe have money for top striker and schneid purchase. It would be a great idea to get Cech especially with that little reminder in the fa cup telling us an injury to Ospina might well kiss top honours away… if we had to sell in order to get all three am sure we could.

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      1. dilla

        Never heard of Isco as a winger. More of a CAM hybrid like Ramsey/Wilshere/Santi/Ozil.

        The only way I see this happening is if Santi leaves for Spain in the summer. Isco would be the perfect replacement. Great passing, can shoot outside of the box, creativity, positioning. Otherwise we should just go for Reus.

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  2. kamn288

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      1. misoko

        You think Wenger will spend that much? And what will happen to the other good players we have, eg Wilshere, Ramsey, Ox, Theo, Wellington Silva, if you Sign those players?

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        1. frisco

          Please never put in the same sentence or even compare Wiltshere with Isco just look the stats of Isco and you will see that’s a world class player and he never smoke or drink or even insult taxi drivers.Wiltshere in another hand is just another Overrated English player, 5 goals and 4 assist for 95 games that tells you all,Isco have 14 goals and 16 assist this season. If you want to win silverware next season you know who you need to buy or sale, just being honest and looking the stats, they never lies. Just to tell you Isco get 60.000 a week.

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  3. misoko

    Isco? No thanks we have youth players like Crowley, Jon Toral, Zelalem, etc’ very good players, we need a top DM and a Left Winger!!!

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    1. arsenal369

      Sanchez has been playing left wing all season… why do we need another one?

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  4. Dee@ease

    No thank you on Isco,he would be a luxury signing meanwhile we have more pressing positions to sort out,as good as Giroud has been we still need a striker who will score 20 PREMIER LEAGUE goals and 30 in all competitions in order to be a real force in the Champions League and Premier League race

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    1. josh37

      Oh stop it!! Giroud’s scored 17 from 23 appearances. World-friggen-class numbers!!
      Who do you suggest replaces him?? It’s these same people who throw up numbers but then suggest names like Falcao and Balotelli who aren’t even fit to shine Giroud’s boots this season!

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        1. GoonerG1

          Cavani is the most overrated player in the world. Nothing special at all except the ridiculous price tag.

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  5. Ks-Gunner

    Isco is a talent not many players in the world can match. But we dont need him as we are already good in the poz he is used to play. What i am wishing for Arsenal is.

    *Begovic- its criminal that he isnt playing in a big team. Seza will be off, not good enough.
    *Jose Luis Gaya ( for the sake of the future and his talent)- Gibbs is very injury prone and Monreal is getting old.
    *Reus- Bec F*ck you. 😛
    *Schneiderlin- He is not a must, but if you want to be the best, the best need to play for you.
    *Dybyla or Alexandre Lacazette- bec Giroud alone is not good enough and we need a predator of striker who can bring fear into the opponets defence.

    out* Walcott, Flamini, Seza, Arteta, Cambell, Poldi.

    This is only my imaginary wish list, so no need to piss*ed about it.

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    1. Ks-Gunner

      Ah, yea, i forgot. Klopp not giving a shet about being unemployed, waiting for Wenger to finish his job, and then him taking over. (y)

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    2. rkw

      Spot on can’t disagree with this list… Would add mert coz he is just well below top four level let alone cl ….

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  6. MDOwn

    It will depend on the outgoing players: if the rumours about Wilshere to City or Cazorla to somewhere in Spain are true, then Isco is certainly a very capable replacement. I would be surprised if they got rid of him so soon considering his age though.

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  7. fred cowardly

    If Wenger bought Schneiderlin, Dybala or lacazette, a LB would you honestly say no thank you if Wenger wanted to get Isco? He is one of the best passers and dribblers in the game. He not only play attacking football but play defensively as well. I don’t understand why any teal fan would straight out reject a top quality player even as a luxury. If Chelsea can have luxuries why can’t we as long as we can afford it.

    That said, we don’t NEED him. We need 3 other positions as a priority but my advice to you guys is don’t reject or complain if Wenger buys a world class player in any position. You have a right to complain but seeing that for nearly a decade we hardly spent on big signings it would silly to look a gift horse in the mouth.

    We need as many world class players as possible to win PL and CL.

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  8. AlanFrank

    On one hand he’d be a luxury we don’t really need on the other, The sale of Podolski, Campbell & Wellington would probably generate over half the fee needed to buy him and that’s three players out and one superior player to replace them. Rosicky could also leave this summer and although I’d like him to stay I’d see those 4 out for Isco. Not sure we could offer him the game time he wants tho.

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  9. YingYang69

    This season Dybala Lacazette Sterling, last season Higuain Cavani Benzema, season before last Llorente Lewendowski Michu… wonder who it will be next season after form, rumours and players moving on.

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      1. CraigZWE

        What’s wrong with team

        Poldolski, Campbel not good enough, Theo injury prone and not close to his former self.

        Rosicky and Cazorla old
        Jack WACK

        Diaby don’t need to say anything
        Arteta and Flamini past their sell by date

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          1. arsenal369

            Cazola has been our best player this season… Jack was our best midfielder this season before he got injured… theo is deadly and just needs more games… also you put “income in”, so you didnt state who you wanted in?

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            1. frisco

              What a f….k you have been smoking?????? We never win a game when Wiltshere start!!!! 2goals and 1 assist this season and you call Wiltshere our best player???? Can you explain why we doing so well without him???

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    1. CraigZWE

      Bring on the Thumbs up

      Can’t deny you would be happy with the team, if you want success that is.

      If you happy being a loser thumb down

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      1. josh37

        Hafiz makes better suggestions than you just did… Sell Cazorla, Jack, Arteta, Rosicky and Theo??
        What are you on?

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      2. YingYang69

        Its a case of 9 going out and 2 coming in, what about that seems sensible.

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        1. CraigZWE

          Campbell, Poldolski, Diaby, Arteta, Rosicky and Jack never feature sio don’t count, surplus to requirements.

          Reus in for Theo
          Isco for Cazorla
          Schrindelin for Flamini

          1 for 1 and better quality

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  10. JAmerican

    I would take Isco in a heartbeat. If I recall correctly didn’t he and Cazorla both play at Malaga together at one point??? They should know each other well and the obvious replacement for Santi maybe not next season but the following since Santi already plans on retiring at home. A year of implementing with Santi to help would do wonders for our club. If we can afford him as well as taking care of other needed positions then to me it’s a no brainer…

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  11. JAmerican

    OT but we’re starting to see the real Özil and I really think he needs to be donning the #10 next season. No offense to Jack but the #11 doesn’t feel right for me on Özils back…

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  12. deez

    I like isco,but I like him at Madrid for now…dont think he has the physicality at the moment to fit into the pl…he’ll be the perfect replacement for carzola but for now might be too soon and too much of a luxury to have at arsenal…jack needs to have some time next to le coq and lets see how that works.i guess jack and Ramsey gotta fight it out for that position,though Ramsey always seems to come a across as inconsistent n not as naturally talented as jack…ramsey will always have the odd off game with his passing and decision making.jacks seasons mostly get interrupted by injuries though I thnk he would do well alongside le coq…a backup dm would be great though in transfer window and OT: Get dyabala or watshisname…before Maureen gets his hands on him!!!

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  13. Pascal Cygan

    The reason why Arsenal fans are not overly excited by this news is NOT because of similarity in playing style, but because it is just another made up bulls**t story by The Mirror. Please stop writing these annoying low-quality transfer articles with no basis just for the sake of writing.

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  14. slimzzy

    If jack wishere is nearly as bad as you guys suggest he is here, how come city want him? Becarefull of what you wish for, remember, you all once want Giroud, Ramsey and le coq out….just saying

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