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Why Arsenal should NOT go Transfer Crazy!

Transfers By Max Tomlin

As the blogosphere is filled with gossip and rumour regarding transfers at the minute, I felt I would reflect on the impact of Arsenal’s transfer policy in recent years. This is the first piece I have written since the start of the season when I wrote a segment entitled ‘Moneyball’, which will now, to many, seem irrelevant as the positive season I predicted is currently on the ropes.

However I still believe that the players in the Arsenal squad at the moment are undervalued, and would like to state that although I do believe the Arsenal squad needs some additions, transfers are not always the best answer. I would like to look at two factors that I feel many supporters overlook when they address the current Arsenal squad, and the first of these is the fact that the team at the minute has been predominantly assembled in the last 3 years, undergoing mass changes with some being intentional and some as a result of players losing faith.

As well as bringing in a vast array of players in this time, which include match day squad players like Vemaelen, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho, Jenkinson, Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud (not to mention less notable players like Santos and Chamakh), many have also had to step up to the plate from the lower reaches of the squad; with players like Walcott, Szczęsny, Gibbs and Wilshere. Now as you can see out of these names you can almost put forward a complete 18 man squad, and that is currently what Arsenal do, using these players each match day. But by having such a transition in the squad, it is no wonder that at times Arsenal have lost their edge, and whilst they do occasionally show what they are capable of (the 10 minute period against West Ham provides an ideal example) much of the time Arsenal run a little flat.

This is a relatively young squad however, and this gives them the opportunity to mould into a team that is capable of competing and winning trophies again. Once this team is a little more settled and accustomed to playing with each other, there is a good chance that the inconsistencies can be removed from Arsenal’s play and moments like in the West Ham game may become a lot more frequent.

The second point I would like to make regarding Arsenal’s transfer policy is that it predominantly focuses on picking young talent from other nations. Whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing (I must add that I am pleased Arsenal have a strong core of young British talent) it means that most of the time we must wait for a birthing period, usually a season, in which the players’ find their feet. This is because the physicality and tempo of the Premier League is superior to that of its counterparts, which often take a more tactical approach.

This has been shown most noticeably by the transformations of both Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker, from their first to their second seasons. Both looked out of place when they first wore the Red and White of North London, struggling to adapt to the Premier League as they moved from the French and German leagues respectively. But now I believe they are two top quality centre-backs, with Koscielny’s pace and ability to tackle a real asset, whilst Mertesacker’s reading of the game is impeccable (even if he does occasionally get caught for pace).

I predict a similar transformation to the performances of Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla next year. Whilst I am not criticizing their contributions this year (which I believe have been underrated by many) I feel they can bring much more next season. With the squad another year older and more in tune with each other, I feel Arsenal will fare much better. Additions are obviously needed but only two or three are necessary to strengthen the squad as a whole. Too many transfers will again disrupt the harmony of the squad and leave Arsene waiting even longer for his squad to actually become a team.

Remember the team harmony and spirit of the Invincibles? With a group huddle before and after each match? That sort of unity is what helps win titles and purchasing a vast amount of players will only take away from that. So whilst many call for vast changes at Arsenal, I would just like to extend the suggestion that those fans take into consideration these factors and just consider the implications of removing Wenger and making mass changes to the squad. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, just ask Hleb.

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89 thoughts on “Why Arsenal should NOT go Transfer Crazy!

  1. Arsenal till I die

    I just wanting to see, is wenger really keeps his word about adding 2 top top top players and would he really spend big.

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    Still need a DM though. And a 20 million + striker. Giroud can play against low level teams though like Stoke. That will make us challenge for 2nd/3rd. Not 4th like we are atm.

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  3. nir

    16m for zaha? that is a waste of money. thats how much we sold song for and song was class. i think with players like diaby and rosicky coming back we have a good shot at 4th and a trophy. still hope we make a few signings but even if we dont, im still going to support arsenal and mr wenger.

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  4. goonner

    Keep supporting a man who is lying to you. Keep supporting a man who is playing with your feelings. Keep supporting a man who has won no title in 7 years. Keep supporting a man who his most expensive signing was 15m. Keep supporting the man who sold our best players to RIVALS. Keep supporting the man who makes us think that getting into top 4 is a major achievement. Keep supporting the highest paid manager in Bpl. Keep supporting the man who thinks Arsenal Fc is all his. Keep supporting your very own Arsene Wenger. Le Prof of economics. I WILL NOT SUPPORT HIM. I WANT HIM OUT!

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  5. goonner


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  6. Zery

    Some people including the manager always surprise me, when the team loses three or more games consecutively, they show up and tell us how much strengthening the team is very important. Next time, when the team wins just one or two games after losing several games, the same people show up and tell us how strong this team is, how deep the squad is and so on and on…I wish they just knew the team and made their analysis correct and honest with us.

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  7. Gooner Cape Town

    Wenger admits Newcastle have made “quality signings”. So f*ckhead weren’t you looking for quality? If you do not buy a DM we are stuffed and will be lucky for 6th spot, c*nt Wenger!!!

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  8. mukund

    Getting the right striker, deep midfielder or a centre back would certainly help us. If we spend big for the right quality we will reap our rewards. See for carzola we paid 16 million for him our highest and we are definitely benefitting from it. I really look forward for some new signings. Only thing i dont want is Wenger giving lame excuses in the end.

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  9. Ru

    raid barca for song and villa (both out of favour) then get Cavani with what we have left.

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  10. ALI

    I appreciate the sentiments of the article, but the “wait another year and the team will finally gel” argument has been going on for nearly 8 years, and it never happens – it’s always “well, next year, because then the players will all be more comfortable with each other”…the problem is, we risk losing key players, Vermalaen, Sagna, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, in the meantime. Team spirit and all that, great, but you only generate that when the team is doing well, and in order to succeed short term we need to BUY IN QUALITY. Only then will other players step up, and the mighty mighty gunners start moving back towards a position of challenging for the top prizes again. If Wenger doesn’t buy this window, I’m afraid I will no longer support him – and it pains me to say it, because I’ve always stood up for him, even when others were calling for his head. COYG.

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  11. BIG O

    Jovetic and Hummels please but it probably won’t happen coz Wenger is a bell end. I’ve learned as a long term gooner is that don’t get your hopes up.

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  12. CUT

    Totally agree, some of the mediocre players will become quality starting from next month and we should preserve and in fact increase our cash holding just in case Mr Kronke needs funds to buy a bigger ranch and dont forget all hard working executives and directors, who all deserve huge bonuses on top of existing bonuses!!!

    I propose to the board to double my season ticket so the club and all who run it become even richer.

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  13. DanJohn

    The one question that keeps coming up in my head is: if we have needed goals since the start of the season, why werent we ready to pounce on 1 Jan on a target we have already identified, tabling a bid that the targets club could not refuse!?

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  14. Graham

    Excellent article. One of the key issues why the club has struggled is the constant revolving door with many going out and coming in as the article suggests. I believe this is the only advantage manu have over us. They have a settled team for years with only one or two additions a year.

    I think one or two this January window, shipping out deadwood in the summer and bringing our on loan youngsters like Miyachi and Campbell back + one addition in the summer will be good.

    The key to our success next season is not to let any of our quality players leave at the end of the season

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  15. gonner 23

    that press conference spoilt my day to be honestif we dont sign anyone will definately get anialated by bayern probably 6-0 gomez robbern ribery etc will do us pls wenger save us from embarrasment or we fans will drive you out no one is bigger than ARSENAL FC not even arsene wenger the stubborn PLONKA spend some F***ING MONEY!!!

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  16. Darule

    Just a month ago AW was ‘we are in the market for 2 top quality players’, now he changes his stand and criticizes the January window. I don’t get AW he really needs to go see a shrink once the season is over. I been on the AW out bandwagon for the past three seasons knowing AW’s history in Monaco and Arsenal he ain’t gonna spend and if he does spend he will bring in unknowns and hope they become a hit. We already have a lot of unknown on our bench who AW is finding hard to sell. Getting tired of his and the boards bullshit. Winning is everything in football look at City their revenue is up 51% , why? They won the PL!!!

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  17. deji

    Wenger “We have been linked with David Villa, but there’s nothing concrete there. We are not on the case. We want to make things happen from inside the club. We have the resources to do well.
    Walcott has improved everywhere. His finishing has improved a lot. Giroud is developing well and fights for the team,Ramsey had a good performance in a position that I THINK IS MADE FOR HIM..

    I hate being Arsenal fan.. Its the hardest thing. Well, the only positive from this news is we can all relax and stop anticipating new transfer and rumours! Jovetic, villa, adrian, ba, mbiwa, zaha…

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  18. gonner 23

    @GRAHAM thats true mate but what if the players feel we hav no ambition when we finsh out of top four we will not have the luxury of keeping them espsecially with the board lookin to cash in at any chance they get ill alway support this team but something has to change

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  19. aggowaggo


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  20. kron

    we’re not gunna sign anyone. rosicky will come back from injury and wenger will say he’s like a new signing..

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  21. NIKK

    Why raise fans hopes in the first place and than knock it down latter?

    Why did he not say, what he stated in today’s press conference on 1st week of January?


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  22. mighty

    it use to be a time that every gooners use to said in arsen we trus but reading all this comments is so obvious that no one trust him anymore we lost faith on him why?because we use to fight again the best team for the top spot winning trophies invincible season playing one of the best football in Europe every team use to be afred of us,but now we sold all our best players to the rivals no trophies for 8years fighting for the top for finish with the lack ofspudd s liver..scals and everton.I TOT agree with gooner)

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  23. mac11gooner

    Transfer crazy???? We just a DM and a striker for now!!!! Wenger and board.. Spend some bloodclart money… Too think the yank went and brought 2shopping centres the other day!!! Get him the f**k out!!!!!! Sorry but that press confrence as really upset me 2day!!!!!!

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  24. Julien

    Great article Bob, with some strong arguments.

    I still think however, one addition (a sharp finisher who can rapidly adapt) is crucially needed to help us push on till the end of the season – instead of waiting for Giroud, Podolski, etc., to mature & flourish this season.

    Otherwise, there is a big chance we’ll be waving next years Champions League “good bye”.

    Thanks for the article Bob!

    I get slated for articles I didn’t write sometimes but I can’t take credit for this one
    it says at the top by Max Tomlin

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  25. Marko

    What????????????????NO signins??????Oh noooooooooo!!!Why Wenger,whyyyyyyyy??????!!!!!!He is out of his mind!!Rosicki like a new signin????And when diaby get injured,rosicki,arteta,coq…etc…what then Mr.Smart guy????????????We are bit short in midfield,but,overall we are bit unlucky…f**k that!!!!

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  26. Joe

    Are you guys Arsenal fans?

    If you are you would know that Wenger say’s this every single year and we always end up with new players, never take his words so literally. He is trying to bring in 2 players there’s still time. I would be shocked if no one arrived by the end of the window.

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  27. Gunner Mne

    Wenger and board won’t spend any money, becouse they will share 40m between themselves.

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  28. Denis my true name

    @joe. I too agree. He doesn’t know Cazorla, he didn’t chase podolski. He never talks about giroud. But voila there they are. This is Arsene wenger were talking about.

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  29. John-Legend

    Good point(s)!!! However, we juƨτ need little strenghtening in key areas.

    I was tired of your transfer rumours, BOB.

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  30. AFCEdwards

    At no point did Wenger say he was making no signings, he said they have lodged no bids. My god, how hard is it to not be an idiot all the time…

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  31. craig2500

    Arsenal need to take their mind of things because transfers is just getting everyone riled. Why not JustArsenal post about the weekends game and possible options we have using youth players such as Eisfeld and start with Arshavin?

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  32. joe

    our squad has some talent and we have talented players out on loan

    however i think were short of a cb dm an st

    radical transfers r not need or big big spending

    ashley williams £8 mill

    Victor wanyama £10 mill

    wait til the summer and look at michu, villa, benteke

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  33. true goon

    You sound like Arsene “buying players isn’t always the answer”,please AW been trying the alternatives for a while they haven’t worked open your eyes.Im sorry Mertesacker hasn’t transformed at all,he’s not Arsenal quality very slow and ponderous on the ball,slows up our attacks too much and is too vulnerable due to his lack of pace and physical presence.

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  34. arsenal

    I am totally agree with this article. No matter what I still believe wenger is the right man to lead. And I believe current squad with one or two additions will become even stronger next season.

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  35. GP

    @gooner well said.I want him gone too
    What ever the reasons for failure are, Wenger has been the manager throughout.
    How people can still believe him when it comes to transfers is a mystery to me.
    If a manager constantly promises signings and fails to do it so, what does that say about him.
    This is not the only transfer window he has decieved the fans.
    But still there are those defending him and his actions.
    We as fans are sending mix messages to this board.
    One week we complain about not winning trophies,Then the next week we make 4th place the target.
    It’s better than nothing but it vindicates Wenger and the board.
    Pick a side and stick to it people.
    Nothing will change otherwise.

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  36. arsenal 4 life

    @gooner, i want to ask a question real quick.. trust me its only four spots and out of 20 teams we always find a way to be in the top 4, trust me tottenham also want to be in the top 4, and some other teams are satisfied just being in the BPL, wenger has done too much for this team, and what make a striker worth 20mil or above, what garantees you that when they come in the team the will jell in and score like how they are now, ask liverpool about torres, personally i would be content every year if we at least remain in the top four and win one cup until the team jell and be a league contender its always sweeter when you watch the team grow to become league contenders than to pay a bunch of stars to do the job. just wait for this english core we are talking about to mature and its better that wenger is telling them early that he is putting his hopes in them for the future so when the time comes they will at least be reliable to sign new contracts. if you want to support a league winning team join van persie its that simple no one is forcing you to support arsenal and trust me am only excited about the future of our squad, and quarantee we win the league withing the next 3-5 years.

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  37. vims

    Now what is the point of this article? You are just agreeing with all of us.No arsenal fan is calling for an overhaul of the team but strengthening in areas we appear to be weak. The areas are a DM, striker and a defender. DM is a must. Get a job

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  38. gooneray

    I can understand why he wont go crazy in the transfer market. He looks for a certain talent that will improve a very very inconsistant squad. Lets look at his previous go at finding a certain talent ( Chamakh,Scilachi,Santos,Gervinho,Mertasaker,Arshavan, Silveste,Cygan) Now lets look at the players he no longer needed at the emirates (Van persie, Fabregas, Adeybayor,Nasri,Clichy,Henry,Anelka,Viera,Campbell) and that list goes on also. I think he should be taken out of the loop as regards transfers and someone more capable raken on as dean was. United sit on top of the league and they improve their squad every transfer window. We carry injured players hoping they will be our saviour when they return. I hope I’m wrong but I do think we have got a lot of improvement to take a top 4 place

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  39. Graham

    @ gonner 23

    I think this is where Arsene needs to stop letting them do what ever they want. If he doesn’t want his reputation to be tarnished further this is the time to start standing up to the cash hungry duo. They can no longer use the stadium as an excuse as it is almost paid off.

    I think Arsene saying he won’t sign any miracle signing suggests he is finding it difficult to convince clubs to give him the players he wants. If they are top top players then it will be very difficult. I can’t see Dortmund letting Hummels go in the middle of the season. I think fans should understand how difficult it is to get top top players in January. I would prefer he signs no one if he can’t get this players he wants.

    Those shouting out for m’vila, I doubt many of them have seen him live. Others are screaming for sissoko, jovetic, etc and don’t know enough about the player. For some anything will do. That is not going to improve the squad. Arsene has said his will now be shopping in Germany and Spain. I believe that is because the current crop of french players are not good enough.

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  40. dave

    at least ferguson normally has the decency to come out and say near the begining of a transfer window that there team will not be in for anyone where as wenger plays it out to the last day,teasing the fans,he knows what he’s doing ,i reckon he gets a big kick out of it.

    how dare the fans and media tell me i need to buy more players and i don’t know what i’m doing,how dare they.

    the guys a total w####r!

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  41. ks-gunner

    If Wenger keeps trolling with the fans…..uefa leauge here we come……

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  42. Jim A

    Gee I just read about want away Hummels. Why would the article start with want away? If we could get a top class CB then that would make us top 4. Our attack with Poldi Giroud Theo and mix in with Ox is fine.

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  43. dalinho

    NO 1 IS COMING SO THINKING OF GOING CRAZY IS CRAZY!! Ask wenger he’ll tell ya like he did sky sports today

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  44. ks-gunner

    AKB my asss f**k off Stan and the board and to hell with u wenger too feed up with this pseadu intelectual wannabe loser……..

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  45. johnverdal

    what the fu*k is wenger saying? when we win some games this clown believes we dont need signings. im sick of this old crap. he will sign some cheap average players or dont sign anyone. gunners fans please this clown to resign.

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  46. Adam Harvey

    Arsenal will make some big signings of world class players. But the likely hood of this is that it will be in the summer.

    It is a lot harder to buy world class players in the winter mid way through the transfer window.

    Arsene and Arsenal should be judged more on the summer transfer window than this one.

    All we need to worry about though is making it to the champions league so that we can attract the best.

    A strong defensive midfielder would really help the season now though.

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  47. adeski

    Arsene Wenger has hinted this morning that he’s content with the make-up of his squad and that arrivals in January are unlikely.

    “We have two players in every position and that should be basically enough plus the young players we have in behind,” Wenger said at his press conference this morning.

    I knew it would come to this…ffs just get diame p.z a striker would be a bonus!!!!

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  48. Brian Passmore

    Ramsey on Wednesday night played his best game since his injury, playing at CMF alongside Jack. Defended his goal line and created several chances with his astute passing. Welcome back Aeron Ramsay

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  49. Neil

    He didn’t say that he’s gonna sign nobody.

    But, pretty much as good as. No bids made. Not interested in this guy, that guy..we have two players in each position.

    And wtf is that supposed to mean anyway? Any team in any league pretty much has at least two players for each position.

    My opinion? He’s not even trying and was gonna leae it late, but due to a great 10 minutes of football at home vs out of form West Ham, he thinks we are now world beaters.

    My glass is always half full and on our day we can be a match for most teams.

    However…with no signings I expect a 5-1 agg loss vs Bayern.

    He’s taking a huge and unnecessary gamble with our season…and the next..and our standing with any ‘top, top’ players he’s thinking of buying in the summer.

    Bad news…but at least I won’t be checking for signings every five minutes anymore.

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  50. Ross

    I agree to a degree, except teams like man united for example make sure that their transitional periods predominantly happen as the old squad is on the decline. Creating a kind of seamless move from one to the other and slowly introduce new players. There was a time when players would rather sign for us than man united, and to be frank if we went for a player that man united also wanted, they’d be far more likely to pick man u. No because of money, but because we’re considered less ambitious. It’s a real shame, and I for one think we do need a couple of additions (mainly GK, LB and DM.) World class players that can take the already good crop. And push them forward.

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  51. Robin Van Payslip

    Wenger is STILL basking in the glory of Wednesdays win. As he gets out of his car and walks towards his office he is humming a song –

    Wenger: Getting money and laced up live from New York, getting reefa to blaze up live from New York………..

    He sees Bould.

    Wenger: Yo that Immobilarity CD was the shizzle. Fo sho it weren’t as dope as Only Built for Cuban Linx but Cuban Linx is the best cd ever

    Bould: For sheezy. But Lex Diamond Story was a let down

    Wenger: A bit like RVP’s performance at Man Utd

    Bould: OK……………….

    Wenger: Is the squad ready?

    Bould: Yeah

    Wenger and Bould walk into the dressing room. All the squad are there

    Wenger points to Ramsey

    Wenger: Stand up son

    Ramsey stands up

    Wenger: This is our talisman. Everything goes through him

    Cazorla feels the sudden need to share his feelings

    Cazorla: Whya you no playa Ramsey more oftena?

    Wenger: WTF? Why have you got an Italian accent, Santi? You are Spanish?

    Cazorla panicks

    Cazorla: Va va voom

    Wenger: You’re not French either!

    Cazorla runs off. Wenger turns to Bould

    Wenger: What just happened?

    Bould: OK Arsene you need to sit down.

    Wenger sits down

    Bould: Have you ever wondered why we buy players and they never perform well after they sign for us even though they were great before they did

    Wenger: Nope. I’m terrible with tactics. Thats why these idiots run around like headless chickens.

    Bould: Why did Viera not run around like a headless chicken?

    Wenger: Whats your point?

    Bould: Due to recent budget cuts and the fact we need to sign players to get season ticket holders to renew, we just find a good player and then we go and find a lookalike and then we recruit the lookalike and pretend we signed the player for millions

    Wenger: No way!

    Bould: Sadly yes. The person you though was Santi is really Chas. He is a chippy from Dagenham.

    Wenger: But what about the real Santi? Won’t people wonder why there are two of them playing football?

    Bould: The real one is gone

    Wenger: Where?

    Bould: You don’t want to know. I still have nightmares *tear rolls down his cheek*

    Wenger: But he is good

    Bould: Yeah that was a complete fluke mate. He is our first success. Look at what happened with the fake Chamakh and Gervinho.

    Wenger: Chamakh was free!

    Bould: By that time we did not know which ones were real and which were fake so we had to just get rid of all of them and replace them with fakes

    Wenger: This is crazy

    Bould: To begin with yes. But now we are finding lookalikes better than our real players. Look at the new Ramsey

    Wenger butts in

    Wenger: You better not have done anything to Ramsey!

    Bould: No we all knew you love him. We found 4 lookalikes – 1 DM, 1 box to box, 1 AM and 1 RW. You can play him wherever you want depending on injuries and we have a great lookalike. The real one put on some weight and now is a rapper going by the name of Plan B. He was in a movie recently

    Wenger: OK but this is all a bit far fetched. Are you seriously expecting me to believe that there are two combovers like Gervinho.

    Bould: That was the toughest. The lookalike actually needs to shave his forehead every two hours to keep up the looks.

    Wenger: Oh………

    Bould: Come on I will show you the new Villa…………………

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  52. Mike

    Wenger is now saying clubs should be limited to 2 transfers in the janaury transfer window,what a joke,if other teams want to sign 6 or more players then let them.
    It is Wenger afterall who says players need 6 months to adapt to a new club anyway so it should work in Arsenal’s favour,this is just more of Wenger moaning rather than acting on what every Arsenal fan knows we should do!!
    Sign some quality players or leave and let someone else spend it rather than letting our club decline into a mid table team.

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  53. JMW

    Wenger really crazy really stupid n worse he will be around for another 18 months even more

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  54. AmericanGooner

    Wenger says nothing close, wants to limit the january window to two signings per club. No interest in David Villa, Belhanda. “Dont expect a miracle signing”

    On February 1, is he sticks to this, is there Wenger Out club I can join?

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  55. gooner 23

    @graham youre absolutely right mate i just think that we need to strengthen just to avoid almost certain embarrasment i still think wenger is the right man for the job but its nearly a decade since we won a trophy and the fans deserve this a dm and a clinical finisher will give us the oppurtunity to end this trophy drought..hopefully he will buy the players he wants in order to strengthen the club..regardless im arsenal till im 6 feet under and i hope the board and manager pay our glorious fans for the patience we have given them tge glory days will return#keep the faith..COYG!!

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  56. PetePaff

    L’ just said that Wenger is not recruiting anyone in January, that he feels that the team is good enough like that. If that is true, I’m going to start wishing we lost 5-1 to West Ham…

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  57. robbie

    We are all annoyed as fans, FACT! The thing is we just don’t know what wenger is up to, yeah its probable we won’t sign anyone but we still have days left for hope(that wenger will probably crumble and use his same excuses) imo I’m gona check last 48hrs cos checking every minute is killing me!

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  58. Neil

    Wenger must be a nightmare to live with.

    Mrs Wenger: Are you hungry, buttercup? I’m famished.

    Arsene: A little bit. Yes.

    Mrs Wenger: (opens fridge) Ohhh. Ummmm…sugarplum?

    Arsene: Yes dreamboat?

    Mrs Wenger: There is nothing in the fridge but a jar of marmite…and it is five years out of date.

    Arsene: Check the pantry fluffikins.

    Mrs Wenger: Errr. Nothing here too. A few cobwebs and a can of Lyon’s Treacle syrup…seven years out of date my wittle bunnykins.

    Arsene: I went to the so called January sales. I worked out that a loaf of bread costs 85p to make, package and deliver. They sell it for one pound fifty. Eggs? They are just chicken ovulations and are just as expensive. I will not be pushed to make buys I deem over priced.

    Mrs Wenger: But honeykins, I’m hungry. My bones are sticking out.

    Arsene: With the new regualtions on food pricing coming in, sometime in 2075..we will be in a strong position to fill the fridge and pantry at a 12% cost saving. This is a good thing for everyone involved in shopping.

    Mrs Wenger: I think I’m going to pass out.

    Arsene: The January sales should be banned. They only get shoppers hopes up. The good things..the PS3 for example…do you see it reduce in price? Not at all…and another thing..

    Mrs Wenger: I can see a light! I’m going to walk to it… (cough)

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  59. georgie b

    New signings or not, why are players like Nico Yennaris and Serge Gnabry are not playing?

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  60. Arsenal1Again

    Point 1 Max, we were past waiting for the youth to mature a long time ago when one by one they left on reaching maturity. No more waiting for “relatively young squads.”

    Point 2 Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud have all been excellent this season.

    We are in a poor league position with a full strength squad for most of the first half of this season. Now we are starting to get injuries, we are are going to be in a worse position in May if we do not buy more players. Not all players need a full season to settle. Did Van Persie need a whole season to settle in Manchester? The teams above us show no signs of weakening. Spurs does not have a manager this season being distracted by the England job. The Manc clubs, Chelsea and Spurs are going to be in the top 4 on the last day. Other teams can possibly be 5th and 6th. These things are possibilities and because they are, it is essential for our weaknesses to be addressed … especially since the manager has the finacial resouces available. He’s just not choosing too use them. This is bloody minded obstinency and in the end, this blind faith in your own judgements is the dowfall off all leaders. Other views have to be recognised as other possibilities rather than things to be automatically dismissed.

    I have not once before now in the past 8 seasons felt we’ll fail to finish in the top 4, but if Wenger does not buy players to address our problems, I know we have no chance.

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  61. ks-gunner

    Arsene knows best… deluded fool for to long u are sitting on the comford zone….how are we going to succced and win when people babble about beeing happy watching Ramsey improving or having a good game for once …are we some kind of academy or saint club whoes only interest is to see players improve and leave at the end….do we need another spanking like manure did to us to get into the transfer market…..we are taken for a ride big time…no other manager in the world besides wenger is eable to keep his job for 8 years besides not winning anything …

    Capello 2 time la liga champions fired coz of unatractive football

    Raikard -even though he made barcelona into what it is today he was fired……

    Carlo Anceloti- Ac milan legend…..fired coz of lack of succes…….

    Rafa Benitez…fired besides the CL succes he had with liverpool

    Morinhio- Special one lol fired ….bec he lost to a bradford a like team and coz he started to lost his spark at chelsea

    Harry Redknapp…Spurs fired him lack of succes failuare to quel for the cl which he lost coz of unluck….

    Felix Magath…fired fired fired beside good results before

    Anceloti..fired besides the cup and leauge succes he had at chelaea

    Robert di mateo….fired besides winning the cl which is a dream for us

    Guardiola fired himself….coz he knew his time was up and he left the club as a hero

    The list is endless only Wenger has the privilage to mantain besides failure… have to wake up and learn to let go …. change is needed at Arsenal

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  62. Arsenal1Again


    What title did we win 7 years ago?

    In May it will be 9 years.

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  63. Jonno

    He let Djourou & Chamakh leave on loan, he must replace these
    players but i feel he will promote from within rather than spending, whether big or small. Like we’ve all said, we only need 2/3 players tops to really make us a real force again not an army of players man $hitty or qpr style.

    If he buys nobody he must fasttrack sum of our youngsters, Gnabry, Eisfeld, Ryo, Joel Campbell to name a few. He always
    says he wont buy big players as they stop youngsters development, well now he must practice what he preached or pay up & look big !


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  64. Mike

    Mertersacker’s impeccable reading of the game lmao,you know your team is shit when idiots say such things.

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  65. irsh

    BOB…. you may be rite… but the real pblm of arsenal is wen the young players develop into quality ones, they are sold………… in the case with fabregas, nasri, persie, song..

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  66. Always a gooner

    wenger get out … ur time is over ……u can win anything …just shup up , stop ur moaning and get out ..take Gazidis and co along with u …iam fed up ……..guys we need to get rid of this economics professeur…please dont thumb me down ..its the fact ….. if not now u will agree with me on………………..feb 1st

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  67. Always a gooner

    professeur please leave our beloved club …….please …if u have any love for arsenal ..pleae leave this summer …. after dein left u became money minded …please orofesseur go and teach your economics to SAntos , chamakh.pleasee…mediocre manager mid table club …….JUrgen klopp ,premier league champions

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  68. sollygunner

    ,,,, yeah i will be happy with 2 decent players not asking for the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  69. patto

    I have totally had enough of Wenger and the board i just don’t know who is worse.

    We all know we won’t buy anyone, the board just continue to line their pockets while Arsene Wenger receives fat bonuses and also being the highest paid manager in the Premier league .

    If this season Arsenal don’t get into the champions league spot the only bonus of that would be a complete reality check and maybe realise that this current squad are just not good enough!


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  70. Art

    If Wenger is so awful, why do PSG want to make him the highest paid manager in the world. If he was looking for a job why didn’t he take the Real Madrid job when they offered and promised to give him a 100 million kitty. Some idiots here actually believe Arsene is the reason Arsenal doesn’t spend. Believe me if he was at Man City or Chelsea he would be spending

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  71. LoCkAy

    The tune has changed !!!!!!!

    We suck and we do not have a balanced and quality squad !!!

    Is that difficult to see or you guys have decided to go blind ???????

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  72. Andrew

    If Wenger does’t sign anyone I still think we can win the FA cup a Champions League. The players looked as if they are gelling together against West Ham. All I would say if I was in charge I would buy a DM and a world class striker.

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  73. Ogban

    Rather than sign any player we’d want out soon, better to wait till the summer when we can ship out some deadwood and bring in quality. The present squad can get us CL football if they play to their potential in a consistent manner. Let’s leave Mr Wenger to do his job.

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