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Why Arsenal should stick with Wenger

Why Wenger shouldn’t be fired at the current moment by KJ

A lot is being said my both the media and fans regarding Arsene Wenger’s future at Arsenal. Many want the Frenchman out of the club as soon as possible. However, this article is to prove that it could be a very short-sighted opinion.
I have to admit, Wenger has really lost it this season. He’s been unable to win against the likes of Norwich, Fulham, Swansea, Aston Villa and even Sunderland. It’s not acceptable at this level. Every top manager has an off day and dropping points can happen. But when it happens against 5 teams that are considerably weaker than us, there is clearly something going wrong.

This outlook is made worse considering the loss against Bradford. That Gunners team shouldn’t be losing to a league 2 side, it should be spanking them. It was ridiculous the lack of care and determination by the players. I blame it partly on Wenger. A player can motivate themselves for the big games, however, a good manager will make sure that a player is motivated for the small games as these will be the games that decide what team wins silverware. Wenger has failed to do that this season especially.

But I don’t feel it’s the right time to sack Wenger. There has been a huge doubt casted over my mind but I still feel that we should keep Wenger for the remainder of the season for two reasons:

1. Let’s give an Arsenal legend one more chance to redeem himself. He has proven many times that he knows how to change a season on its head and there is no doubt in my mind that we’ll spend quite a bit of money in January? Could those signings win us the FA cup and get us top 4? It’s definitely possible.

2. Who is there realistically worth getting? If we fire Wenger now, we’ll have to settle with an average run of the mill manager. I want a manager like Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp, not Roberto Martinez. There’s talks that Wenger has been planning to resign from the Arsenal set up during the summer of 2013 because that will be the only time Pep will be available. And it’s no secret that Arsenal is one of his favoured clubs to manage.

It’s a sad state of affairs at Arsenal at the moment. Many know that I’ve always been an Arsene Knows kind of person but even now, I’m starting to lose faith in the great man. Let’s just hope he can still make something of this season.

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49 thoughts on “Why Arsenal should stick with Wenger

  1. Chileangunner

    Of corse, i can wait to the end of the season. then guardiola o bielsa in.

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  2. medhanie

    thats okay cos he will leave with his reputation and not sucked but as a legend wenger but this must be his last season.

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  3. NIKK

    Wenger uses qualifying for Champions league for last 14 years as a benchmark for club success but has he ever once won it?? NOOO!

    So please retire end of the season before you tarnish your legacy further!

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  4. Ghost Rider

    we’ve stuck with him for all these years and mediocrity is all we get. Time to move on with new manager and new outlook

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  5. That Gunner

    I HAVE ALWAYS SAID THIS! NO MATTER WHAT,WENGER CANT BE REPLACED AT THIS CURRENT MOMENT..we are going throu a phase and the manager shldnt be CHANGED,I DONT doubt PEP as a manager,but what did he really have to do at Barca besides putting hos best 11 out there in each position? With Messi,Iniesta and Xavi,once they start pass and move and are comfortable on he ball,YOU WILL GET HURT!! Further more we still haven’t gotten our signings firing on all cylinders,for me Poldi can improve a lot,Giroud as well..Theo is that striker we need,notice when he plays theres confidence oozing like crazy,hes that out and out striker to play with Poldi/Giroud..We need a defensive mid,LB and for me,another creative attacking mid,I say this because Ramsey seems washed up and Eisfeld is being frozen out,I would take an all rounder Defender who can also play holding,Cocquelin seems to be coming along fine,he just needs to understand his job is to sit infront the back 4,..I am VERY CONFIDENT WE ARE FINISHING IN THE TOP 3,I DONT SEE CHELSHIT OR ROTTENHAM ABOVE US..GUNNERS TIL MY CASKET SHUT!!!! COYG!!

    Arshavin:Still is quality,if Cazorla is being replaced,it has to be for Rosicky or Arshavin,they both posses that dink pass that Csec used to love,that gap between defender and when the ball is played is crucial,Rosicky and Arshavins timing is excellent..

    The person who wrote the article aboutCavani not making it,I disagree with you,not only is he QUALITY,if deployed as a winger whether left or right,hes bagging in goals,if you think he is your TYPICAL CF ur WRONG,he DELIVERS at the slightest chance,I rather see him than Lopez or LLorente,but we know hes gonna cost a lot..

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  6. leo

    the board is the one that should first go,give wenger an open check book then let’s see if wenger has to go or not till then it’s easy to solely blame him for everything while the invisible owner hides behind wenger ask any ex-players they will point finger towards the board barring 1-2

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  7. k

    Disagree. We have been an absolute disgrace this season. Bradford was the last straw for me, we had a full strength team going up against a league two side, even with the players not being motivated we should win. The only thing it can come down to is team selection and tactics, and Wenger got both of those wrong. Like he has throughout the season.

    8 years without a trophy is long enough. Just because he’s done some good for this club doesn’t mean he should be guaranteed a place at this club. Would we keep Henry as our main striker until he’s 60 because he’s a legend? No.

    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

    Wenger is slowly becoming the villain and it’s sad. He should leave before it’s too late.

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    Fans are tired of the same excuses from the Board and from AW. But I think he has made quite a few gaffs..

    1. Maybe the Board don’t give him the money he needs, but he should say so just like Ian wright has said.

    2. Maybe he has lost his eye for quality singing (santos, gervihno, chamakh, squid, etc etc)….but it’s started how swansea manage to get Michu and Demba was on a free to Newcastle….

    3. Maybe it’s tactics-against Bradford we sent a near full strength team!

    4. Maybe it’s lack of passion..being too long in the job

    5. Maybe he earns too much and is too comfortable

    6. Maybe he does not value players the right way..RVP, Walcott, Song,

    7. Maybe it’s just a lack of vision and ambition that forth place is NOT a trophy.

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  9. usmaNOW

    Just imagine start of 2013 season…

    Usmanov the Owner
    Pep the Manager
    Henry the club ambassador
    Wenger the youth development director
    Wilshere the Captain

    a truly dream team!!!

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  10. Gooner

    @leo i thought you would understand that WENGER SUPPORTS THE TRANSFER POLICY FOR REAL. he doesnt want USMANOV because Usmanov would sack him after disappointing results and selling of top players. GET OVER IT WENGER IS DONE!!!

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  11. leo

    Djourou set to move to napoli ,arsenal should use him + money & try to sign cavani heard in summer napoli made a bid of around 8m lol arsenal should offer maybe 20m + him

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  12. leo

    @gooner don’t fall for waht is bieng seen by media wenger in summer said he is open to having usamnov on board not once he said he is against it the media are lying & twisting every satements made by wenger he hasn’t said it i want usmanov over stan it’s time to kick the greed out

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  13. leo

    ok i think we fans have discussed wenger & future repeatdly over & over again now can we please have a stan kroenke article

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  14. Twig

    January signings for Arsenal:
    Niklas Bendtner from Juventus (free)
    Joel Campbell from Real Betis (free)
    Nani from Manchester United (in part exchange for Walcott)
    Joe Cole on 6 month loan from Liverpool

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  15. leo

    & by the way usmanov supports wenger even after rvp sale he defended wenger & crticised the board in every ast meetings the red & white holdings have always defended wenger & criticised the board

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  16. juhislihis

    Why everybody wants Zaha? Check Thomas Ince from Blackpool. Same age, same position and his stats overcome Zahas by miles.

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  17. GunnShow

    Its was AW that brought in players like Cesc Nasri RVP Henry ect he did all the hard work from turn them from raw talent to star players, why on earth would he let them all walk out so easily.

    It’s the board Job to support arsenal financially AW does a big favor by creating stars rather than buying them but YEAR after YEAR the board fail to keep their end of the bargain


    It’s to boards Job to keep the top talent at the squad but every year its the same old story AW (Or ANY manager for the matter) can only do so much when he keeps getting undermined year in and year out by the board so they can make a huge profit. by selling stars made be the manager you criticize.

    This is what ruining the club until this changes NOTHING will change.

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  18. md31

    please mr wenger out enough is enough that is is year and year we are getting worst the soon he leave we will be better we need new blood new manager new board all arsenal need to be shaked

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  19. JohnM

    Does anyone truely believe Wenger would not have tied down players or signed players he admired all those times if he had financial backing from the board. Without a doubt we would cover cost through success with Wenger had our owners not been too scared to put their hands in their own pockets to back him renewing contracts and offering realistic bids for the players he wants. Maybe David Dein would have cracked some of the deals but the board expect Wenger to operate financially like it was still 2005 yet still they are happy to keep all the pressure on him to deliver success. We should be angry and dissapointed with our 7 years without success but hats of to Wenger for his commitment and faith and to an extent I cannot blame the players for lossing faith and putting in below par performances, the players, Wenger and us fans need to see real and full commitment from the owners and the board and provide financial backing to show us they truely believe we can live at the top of world football

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    I had thought otherwise but now I agree that Wenger should be left till end of season even though a lot of damage could have been done to the team then.

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  21. Dan

    One more chance to redeem himself? I believe he’s had several seasons and transfer windows to redeem himelf but he’s never come up with the goods.

    I agree with you about not sacking him right now. But nobody is actually talking about sacking him right now. We want to see where we come at the end of the season and then see him try to defend his “strong team” and justify his poor signings.

    And as for making something of this season. I’ve wanted Wenger to step down for the last 2 or 3 seasons, but I didn’t even think he’d manage to cock it all up by Christmas.

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  22. JohnM

    Either back our club and team or make your profit and allow Usmanov to take us back to the top, I love Wenger, I love Arsenal and I love every player who really wants to put on our shirt to play to win

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  23. Sammie

    Wenger’s time has come and gone. He is a confused man at the moment, the earlier he leaves the better for the club.

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  24. JohnM

    Anyone who thinks Wenger likes to be cheap and wouldn’t spend money even if he had it is talking crazy, he’s not a sales man, he doesn’t work on commision and like any manager knows he gets judged on how well he does with the resources given to him. If this is not true the only logical explanation is that he is a sabatoir with real dedication having been at it for 16 years, Wenger is much a part of Arsenal as Henry, Adams and our old beloved Highbury. Support like we are already winners and reinstill the belief in our players, we can still make some magic this season

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  25. AJ

    All you want is to make a comeback and settle for 4th.
    The questions we must ask are why are we failing season after season? Why do we have typical slumps that take many games to overturn every season? Why the same lies every year?

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  26. uyguyguyguyguyg

    if Wenger doesn’t retire at the end of the season he will end up making a mockery of his own legacy. I really don’t think he’s up to it anymore and want him out, but he at least deserves to leave at the end of the season, before its too late for him to be remembered for all the good he actually did do for the club.

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  27. Reddb10

    Not a bad article but just to correct you Wenger has not had a few bad days at the office he has had almost 8 bad years at the office.

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  28. Sam

    Am I the only gunner left who still supports Wenger?! I undrestand that half of our fans nowadays are the new generation and many foreign fans, not to offend anyone. But when these fans started supporting us it was during the Invincible period of arsenals success, we should of won the CL to that season and we will never see that again in my life time. Arsene Wenger made that happen, all of us we’re spoilt by many trophies a very smart move to the best stadium in the country and the success of that period we were one of the best teams in Europe. My dad has followed arsenal since 1960 he had to wait 10 years for a trophy, as we didn’t have much silverware after the success in the 1930s. And even from there our achievements wasn’t as successful till the great Wenger come along. We are financially 60 years ahead than many other clubs in the prem and Europe, it might not be showing on the pitch at the moment which many people could argue that’s where it matters, but to me it does in some ways as every fan wants to see their team win every week, but it also doesn’t aswel as I would rather my club be still moving forward in 100’s of years to come. Success trophies etc, they all come in cycles and right now we are rebuilding our team due to sales of some of our best players and injuries of other players that Wenger put great faith into. Everyone knows that one day we will be back and stronger than ever and I’m prepared to be patient for that. Sacking Wenger is just wrong, sticking by a manager separates us from the teams like Chelsea and man city who we all hate!

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  29. nickw

    I just can’t see us getting anything but worse under Wenger. Anyone who thinks ‘Chamakh was a good buy’ and ‘Gervinho is top quality’, clearly has lost the plot and can’t be trusted to do the right thing. He is living in a fantasy land if he he thinks this current squad is good enough for Arsenal. If we stick with him we risk lose what remaining quality players we have, leaving us with a team of losers.

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  30. jumper

    ok KJ if wenger is given time and in january he has the amount that he could spend is there any guarentee he ll sign top players???and even if he turns this season around without buying quality players and reach TOP 4 trophy in the end can we challenge for REAL trophies next season

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  31. thevoiceofreason

    A lot of silly immature talk here,nothing worse than denial,results don’t lie,go get vivideo tapes of the last 6 seasons n ul soon see its jus same old same old,everythin that has a beginnin has an end my freinds,streaks come to an end,era’s come to an end,wenger has way more influence than a lot of u realise,the only way I’d want wenger to stay is if it turns out wenger has intentionally ran arsenal in2 the ground the way he has been doin to distabalise the club n get rid of the greedy board,otha than that its wenger out for me cos if he can’t use his influnce to bring serious change in the boards thinkin 2wards team investment then there’s no point him being there

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  32. Cardiff gunner

    I think Wenger is losing it but what would happen if we fire him midseason? It would make the team implode more so than we are now. Let him do his thing until the end of the season.
    Big buys like Cavani won’t happen, board is too stubborn. We’ll settle for a few decent signings and that’s all.

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  33. RSH

    I definitely think this is his last season at the Emirates. There’s no way in the world Wenger is going to get sacked, which at this point would be kind of pointless. If Guardiola came in the middle of the season I don’t think his impact could get us a Champions League spot. Wenger has been known to turn around seasons. Very doubtful this time tho…

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  34. GP

    Should the new Manager who ever he is be given 8 years to win his first trophy?
    Oh No… The Wenger fans would never accept that because football’s about winning.One rule for him and another for the rest.

    It’s a fuuny old game!

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  35. philthompsonsnose

    Agree sam, Manure had to wait 26 years before their dominance..and they were about to sack Fergie..
    I agree that over the past 7-8 years we haven’t won anything and we sell our best players at times but if more of us were patient then things just might turn around..
    We have been quite close on occasions to winning something but I believe pre 2005 we were spoilt! Everything is cyclical and just like in all sports.. Arsenal football club will win the PL again..
    Doesn’t anyone on here understand the way our brain works???
    Wenger can’t stop players going IF THEY WANT TO!
    It’s like if your in a job and you don’t like a couple of your work mates and you have become bored or another company offers you a fatter pay cheque and some perks… will you stay ??
    Of course you won’t and the boss wont want to keep you at your wishes as it will be counter productive! As AW doesn’t want to upset the aple cart he allows players to do what they want.. in the hope they change thier mind or live to regret it!!??
    Think of Hleb & Anelka, grass was never greener for them was it? Cesc waited 3 years before finally moving on as did Viera and Henry..

    Give AW a break until the end of the season..(at least) Yes I agree it appears he has lost his knowledge of spotting a player (Gervinho) and his tactical nouse seems to have waned but we still have the 3rd best defence in the league and over half the season left to play for..
    AW wants to win every game as much as us and I know he hasn’t got the best players but he does want to win!!!He KNOWS HE HAS TO BUY IN JANUARY!!
    Most new supporters want wenger out but that’s naive because continuity breeds success if you look at history!!
    Chelsea have spent fortunes and had about 10 different managers in 10 years.. yes they have won the EPL and CL but they have less heritage than us as do man city..
    Arsenal football club have the respect of the whole world and only the likes of manure, bayern, Barca ,Ac milan can rival us..
    So before we crucify mr W, remember that the only true way to greatness is by doing things properly.. there is no quick way to riches, no easy formula to success but patience …
    Give Wenger until May and then judge.. It’s obvious he will step down if results aren’t going our way!
    Wenger is stubborn but also a proud man who wants things done the right way..he will know when it’s time to go…

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  36. Invincibles nice (1)

    I cant think of another manager besides Wenger did continuously spend thirty mil at the most in one season, bringing in the type players he has.

    The board sell every last one of his gems then understandably we begin poorly in the season, and people say hes lost it.
    No he didnt lose it, it where sold from under him, big differences in lost and sold.

    Guardiola would not fare better than Wenger in the PL with the Gunners.

    (1) Similar philosophies but Wenger gets better defenders
    (2)Gaurdiola bought f**k all great buys, they where Barca youth
    (3) Gaurdiola plays five foot nine midfielders as CBs
    (3) I could manage that Barca team and win trophies
    (4) How would Gaurdiola fair having to shop for b & c list squad players like all PL managers do

    I really believe that Gaurdiola would be a disaster waiting to happen.
    We already have one of the worlds top managers who Madrid, che, manc, psg and even Barca would all love to get, and soo many more.
    People really have to be careful what they wish for as it may come true.
    We have been in turmoil for some years now but this isnt down to Wenger losing any abilities, just players.
    In no way has Wenger been a bad manager throughout these eight years with his firefighting skills concerning out going players very much evident, combined with club transition making no money available suggests that in no way the man has been anything like bad.

    Id love to finish by saying, In Wenger we Trust but,
    In Wenger I Trust.

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  37. Invincibles nice (1)

    @makon cleverly said, the only prob is that both sides of the argument will agree.

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  38. true gooner

    Make Arsene Wenger the Director of football and Appoint Guardiola as the Manager while Steve Bould to be the Assistant.The problem is Wenger is in charge of so many things. Walcott deal should have been sorted by now.
    Wish we can get Grimandi from Newcastle in January.

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  39. sperez

    Oh, here we go again. It’s not the right time, not the right time. How many more chances will Wenger need to prove he is finished as top manager ? How about we keep him for 10 years more ? ‘Judge me in May’. In which May should we judge Wenger ?
    The time to sack the senile old fool is before the next transfer window. Before he wastes precious money buying more shite or giving dross new, improved contracts. Aaron Ramsey anyone?
    Many people are making Ramsey a scapegoat while the biggest problem at the club is called Arsene Wenger. But what the f*ck did Ramsey do to merit a new contract with improved terms ? He’s already been rewarded big money for doing nothing. He might become good but it’s wrong to reward a player so disproportionally. This shows that Wenger won’t change and Arsenal will continue to waste important resources overpaying deadwood or unproven young players.
    Wenger is obsessed with finding the next Fabregas for two reasons. First, he is very vain about his project youth. He loves to be regarded as a manager that develops young talent. Second, If a young gem matures he’ll be sold and Wenger knows this pleases Kroenke. More money for the American leech, after all.

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  40. Johnno

    Honestly, what has Pep done? Anyone could have managed that Barca side and won everything. They coach themselves. I’d want someone who would stand up to the board. Wenger seems to bend over for them.

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  41. true goon

    Give Wenger some more time.He’s only saying that he wouldn’t want the money because he’s working 4 Kroenke right now

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  42. Ddog

    wenger will turn it round, arsenal will turn it round. we’ll get fourth, we did it last season when everone thought we wouldnt we’ll do it agian. we have quality on the pitch, and at some point they have to start playing well together, like at the start of the season. as for weneger well maybe it is time for a change soon. but not in the middle of teh season. and personally they only managers i would be happy to see at arsenal other than wenger is Pep or Klop.

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  43. Philthompsonsnose

    All those who want Wenger out will be crying each night wishing the old prof’ was back.
    If and when AW does call it a day, we will realise how great he was.. I know it doesn’t seem that way now with our recent run of results.. But it is naive immaturity to criticise our greatest manager!
    Listen to all the great commentators or ex pros who still believe in AW.. People who have played the game and been involved at the top.. Surely they can’t be wrong!!!
    It is frustrating.. And seeing us fall further behind the leaders each week is soul destroying but wait until may and those of you who want him out now just may get your wish..!?!?!
    Only time will tell , let’s hope AW gets some quality players in the January window and we all have something to cheer about again??

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