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Why Arsenal WILL NOT sell Giroud to Everton

The rumours of Everton buying Olivier Giroud have been increasing since the arrival of Alexandre Lacazette at Arsenal, and of course the Toffees have money to burn after unloading Romelu Lukaku to Manchester United. But I assure you that Arsene Wenger will not be selling Giroud to them despite an Everton scout declaring that they were going to get the Frenchman for a ‘bargain’ 20 GBP:

Giroud himself has been giving conflicting statements about about not wanting to have yet another season with minimal game-time, especially with the World Cup coming up in Russia next summer, but he has also said that he wanted to be known as ‘loyal warrior’ to Arsenal. This may have been said after Wenger told him that he was not going to sell him under any circumstance.

Le Prof is very staid when it comes to contracts and the fact that Giroud signed a new extension just last year makes me think that he will not let him go at all, especially when you consider his excellent performances as a supersub in the last campaign, and if Alexis leaves then he could be fulfilling exactly the same role behind Lacazette this year.

But if Wenger does decide to let Giroud move on, I am certain that there is no way he will sell him to Everton after they beat us last year and gave us a run for 5th place. That is tantamount to selling to a direct rival. If he leaves my thought is that he will be moving back to the French League with Marseille. Oli himself admitted there was interest last month, and there has suddenly been a flood of money going on the South of France club, and a move there would make much more sense that giving Everton a proven Premier League goalscorer….

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38 thoughts on “Why Arsenal WILL NOT sell Giroud to Everton

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    I hope we keep Giroud (and Ox, Bellerin too)
    He would be an excellent SuperSub
    Also because the World Cup is next season Giroud will want to impress and hopefully try his best to score goals.
    We need to understand that the quality of the bench is very important to winning Trophies
    Having a weak bench could cost us the Title

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    1. Arsenal_Girl

      Sorry I forgot the big man Alexis lol
      Hopefully we will keep him somehow

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      1. Alex

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    2. Midkemma

      Well said 🙂
      Having a strong bench could make the difference over a long season, not only for player rotation but for injuries and suspensions as well, we need the quality in depth so we can cover those moments.

      With the WC and Giroud wanting to impress, that is perfect! We can use that. We know he will be hungry for goals and even if he knows he will not play every game, he could (and should) be aiming for enough game time to score more than this season. As long as he gets game time and gets some goals then we know the French boss will favor Giroud for the formation they play.

      I do not think Giroud would be happy being 2nd choice but I think he would be happy being a fighting 2nd choice while still being a team player, Giroud has never said he has to leave for game time and if anything he has been pushing AFC to sign a quality CF to push him. I think Giroud could thrive this year. All Giroud has ever wanted was competition to push himself.

      Also, I do not know how Laca will do against teams that will park the bus to stop us scoring, Giroud can do well (when in form) against those teams, maybe we can play the opposition better with more options to choose from? 🙂

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    3. Carlos Da Silva

      I know I’d get laughed at by most people but I straight up believe he is the best back up striker in the world, better than Morata, Batshuayi, Gabriel Jesus, Rashford, Paco, Mandzukic, Dembele, Torres. Obviously some of these players I would swap immediately for Giroud, simply because they’re younger and have the potential to become world class players, but as of right now I do believe that Giroud is better than all of them.

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  2. Anolysis

    Giroud is not going anywhere, Wenger will only sell Lucas Perez. Giroud is very important in the team at least he will make competition for places upfront to be tough which will inevitably bring out the best in our strikers. I want to see another scorpion-themed goal!

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  3. McLovin

    I read that we are almost debt free. Can anyone confirm?

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    1. Arsenal_Girl

      I think so, yes

      Last year I remember reading an article that told debts of each club
      It said Arsenal were only £6 million in debt

      Like you said in the previous article, we should sell some players to help fund the new players

      But debt is not a problem

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      1. Break-on-through

        How much were we paying out to our debts, does anyone know? That will now go towards – what looked like about 100m – going by this season and last season. I hope it’s a high number.

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    2. Midkemma

      Net Debt is around £6 million last I read.

      Net debt can be expressed as a metric that indicates the overall debt situation of a company by netting the value of the liabilities and debts of a company along with its cash and other similar liquid assets. To put it simple, net debt refers to the total debt of a company minus cash on hand.

      So it could be £156 million but AFC has £150 million in the bank, leaving an extra £6mil of debt which is then reported as the net debt of the club.

      The Swiss Ramble is IMO the best articles about AFC finances, really good to read, try google to find his articles.
      “In the latest accounts for the year ended 31 May 2016, Arsenal’s cash balance has very slightly fallen by £2 million to £226 million,”

      So if we assume that to be the cash balance and the NET DEBT is £6 million, I would guess that the TOTAL debt is around £232 million.

      I could be wrong though 😛 lol

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      1. Break-on-through

        So we wont be getting to use all of our resources debt free. Feels like we’ve been waiting over a decade, …wait a minute.

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  4. kev

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    1. Tidan2

      No one agrees with you, but you keep repeating the same nonsense over and over. Give it a rest.

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      1. kev

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        1. neil

          We were top when sanchex was up front and Giroud on the bench.. facts dont lie ! Will you accept that ?

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          1. kev

            For Arsenal the part we always ignore is what always costs us and it won’t shock me if it happens again.The fact that Sanchez and even Walcott have been chosen over him in CF tells me a lot about his quality.However,the thing is that both these players don’t have striker instincts.They did well but to me they never really played like actual strikers and both had many limitations.Honestly,speaking as a striker he’s better than both in terms of positioning and others but he lacks quality in finishing and cutting edge.He’s very lucky to be in Arsenal.

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            1. Arsenal_Girl

              Whenever I see “Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.”..I always click. I like reading these comments sometimes more than comments i agree with LOL

              I disagree. Giroud scored 16 Premier League goals twice
              That’s not bad for a player who will be second striker
              We can’t have another striker as good or better than Lacazette because he will be too good to be on the bench and you can’t pay a bench player £200,000 per week

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              1. kev

                Quality is not all about goals or stats you know.If it was a lot of Arsenal players would have been sold and many players would not even be regarded.People need to look at the bigger picture.He scored 16 goals last two season as the starting CF.You and I know that based on the chances he gets he should’ve been doing better.The guy is not even a clinical player from what we watch yet people will always deny that fact.The only case people make up for Giroud is his goals.They can’t even talk about his quality on the ball and others because it’s non existent.He was part of the reason why Arsenal couldn’t win the trophy in 15/16 season.It’s a shame we are compromising and refuse to state things the way they are.Even if Giroud scores 40 goals in the EPL qualoty wise he’s still average.

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          2. Neil

            With Sanchez up front

            Premier League Standings
            Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
            1 Chelsea 15 12 1 2 33 11 +22 37
            2 Arsenal 15 10 4 1 36 15 +21 34

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    2. Midkemma

      “You’d really have to ask yourself if he’d still be here if he wasn’t French.”
      /emote looks at BFG
      I would answer that with a YES, Nationality doesn’t determine if a player stays or goes. Yaya was French and he wasn’t given a new contract.

      “Wenger has every right to sell Giroud.” Yeah but I hope he doesn’t, we need a bench that can be useful.. Giroud has proven he can come off the bench and still have an impact in the game.

      “If we were very ambitious we would’ve sold him long ago.”
      We might never have signed him if we had the funds to have bought better back then, however since then Giroud has proven he can score in the EPL, he has also shown over the years how to get the best out of him… make him fight for his spot! When he fights for his spot he scores more consistently, anyone who watches AFC week in and week out knows this. Kinda why Giroud still has a lot of love with AFC fans and those same fans also hate him when he becomes lazy.

      “The lesson will only be learnt when Lacazette goes out with a long term injury.”
      Who is to say he will?
      Giroud doesn’t seem to go out with long term injuries, quite solid some might say. Laca hasn’t shown signs of being an injury prone player…
      If the bad does happen though then I would hope for a EPL proven CF to step in, oh look, Giroud fills that role!

      “Being a super sub is not enough”
      BS, it is enough. To get anyone better would be to have an unhappy player who wants more game time and pushes for a move in a WC year. Also we do have Welbroke who is worse than Giroud and should be sold before Giroud, only so much business can be done this transfer period and IMO Giroud is down the list on business that needs to be done.

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      1. kev

        Anyone who knows Arsene well knows that he treats French players better.That is a fact.Considering how poor Sanogo was he was treated well and was even given chances to impress.Also why do you mention only Yaya Sanogo.I can also mention others if you want me to.
        Look at his wages and look at his role in the team.It’s not fair.Other players can do better if given similar opportunities.The same can be said for others in the team.Everyone has his opininon on him and to me when I see him play all I see is average.

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        1. kev

          Lest I forget if Giroud starts a string of games then it will be the same old story.That’s why I factored in the Lacazette injury part.

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    3. Janssen

      I agree with parts of what you say, nl the part where you say Giroud is not good enough. Even Henry has said Giroud is not good enough if you want to win the PL. To win the PL it helps if you have a striker who can score 20+ PL goals. Giroud is not that striker.

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  5. wizardcalidad

    We need to learn somethings, Juventus was keeping 5 strikers at some point before Pogba leaves… How the hell did they convince them to stay? How squad is not good in depth now two players signed we want the rest gone??!
    We’re just complicating a already complicated situation.. 😯
    We’re going for Europa for crying out loud, we need squad depth now..

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    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      Why are so many posters on here wanting to sell Perez? He signed a contract, provides 100% when he plays and would be happy to stay if given enough game time. With the number of games Arsenal have to play in the league and cups, Wenger has to improve his rotation. Players such as Giroud and Perez can make positive contributions as part of a strong squad.

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  6. John

    I hope we don’t sell Giroud………the guy keeps proving his doubters wrong………….the dude is a very good option to have defensively and offensively in corners and free kicks……..he wants to stay……….we are better with him in some games and as a substitute……….mickey mouse decision……..he stays……

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    1. kev

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      1. Midkemma

        He did for Tours, he did for Montpellier, has for France national team.
        He has done well at AFC considering the attitude ofthe fans when he arrived, wasn’t good enough and not fit to tie RvP boot laces etc… Scored though. Has helped us maintain a top 4 up till this season just gone when he was used as a supersub instead.

        Giroud is far from perfect, he isn’t mobile enough and he could try to score a bit more often, maybe work on his passing a bit…

        It is unfair to highlight only the bad side of any player without considering what else they offer for the team.

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        1. kev

          How do you know he was doubted at Tours or Montpellier?Show me the facts because none are as big as Arsenal.Here much more is expected of him and from an honest point of view he’s failed as a starting striker.You can deny this fact all you want but even Wenger knows this.People think a striker’s quality is all about goals.I believe average players can score some good goals when given many chances and that’s what he gets in the French team.His bad side also outweighs his good side and there’s no season where he’s proven he’s Arsenal quality.I will be honest that last season wast his best to me.

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  7. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

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    1. neil

      100% we should not sell sanchez to a PL rival.. we have currently no chance of Champions League because a) we are not in it and b ) even if we were our team is not quite strong enough… However we could win the premier legue but ONLY by keeping Sanchez or if his wage demands are too high then either let him leave on a free by which time he will be 29 and we might have won the premier league or else him or sell him to Bayern or Inter.. NO WAY to Man City or Chelski unless we get a great player in return… enough of strengthening other teams with our best players !

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  8. Arsenal_Girl

    I really hope Wenger goes for Brozovic
    He is a quality midfielder and can play Box 2 box, defensive midfielder and central attacking midfielder. He has pace, creative with passes and good vision. Scores goals and assists and good at long range goals.

    He will be a solution to Cazorla and will push Ozil

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    1. Arsenal_Girl

      Only thing is that he may not be effective as a DM in the premier league as he doesn’t tackle enough and physically he isn’t strong enough. In the Premier League you need to be bigger and stronger than in the Italian league

      But for Box 2 Box AND CAM he is ideal

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  9. John0711

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    1. ks-gunner

      You will care where he goes bec what Van Persie did with manure, Sanchez can do it with city. : \

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  10. Declan

    Everton have just signed Rooney on a free so I don’t thing he’s going there.

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  11. ks-gunner

    Everton is a nice place to play football. If he goes i would understand it, but us needing a big fella up front is a must.

    Lamar assist all come from good crossing abilities, when giroud is off who is he going to cross the ball to?

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