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Why Arsenal will not sign Llorente

There are quite a few Arsenal fans and pundits who are frustrated that Chelsea have signed Demba Ba from Newcastle without Arsene Wenger appearing to fight too hard to make him a Gunner. With a release clause of just £7.5 million, and having scored 29 Premier league goals in just 54 games for Newcastle, Ba seemed to be a bargain and Wenger admitted he rated the striker.

Le Prof has revealed the reason that he did not challenge Chelsea for Ba, or try to sign him in the summer. The reason is Olivier Giroud. Wenger has tried a number of forwards who fit the mould of Giroud and Ba, including Bendtner and Chamakh. The Arsenal boss has been searching for a big, powerful striker who will add something to the speed and creativity that Arsenal are famous for, and once he chose Giroud, he was not going to sign another.

“I like Demba Ba personally, he is a similar type to Giroud who we just bought. It was one or the other.”

So if you are thinking of putting any money on Fernado Llorente transferring to Arsenal from Athletic Bilbao, save your cash, it is not going to happen. Wenger is not going to turn into Sam Allardyce and lump balls up the field all day long, he just wants one big striker who can augment the Arsenal team. I think and hope that Giroud will prove to be the player he has been looking for. He seems to understand that he will not start every game, but has improved a lot since joining Arsenal.

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48 thoughts on “Why Arsenal will not sign Llorente

  1. Chief keef

    Ive seen the same dam headline over and over on this website and its getting annoying. They should write an article on Why you will never know what happens. Find something better to write about please

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  2. Alex

    The main problem with arsenal at the moment is we do not have a player the fans and players can look to when we need it most. In the last 10 years we have had bergkamp Henry fabregas and Rvp to look to when we needed something from a game. We also have no leader on the pitch who can inspire players to perform. For that reason we must buy world class players not Adrian Lopez or huntelaar who we were previously linked with. We need players like falcao and cavani so we have someone to depend on in every game that they will make something happen for the team. Ps kroenke leave you American dog

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  3. k

    Personally, I would rather Wenger changed to a formation that allowed Giroud and Walcott to play together
    Walcott-Pace, dribbling, ability to beat a player, able to get in behind
    Giroud-Heading, strength, ability to hold the ball, decent assists (passing), good finishing
    Great combination between the two and they both seem to have a good partnership, shown in the Newcastle game and earlier in the season.

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  4. Jego

    I’m loving past 24 hours, full of good news, getting rid of 4 deadwood players in one go!!!

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  5. Tamil Sundram

    if walcott sign the deal…

    all arsenal needs is one very very experienced DM….and thats it…

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  6. haywill

    why llorente? he has the same style with giroud.
    I prefer luiz suarez or gareth bale…

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  7. Jego

    All the mediocre transfer targets we had recently are all ending up in other clubs. Maybe it’s about the time we buy some quality?
    Baines, M’Vila and Schurrle???? Now, if that happens…. we’ll go back to a$$ kicking, INVINCIBLES 2.0 !!!

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  8. Ali

    To be honest i think Liorente is overrated and slow, i hope we sign Cavani, he even said himself that he is interested in Arsenal!!

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  9. Greg

    Wenger at his best again!just a set of excuses not to splash the cash!hey! What’s new!

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  10. BPAix

    come on again.
    go see Liorentes games. Is he really that similar to giroud?
    he psses aerial ability and strong body as giroud.
    BUT: pace, dribble, technique, leadership are qualities giroud does not have and will never aquire. He is similar to torres. do you think torres is similar to giroud?
    If you ask my opinion he can be a 30goal/season striker just like RVP and his abilities are far superior to giroud’s.
    And for all the giroud supporters i don;t hate giroud i just think that he is just a good targetman and nothing else. He can;t carry the team when needed, he can;t even hold the ball when needed, he can’t even score by himself(only when a good pass or a golden opportunity comes) He is the perfect sub if you ask me

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  11. stevo

    I would love to see David Villa at Arsenal. Same style of play, interested and affordable. Despite his age he is still a world class player and would definitely fit in to the squad perfectly.

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  12. YoungGun

    as much as we want players to come in some must leave first but once they do leave most will be replaced within the
    Chamakh – Afobe – for the rest of the year we’ll have Walcott, Giroud, Podolski
    Squid/Djourou – Miquel and maybe Angah as cover
    Santos – Meade – as much as I’d want Willems or Shaw neither might come

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  13. Aggelos


    not because I am an Arsenal supporter,but I believe that Bale is very overrated.And I get sick of his diving!He has speed but other than that,his technical abbility,his dribbling,his finishing,they are overrated.And of course I wouldnt go after him for 50 millions(I think thats what Tottenham is asking for his sale)

    These words are not coming because of my hatred for Tottenham,I dont have a sympathy for them but dnt hate them either,maybe since Im not English

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  14. jermaine


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  15. the king

    llorente has moved to juve.
    i dont see wenger bring in another striker that will be world class….typical wenger and arsenal
    and stupid of us to think we will get some big players in.
    watch wenger bring in 1-2 players that cost less then 10m and are avrage.

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  16. mighty

    I can’t believe it wenger did not fight to signe ba he know’s the premiership already is in good form much better player than giroud good bargen why look elswhere?I personely I think this is going to far same old stories every transfer we buy a unknown players this time we’v got a good opportunity and we let it go again what a shame I’m wondering wo is goin and wo’s coming very annoying.

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  17. Malik

    sign ONE OF isco/schrulle/turan/Lopez/zaha complement them with one of lassana Diarra/m’vila/Capoue/mavuba/Diame F*CKING ANY1 who’s not gonna do anything but make a long pass, tackle and shoot from distance, U NEED THAT TO GET YOUR BELOVED PAYCHECK U OLD BASTARD OTHERWISE NO TOP 4+ FA CUP AND THE FANS WILL TAKE BACK THEIR CLUB.


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  19. IJM

    It really pisses me off that AW said we expect messi or messi-esk. He’s just setting us up for disappointment again. For sure no Cavani. That was always a long shot anyway. But we do expect someone that we know will help!! WE’RE ARSENAL GOD DAMN IT!!!! it shouldn’t be laughable to expect the best! GO F YOURSELF WENGER! I LOVE YOU BUT SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY AND BUY!! SOMEONE ANYONE I DONT CARE ANYMORE!! JUST BUY

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  20. S.H

    Ba’s gone to Chelsea, we all knew this even before he was officially announced. Enough of him already. I’m not here for Chelsea news! Then again someone will write in brackets advising me not to read it. Well I didn’t and that’s why I’m to tell you the article is a waste of your time and others for having just to read the title!

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  21. Greg

    Come on wenger!edison cavani has express an interest in arsenal why don’t you show Some desire and ambition in trying to sign him!must us gunners have to plead and beg Every season for you to spend and bring in a top quality signing for us?

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  22. Fletch

    Based on what Wenger has been feeding to the press. Don’t expect much during this transfer window. Its the same old same old, only reworded.

    Now we wont be signing anyone until Walcott resigns which we expect to happen in 2 weeks.

    Same garbage every year….

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  23. J London

    Can’t believe we didn’t fight for Ba, 7.5m and 75k per week.
    We could let Arshavin go for 5m and then BA costs 2.5m and we save 15k per week on wages against Arshavin’s 90k. It’s complete madness.

    If we manage to sell Bendtner for 5m and Squid for 3, Djourou for 2m its all free.
    This was an utter bargain.

    Chamakh to West Ham is on the cards, Johan to Hannover, Squid to anywhere…..

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  24. Malik

    well here it is in black and white on (our official website) our transfer activity consists of the dumping of squid, djorou, chamakh and maybe arshavin and in return we sign

    ARSENE WENGER-“Those players who are somewhere on the transfer market will not help you to win the games. For us it is important to focus on our next game and our next game can only be won by the players who are here.”-

    yep u read rite, rosisky, diaby and santos are our “top, top, top, top, top” signings, So Dr Pepper and all the other wengerites, got anything to say?

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  25. craig2500

    I think with their current financial problems Spain seems to be the place to pick up bargains, however Wenger could yet again be stubborn and pretend we are fine and dandy. To be honest BA was a risk and Llorente has never stated a desire to play for Arsenal so always looked unlikely, Adrian Lopez is the name floating about and is exactly the kind of player we need to give us more width.

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  26. jermaine


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  27. John

    If its anything like the summer he wont do a thing. He will try and do walcott ??? And to him it will be like a new player in the team. Shit the team needs new blood good hard players not the crap we have now. I look at our best team and only 3 of them would get a start at man u. This is bad news you no. Get rid of the YANK get rid of AV get rid of the shit that he keeps saying will play at some point and never turn up just change the lot coz this is just not working anymore let it go. If we have cash in the bank spend it but not just on players AV needs help so get some old arsenal blood back lets see maybe tony adams???

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  28. manzz

    to be honest we already have this type of striker in the club in the mould of giroud…what we need a tricky striker who is clinical and quick like messi,suarez or tevez…a different type of striker will help the variety of the team…i can see theo up to the job but will he stay??i dont think so….

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  29. peter

    IN ARSENE WE RUST….really hate this wenger …never will he buy …..he should leave arsenal n go……

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  30. lawrence

    all those words are simply excuses for not spendig the money im sick and tired of this nonsense.

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  31. $€@

    Wenger is d most confused human in d world! What if we have both players wit similar qualities? Is one not more efficient? Besides what can u say about aguero and tervez? Ba and cisse… Stupid excuses!

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  32. $€@

    Can someone pls tell me what ros7 is still doing on d bench when it’s obvious carzola is tired already and needs a break? Confused wenger.

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  33. SlengTeng

    I hope AW buys some of the players that have been talked about here just so you guys realise they don’t actually work very well in our set up.
    I agree we need new players but I have more respect for the opinion of AW and his scouts than some of the people here…sorry 🙂

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  34. TC

    Eh, this will never happen guys. This happens every season we all get so excited to buy players and at deadline day we buy shit like Gervinho and Andre Santos. Don’t keep your hopes high. We need a new board committee

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  35. Frank

    Every transfer window i read the same old shit. It doesn’t matter who goes, stays or comes in it’s another season of nothing. Until Wenger f$&ks off, it won’t make a difference who comes in. Seriously, after 7 years you all should know better.

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  36. Bazza de la Hoya

    Some people are so fickle !!?? Arsenal would have there pants pulled down every week without Arsene Wenger! All u do is bitch and winge , think of what we do have!, Wiltshire , Ox , Theo, etc… We have good players , and when diabi plays we are class! Not Wengers fault he is injured!! Stop moaning it’s boring!! Get behind the team! Carefull what u wish for coz if wenger goes, we are fucked!! Fact!!! That is all!

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  37. ajama

    why cant we join demba to giroud….dont foget we have champions league matches.demba would have helped.villa cant help cause he already played for barca….and we wont get llorente or even lopez.this what keeps me disliking wenger the more…he thinks he’s smart but he’s actually loosing it.And i dont blame him…it’s’s law of diminishing return….there’s no where you want to go when you reach your own peak…as for fergie,his own peak is to win d 20th title. wenger’s is to make sure arsenal keep enough fund for the future….as an economist.
    My people,the world has evolved…hardly will you see any team achieving today without haven spent more than usual…everton and spurs want the champions league ticket and they are staking more money than arsenal(that’s richer than them).
    please don’t misunderstand me,the wage structure is a good idea…but for a period!….Now,things have changed!…..see malaga,celtic,psg,juve,everton,man city….etc….it was the money they spent in recent times that got them what they’ve achieved(chelsea and man U too)…..tell me,could wenger have risked rvp for that amount and wage bill?…my answer is NO!…but RVP has helped man U greatly this season.
    whoever manages the wage structure fing for arsenal is almost a fool too.why pay squilly,chamach 60k a week?…that’s crazy!…it’s simple!get rid of them and combine their money and pay llorente or cavani!….simple!!!

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  38. Richard

    Wenger should go home and take care of his dogs. Am tired of this transfer news.

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  39. Huge

    if people dont like whats written on this site y come on the site to read the goss there are other ways tele text one normally relable any hoo gooner for life win lose or draw

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  40. AmericanGooner

    Why Arsenal will not sign Llorente?

    Because he is on his way to the Old Lady. Simple as that.

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  41. APC

    his move to juve was on the cards for ages, hel do great for them im sure. with vidal bombing on itl be a deadly combo

    we either go break the bank for cavani or sign villa for me.

    villa will stil do ok and keep us in champs league at least for 3 years and hopefully more.

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  42. Vin

    Cavani would be the only one other than Falcao who can win games by themselves.Forget CL..we do nut have the quality.They need Top 4 or they are screwed for next year! Invest in a game changer!

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  43. oji paul

    I’m a full arsenal fan and also an economist. I think is high time AW need to join is fore fathers like’ adams smith, alfred marshal, lionel robbins and J.M kerynes in grave’ and live coaching cus a mizer can never be a coach.

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  44. Doc

    I like and agree with what I hear about a striker of speed and creativity instead of another Girourd type player. Problem is there are very few of these type of players on the market which makes me think David Villa is a serious option but how many more are they. Would we be looking for a 31 year old otherwise. Like hens teeth

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  45. zulhazmiabd

    He let us having sweet dreams again… world class bargain would happen and on 31st January we will add another average players coming….for sure from FRANCE!yet again…..

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