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Why Cazorla has become so important to Arsenal

Santi Cazorla fits into the Arsenal way of playing like a hand in a glove, and has become a vital and integral part of the Gunners. The Spaniard has played in every single Premier league game this season, starting all but one of them. He also started all the Champions league games except the final one where Arsene Wenger rested a lot of players.

It is clear that Wenger places a lot of responsibility on Cazorla, and if you look at his stats it is clear to see why. First of all, his position is vital. Whereas he often played as a winger, both left and right, for Malaga and Villareal in the Spanish Primera Liga, Wenger deploys him in the middle of the pitch. This means that Cazorla is involved in a huge portion of Arsenal’s play, especially going forward. Cazorla has responded well to his new role, and his stats bear this out. He has already equalled his best scoring figure of nine, with plenty of games to beat it. He has also got more assists than all but one of his previous seasons.

There is an interesting comparison between Cazorla, Juan Mata and David Silva and their league form compiled by It shows that Cazorla is the more influential of the three in the final third, with more passes(823) than Silva(715) or Mata(610) and a better accuracy(82%) than Silva(80%) or Mata(77%). They also show the number of through balls played, and it is quite surprising to see that Santi has made over three times the amount(43) than Mata(13) and nearly double that of Silva(28). Mata has a slightly better accuracy but for the amount of through balls played Cazorla’s figures of 42 percent accuracy are extremely good.

The stats for chances created are quite similar between the three players, although Mata has three more assists. When it comes to scoring, Cazorla(9) is just one behind Mata(10) but he has had fewer clear cut chances(5) but a better conversion rate(60%). Cazorla shoots more often than the other two, but they are often long range efforts. His chance conversion rate shows that he could be very dangerous if he gets into the box more.

Santi is really enjoying his football with Arsenal, and is comfortable in the team and with his role in it. If he can help to bring some of the success he experienced with Spain in Euro 2008 and 2012, that would be evn better.

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17 thoughts on “Why Cazorla has become so important to Arsenal

  1. Nevidimka

    Yeah, we all know that. But regarding the League table, we should aim to finish highest, and since there is still 26 points to play for winning all gives us a total of 80 points, we should aim for 3rd or even better 2nd, as the 2nd place winner takes in 15.2 Million pounds, it will aid us in our next season player purchases. This is not beyond us as now the gap to 2nd place is only 9 points and theres still alot to play for! Cmon Arsenal!!

    Position and prize money:

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  2. Neo

    Cazorla had the most shots taken for the majority of the season i think Giroud has over taken him now. Cazorla usually skies his shot last match he got in on target once and it went in.

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  3. Vlad

    Love his quickness, ball control, and vision. One of the best Arsenal signings for sure.

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  4. Uche Edochie

    Santi is a soild player, but i worry that arsene has overburdened him with the responsibility of becoming our own xavi. So his form has dropped and he is not our most influential midfielder anymore. Infact, wilshere has surpassed him. Wilshere has quickly become the engine that drives our midfield and attack and he keeps getting better. Carzola needs to be rested and rosicky needs games. I dont understand why carzola is being over played and rosicky does not get games. Carzola also needs to improve his shooting accuracy. He gets into good positions but his long range shooting always sails off the mark. I love the player though, a lot and he will be even better next season.

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  5. Sydney_Gooner

    Carzola is PURE CLASS!

    What makes him even more special is that he is such a down to earth guy. I guess he lets his legs do the talking !!

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