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Why do Wenger and Arsenal keep making the same mistakes?

Arsene delivers exactly what his new contract promised – the same old Arsenal results! by Konstantin Mitov

Same mistakes again. People can call me negative all day long, but I was right again. I said that giving him a new contract wouldn’t change a thing and it took 2 games to prove this correct. I do not enjoy this, but it’s hard not to see it coming.

We gave away the ball too much against Leicester in the build up and a Xhaka mistake cost us a goal. What happens vs Stoke? Same player, same mistake, same conceded goal. This was clear evidence we need a new CM which we will not get. Worst thing is, I can’t blame the players, despite the fact they are not good enough.

The manager is supposed to see their flaws and correct them, but Arsene is incapable of doing so. The starting 11 was wrong again. We put the Ox on the right and before the usual collapse, he looked decent, but we put Bellerin on the left and he of course struggled. We had two center backs on the bench and two LB as CB when they are both good at LWB.

Arsene didn’t fail to mess up the subs too by taking out our best striker to put on Theo Walcott of all people who didn’t failed to produce nothing. We looked terrible going forward, but worst we started the second half sloppy again, just like Chelsea and just like Leicester. This time we couldn’t get ourselves out of the mess.

One of the major problems people at Arsenal have and this includes large portions of the fans too is short term sightseeing. When we win, nobody looks at the mistakes although they keep repeating themselves. You will get away once, twice, but why is it so wrong to correct things you don’t do ok when you win too?

Another huge problem is the fact that we won 9/10 games last season. This was red herring. We beat beach squads. Why didn’t we beat Stoke 4-1 now? Because they had something to play for. The new formation didn’t save the defense. We’ve conceded 4 goals in 2 games already and we continue to experiment with our defense.

All and all, we really deserve Arsene. He ruins us, makes us weak, makes us a joke, repeats the same mistakes every time, always has an excuse, but you know what we allow this to happen. We have a board that lacks ambition of any sort and fans who are happy with whatever comes their way.

Last season the marches against Arsene had to continue until he is gone, but now he’ll serve us this for 2 more years. If I am Ozil, the Ox or Sanchez I will happily wait out for my contract to run out and go to a decent team. It’s the truth, but a lot of Arsenal fans don’t want to admit it.


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70 thoughts on “Why do Wenger and Arsenal keep making the same mistakes?

  1. AY75

    Because we’re all ok with it, us, rival fans, and most importantly the board.
    Wenger: shall we do zis again next year
    All of us: sure, why not

    1. Nofx

      Exactly, there’s no pressure from inside the club he’s paid to do just enough to keep things ticking over . Arsenal are a corporate club from the owner down .Thr stadium is the same on match days .all corporate tickets and family branding .compare anfield and stadiums like that to ours .The promise s made season after season are a
      Joke ,(yes we are looking at bringing in players )season starts he’s just made is token signing just enough to keep the fans off his back for awhile .like a lot of fans on here have said we are at least 2-3 players off the title and I mean 2-3 top players not our few panic buys which will happen on the 30 of august

    2. i was a gooner

      we will start with liverpool
      we will play 3 4 3 again with Monreal as CB.
      Ozil play awesome bad again.
      ox will play lot of way ward crosses.
      xhaka will lose ball atleast 5 times.
      Lacazette will getted toasted
      in the end it will read as 5 -0 to liverpool
      wenger blame bad refereing.

      1. Lex

        Really? Ozil played bad again?? Do you even know how to kick a ball? Ozil did everything he could today bro, the manager is to blame for his selection especially at the back.. please appreciate Ozil a little, he can’t kill himself for a team that is obviously average. Even Messi won’t shine in this team.

        1. i was a gooner

          I love Ozil, mate
          but i don’t appreciate perfectly placed mispasses from his level of play.
          & obvious you are a better kicker than me.

        2. i was a gooner

          And will you please pass the message to ozil that
          i don’t want to see his career end as an goal asist only.

    1. McLovin

      Someone should ask Wenger why he thinks that ALL the rival fans want him to stay. Please someone ask him.

      1. henry

        Its painful but I’ll say it again. We have two more seasons of pain at Arsenal and I’ll wait patiently till 2019. Hopefully, he will have the dignity to leave this time.
        But am scared he may destroy himself and the club further before he leaves.

  2. Nothing changed

    Because we as football fans are not particularly strategic and honest with ourselves. We are so easily managed by Wenger and the club.

    We move to a new stadium and are told it won’t interfere with our ability to sign players. We gobble it up and believe it.

    Then we are told that because of the new stadium we have to sell our best players. We gobble it up and understand it.

    We are told once we are in the new stadium we can compete financially with the best in the world. We gobble it up and shut up.

    We lose a game and Wenger tells us we were unlucky and it was the ref’s fault. We close our eyes for the true facts.

    We lose a too many and we want Wenger to leave. For real this time (wink. wink). The club extends Wenger’s contract with the message things will be different this time. We gobble it up and start posting on this site what players we need to win the PL (please!!!!).

    We have spent (net) around 25 million this window on two players and we think things have changed?? Barca is now after Seri who we needed because Xhaka is not the DM we need in a 3 at the back but we dithered once again. Lemar might now go to Man U because we dithered once again.

    Wenger says Sanchez should stay. We gobble it up. Next season Wenger will say you can not buy a Sanchez for the 30 million or so he will be willing to spend. Perhaps it will dawn on some that it would have been better to get the 70 from City and buy a Lemar but the thing is we as fans don’t think ahead very far and after the next win Wenger will be the hero again.

  3. drew

    100 % agree but no one at the club cares enough about winning to be ruthless and make the changes we need starting with the manager

    1. John Ibrahim

      The owner, the board then follow with by the manager

      The owner and the board control the finances….they have the final say or player purchases and sales…

  4. Mulugunner

    Because Wenger has lost it a long time ago and we are the most optimistic people in the whole world. Some us still believe we can win the EPL with this manager.
    Off topic, why do people cry out for a defensive mid fielder when we don’t have NO ONE to replace Santi Cazorla? We need attacking midfielder, someone who plays in the middle, attacking (not Xhaka – because he is not) not on the wing like Sanchez, Ozil but a creative goddamn midfielder!

    1. John Ibrahim

      Exactly…..We need a goal scoring or creative midfielder and or Winger

      Our defence was alright….just of 1 error

      We need to score goals….

      1. Quantic Dream

        Yes and I wonder why as fans we all agree we need fresh new talent and perspective on the pitch but when it comes to off the pitch, we cannot agree we need a new coach. If player X is rubbish sell him, if its the coach keep him…incredible really.

  5. In Wenger we trust

    Wenger us a joke of a manager.

    Bellerin and Welbeck should not have started in place of OG and Mert.

    Why sell Gabriel ti play Monreal and Kola in back 3.
    Moment I saw the line up U knew we lost the match. Stoke is a bogey team but we mess around with line up and tactics.

    You know last week everyone was we won, give it a break and enjoy it, I tell you at least Konstantine is not short sited and sees what we have become, a mid table team at best.

  6. tobby1983

    Why do Wenger keep making the same mistakes?
    Because of the fans, especially the ones that live in London!
    How on earth could you allow Wenger to be given a contract extension after the 10-2 disgrace of last season, and after his ridiculous performances and excuses of the last decade?
    When things went south last season , you guys protested(online and weakly),when you get an fa cup, you packed off the protest. Arsene was given an extension, you folded your arms, right there in London!
    You could have represented us guys by moving in large numbers about town to say no contract extension for Wenger.
    I’m very busy at my business, but for something that I love so much like soccer and how I’m represented in the sport, I would have gladly closed shop for a week or more to organize or join others to protest, if a protest in Lagos was all it would take!
    Now we are back here, moaning all season, hoping the despicable animal killer will change his mind suddenly and fire Wenger or hoping Wenger will suddenly become a top and an ambitious man and manager!
    This is bad, so bad i was forced to start hoping for a change from Wenger until this happened again. Forced by you gunners in London who just refuse to help us guys who live far away from London!
    Stop complaining and discussing, start and sustain a potent protest!
    Just one season of a serious and loud protest, and I promise you, we will get our club back.
    Goodness mine, about 80% of us fans want the same thing, why can’t we achieve it?
    Organise a big WENGER-OUT protest and ask every true fan who doesn’t live in London to support financially, those of us in Nigeria will not hesitate to support with all our might!

      1. PASKILA

        nobody needs to burn down the emirates but all we need to do is make wengers seat “burn like hell”. He will be too uncomfortable to seat their and continue with the mistakes….wrong selection, wrong subs , wrong tactics….wrong wrong wenger. Mark my words “NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE WITH ARSENAL FC UNTIL WENGER AND THE BOARD GET OUT”

  7. In Wenger we trust

    On the bright side only two more years of this nonsense ????? lol he’ll probably extend for keeping us in top 10.

    1. Quantic Dream

      Wenger already said he wants four more years of management at the top level…so you can kill your hopes right now before they turn into disappointment.

  8. John Foster

    Same manager + same main coach = same mistakes .We all should realise that Arsenal with the current regime are now just an upper mid table team who maybe can win a cup.It will make life easier if you accept this and put away any ambition of winning the league when in reality we are fighting Everton for 6th place.What will finish Wenger in the end is apathy,empty seats and less time being shown on the telly.

  9. John Ibrahim

    When we need an attacker

    the fans are calling for a DM and CB

    This is why we will never win…cause fans don’t watch games but analyzing the final results

    This is a time where the fans should be demanding proper signings and get rid of the unsettled contact rebels

  10. Geekaybee

    We desperately need a quality, experienced youngish Central Defender, no matter what the cost. I have read in a couple of articles that Wenger is interested in a 10 million pound player. The man never learns. He thinks that spending 48 million for a striker puts him in the company of the the big league managers. Has he not noticed that they do not quibble about a few million. They just buy the players they need.

  11. Th14-4eva

    Wenger making his excuses about no further incomings as squad is too big… all left to last minute again whether it’s incomings or outgoings as it is in this case! what a disgrace, granted saed and lacazette great signings but the net spend is what 25 million? Where is the massive investment they hinted at? surely a real cdm in the mould of matic (how did we miss out on him) is needed, the game yesterday highlights the need for another cb! Keeping Gabriel surely makes more sense than Monreal playing centre of a back three!? I personally think a younger more agile keeper wud do no harm either! Tactically inept and dilussional and no change on the horizon think I’ll take a season away from supporting the club it’s better for my health!

    1. Mikejavea

      Wenger as always had favorites Montreal is in the bracket, against Liverpool he will have to make big! Big ! Decisions the ox or bell, three proper center backs and seed right wing back. Up front if Alexis is still here, lac and Ozil. Center mid is a huge problem I can see whit coming back great passer efficient as DM, unlike The X keeps losing the ball or giving it away.

      Wenger wants to reduce the squad size should have done it last year. Now he can’t bring in players because its unmanageable that’s what a director of football does.

  12. Rajz

    AW is loser not even that Jose mourino the best manager in the world had said he’s a failure
    But arsenal have been used to that he’s a joke
    Nacho , Ozil , xhaka ,are not premier league players
    They should b sold to Aston Villa or Cardiff city
    And go and buy van dike , draxler , Lemar
    And then see what arsenal can do

  13. Frank

    Wenger, and he won’t change.

    This won’t happen but there are five available players that can make a difference.

    1. Diego Costa. I know that not a lot of people like him but he is the proven, aggressive goal scorer we need. Sell Welbeck, can’t score.

    2. Cesc Fabregas. Scores, assists and sets up play all over the park. Works hard on and off the ball. Sell Özil, he goes missing and can’t break down good defences.

    3. Steven N’Zonzi. Big, tall, strong defensive midfielder, say no more. Sell Elneny, I just don’t think he has got what it takes.

    4. Virgil Van Dyke. The central defender we need. Sell no one, Gabriel just left.

    5. Thomas Lamar. If he is Wengers number one target, stop f#%king around and get him. Sell Perez, the guy is so unhappy at Arsenal.

    1. John Ibrahim

      Lemar, Costa and Fabregas would be good addition

      but Costa is set on Althetico

      and Fabregas at 30 yo is ageing

      Chelsea would probably not sell them to us

      We dont need VD or Nzonzi….especially Nzonzi who is 28yo and has not impress much

      We need Attackers…..Draxler, Lemar and Groetzka

  14. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Wenger lost te plot along time ago. His style doesn’t even make sense. If you are playing attacking football then you will concede. That is fairness enough. But he has constructed such a poor attack that it can’t score while the team continues to concede.

    Last year we only had one prolific goal scorer in Sanchez while he dithered on Giroud being his main man or not all season and Ozil not scoring enough along with no significant scorer from midfield.

    This season is the same. He now has Lacazette which will help but still the issue is goals from midfield. Ozil again looks like he is not going to up his goals and there is no one added to the squad with that direct ability. It continues to be a squad full of people happy to pass but not to aggressively attack.

    It is crazy that Wenger has ignored this again after all the drama of last season!

  15. say-ma-name

    *Playing Theo is the hardest thing to watch, would rather gamble with Neilson
    *The Ox would do a better job than Bellerin at RWB
    *Kola should be playing LWB
    *Ramsey is a different player when he starts & being an impact sub
    *Giroud & Laca should start together especially physical (away) games
    *Ozil is good but…well maybe should rotate with Iwobi
    *Xhaka should work on reducing costly errors
    *can’t trust Monreal, seems like a target for our opponents wherever he plays they wanna go thru him!!!

    HOPEFULLY things change when Kos & Sanchez start playing

  16. Kedar Damle

    The biggest mistake is with owner Kronke.. He doesn’t want to spend anything because he is happy with his returns… He doesn’t have ambition to win PL or CL… There is difference between owner of Man Utd and Arsenal… Man Utd is also having Business money unlikely Chelsea and Man City who are having oil money in their Bank accounts…. But Man Utd owner is very Ambitious to keep club at Top… When Sir Alex Ferguson left the club since then till date Man Utd has bought 18 Players starting from Mata till Lukaku… Likes of Pogba, Di Maria and Many more… Our owners aren’t want to invest such amount in our club… And we are seeing dividends of spending from Man Utd… Jose exactly did what we want to do.. He Exactly built the spine of the squad… He bought Baily, Lindelof as defenders, Paul Pogba and Matic in Midfield, And Lukaku as forward… We have solved the problem of forward by adding Lacazzate but still 1 attacking Player and 1 Hard Hitting Defensive midfielder we require…

  17. Arsenal-Steve

    Wenger says he loves Arsenal. I say he hates Arsenal. He admitted he does not like the supporters. He is trying to Sabtage Arsenal. Sack him and save our club.

  18. John0711

    I agree with all of the negative comment but cannot help thinking how some fans have encouraged this acceptance. Even last year fans were fighting FOR wenger. Those fans have been on here saying support the club through this. Sam P is an example of someone who cannot see the way we as fans are being treated
    Year after year there is another excuse of why not to spend
    We have to pay for the stadium
    There are no better players out there
    We would disrupt the squad by buying to many
    And now we have to sell first ?????
    YOU as fans have a voice only this time don’t stop after a few crappy wins
    Don’t go to the ground don’t buy merchandise and let’s see if we can stop the money train


    Another poisonous atmosphere around the Emirates to look forward to again this season then. Wenger isn’t going to be sacked in the next 2 years and this is surely his last contract. Understand the frustration making the same mistakes every season and analysing what went wrong is useful. But spazzing out after every loss and then nothing being said when we are on a decent run is ridiculous. One of our hardest fixtures out the way now and a win against Liverpool would get us back on track with returning players ! COYG

    1. DarkGunner

      Agreed , it’s only 2 years and after that Arsene will retire, making a poisonous atmosphere in the emirates will not help the team , will only help those pathetic idiots from media to mock us again like they always do. So lets be patient in these 2 years and if after that its the same again then it is definitely going to be really awful.

  20. waal2waal

    wenger looked at monreal with seriousness and said “today you play CB” while mertesacker sits it out on the bench. at that point why didn’t jens lehman or bouldy intervene or offer suggestions to why this is a recipe for chaos? after all, these have proven on-field experience and they’r supposed to bring much needed discipline and expertise.

    yesterday was a PR disaster. players out of position and neither coaching staff or players appear to have had any issues with what was a baseless and unproven plan. Luckily, one game could never be the measure of our season’s expectation, rather its a warning things need to change and quick.

    Why do wenger and arsenal (board and coaching) continue the mistakes – clearly there no synergy and no transparency at all parts to operations. from board to the manager, manager to coaching staff, coaches to the players there’s no effective communications between these – the end result is chaos on the field. IF proper preparation prevents poor performances – clearly we lack the 5 “P’s”.

  21. i was a gooner

    Hi Gooners you should digest some thing very important that is
    1.Arsenal is a great club with great players having no winning mindset.
    2.even if there is talent they are happy to finish season 5th or 6th.
    3.realize that the club your are supporting has an equal probability of winning or losing against any other club in the world
    Keep this in mind while watching next match, you will feel less depressed.

  22. Tblaze

    All I can say is that arsenal board members are just scamming and ripping off our money on every match day, they smile day in day out with our sweat, offering us nothing in return. In the other news Cech is off his prime, we can’t just blame the defenders because is the duty of a goalie to make vital saves when the defenders flops. Cech doesn’t offer that.

  23. Rationalist

    Honestly, I’m not even surprised. AW has always been one to let players “go and express themselves”.

    The difference is that in the past we had stronger characters who were WILLING to do the hard running and had a bit of the devil about them. Now we have players who are so in tune with AW’s hatred of physical contact and excuse-making that they reflect him exactly. He constructed a team with a lot of mental weaknesses and pickiness, and lets them express it.

    I may get stick for this, but if you notice the most direct players we often have (Podolski, Perez) often sit on the periphery getting zero/minimal pitch time unless there’s an injury crisis. If I was a defender in the PL I’d rather defend against players shifting the ball from side to side waiting for the “right moment” than one who is gonna run at me, move me around on the pitch, isolate me and get me in the penalty area where I have to be extremely careful about challenging him.

    So instead we have Ozil picking out passes to unwilling runners, we have Xhaka trying to do likewise deeper in the park and giving the ball away, and appealling to officials as opposing players dance past him into our penalty box. We have Giroud putting crosses in from the left and hesitant full-backs playing centre half, who let guys run past them as they pray for an offside flag, and when we miss early chances up front teams know they can bank up against us.

    So many basic elements that leave us in trouble against any organised team with a bit of quality up front…

  24. Timberwolf

    We really need a central midfielder….our supposed playmaker/ passing midfielder xhaka….cannot pass; also cannot run, cannot tackle and cannot defend. His name should be cannot xhaka. I think elneny is better than xhaka….moves the ball quicker, loses possession less, but is below xhaka coz he was not a big money signing like xhaka; but even he passes the ball sideways. His name should be crabman. And then we have Aaron Ramsey…who right now looks like our best midfielder…makes good runs into box, goal threat, but also loses possession and doesn’t track back to defend…..we all know his name is wengers 2nd son. With cannot xhaka, crabman, and Wengers 2nd son as our midfielders, what do we expect to win?

  25. Raj

    All people who are voting thumbs down to comments criticising Wenger , if you have courage mention why Wenger is right for the job or just stick to your couch and watch us lose more matches.

    1. Nothing changed

      You don’t understand Raj, the fans who think Wenger will lead us to the promised land prefer to come out after we win a game.

      One almost thinks it would be a cool experiment to not allow thumbs down without at least a one sentence clarification.

  26. Sean Williams

    No other supporters can be forced to have a controlling idiot for a manager for 20 years. Others would be at least buoyed by change and the possibilities of change and given hope. Arsenal supporters are not ” complainers”‘ they are driven by the hopelessness of seeing Wenger forced on them every year. The “Specialist in Failure”. The supporters deserve medals for putting up with a board and manager who are incompetent and negligent at best. Gazidis is deluded when he said they offered a new contract to Wenger on his merits. Absurd. Wenger has a week or so to buy at least 2 top players to lift this club. Otherwise he is deliberately conning the supporters and sabotaging this club. I would jail him for this crime agains the Arsenal supporters.

  27. Arsenal-Steve

    WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!!!! NOW. That’s our only chance. Before he completely destroys this wonderful club.

  28. Stephen King

    The players look like the zombies in a horror film. They walk around aimlessly not knowing where to go and what to do. They are the Keystone Cops of the modern era. They are hilarious.

  29. Milton John

    We’ve for many years to win a trophy and the best part is Wenger himself said he’ll be managing teams for two more years with or without Arsenal. So let’s wait peacefully two more years for the much needed change. Hopefully it’s not rotten and ruined completely.

  30. Gooner100

    Very disappointing game. The mistakes of the officials aside (a very marginal offside on another day a goal, a definite penalty claim) we are clearly lacking.

    Whilst I’m normally positive about the club and can live with the reality of up and down performances, there is clearly a desperate need to spend some money to sort the problem.

    There is room at AFC for impact squad players like Walcott. There is room for younger talents like Holding to make their way through the ranks and be part of the squad. To experiment with the formation is entirely acceptable and is nothing different to what other teams have done.

    However what I am finding hard to accept as another season kicks off is the quality of the first 11.

    Watching yesterday’s match, it’s evident that Welbeck is another Walcott. He’s just not reliable enough. His finishing is not good enough. People says he’s been a stand out performer in the first two matches all I see is lot of running with no result. Ozil is looking poor. Occasional nice touches, occasional though balls but he’s consistently weak on the ball, lacks conviction in all challenges and increasingly seems to avoid competing in the last third of a crowded pitch if it’s intense and physical. He’s a prima donna and lacks character and commitment to the team. Bellerin is looking dangerously close to blowing his potential and something has happened to the guy in the last 12 months. The hunger and effort isn’t there.

    Lazy and misplaced passes are too common. First touches are not good enough. Even possession lacks purpose and the pace we have isn’t realising any benefit. Final balls in the last third are not cutting. Lacazatte does look top quality, but where is the service?!

    If AFC want to compete this year we absolutely need another option across the front three, and absolutely need the next Ozil, both of whom can help turn possession into wins. We probably need another truly commanding CB with pace, leadership and power. It could easily be argued we need a dominating CM but with Xhaka, Elneny and Coquelin we really ought to be able to compete.

    There are two weeks to go and for me there is no doubt, we are 2/3 players from being able to challenge for the league…we may win some big games, we may be there or thereabouts, but we will lose when we shouldn’t unless greater investment is made quickly.

    Personally I think we need a van dijk, a lemar and a gifted playmaker to replace the rapidly fading Ozil. Tbh I’d play Iwobi instead of Ozil ATM. The guy has a great touch and isn’t afraid to drive forward.

    We all know some players need to be cut and for the sake of what is at risk of being another frustrating season the board needs to push these through urgently…loans or sales…just get them out and commit to the players we need NOW.

    A frustrated gooner.

  31. Uzzi Gooner

    AW has failed us, with him we’ll never be EPL champions again. Trust me fellow Gooners, even if we bring in Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, Suarez, Van Dijk, Arturo Vidal, Radja Nainggolan, Jan Oblak etc. We need a new manager and of course kick Kroenke out.

  32. Gunners

    Wenger is not accountable to anyone and it easily filters to the players and they always lose concentration!

  33. Henry Nwachukwu

    Key changes we need to make urgently to stop the regression. Get Mahrez he is a better upgrade to Ozil. Get a towering strong CB VVD or any other player in that mould available in the market will do, Kolasinac should play LWB and Koscieny RWB, get a creative winger who is good on the ball like Isco, Dybala, James, though these players are not available am sure that both Spanish and French league are not short of these type of players even from the second and third tier. Give Nelson more game time in the team. Welbeck shouldn’t be starting matches, Walcot should be loaned out or used for Cup ties. Stop the experiment with OX on the wing back he is too predictable, better player at right wing or middle. Finally,if we are able to hold on to Sanchez we will finally be a able to compete otherwise break the Bank for Lemar should Sanchez leave. The problem with the team is not losing, but the manner we lose. We will finally be able to put out a decent team in victory or defeat if Wenger and the Board sort out this rot from centre to the rear.

  34. Mr Bean

    Wenger has been hired by Spectre. This is more serious than you realise. We need James Bond to come to our rescue. The real Wenger is tied and bound in an old warehouse overlooking a seedy run down dock. Please rescue him and give him some milk tray. Chelski are responsible and their leaders are in Oblivosk Siberia where the *********viches live. We need MI6 to save Arsenal.

  35. highbury44

    This club needs a complete overhaul from the board to the players.There are too many players on easy street and the fans aren’t brave enough for change.Spurs winning the title might just wake this club up .We have no chance of the title with this squad and recently not with Wenger in charge,but nothing will change.Don’t expect any more signings he has basically told this already.Our squad players won’t leave simply they are just getting paid too much to do nothing.So just except the same old rubbish until the club gets taken over

  36. Henry Nwachukwu

    Let me also add that we need a younger keeper, Peter Cech is now suspect and won’t guarantee clean sheet, Ospina should get the nod with regular game time he will gain confidence and begin to deliver. Mustafi should not be used as CB, in the Premiership height is a sin qua non for centre backs. Bellerin has been horrible? Sell to Barca or relegate to the bench as substitute. Monreal lacks confidence and bulks under pressure from opposing strikers. Together with Bellerin and now OX so much uncertainty is created at the back which end up in chaos and grave consequences. Every team in the EPL knows Arsenal rear crumbles under even the slightest of aggression. Can’t Wenger see this glaring lapse. Check out City mid field (Ilkay Gundogan, Kelvin De Bruyne, Leroy Sane) irrespective of who the front two are the three we create and score goals. For United ( Paul Pogba, Magic, Juan Mata, Ander Herrera, ) Chelsea ( N’golo Kanye, Cesc Fabregas, Hazard, williams, Bakayoko) . Now check out Arsenal (Ramsey, Ozil, Ox, Xhaka, coquelin, Elneny,) all of them static mid fielders no forward drive or incisive plays and no steel to stop opposing teams from piling pressure on our defence). Wenger get replacement for Cazorla to bring some spark to our creative play.

  37. Mr pat

    All predictable comments after arsenal defeat of course it’s natural and calls to get this player or that one have you considered If the players want to come to arsenal, take drawer for instance if you were him would you come to arsenal knowing the club have suspect defence, loose games they should win or at worst get a draw,or a manager who hasn’t the balls to drop the likes of ozil who passes sideways all the time, it’s ok to want to sign these players but do they want to come

  38. Wolf

    after Wenger bought Perez and decided not to use him it came clear to me Wenger lied to the fans for he were just an appeasement, to make us shut up and get off his bk and i was thumbed down on here. Well he signed that two year extention and lied to us again. I dont call it ‘same mistakes’ more ‘same ole lies’. Wenger has only his own intrests on his mind and making money for Stan. 6 seasons now I’m saying Wenger out and he should really have resigned after we got that 8 – 2 at manure.

  39. henrytl

    Can Arsenal fans blow Wenger and Kroken out or even push them make big changing for challenge title ?I think we can ,but we have never acted .What will happen if nobody come to stadium ? Believe me, they will have to change if we really act . Otherwise, we will receive more pain from Mr Wenger . Gunners ! Be united and act !!!

  40. Bakri

    To Why do Wenger and Arsenal keep making the same mistakes? The Answer is so somple because no of them has any thing to do with football . The biggest shareholder said that he doesn’t care Whether Arsenal win trophies or not for him it is business and is making good many for him. The members of the board are just employees and getting their good salaries. Wenger possibly has a Master degree in Economics and speak five languages but he was never a footballer. He crept into football to make money and found the right place at Arsenal as despite the terrible mistakes he made during the last twenty years and despite the protest demonstrations organized by the genuine Arsenal fans they extended his contract for two years and despite his continuous failures he is hoping to stay after 2019 and said it clearly that he doesn’t care what the Arsenal fans are feeling or saying and he is blaming them for the club failure.

  41. Vlad

    The better question would be: “Why JustArsenal fans deserve Konstantin?” Like an annoying pest he keeps coming here with his negativity, spewing the same non-sense and hate. Enough, Mitov. Wenger perhaps made a couple of mistakes when picking the starting XI, but I can assure you he didn’t tell Xhaka to misplace the ball that led to Stoke’s goal. Refs were atrocious as well, not giving us at least one of the penalty calls, and ruling a perfectly fine goal offside. We had the possession, we had the chances, but give some credit to Stoke too. They defended well, and their goalkeeper had one of those days when nothing got passed him. Don’t forget that we conceded 3 against Leicester City, and Stoke managed to score just one (lucky I might add), capitalizing on our mistake. Is there room for progress? Sure. But not all is doom and gloom the way you describe. We were also missing a certain Alexis Sanchez, and we’re a completely different team when he’s around. So stop with your crap, and go take some Prosac.

  42. A middle east Gooner

    Same Old Wenger with his Same Old Arsenal.He wenger alwys told fans he find difficulties to sign QUALITY players because they are too few in the market while others clubs signed QUALITY players.He Wenger Alwys promised Fans that he will act fast and sign QUALITY player when Available but end up with nothing.He Wenger only signe one top player for every four or five seasons to look like arsenal are ambition club。He wenger alwys claimed he had QUALITY Squad already hence he even signed only one player that was A Goolie Peter cech. He Wenger only signing one top player when he pressured by the fans to silence them but not for the purpose of steghthern the team…….ets Same old ….

  43. Turbo

    Good article Konstantin, agree with the bulk of what you said. On the positive side, we are gradually getting better as a team over the years. We finally have a solid striker (even if he will take some adaptation time I think he’ll be true class) in Lacazette, we have solid center backs (once they are all healthy) much better than in recent seasons, Giroud is our killer weapon off the bench rather than the key we are relying on as the main source of goals, Coquelin and Elneny are now midfield fall-back options rather than Flamini (no offense Mathieu, I appreciated your efforts, just making the obvious comparison), two high quality keepers, etc. And Alexis and Ozil at times can be beautiful to watch at times (though we may well not have them much longer!). Unfortunately, the other top teams in the Premier League have also gotten much better, and with much higher improvement in quality over the same time frame, so even though the on-field talent is more pleasing than before, competitively it is weaker relatively to the other top 6ish teams, as well as to the top group of teams in the rest of Europe. That’s what I find very frustrating about being an Arsenal fan. We’re so close…but still so far away…from true greatness.

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