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Why Giroud HAS been a success at Arsenal

Olivier Giroud was talking about the necessity of Arsenal holding on to their best players, as well as investing in new ones. The striker also revealed that there was a possibility of him going to the German giants Bayern Munich before he agreed to come to the Emirates. Despite not being very highly regarded by many Arsenal fans, I think that Giroud has shown enough in his debut season to be able to count himself as one of those players that the Gunners must hold on to.

Let’s be honest, Giroud was never going to be able to replace Robin van Persie in his first season in England, and they are different types of player anyway. What he has done is led the line, allowing Arsenal to threaten from all over the front line and bringing the midfield into play as well. It’s no coincidence that Arsenal have shared the goals around a number of players this season rather than relying on just one man.

Having said that, his own figures are pretty decent. His well taken goal against Reading yesterday was his 16th of the season. Considering he started slowly in a new league that’s not bad, and he has provided 13 assists as well which underlines the way he links up with his team mates. To put it into perspective, the great Dennis Bergkamp managed 16 goals and 10 assists in his first season as a Gunner, and he was an established world class player. Van Persie took five seasons to score more, while Wenger’s previous attempts to use a big, powerful striker with Bendtner and Chamakh have not been nearly as successful.

Giroud has shown that he can handle pressure, work hard, adapt his game and score with his head and his feet as well as linking up well and setting up his fellow Gunners. I think we will see much more of him next season.

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72 thoughts on “Why Giroud HAS been a success at Arsenal

  1. PatLloyd

    I would just like to point out one thing, yesterday the 5,10″ Gervinho managed to get to every header inside the box, yet our 6,4″ Giroud din’t get on the end of a single header. His movement INSIDE the box isn’t goo enough i’m afraid, thumbs down me all you like but you all know Arsenal still need someone better

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  2. Tojo

    good article. bob you contradict yourself so much if its not you writing the articles tell us who is please. btw i got no easter eggs 🙁

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  3. Jonathan

    interesting to see podolski when he came on, he played like a false #9 and dropped down.
    ART,POD,ROS,CAZ and RAM was playing chase the ball with the defenders

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  4. True gunner

    Really hate Nicklas Bendtner for failing to make it at Arsenal, could play wide and have the height to play as a target stricker, but a egotistical retarded alcoholic brain ruined it all.

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  5. gunnerscott

    hmmm, not been happy w Giroud yet, but 16 goals is sneeking up on me, when i focus on him, he just seems to be out of position often, but his skills are awesome, i wouldn’t get rid of him, but maybe bring in a Villa to balance his effort, next yr will tell the story if he is the next Bendtner or a true force, i think the fact he started slow and has now 16 goals is a good sign, btw watching again the Reading match, Gervinho played a fantastic match off the ball as well,,,,

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  6. joel

    Hes always been orite, just never produced in the big games… e.g. missing that early chance against Chelsea away. Need a good clinical finisher next season with a defensive mid and thats it I think.

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  7. Adejorin bunmi

    Giroud is a fantastic player bc he is strong on air,defended all area balls,make assist n also score goals on like oder strikers we had before him.he is a good striker.1st year in premiership(a good record)

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  8. LP

    @PatLloyd Giroud didn’t get a cross anywhere close to him so how could he have won them?! you obviously haven’t watched the game otherwise you would know that and yeah I do remember Giroud getting a beautiful flick on an absolute NOTHING ball which the keeper saved because of his good positioning… Giroud play for France and see the goals he scores and then you will realise the aerial threat he possesses.

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  9. LeProf knows more than you

    @ PatLloyd

    You clearly haven’t been watching closely enough… Or you just know nothing about football. Giroud’s movement is excellent and one of his best attributes.

    Unfortunately, your desire for us to sign fantasy players will always affect your ability to look at things objectively and sensibly…

    Giroud has surprised a lot of people this year and I for one appreciate his work rate and return.

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  10. Malongo

    If we stick to players lyk giroud we wil manage top 4 but wil never win the title, simply nt gud enough, goal taly is poor just luk at strikers in small tims lyk lukaku benteke michu

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  11. Dave

    He still doesn’t fit our style of play. We have no wingers that can cross properly. We’re not the type of team that spams crosses into the box.

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  12. landi

    People forget that giroud didn’t have a preseason with us, he was trown in too premier league from leage 1. It’s a hugh diffrence, still he has 16 goals and 13 assist + needed time to get into this league. Could have had 20 by know if not.

    But with that in mind he still just got 10 goals in the league witch is not enough for us if we will be fighting for the league next season. His stats tell us that he will be beast next season and bang 20 in the league but stats don’t show everything. Hope for it though because he is good but not superb, a superb player can score against top team which he have failed to do. Anyway we need 2 top attackers so jovetic or lewandowski should join and make competition for giroud.

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  13. Tobias

    guirod will easily hit 20+ next season give the guy a break he has just come from lige1 (championship level) to possibly the hardest league in the world he has done that and hit 16 goals wilst obviously not fitting our style if play!! he has done all of this wilst also being expected to be ye next rvp wich he is not but what he is is a very talented individual who can score withhis head and feet he can draw out defenders to allow team mates space and he actually has alot of technical flicks up his sleeve and he also defends and clears balls from corners!!
    i hope jenkinson and gibbs play alot more next season as they can both cross the ball wich plays to his strengths evan more.
    all this taken ibto consideration 16 goals in his first season…im very impressed

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  14. Santa is a gunner

    Giroud deserves a better rating from people bashing him. HE is excellent in his link-up play … everyone on the team (especially Santi the magician) plays off him really well….most of one-twos are off him . I think his skilfull play is one of the reasons for Santi’s goalscoring season .. he plays right behind him most of the time.
    Just because we all expect a new RVP does not mean the good aspects of his game should be ignored …his goal was well taken too yesterday .Hit the floor and you score 😛 . Also , he is hot.
    We can all see Gervinho really needs to improve his final balls and finishing.. he could have easily scored a few more and his passing was horrendus when Giroud was in scoring positions. The flaws is the forehead’s game are so easy to see .. i wonder why he dosent work on them … maybe it will take time.

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  15. Gunner

    OG is good up top in physical battles with the enemy defenses, his ball control is good his skill etc lay offs one two’s are really impressive.
    Great point about yesterday Gervinho is on the end of all the crosses? That could have a lot to do with the poor quality of crossing Arsenal have??
    Greater point is that I agree he is not quick enough in the box, he is not a good enough finisher either. Of the 16 goals, how many are Premier League goals?? His height is a big asset,but my concern is that he is not quick enough in the box and he is not quite good enough a finisher. If Arsenal bring in a striker who is quick enough in the box and who is a more clinical finisher. It is really hard to see OG getting the opportunities to play he has had this season??
    Keep him I guess but??? All depends on who comes in and how successful they are?

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  16. landi

    Benzema cost real madrid 30 millions :
    9 goals and 4 assist in his debut season in la liga.

    Giroud cost us 10 millions :
    16 goals and 13 assist so far in his debut season in PREMIER LEAGUE. Which is a harder league than la liga.

    For his price i cant understand why people are crying, he was cheap and have done alot this season, still can see him get to 20 goals this season and get 2-3 assist. Next season he should reach 25-30 goals. REMEMBER HE COST US 10 millions wich are nothing these days…

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  17. VonMich

    I really like this guy, hope he will improve and be more clinical 🙂

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  18. Matty

    Giroud is not good enough, yes he can score when it doesn’t matter, like yesterday when he had tonnes of space, do you see him ever scoring winning goals against Chelsea or Man U? No, exactly, he’s a squad player and for me, doesn’t take his chances seriously enough.

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  19. vyash

    1 season 16 goal

    latest news we r looking for Johnny Williams

    wenger is a genius

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  20. Tobias

    if we play with two strikers next season say guirod and jovitec can you imagin the goal tally between them?? it will be incredible!! jovitec taking it past defenders to set up guirod and guirods little flicks onto jovitec it will be in my eyes a perfect partnerahip!!
    add into the mix walcott santi and podolski playing just off them thats 5 players who have no problem finding the back of the net plus santi and podolski along with vuirod are all garenteed to improve thus their goal tallys will increase!

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  21. Gunnersince15

    When any player comes to Arsenal, we, the fans, expect them to fit in straight away and start scoring buckets load of goals. Of course the reality is always slightly different. Oliver is starting to settle in and as the stats show, is a team player, as well as a striker. Top strikers have to be selfish at times, this is what makes stand out. Oliver, has only just had his first season in the PL and will, I am sure, play a big part in helping us win the Prem, next season. We must all give him the credit for what he has achieved, so far.

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  22. ken

    It will be interesting to see how he plays against W.B.A. next week.
    He should be as prominent as Carroll was and score goals against a defence that looks vunerable against a physical, mobile striker.
    I look forward to see how he is judged after that game.
    Personally…I like the way he plays and he is certainly better than Chamack, Bedtner and Vela…would like to see Podolski having a go down the middle as well though!!!

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  23. RSH

    I think giroud was a decent signing thus far.10 league goals is not an easy feat, but when you look at what teams he’s scores against your less impressed. Hopefully he can prove me wrong in the Everton or united match

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  24. Gunner_Nation

    Its way too soon to say his 1st season has been a success. I will say he has done well, but there have been many short falls. I have yet to see him showup in big games. Against smaller clubs, such as Reding, he is a great, against ManU, you forget he was on the field. I still believe we need a world class number 1 like stevan jovetic or Falco. If we can pair one of them with Giroud, Podolski, Walcott, we will def see some great results.

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  25. Big Gun

    How many chances has Giroud missed? He isn’t good enough period.

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  26. Big Gun

    @Matty Most of the fans on this forum have no clue. I agree with you… when Giroud is being marked with limited space, he is useless and flakes out in the bigger games. We need a striker who can score in crucial games in all situations, not just when we are dominating the other team. Stop being complacent people, we still need a better striker than Giroud.

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  27. davidrusa

    I like Bob for being repentant. When he realised he had rubbed most fans the wrong way he decided to write a self redeeming article on Giroud. This contrasts sharply with some of the people who contribute to this website. Some of these fans really forget too soon or else how can they say Giroud disappears during the big games? Unless one doesn’t watch international football one should have remembered how Giroud scored a last minute equaliser for France against Spain! Is Spain a small team? If the world champions are a small team then there is no big team in the world! What of the champions league opening goal against Bayern? Did Bayern become a small team because Giroud scored? Remember when Bayern beat us at home Giroud had been left on the bench. In fact most of the games we have lost this season Giroud has been on the bench. I don’t have to cite game by game. As some fans have indicated Giroud is a great asset to the team. He is very hard working and a fast learner. He defends well especially dead balls, wins aerial battles, scores with both head and feet, contributes assists and is very assertive and scares the opposite defences. 16 goals so far is not a mean feat. How many players ever do that in a debutant season? Remember there are still 8 games to go. He can add another 4 goals or so. If this is not impressive then I am surprised by the ingratitude of some people!

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  28. Ergs

    Giroud has bin decent he’s not fast or a good dribbler but he provides good arial ability for us mixed with great hold up play and great enthusiasm and team work and giving us good variation in the squad he’s a must stay regardless of weather or not he starts every game.

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  29. PatLloyd

    @Jonathon @LP @Le Prof
    love how when Arsenal lose everyone starts hating on Giroud saying he’s crap etc, but when the team (not necessarily Giroud) start performing you all rate Giroud. Pathetic fans, if we didn’t qualify for CL this year you would all be saying that Giroud is not good enough. And for the recored i have watched every single Arsenal match both youth and senior this season, without exception, so don’t question my passion for Arsenal. I just stick to my views, a lot of fans’ opinions change weekly based on the results.

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  30. Marvin

    i bet Giroud will be a beast goal scorer next season….add Jovetic with him….with Wilshere and Cazorla linking to them….Arsenal will be a winning machine…..Bang ! Bang ! ARSENAL !!!

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  31. Cedric

    The problem with Giroud is that he is a one foot player, sohe have a very poor ball touch, and he hesitates a lot before taking shots when he is in the box. You saw that on gervinho’s goal yesterday. And what I can’t understand is that he looks so powerfull but he can’t keep the ball, as he falls down when. A defender just touch him

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  32. stenak

    I know giroud is a good player, he holds ball in tight positions,hs gave sm fantastic assisstance,also stronge through air bt so what … d main duty of striker is to bang goals.. wch he hsnt.He is definately not a replacement of rvp dat we wer searching for… inferior teams like liverpool everton n swansea hav betrer striker den giroud.He has developed as a player afta cmin to emirates, no doubt in dat bt still i feel he has way to go to reach ‘arsenal class’. No wonder wenger was after Villa in january !!!

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  33. Dubya

    His link up play has been a pleasant surprise but I’m left with the impression that he hasn’t performed with goals in the big games, not sure if the stats would back that up though. Anyone?

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  34. mohawk35

    Giroud is likely not a #1 striker for an elite team – maybe #2 or #3. But he has indeed performed well under the circumstances. He could never live up to expectations in his 1st BPL year after RVP.

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  35. ripple

    @Dubya: I agree with you.

    I have been disappointed with Giroud’s hold up play but he has a really nice soft touch on the ball and his link up play has been a nice surprise.

    And he must have been able avoid denting Wenger’s fragile ego thus far because he still gets the playing time.

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  36. Sabby

    How do we explain to people like Matty and those others with sleeping heads to understand what is being said here. No one says that the boy is the best. What people are tying to force in your small brain is that he is very good for the start and judging from his background in few months ago. So we think that he can be better and even best provided he stays fit and works harder but at least he has the capital to produce what is required on him. Would you have sold rvp and Henry after their first season?

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  37. andy

    I really hate the way fan on here say “ohh but he never performs in big games”
    we need to count our lucky stars we have a player like him willing to stay compare him with strikers of similar stature in the PL he is the best there is
    Man City has dzeko- 13 goals in 36 appearances
    Chelsea have Torres and I’m not even going to grace him by quoting his abysmal stats
    In the PL there is no such thing as an easy game every goal count every assists counts
    finite number of things to expect from a french player from a french league
    the expectation is immense and he has coped well yes he should be on 20-25 by now but that is alot to ask he is not a ballon d’or contentender but he will be one to watch in PL next season, with another striker coming in you could hope that le prof will play 2 upfront… could you imagine giroud w/ Lewandowski/jovetic? scary
    All of the signings made have been a success
    the cause of our problems is the high line defence and the POOR zonal marking in set plays

    With a better CDM in the pipe line one more CB with the promotion of Miquel and possibly a player that can switch between CAM and the wing (GOTZE)and a proper proven striker bad days are over, we need to get behind the team and not complain about the silverwear would you rather be swansea or wigan? no thought so. We need to stop acting like theres a massive gulf between us chelski city etc just look at the table, 30 mill on hazard what an amazing season hes had…

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  38. arsenal

    breaking news, @patloyd has been corfirmed as a spurs fan trying to wind us away

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  39. afc

    Giroud is crap against good defence’s but good against lesser opposition hence why arsenal are not in the top 3 in the league. Arsenal need a striker that can basically score against any defence which is missing. Someone who will win matches against the city’s chelseas and man u’s of the world then arsenal will be a threat to the title if they buy a good dm then even better.

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  40. dan87

    fairr to say with the goals scored by new signings we havent not missed rvp he seems greedy at utd always goes for goal i would deffo rather giroud wen ypou consider assists aswell he is going to be a real asset next season as the team is only going to get better

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  41. Rhino845

    Giroud has done well this season so far, but hes capable of more. Ofcourse hes not gonna be as good as Van Persie was for us, because we wont have to rely on just Giroud like we did Van Persie. Giroud adds something different to our game and involves the other players much better than Van Persie.

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  42. GP

    If you asked the same question about our individual defensive performances this season,there would be a better appreciation for what Giroud has done.
    We would probaly be 15 points better off as well.
    Just a couple of months ago some fans were demanding Demba Ba.
    Giroud should be judged according to the quality of our current team and squad.
    We are not the invincibles anymore,our manager and board have seen to that.
    When we start showing real intent on getting back to where
    we used to be, we can look at the elite strikers in the world again.
    He’s done well for his price and the expectation Wenger set the team at the start of the season.
    He’s not a top class striker yet because we are not a top class team.
    The last one left for that very reason

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  43. PatLloyd


    Step to far, can’t be accusing me of being a Spud. I’m just sayin Giroud isn’t good enough for Arsenal, For £13million he’s an average signing, but can you truly say that he is Arsenal quality? Wright>Henry>RVP>GIROUD, doesnt really work does it

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  44. gunnersince71

    If Giroud had better service he would score even more goals. One thing we need to work on is crossing the ball and the quality of our free kicks into the big box area. I think he has done well in his first season.

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  45. ken

    When you see a talent you can tell if you play football and watch it as well. Giroud is a player i admire even as back as when he was at troy,Giroud is a very intelligent striker with a football brain and his runs off the ball is one aspect of his game i admire and i know when the team gel together and that balance is right Giroud will be a big plus to the team and he reminds me of Drogba and drogba wasn’t the fastest striker but his positioning and goal scoring ability was awesome. Giroud brings more to the team with assists,dead ball interceptions,holding the line ,ability in the air,link up play and has one hell of a left foot shot. To me he is the next generation of a centre foward that can put in a shift anywhere on the pitch and only few can do that eg Cavani.
    I am very impressed with Giroud this season and with 8 games to go he could hit 20 goals this season and he is 2 goals away from Walcott who is arsenal’s top goalscorer this season.

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  46. leo

    giroud at the start of the season did say that he wasn’t rvp’s replacement we should have bought in another striker like villa & a cdm

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  47. Jim A

    The space he creates for Santi is a beautiful thing. When he has 1 or 2 defenders crawling all over him Santi is right there to score another cracker.

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  48. ivor

    i think for us to be strong next season we need Jovetic if the story is true, and then sanchez from barca, a DM like Wanyama, and a rough die hard defender if there is any like kozzer and david luiz…the CB dnt need to be highly rated just kozzer and david luiz level

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  49. Big Gun

    @Davidusa Hard Working? LOL. Giroud is one of the laziest, slowest strikers in the BPL.

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  50. Big Gun

    @andy. First of all, Dzeko is City’s no 3 striker. He normally only comes on a sub, so for what he has scored, it is pretty good. Torres has been shite since his Liverpool days, Chelsea were idiots to buy him and think he would change over night. So his name should not even be mentioned. Giroud has scored primarily when the game is tilted heavily in our favour. But he struggles against teams that apply more pressure and mark tight. Giroud is not quick, cannot dribble at all and takes too long to turn and do what he wants to do. He is only good in the box which can be utilized in some situations…but we need a more well rounded striker, one who can turn on a tickie, dribble and shoot, like RvP used to. We need a striker who chases…something which Giroud does not. If you watch him off the ball, he just stands around up front and puts no pressure on the defense. Good strikers do not do this, they chase and never let the defense of the opposition rest at ease. Rooney, Tevez, Suarez are prime examples of this and on top of that they are fast, skillful and can shoot on target.

    Don’t mean to bash him, all I’m saying is that Arsenal need better if we wish to win silverware again. Ramsey and Diaby are two others that fall into that category. Mediocre, just below the quality we really need.

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  51. GP

    When people rightly mention the great strikers of the past, they should also remember the other strikers who played with them and made a contribution to our success.
    Wiltord and Kanu to name a couple.and giroud can do the same.
    If you do’nt think Giroud is good enough to play for us,
    Just remind yourselves of what happens to all the players that are good enough to play for us.
    They are sold to rivals for profit. That is the price we all pay.
    You get what you pay for and the player should not be blamed for that.

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  52. gunner boy

    Sometimes I think statistics is shit….Wilshere got few assists nd very few goals buh he’s arguably arsenal’s best player dis season after santi..Giroud is fustrating,let’s leave the first season Trash..we would have won so many matches if we got strikers like suarez,benteke or even Dzeko..Giroud is never a threat to any defence,his heading ability is average(he scores 4 out of 10headers),he’s uniquely slow,he misses clear cut chances..Even theo,an average player scores goals to..wen u got d likes of Santi in ur team you are bound to get chances..and let’s not forget Giroud has played millions of games dis season..With Giroud we wud win nothing next season

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  53. kron

    You clearly don’t understand football. Girouds job is to drop deep and win headers so the oncoming midfielder can get the ball down and play. He does this very very well as i’ve seen some silky touches to let the midfields attack the defence. You say his movement is bad in the box but all of his goals apart from one have been scored inside the box. And he has competed in 101 aerial duels at a success rate of 54.21%. Thts better than most defenders in the prem this season. We have a different style of play this season it’s not just down to 1 man anymore.

    You need to support the players of your team and base your arguments on fact because you clearly haven’t been watching giroud this seeason.
    However im not sayin we don’t need another striker or two because having only one, out and out striker isn’t enough for any club no matter how good he is.

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  54. kron

    He scored 25 goals last season. Its not easy coming into the premier league and the best have faded here. Give him this season to adapt and im sure we can get alot more out of him.

    Have faith in your team.

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  55. gunsmith

    this site is full of idiots… giroud is very average do you guys watch arsenal matches??? suarez van pussy mitchu ba ageuro tevez 6 strikers who are better than him… even lambert lukaku

    giroud does not make arsenal look good arsenal makes him look good

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  56. always a gooner

    Rvp just has 23 …while giroud has 16 in his first season see the difference

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  57. joe

    what’s this crap about giroud not fitting our style of play? I don’t get it honestly. he passes well, has bags of assists and in all honesty you guys don’t even have a definition for style of play
    what you could say is his techniqe isn’t fully utilized by our style of play

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  58. sku

    I think he has been good for his debut season. He will be even better next season.

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  59. alby

    he’s not done bad in his 1st season soo far where big or small teams its still the same three points.i’ll rather have a team player than a selfish striker.still think we need another striker with a different style,who can actually complement Girouds play.lets all focus on the positives and be very optimistic.

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  60. Pierrot

    For those who are bashing Giroud, just watch last weekend’s game again when Podolski came on for him. Now there are some who keep saying that Poldi is “our best finisher”, should be given a chance down the middle, blah blah… so what happened when he replaced Giroud? I remember he had a one-on-one chance which he fluffed. Our attacks from midfield broke down more because there was no one linking up play as effectively Giroud did earlier. And this wasn’t the first time that this happened after our Frenchman was substituted during a match.

    My point is Giroud is quietly becoming an important part of our attacking game. He may not be fast or flashy, but his ability to play in other players is almost second to none in this Arsenal team (check out his amazing split-second flick to Santi during the game). In fact, if our midfielders (yes, selfish Walcott) can equally play Giroud in on goal as well as he does for them, he would have had more than 16 goals which is already impressive for me in his first season.

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  61. akie

    you see a lot of one season wonders in the prem. giroud will NOT be one of them. in many ways hes better than RVP (in many ways he isnt too) he brings other players into the game a lot more and can hold up the ball brilliantly, a lot better at flicking the ball on and a much better aerial threat. also the physical side of his game is twice of RVP’s. can see him being our top scorer this season now that walcott has dropped off a bit. also is the goal rvp claimed against sunderland doesnt count as his, how many games without a goal is that now? inconsistency is something RVP specializes is. last season for us he went 7 hours without scoring a goal through open play, also cant see him being around for much longer, something tells me lewandolski going there (if he does) will stop rvp getting as many goals

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  62. Spanish Breakfast

    Giroud has done well. It will bo llokd back on as a great first sason when the dust settles. He’ll only get better. He out a lot of pressure on himself early on which shows he cares.

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  63. TaPo

    Lol @gp what did u smoke..for all of u idiot that talking crap to a footballer like this guy giroud..u can throw ur brain out,if you guys have assist is as good as a goal…football is a team game,i pick a team player striker any day rather than a greedy one..

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