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Why Giroud is perfect for Arsenal

Olivier Giroud did not have his best game for Arsenal against Sunderland on Saturday, but he worked tirelessly and provided good link up play with Walcott and Cazorla and held the ball up well and allowed the midfield to get forward. He perhaps should have done better with a couple of chances, but he has come on in leaps and bounds since joining the Gunners in the summer.

I think that Arsene Wenger has finally found the big, powerful striker he has been looking for. In my opinion, the French international has everything he needs to be a success at Arsenal. He has shown himself to be much more useful to Arsenal than his predecessors Marouane Chamakh and Nicklas Bendtner, and I think a lot of this is due to his attitude.

Both Chamakh and Bendtner have shown that they have talent, but failed to produce it consistently. They both had problems with confidence, whether too much or not enough, and their careers spiraled downhill at the Emirates. Where Giroud is different is that he seems to accept that he will not always play for Arsenal, and when he does it may sometimes be a thankless task, as the Spanish passing game is not really suited to him.

Giroud has only started 16 Premier league games this season, but he has worked hard getting used to the English game, and has already got more goals and assists as Bendtner or Chamakh ever managed. Giroud may not have scored against Sunderland, but his contribution was vital and he always defends corners and free kicks well. For a player who is so good in the air, Giroud could easily have become frustrated at Arsenal. We attempted just seven crosses against Sunderland, and only one of those found it’s target, while Sunderland put in 47, 10 of which were successful.

What Giroud has done is try to adapt his game to fit in with the Arsenal style of play, and his 10 assists show that he has done this well. He doesn’t moan when the ball is not crossed to him, he drops deeper and helps with the build up. Wenger has been looking for a typically English centre forward for a while, and I think he has found the right one at last.

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41 thoughts on “Why Giroud is perfect for Arsenal

  1. Christian Ethiopia

    Since he came, even during his slow start, I’ve always liked this guy…he’s like a white version of Drogba, tall and more season and he’ll adapt quicker than the Ivorian (and he’s younger than Drogba was when he came to Chelsea)
    We need this guy to be firing if we want to finish third! Keep the faith, guys, its possible!!!
    We’ll teach Chelsea and Tottenham a lesson in true class..

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  2. blacks

    in giroud l never doubted him, he will du far much betta in tha remaining games & him and theo are workin well together, go gooners in yu guys (olivier) will be ther

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  3. Vlad

    He truly is indispensable in the air, both on offense, and defense. As for his finishing abilities – it’ll come. He’s getting better and better at it with each game. If I were him/his trainer, I would work more on ball control. I think that’s the area where he lacks the most. Sometimes he tries to do too much himself, and loses the ball, where all he needs to think about is how to put it the back of the net.

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  4. VM

    If you bring a Gun Babbaay.. We bring an Arsenal! If you think we’re dumb baabbay! We’ll bring it, we’ll Sing it! …….. Girrroooooooooooooooouuud!

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  5. indian gooner

    giroud is what we call a true CF…the guy can hold the play up..he can shoot..believe me he has ferocious shot in his left boot..juz needs to work on finishing though…long shots too…right foot not bad…link up play excellent…movement excellent…he’s very good but is tad slow and can’t dribble too much…but believe me next season he will be a monster in red and white…

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  6. ljgomez

    No he is not hes okay but he cant cope with our style hes not good enough with his feet. Hewscores one but he wastes 5 befor that. I like giroud but hes not good enough for us

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  7. jjn

    He is good in the air, so why don’t we play to our players strength instead of criticising his dribbling? Cross him the ball!

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  8. PatLloyd

    TV5 is out for Bayern but Jack and Koscielny should be back, who will play LB then? Jenkinson or Meade i assume? C’mon captain get better in a week, we need you back and back on form fot the attacking rage of Robben and Ribery

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  9. Noldo

    Next season will be his season…he will be fully adapted and will be top scorer…

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  10. Giroud'sHair

    Oli benefits significantly from having wingers who can score and make runs. He is looked at as a complete forward who has to contribute to our style of player, not just to score goals.

    If we are going to be a top flight club, we need all of our players capable of contributing to the team (especially important in Wenger’s style of play). He can hold up the ball against big tough BPL defenders which retains possession. He can flick on the ball, which retains possession and creates opportunities. He can score and he can drag defenders which opens holes for midfielders coming from deep.

    This is why Walcott is having a hard time getting minutes at the center forward position. With certain matchups, Theo will be preferable to Giroud at CF, but for our team we can’t rely on a small pacy striker all alone up top.

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  11. Jim A

    I can’t tell you how many times Scez or Mert or TV has sent a long ball in the air towards #12 and we retain possession. If I was the coach I would make sure 2 players take off towards goal when the ball comes in to OG in the middle 3rd and one in front. What a weapon! The way he put in Poldi last week and Ramsey this week shows great touch and vision. Just wish he got more minutes at the start of the year.

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  12. dboy

    I like him. I like him a lot! I don’t think we give walcott enough credit he was also good needs to work on his vision and passing bit more. We need depth on bench so we can rotate players. If only decide not to extenD his stay I’ll be happy.

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  13. green gunner

    He needs to shoot more! But his deft touch is beautiful when it comes off. Perfect compliment to Theo. Well done son.

    I like the way arsenal fans have patiently given him time to prove himself. I feel he is paying us back now.

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  14. Gooner Cape Town

    Still need to get in more crosses but Giroud is improving all the time and the stat’s can’t lie…..

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  15. Uche

    He is a hard worker but he has been very wasteful in front of goal. He is a gunner so I want him to succeed as much as the next guy. But I want Olie G to be treated the way every other arsenal player is treated. Theo gets a lot of stick for not playing well at times and yet he is our highest goal scorer. So while Giroud deserves our encouragement, take it easy on the praise and we should be more ambitious. Don’t compare him to Chamak or Bendtner. We are not under achievers. Compare him to Michu or Demba. That way, he knows that being good is not good enough. We want to win the FA cup so we don’t want our striker to be better than Chamak. We want our striker to be as good as Rooney or Van Persie. Now that’s ambition.

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  16. true goon

    He’s good but his finishing isn’t quite up to RvP standards.We still need that deadly striker that every top team has Giroud at this moment in time,is not that guy.
    But to be fair to him i’ve seen enough potential to expect him to only get better an better every season.

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  17. villa123

    walcott needs to slow down his pace while going for final through balls. He always misplaces his passes when he is near opponents penalty box. He really needs to improve is his vision.
    And about girourd.. when he first came to arsenal i thought he is good enough for arsenal but now i think he is bit slow for arsenal’s attacking game. wilshere and cazorla’s movement and vision is too much for him to match. His position awareness is really good but his tactical awareness is not upto the mark. so is walcott’s tactical awareness. I just hope he has got the potential to improve.

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  18. lopez

    Yes, he is very good and useful…but will happen if he gets injured????? who will play in his place? Gervinho? Walcott? Arshavin?

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  19. mr lean

    Giroud gets better and better,still needs to improve but fair play good return rate with goals scored and assists and season not over yet,love him to get his first hat trick against spuds

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  20. Big Gun

    Giroud has two problems. He is slow and lazy. Don’t expect him to chase or put defenders under pressure. (He reminds me of Ibram – just not ask skillfull). His pros are excellent aerial ability and has a powerful left foot. He is the type of player that needs to be in the box to do anything prolific though. Still he is far more an asset to us.

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  21. Joe

    The point you mentioned about crossing not bothering him was a good one. I think he prefers to play the Arsenal style, he’s a typical center forward that you need for this style of play. He’s good on the ball he can hold it up and link up play and his physique allows us to pop the ball up to him when were under pressure and he keeps hold of it or flicks the ball on so our defense can get up the pitch.

    A center forward of his type is such a rare breed. A tall target man with all the technical capabilities to link up play. I can only think of Ibra + Llorente that have the technical ability to play in this style of play.

    He just needs to improve his finishing in front of goal, next season he will score twice as many as he has this season to be fair to him the service in terms of crosses from gibbs and sagna this year has been poor where as monreal has already showed his crossing capabilities.

    Also i bet you would be hard pressed to find another striker that has as many assist’s as Giroud. The one thing i love about our forward 4 is there all roughly on the same goals, all 4 of them now have 10 assist’s and 10 goals or over this season.

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  22. YoItsMo

    People were saying Suarez was wasteful last year, but they sure changed their mind this year. Screw the critics, Giroud has natural offensive instincts that will be refined the more he plays, look at his awareness for the runs he makes, seems to be a great teammate that is willing to learn. Maybe not this year, but from next year on this guy is a solid 25-goal scorer at the very least !! Goooooner 4 life !!

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  23. Giroud'sHair

    @Big Gun

    You clearly haven’t actually watched Giroud. He has as high of a workrate as anyone on the team and often tracks back in defense.

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  24. marlogooner

    Is it just me or everytime is see that f*%##king Tw##at RVP score for united i wish that wenger had sold him to the first club in italy that made a bid.

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  25. Twig

    If a big striker is what Wenger wants, then he should have gone for Fernando Llorente. Much better IMHO.

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  26. diehardarsenalfan

    u guys r hyping him up to much. Giroud is a good player dont get me wrong but he aint no RVP and never will b. the people who r saying he will b top scorer next season r just dumb. cmon lets be serious here we are in desperate need of a CF(should b RVP) and a DM (song) the two positions we sold in the summer. now imagine we had RVP and Song still in the team. we would win the league it really pisses me off!!

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  27. Big Gun

    @Giroud’s hair. You obviously know nothing about football then. It is not the strikers duty to track back is it? That is what more than half of the team are responsible for, not our main striker. Just because Giroud may wonder back occasionally is not a good thing, because when we counter where is he? Still tryna get back to the box. Giroud must stay up front.

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  28. Ricardo

    I like that we now have an aerial threat. Giroud can score with his head. he had yet another shot on goal with his head during the Sunderland game.

    What used to grind me last season was the number of corners we would have , but the conversion rate was poor. If Vermealen finds his goal scoring form again, and we have Giroud. Then we have two goal threats come corner / set piece time.

    And what about our new ability to lump the ball up field and Giroud 9/10 times get the flick on. If our other players take a gamble every once in a while with those flick ons. we will be in the money.

    He may not be at RVP’s level now, but give him time, this is his first season after all.

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  29. Top Gunner

    He is not bad, but has to work on the following:
    – try more to challenge defenders
    – learn the passing system of Arsenal, coz sometimes when the ball is being passed he looks lost

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  30. Machine-Gunner

    I’ve sed it once and I’ll say it again. Wat I love about Olivier Giroud da most is his positional play.. Its craaaaazy how he is always at the right place at the right tym, wether he scores or fluffs it, HE WAS STILL in the ryt place at the ryt tym. Unlike bendtner.

    And isn’t it amazing at how he doesn’t crowd theo wen theo decides to move in centrally? He doesn’t complain he just takes up theo’s position on the wing and same wen podolski drifs in or wen santi comes off the wing. Very very selfless player.

    Now lets all sing together; naaa na na, na na na naaa, na na na naaa.. Hey Girooouudd!!

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