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Why have Arsenal not seen much from the Ox this season?

What happened to Chamberlain? by KJ

The summer of 2011 was pretty hectic as an Arsenal fan and ultimately was an extremely negative experience. We lost not one starter, not two starters but three starters in Clichy, Fabregas and Nasri. It wasn’t helped by the fact that one of our biggest signings that window (before the mayhem on deadline day) was an 18 year old Englishman from league one that cost us more than £10 million.

Fortunately, as the season went on, Wenger was vindicated in his decision to pay such a high price for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He went on to perform MOTM performances against the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United and even AC Milan.

However, we haven’t seen the same player this season. This season’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been sloppy, lethargic and ultimately disappointing. There could be many reasons as to why the promising youngster’s performance has dropped.

Prospects are usually hindered by inconsistencies in their games. Being consistent is something you learn from experience which you replicate at your peak (aside from a few examples including Wilshere who rarely has an off game).

The rise of Theo Walcott has restricted the game time Wenger can offer young Chamberlain. Going on a run of games usually sparks a level of consistency to your game and allows you to play your best football. Chamberlain does look a lot stockier than he did last season. I don’t know if this is fat, muscle or even both. However, it could affect his stamina. This could be very detrimental to his Arsenal career considering that because of our philosophy, our style of play – a strong second half is almost routine now.

The biggest problem could be Chamberlain’s need to play in the middle. He has struggled out wide this season and rarely takes his man on. He’d rather be drawn into a midfield position which not only restricts space for our midfield players but also narrows our football.

There is no doubt Chamberlain has had a disappointing season regardless of game time but we’ve still seen glimpses of what he’s all about. I’m not too judgmental of Alex. He’s got a lot going for him and is only 19. He has plenty of time to break into the Arsenal first team and fortunately, we seem to have decent players on the wings (Walcott and Podolski) to allow the Ox to bide his time

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40 thoughts on “Why have Arsenal not seen much from the Ox this season?

  1. i love arsenal

    He shined again in the last game. So , may be he is better in the left =]

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  2. o_0

    I think in a few years he will have justified his £10 million price tag and his value will probably sky rocket. I have high hopes for the Ox, as after all, as you said, he is only 19.

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  3. joe

    the kid needs time to play consistently . he’s 19 . not even christiano Ronaldo was consistent at that age if you remember . ox is a great dribbler , long range shooter and that’s pretty much it . he benefits more from slide rule passes than playing them himself which means the ox is more dangerous as a player between the most forward attacking midfielder and the centre striker to give him the opportunity to shoot and beat one or two centerbacks

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  4. Jaws09

    I agree the Ox has not come along this season like we all hoped he would, but he has struggled to break into the team with Walcott & Podolski playing so well on the wing’s and Wilshere & Cazorla playing so well in the centre

    As long as he keeps training hard and continues to show the right attitude though he will keep getting chances

    He was unlucky not to score against Stoke on the weekend on 2 separate occasions

    The fact he can play left, right on centrally means he is a great option to have on the bench and there is plenty of time left in the season for him to play and improve

    Let’s hope for a good month this month, COYG

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  5. Gunners

    Ox has undoubted talent. He needs a run of games to get to his best. I would rather he got the games than wasting them on players like gervinho. Please do not doubt the ox he just needs to play!

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  6. true goon

    Disagree with you,he plays well out wide beats his man regularly and gets in crosses,he’s probably the best outright winger we have.He’s just had alot of niggles and Wenger always seems to bring him off early he should leave him out there let him get a good run in the team,the way he gives the much less talented Ramsey a run.B4 you write these kind of articles remember that Chamberlain is still only 19,and his playing under a coach that has lost his way.

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  7. Tiko

    Grioud+walcott+carzola+podolski = 52 goals in the EPL so far the best so it would be hard for him to break in seeing that most positions are taken up all ready and every up front (not the back) are playing well

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  8. Sowetogooner

    Cant wait to seen them ox at 25. He’s a great player in the making.

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  9. Bob Dylan

    Because he has been aweful this season, missed easy chances against stoke, and he needs to improve quick, walcott stepped up so time for the ox to step up, been very dissapointed with him this season tho

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  10. PatLloyd

    Hes in a transition phase from the original hype to actually becoming a player with skill and ability, he never really used to use skill, just pace however hes now started to use skill to beat players and then acceleration to leave them in his dust. He’s only 19, give him time, everything will suddenly click in due time

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  11. PatLloyd

    Also everyone always sais he plays better for England, why? Because he’s played LW for England and RW for Arsenal, he needs to be able to cut in and shoot like Ronaldo (sorry Bale). Thats why he was good against Stoke – he was on the left for once

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  12. John Legend

    We expect much from him as Arsenal fans, so does English citizens and the media.

    In his first season, he came blowing like an unknown with fwe eyes watching/expecting much from him. I think he definately will have one or two off-seasons. Ox will come out good, however, he needs to put some diversity into his game.

    In addition, whatever performance his puts up this season would have been over-shadowed by Walcott and Poldi. Last season, Walcott was our best winger(fairly consistent), Gervinho was bad from half-season, it gave Chamberlain the opportunity to have a good run of game and do well.

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  13. GoGo

    Do you think aticles like this will help him? He’s still learning his job at Arsenal! I’m sure Wenger will get the best out of him when he’s needed. Walcott was thrown into the team at a young age and the pressure slowed his progress. What Wenger is doing now is right!

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  14. ks-gunner

    We are quite lucky to have found Nacho because [Kieran] Gibbs got injured for four to six weeks,” Wenger told reporters.
    And we found in 48 hours a player of that calibre… you have to give me at least that credit. I know that I don’t get a lot but that is true.”

    to the guys who said nacho man was a done deal one year before and not a panic buy….L was the name or something

    Chambo is in no rush he is doing okeys and with time he will improve a lots more….up the Arsenal

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  15. ross

    Don’t heap too much pressure on him. We did the same with Walcott for years and until this season, we were left disappointed. We, much like Wenger put too much expectation on the young players that are still developing and learning their trade. Can ruin their confidence and halt everything.

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  16. TrueGunner82

    podolski should play as CF and the OX on the left, that way we will have pace on either side, we will even have pace on either side of defence with Nacho/Gibbs and Sagna/Jenkinson.

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  17. Nash Yusoff

    Who still remember his through ball to giroud at last minutes when we face chelsea at The Emirates??? That was a mind-blowing pass..!!!

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  18. MG

    Remember all the seasons walcott got SLATED by so called Arsenal ‘fans’ who have no clue how to get behind the squad when things are tough and form dips.

    Dont start ripping into Chamberlain, he is a TOP QUALITY player and 19 years old FFS.

    You wait, his time will come and he will get a run of games in the team and blow idiotic self destructive articles such as this crap out the f*cking water.


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  19. Big Gun

    @true goon I agree with you. The Ox is best on the wing, he too has speed and great dribbling ability. Most of all, he can actually put in a decent cross. I would like to see him on the left wing, as he is ambidextrous – can cross with his left, can cut in and have a go with his right foot. It’s a tough call because Podolski is playing so well lately.

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  20. jackie

    Case of the difficult 2nd album. He hasn’t played badly, but he is now being measured against his debut season when he was an unknown quantity.

    Thing is that after such a disastrous start to last season, his performances were some of the highlights of the whole season and were magnified due to the fact that the team had lost alot of talent.

    The kid is 19, so I think he should be given a break. Look at Theo, we’ve had him since he was 17 and now at 23 he’s finally coming up with the goods. Chambo seems to be far better at 19 than Theo was so I’d say he’s doing pretty well.

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  21. **** Set Gunner ****

    We need to give him time. He is only 19 and has immense competition from Walcott and Podolski for the wings. I am sure he will be able to be a regular in another couple of years with Miyaichi.

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  22. kleef

    He needs to develop his skills and techniques.
    This is a personal issue. Playing just games will not give you all the requirements, technically that’s the platform to show what you can. Some of it is about watching the best and practising their skills until it becomes second nature.
    Another issue is developing personal fitness to.
    I have noticed most of our players play flat footed which diminishes the chance of playing to your full potential which includes the difference between scoring a goal and missing.

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  23. Whisperer

    Ox is doing ok. I think we need to let these young players grow and be strong enough to compete completely with less injuries. Wenger seems to have learnt this with the injuries he has had with young players. The guy also uses a lot of strength and speed, he needs to be super fit to play game after game and produce consistent results

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  24. Ochy 'SQ' D' Canon

    Chamberlain can dribble, get past his marker, shoot and give a killer pass [one he gave to Wilshere against Stoke but didn’t manage to get]… What about that ‘BIG Forehead’ called Gervinho..??
    Give ‘The Ox’ time.. Am Very Sure he’ll be one Super Attacker in Red & White..!! COYG..!! Up Gunners..!!

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  25. That Gunner


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  26. T2T

    Think back 5-6 years ago; we had 2 teams where the best team played in the PL with subs from 2nd string while the 2nd string played CC and FA cup (?) sometimes strengthened by the best players.
    This season it could look like something like this;
    Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal
    Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere
    Walcott, Giroud, Podolski

    Jenkinson, Koscielny, Miquel, Gibbs
    Diaby, Ramsey, Coquelin
    Rosicky, Arshavin, Oxlade-Chamberlain

    “extra players”; Gervinho, Gnabry, Eisfeld, Hajrovic, Yennaris

    The alternative would be to use the NextGen team strengthened by some fringe players or players coming back from injuries.

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  27. crmv

    Wegner said last yr that ox wasnt a winger like walcott , he said hes more a midfielder, so he has played all his carrer in another position

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  28. tissiam

    @ BOB.the ox has just given an interview inn which he says he is happy to bide his time,coz he is only 19years old playing at arsenal with a lot quality players he listened to walcott who told him that when he started in arsenal the boss was only using him here &there in order to give them time to learn from the most experience players,also the yougers know that wenger doesn,t like to burn them out,by slowy incorporating them to games(few minutes here&there)which the ox knows it works by looking at others like him,walccot,jenk,great to see that his head is firmly&safely screwed on his shoulders and his feet firmly on the ground!!

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  29. jeff

    he is gonna be a boss. I really wanna see him play in midfield with wilshere and one other in the next few years. they are both pacy players with a lot of power so it would give us so much drive in the midfield. I can imagine in 2 or 3 years everybody will be all over wilshere, ox and theo as a trio. I can see them all becoming ridiculously good all at the same time.
    wilshere the new fabregas (better on the ball)
    theo the new henry (not as good as thierry)
    chamberlain the new pires/lungberg

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  30. Simon K Williams

    He’s a great purchase-

    Think Wenger very conscious of over-playing the young star (doesn’t want a repeat of Jack’s injury) – and that’s wise-

    Given a little time, and continued determination he will be a stunning talent 🙂

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  31. Johnno

    I firmly believe he’s the better prospect between him and Zaha. He is arguably the best teenager in world football. But he’s still a teenager and maybe Wenger has learnt from Wilshere’s injury problems. Perhaps he’s just easing him in now. He shouldn’t be doing too much too soon at the elite level otherwise he could very well suffer stress related injuries. It would be nice to see him start a few games though, but he’s 19 so being a sub and playing 30 minutes a match with the odd start is fine. I don’t think his lack of playing time has anything to do with his form or skill but his age and high risk of injury to his developing body. Walcott had many injury troubles when he was young, and now that he’s 22-23 he’s able to withstand the rigours of regular football.

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  32. rocky

    I think it will be a combination of 3 things.

    1. Walcott is on form
    2. Wengers wrapping him up so he doesn’t get overplayed and injured
    3. He hasn’t learnt to defend properly yet in the BPL, so when the back four are already shakey having an open wing doesn’t help.

    He’ll learn though, give him a couple of years and he’ll be a starter for sure.

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  33. kron

    Because the 3 other fowards are in solid form at the moment and he needs to step up to get into the team

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  34. kron

    He’s only had a few out standing games in his arsenal career so far but when he’s given the chance he need to grab the bull by the balls and take it. Last game he had to sitters for me and he didn’t take them. All im saying is thats not doing him any favours.

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