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Why it might not be wise to write off Arsenal just yet

Having failed to make it beyond the last 16 of the Champions League for the last six years, Arsenal fans breathed a slight sigh of relief after finishing ahead of Paris Saint-Germain in Group A to ensure they were seeded in the draw for the next round. While topping their group was meant to earn the Gunners a more winnable tie in the last-16, there were a couple of teams Arsene Wenger would have definitely wanted to avoid. One of those was Bayern Munich. So, somewhat inevitably, Arsenal found themselves drawing the Bundesliga champions and will now do battle over two legs for a place in the Champions League quarter-finals.
Despite the initial feeling of what-if from Arsenal fans following the draw, there has been a growing belief that the club have a great chance of ending their recent last-16 disappointments when their European adventure resumes in February. With everything going very well both domestically and in Europe this season, the prospect of facing the likes of Bayern isn’t as daunting as it has been in recent years. Unbeaten in the Champions League so far and currently as short as 7/1 to win the title with the latest Premier League odds, Wenger’s men won’t fear anyone at the moment, especially if they can add a couple of new faces in January.

Bayern, meanwhile, have looked distinctly average at times in the Champions League this year, losing to Atletico Madrid and Rostov on their way to finishing second in Group D. Still yet to truly settle under new manager Carlo Ancelotti this season, the German giants aren’t as intimidating as they were under Pep Guardiola. That said, if you were judging this last-16 clash based on recent meetings between the two clubs, Bayern will feel confident as they prepare to meet their English rivals yet again – something their Italian manager has revealed he is. The five-time European champions knocked the Gunners out of the Champions League in 2005, 2013 and 2014 – two of those defeats coming at this same stage of the tournament.

What Bayern don’t have, though, is two players performing at quite the same level as Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez currently are. It’s a widely held belief that any team looking to win a major title needs to have at least two genuine world class players in it. Based on this season’s form, it’s hard to deny that Arsenal aren’t currently blessed with two players who are, if not truly world class in the eyes of everyone, undeniably producing world class performances this season.

Alexis Sanchez

As long as the Gunners can keep Ozil and Sanchez injury-free over the festive period and into the new year, there is nothing to stop them from securing a place in the quarter finals for the first time since the 2009/10 season. If they can indeed overcome this physical and mental obstacle when they face Bayern, Arsenal would rightly feel as though there would be nothing stopping them from really making a run towards the final.  

Do Arsenal have more chance of winning the Champions League than the Premier League this season?

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17 thoughts on “Why it might not be wise to write off Arsenal just yet

  1. jermaineBryan

    Not forgetting santi n kosceilny

    This doesn’t make much sensense anyhow as bayern have around 10 world class players who are elite in there position

  2. Jansen

    Statistics aside, we have zero chance of winning either.

    It puzzles me that so many chose to close their eyes to the fact that Arsenal has some serious structural problems that need to be fixed before we should dream about winning the CL or PL.

    We can beat Bayern but there are many other much betters teams still around as well in the CL. In the PL, it is not even 2017 and we are 9 points out of first with a lot more competition than last season IMO.

    We will be lucky to finish in the top 4 this year and the quicker the club and fans realize that the better.

  3. marty53

    Ozil is hardly playing like a world class player at the moment, it’s all very well playing well against Ludogrets but against the top teams for some reason he tends to drift out of these games when we need him to assert himself on the game. To beat Bayern we need all players playing at the top of their games and I just can’t see this happening.

    1. Ramterta

      Ozil was always overrated.
      Funny how some fans said he was better than silva and de bruyne when in actual truth they are 3 times the player he will ever be .Also I am beginning to think coutinho is better than him.
      I would gave considered taking cesc back but his afe hinders me

      1. RSH

        you don’t get 19 assists the previous season without being talented. Ozil is a top class player, but he’s not a player one can build a team around. Unless everyone is world class, he will disappear. We are expecting him to lead our attack, take the game by the neck like KDB, Hazard, Silva do, but this is not Ozil, and for a team that lacks confidence very often, having someone like Mesut also sulk when things get rough KILLS our game.

  4. Sam, need a striker

    I write off Arsenal to win any big trophy when I see Wenger on the bench … Bring Simeoni in …

    1. RSH

      and this article is seriously calling Bayern average at times? Look at us! Losing to Atletico is not even noteworthy since they’re both teams at the elite end of football. And Rostov loss was a shock, but here’s the difference between a champion team and Arsenal, a champion team knows how to pull themselves together, they know how to win when it matters. Following Rostov loss Bayern went on to beat Atleti. Let’s take these blinders off and finally just admit we are NOT on Bayern’s level. The first sign of trouble our players RUN.

  5. Ugabooga

    Where are the akb’s. Look how your messiah destroyed our season.
    Be honest we won’t catch Chelsea, city or pool. They all out of our league.
    Fingers crossed we can keep 4th spot though so you akb’s can all hail the mighty Wenger.

    1. RSH

      they always disappear when things get rough. Just a week ago they were going on about us beating Bayern. They’ll start to come back after a couple of wins, and then gone again around Feb/March when we completely collapse like always. Why can’t Wenger prove us wrong! I want to be so wrong, I don’t like this…

  6. Ugabooga

    Cech 4 – makes easy saves, but beaten but near post AGAIN
    Bellerin 3 – Poor attack and def
    Gabriel 4 – poor
    Kos 3 – Poor and allowed 1ST goal by playing city onside
    Monreal 3- Poor
    Coq – 6
    Xakha 2 – did he even make a single pass?
    Ozil 1 – this might be too high still
    Theo – 5. Good goal nothing else no service
    Iwobi – 4 some decent runs, but not much services
    sanchez 5 – assist no service, doubt he will stay to never win a trophy of importance, I wouldn’t if I were a winner
    But I’m not so I stick with this mediocrity

  7. Franko

    Nobody can tell me Iwobi, OX and Walcot are better than Perez in their all round game. What many don’t know is that Perez is an intelligent player, a fighter and a technical player. If Wenger had been given him game time by now he would adapted properly to the physical game of the EPL and we would be seeing another aggressive, battle-ready player on our hands. Another left footed Sanchez tormenting defenders, scoring and assisting in goals. He said when he signed he was expecting to play games, he was ready for the challenge and he had high hopes and was willing to test himself in the EPL. What did Wenger do? He started benching him and thats why each time he plays and scores or gives an assist, he doesn’t celebrate because he knows he is better than the players that Wenger is benching him for. Wenger wants to kill his spirit and moral to give his best just the way he did to Campbell.

  8. Onochie

    Bayern would definitely make sure we are eliminated,what do we have to offer,when we have a very serious mental block in the club at the moment? The thought of playing against bayern would make some good players play bad. I don’t see how we can beat them with this our form,except we hit a strong wining run from now till February.

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