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Why Kroenke NOT Wenger is to blame for Arsenal’s sorry state

At the same time as most Arsenal fans are now thoroughly fed up and most agree that the club were wrong to hand Arsene Wenger a new contract at the end of last season, with the fans who actually think the Frenchman is still the best man for the job dwindling by the day, I do not think that our long serving manager should take all the blame for the sorry state that Arsenal find ourselves in.

I do not even think he should take most of the blame, in fact, as that should be heaped upon the shoulders of Silent Stan Kroenke, the money man who is ultimately in charge of our beloved club. Wenger may not be the man for the job anymore but it was up to Kroenke and the Arsenal board to realise that and act upon it this summer and bring in someone with fresh ideas to give the whole club a lift.

The Frenchman has done great things for us and I am sure he is still trying to do his best, but it is just not happening. Our former striker Ian Wright who is now a football pundit has put the whole situation very well in comments to Sky Sports, suggesting that watching our previously great manager struggle so badly now is like watching the decline of the great boxer Muhammed Ali.

Wright said, “Watching him [Arsene Wenger] now is like watching Muhammad Ali-Larry Holmes.

“You’re watching Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest ever, getting beat up. It was horrible, it was uncomfortable, you don’t want to see that.

“This is what is happening with Arsene Wenger. He ain’t got anyone to throw the towel in for him.”

The thing is, though, he has and Kroenke and the Arsenal board are the ones who should have done it for him. Now it is too late and it looks like Wenger’s legacy will be destroyed and Arsenal will have a diabolical season. Thanks Stan!


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84 thoughts on “Why Kroenke NOT Wenger is to blame for Arsenal’s sorry state

  1. John0711

    Utter Utter BS BOB, cut this out now

    Kronkie should share the blame however
    its not kronkie who keeps playing players out of position, its not kronkie who left the 92m Lemar bid until the last minute, “lemar said he didnt have time to talk it over with his family”. its not kronkie who played ox the day before deciding to sell him. its not kronkie who lied about the sanchez sale
    its not kronkie who left podolski or perez out, stop the BS

    1. Ack77

      wenger is responsible for everything you just said, nobody can debate that BUT kroenke is at fault for doing nothing. its like sitting around watching someone destroy your house and do nothing.

      If Arsenal had a competent board and owner they would have dealt with wenger long ago, either adapt or get out.

      1. gmv8

        It like having a school bully beating up a kid, with the teacher watching on and doing nothing about it. Who do you blame? Yes the bully is responsible, but I would put most of the blame at the teachers feet.

    2. Goonerforever

      Totally agree. Another Successful transfer window for Wenger & Kronke – made a profit on sales vs buys, couple of players to key the fans happy, £100m reserve still banked, sell Sanchez in Jan for £25m if we aren’t doing well & blame him for upsetting the team, show how close we were to signing Lemar, TV revenues up. Stan will never sell such a source of cash or get rid of the man who makes it for him.

      1. andydale

        The only people getting this mess sorted is the fans, They need to unite to rid us of the board and manager, But the worrying thing is probably will not happen, To many deluded happy to put up with this crap.

    3. Dee23

      Lemar didn’t want to move to Arsenal. The bid was accepted he turned us down. If a player doesn’t want to join there is not much you can do there. He wanted a Liverpool move but they weren’t willing to offer what we did.

      What I blame Wenger for though, is leaving it too late to make moves. He should have got the loan moves and dead wood sorted earlier and not left things to the last minute.

      He should have tried to sign Vandijk is stead of Lemar, brought in Cavahlio, Siri and Draxler or failing that Mahrez. At least 3 of those players would have signed for Arsenal and strengthened us.

      1. gmv8

        Rumours are that Arsenal pulled out of the Lemar deal, because they said there wasn’t enough time to complete the deal ?!? What ????? Two months???? Why did they make the offer to begin with then? This is ALL Kroenke’s fault, no question about it, as the majority owner, he should be there stabilising the club, not presiding over all out war between Wenger and the board over StatDNA, he should be dictating club strategy, and if anyone doesn’t like it they can go, not allowing the while situation to continue, and rewarding Wenger an extra 2 million/year for all the shambles of the past two years. He clearly isn’t running the club properly – we’d bought Lacazette and were bidding up for Lemar, then were told the club had no money. What??? we’ve made millions profit in this window ontop of the 100’s of millions already in Arsenals reserves. This is clearly Kroenke, with no warning to Wenger et al, using the club as his own personal slush fund to back this new billion dollar loan he’s trying to take out

      2. patrick ahern

        Wenger made a profit in the transfer window that’s what it is all about the fans are not in the equation our opinions do not matter if they did Wenger and kroenke would be gone. The team picked to play Liverpool was a joke the tactics were none existing plan B does not exist total shambles time for flags and planes again

      3. Gray Starkie

        Completely agree with you! I have been saying for years that the man is clearly not up to the job…hell he should never have still been in charge in the first place! He should have gone last season after the FA Cup win and his pride would have remained intact…Ian Wright is totally correct in saying it is like watching Ali being beaten up by Larry Holmes watching Wenger now…his legacy is already destroyed! Wenger should have gone a long time ago! But you will be surprised to hear that I lay the blame mainly at Lady Bracewell Smiths feet for selling the family shares to the greedy and unscrupulous american Kroenke! If she had had the sense to say no he wouldn’t have ever got his hands on the club! She has since said that she regrets her actions, but unfortunately greed got the better of her and Kroenke now has almost full control to probably destroy our once great club! Expect nothing top change soon! My own personal experience of dealing with a club that now has no humanity is that my son was diagnosed with ALL Leukaemia for the third time in 2016, and he had intensive chemo, radiotherapy and a bone marrow transplant! I, the hospital, and Make a Wish Foundation all asked Arsenal if they would allow my son to visit the club when he was a bit better to watch a training session and meet a couple of his favourite players to help him recover his mental state whilst he was going such a difficult time! Guess what….the club refused, citing it was against club policy! They refused a seriously ill teenager who was being treated for blood cancer for the third time…How inhumane and selfish is that!? Talk about a massive fan disconnect! You can’t get any more selfish than the current Arsenal Board!! I no longer love this club after nearly half a century, and I am not at all surprised at how they have behaved this time and how badly they treat the fans!

    4. gmv8

      The 92m was just a PR stunt – apparently we pulled out after Monaco agreed it, not enough time to get the deal done. Kroenke knows who Wenger is, and how he works, i.e. that he wants to choose his players, not leave it to statDNA, yet he still rewards him with a new contract and pay increase, while leaving the board to carry on with their statDNA projects, causing huge turmoil within the club. Yes, it is Kroenke’s fault.

    5. gmv8

      If we had a decent owner, who was actually interested in the club, do you think any of this would be allowed to happen? Being made fools of by Liverpool, who are a club worth half our value? So , yes it is all Kroenke’s fault

    6. Gonner954

      Wenger is a dictator if he allowed the board to hire a director the fans would be able to see the truth he has lost it, what other club would give one person so much power.

      Kroenke is in it for the money and usmanov not having a seat on the board is a joke

      Kroenke and wenger are in it together both must go for us to get back to where we belong

      1. big g

        agreed, both must go and if fans truely want the change then there is only one course of action and that is a complete boycott of anything that gives the club money.

  2. COYG_CA

    Oh, I forgot, Kroenke picks the formation and sets the line-up every match and Wenger just follows his direction. Don’t get me wrong, Kroenke is a sheithead, but Wenger has his hands on the steering wheel! As they say, “2 wrongs don’t make a right”! You gotta be kidding, Bobby-boy!

    1. COYG_CA

      2 goals by Lemar today for France . . .
      If AFC would have got him, we could at least have SOME promising hope. Now Lemar’s price just went up another 25%!

        1. gmv8

          Apparently we pulled out … go figure. But then nothing makes any sense, Wenger isn’t dumb, if we know the best players / positions to play, he certainly does, so why is he doing this? Every up and coming star, Wenger has been around, a good year before they hit the big time, Mata, Hazard, Draxler, Mbappe, Lemar spring to mind, but then has pulled out over a few million, why? It’s nonsense to think that if he was given the funds, he wouldn’t spend them. And then this nonsense about contract renewal, it stinks of the club not being confident that they will get the money to renew. I think the Lemar bid was PR bluster, as was the 180k / week for AOC, merely put out to placate the fans. Maybe we will know one day, but all this started happening after Kroenke joined. If only I could see KSE accounts …..

        2. Chris Lamb

          Yes. But we only agrees to pay the asking price on the last transfee day. Had we done it when it was still early we would not be in this situation.
          Now we have one demotivated player in the name of Alexis who will be looking forward to leave in January and not a single addition in the midfield or at centre back. Long drought season to expect. Arsene please rescind your contract.

    1. jon fox

      Not in law , no, but since players are insured no responsible insurance company would insure without a cast iron medical certificate of fitness at the time of transfer. This would not include minor strains easily healed but they would have to be marked on the medical certificate as existing at the time. There are one or two other riders I need not bother mentioning but on your basic question it is extremely unadvisable to miss a medical but not actually illegal, esp if you intend not to insure that player. I doubt that many transfers have taken place without a medical though.

      1. khangunners

        Thanks for the info. I was debating with my fellow gunners and they were adamant that we can sign without a medical and i said that is never going to happen as a medical is must

  3. samz

    the most pathetic thing to see is
    clubs finishing above us have sold nothing and bought really quality players
    an average of 150 million for all top 5 teams
    and this was our worst season and we spent 52 million and sold for around 100 million
    clap clap wenger you just ruined my whole year and you ruined sanchez year he may have won league this year with city

    ive supported arsenal since i was 8 and i guess now its just hurting to support this club
    we sold fab nasri van and kept shits
    we are a shame
    just look at monaco if they have sold players they have bought great players
    even dortmund
    i hate arsene
    we just booked ourselves for 8th spot
    behind everton

  4. gotanidea

    Arsenal is declining because of the actions of the current owners and the previous businessmen that sold the club to them. It’s not because of one or two men only.

    Arsenal could be as great as Barcelona, but the club is just a business for those men. Now it’s up to the fans, do we want to kill the remains of the team spirit with negativity or do we want to make the players love Arsenal again?

    1. khangunners

      Fans need to protest. Our club is dying slowly better we cause harm for one season than keep quite and the problem keeps on killing our team slowly. Last year i predicted everton will be passing us in term of quality is it not in process?
      Lets do something now and save our club or we will be a midtable team

      1. jon fox

        klangunners, You are quite right. What we MUST DO if we are serious about getting our club back from those who are killing it year by year – Kroenke, Wenger, Gazidis and all the board- is force a sale by turning against the club and those players who are not trying properly (many of the team actually ) and actually harming the teams success. It is vital we boycott games home and away , cease buying merchandise and thus reduce the clubs sale value. We need to do this consistently for a long time, perhaps a whole season and we have to right off wishing to win games for that period. We actually need heavy defeats with a poisonous atmosphere of hate , with those who will still attend, even though they know it harms our chances of getting the poisonous regime out, chanting anti-regime songs, huge banners, demos and a social media campaign directed at all the regime and poor players. This is what will actually work BUT whether most fans would actuallly turn against our club in the short term to rescue it in the medium and long term is a huge doubt. To be successful you need concerted organised action and a plan for success carried out consistently. Mourinho, Fergie, Pochettino , Conte etc have proved this approach works. LET US NOT BE LIKE WENGER BUT INSTEAD LIKE THOSE, ABOVE. WHO ARE ORGANISED. THEN, AND ONLY THEN, CAN WE EVER RESCUE OUR FORMERLY GREAT AND HONOURABLE CLUB FROM ITS SLOW PAINFUL DISEASE AND ULTIMATE DEATH.

        1. Gonner954

          It wouldn’t happen cos of all the tourists we attract

          Sad to say this but a bad season might force gazidis and kroenke hand, I don’t see wenger resigned or the board firing him midseason

      2. Dee23

        What did all the protesting last season achieve? Wenger still got a contract extension. Lol.

        Fans were here last season saying that they hope Arsenal don’t make top four, naively believing that finishing out side of the top four would shake up Wenger and the board and make them shop well in the transfer window. It didn’t make a difference. We did better transfer business last summer and spent more money with the only real flop being Xhaka.

        Being out the top 4 is what makes players like Lemar choose Liverpool over us which is why I was one of the fans who didn’t want Europa league this season. Protesting does nothing. The board will keep offering Wenger extensions regardless. Wenger will still play players out of position and players will still be complacent.

  5. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    I too thought for over the tenth year in a row that Arsenal can’t do tactics. I didn’t blame Wenger.

    It’s not Wenger’s job. How dare Kronke!!!!!

  6. GoonerKev84

    Its this exact sentiment is why Wenger keeps getting new contracts! Please stop defending the man hes dug his own grave with his bullsh*t policies and non existent tactics, ignoring the bloody obvious time and time again! He should of been gone years ago hes finished and still people feel sorry for him and defend him hes an arrogant man and gets paid millions to sit on his hands. Hes a control freak and thinks he owns the club had enough of this sh*t.

  7. ArsenalMan

    I disagree completely. Mr Arsenal is not blame for all. Kronke is a business man who major interest is profit but Mr Arsenal is the coach/manager. He decide who to get and how the football is played. A coach who wait until the last minute of the transfer market says it all. I just hope we don’t drop out to relegation battle this season.

  8. Trudeau

    I have no question that Arsene loves the club. For me that’s what makes this whole affair more tragic. A good argument can be made that, as long as Sanchez doesn’t sulk, Arsenal’s first team is stronger than last year. But on the evidence we have, no such argument can be made for the manager. He’s the epitome of a punch drunk boxer. Sad.

    1. jon fox

      Trudeau, Yes Wenger loves the club but both still ruined the thing they loved. Hitler also loved Germany but he also ruined it with his madness. Wenger is not evil, of course, as Hitler was, but both are /were mad and ruined the thing they loved. There are other parallels too, as Hitler before ruining Germany, initially rescued it’s economy and restored order.

  9. khangunners

    Wenger in are to blame also. We warned them year after year that we are slowly regressing. They laughed and said we dont know anything about football. Where are they now? Waiting for us to beat Bournemouth and cme here and cover the cracks as they always do

    1. Break-on-through

      There’s a point with all fans where Wenger would have passed the point of no return. It will be different times/points with many fans. So what you are saying is everyone should have ignored that and listened to people who predicted the future instead. It’s easy to say now that he should have been sacked a long long time ago, but things have to play out for us to know that. Blaming the ins is silly, people at the top of Arsenal, as with other great clubs, should have the type of ambition that doesn’t get dampened so easily.

  10. Ack77

    This transfer window has really been something and still 1 hr to go
    The incoming lacazette and kolasinac are good and actually strengthened LB/LWB and FW position
    monreal is getting old and we cannot rely on giroud our only real striker

    We have managed to offload a lot of dead weight unlike previous seasons
    apart from the ox who was a good squad player we havent lost important players despite the scare of losing alexis, mustafi.

    So it not all doom like many including myself believed but
    important positions like CM was not addressed and a CB depending on sytem used.
    most importantly a competent coaching staff to get the best of this good squad that is ill-managed. if wenger cant teach defence, get a def coach, ferguson was also an arrogant man who also managed everything but he was good at delegating responsibilities. if wenger cannot force him or fire him.

  11. ThirdManJW

    Wenger, Kroenke, and the board, are all culpable, but make no mistake, Wenger is the main issue.

    Let’s say Usmanov buys Arsenal. He gets rid of all the deadwood in the boardroom, and brings in business folk, and former Arsenal players, that all love the club, and what to see success on the pitch. Usmanov then spends £200 million strengthening the squad, and reduces Wenger’s workload, by taking away some of his responsibilities, so that he can fully concentrate on coaching. He’s now given Wenger all the support he could possibly ask for, but would anything really change? Of course it wouldn’t.

    Wenger wouldn’t then suddenly change his philosophy. We wouldn’t see organisation on the pitch improve, especially in defence. We would still see zonal marking. Wenger had plenty of options against Stoke, and Liverpool, but chose to play players out of position, and drop some of our best players. Wenger would still be the one taking training, making substitutions, giving the team talks, picking the starting XI.

    In terms of what happens on a match day, nothing would change as long as Wenger is still around. The only real change we would see, is that Usmanov may sack Wenger, or at the very least, not offer him another contract.

    1. jon fox

      Good analysis generally and I hope to goodness Usmanaov does buy the club. But first we fans all have to help the sale by making Kroenkes club worth far less, so that he would sell, by seeing his Arsenal investment value reducing. BTW, Usmanov if he bought the club would immediately sack wenger, so your analysis, though accurate, is academic. We need to mount a hate campaign against all those in charge, Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidis and the board, all of whom are useless. I never forget that I have wanted Wenger removed ever since 2007, two years before Kroenke bought it. If in a year or two we have Usmanov owning with Simeone as manager we will swiftly rival all the other top clubs again. But not otherwise, esp if Wenger and Kroenke remain.

    2. gmv8

      But that’s it, if Kroenke goes, we will have change, if Wenger doesn’t perform under Usmanov, have no doubt he will go, however Wenger covers up for everyone, the team, Kroenke, and we just don’t know the whole story. He was good at one point. Conversely Kroenke has been universally bad for any club which has the misfortune to be owned by him. All the supporters of American clubs have suffered and despise Kroenke, people have paid for million dollar superbowl adverts, begging him to go. I think the only way to have any effect on him is through the sponsors, which was what made him climb down on his subscription slaughter channel

  12. waal2waal

    kronke passes the blame on weng, weng to gazidas, gazidas to who giz a shit they are all complicit in destroying arsenal and the writings on the wall for one as it is for all. iv never seen such a mess its a comedy of error at every juncture failure after failure all we need now is a drummin from Bate whats-its-face in the europa. the only positive in arsenal is the woman’s football team at least they have passion wearing the shirt. shame on the so-called afc executive from top to tail your a mess!!

  13. samz

    even today i could have gone to paris and bought arsenal alot of players in 100 million
    they had to get rid of their stars
    and 100 million could have bought us

    di maria verati/rabiot or seri draxler
    just look at this

    di maria laca draxlet
    seri ozil
    verati xhaka
    kolas mustafi boss

    if only i had a chance:(

  14. we used to be champions

    Sorry to say it but we
    fans are at fault.
    Arsenal has not been a serious
    title contender for 10 years
    Yet the fans keep paying the
    highest ticket prices at the Emirates.
    100,000 on the waiting list for season tickets.
    The Emirates fans turned their noses up
    at the protests last season.
    Thousands of overseas fans queuing for tickets every
    home game while millions more (me included) follow online.
    Why would $tan or Ar$ene change the game which is providing
    $tan with a ca$h cow and giving Ar$ene an 8mill salary for life
    with no pressure to win anything.

  15. mark

    If Wenger really didn’t agree with the owner he could leave. That he hasn’t suggests strongly that he has few issues with the direction of the club (which is downhill).

    It’s beyond a joke and I’m sick of being the club that everyone talks about for the wrong reasons.

    Every year its mediocrity, poor tactics and an out of date manager that it seems has a job for life.

    So I blame AW. He loves being miserly with the money and trying to win a title on the cheap by playing the same predictable football that most clubs have worked out. Deluded, arrogant, stubborn and very out of date.

  16. John

    Stan controls the money……and Wenger is responsible for the team,……………both have failed………..

  17. Arsenal1Again

    Definitely all the blame goes on Wenger. He makes all the decisions regarding the team, who stays, who goes, who plays, when they play, where on the pitch they play. It’s all on him.

  18. Ack77

    We have a good squad but it is obvious to me that unlike man u or city we havent been buying players with a clear vision or system in mind.
    e.g ozil – he need to have intelligent players who make runs before him and the other mid must be adapted to cover his def weakness or our mid get overrun. a duo with skills like kante and matip, modric/casemiro
    xhaka – should have a runner box to box to cover his lack of pace or play in a counterattacking system. not suited for open-play system without help. put him in a team like leicester and watch him dictate play with players close to him.
    Cech – not good at dealing with crosses and defending his position so needs strong and tall defenders to protect him like at chelsea.
    walcott – strong points pace and good timing of forward runs, knows how to finish. cannot play tiki-taka football lacks vision and passing skills.
    giroud – deadliest header in EPL, good at holding play and working with other striker like in france team. Need good crosser and a striking partner- has none at arsenal.

    you either play players to their strength or replace them. conte sold oscar, mourinho put herrera on bench for the sake of the team overall balance. Wenger cannot and plays good players out of position or without support like ozil or giroud and they get slandered.

  19. Mr pat

    Buy this player buy that player, versatile being mentioned but do they want to come to arsenal that is the crunch issue do all players mentioned want to come to arsenal or play for wenger and a few arsenal players have realised this a nd voiced their opinions, mustafi is a player who is rumored to have done this, it’s crazy to keep sanchez hope I’m totally wrong I guess we’ll know by January

  20. ArseOverTit

    He is to blame.


    Who have we signed apart from Wenger?

      1. ArseOverTit

        Opened for me John. Don’t want to tell you to suck eggs but you did take off the hTeePeePee bit and replace it with http?

  21. Andrew Elder

    Wenger controls the board, they do what he says. They are just a bunch of moneymaking muppets who are quite happy as long as the money keeps rolling in.

    They actually gave him nearly £20m (two years wages) for NOT qualifying for the Champion’s League. Work that one out, it can only happen at Arsenal, rewarding failure.

    Can there really be a single Arsenal fan who still believes Wenger will win us the PL?

    1. Paul.p

      Yes, I’m afraid there are. And there in lies the problem. If we could all join together in order to topple the dictator, we’ll, it might just happen. But sadly there are some who will still defend him. I don’t get it. And as for that Lamar bid with a few hours to go before the window closed! What a pile of crap! All smoke and mirrors, they had no intention of actually getting him. All devised to appease his followers, like lemmings they hold onto his every word, believing every lie he comes out with.

    2. Okoro E Alaebi

      Then I guess that fan is equally has senile has d coach. I v always said it that d best thing that will ever happen to d club is if Kroenke sells d cub, n Wenger is sacked only then will d club win trophies.

  22. AB

    Bob, you are absolutely right. For the last many years kroenke has been calling wenger to select the team and then he calls to make subs. I thought only I was privy to this, didn’t know you knew this as well Bob.

    1. John0711

      Arsenal bid for Evans he rejected it

      Arsenal bid for Lemar he rejected it

      Arsenal offered Ox 180,000 he rejected it

      Sanchez offered contract he rejected it

      Mustafi asked to leave

      Perez asked to leave

      Ramsey posts twitter account shambles

      i dont think we have the right to gloat over Chelsea do you !

  23. HA559

    Woo hoo I can’t wait to see whats instore at the emirates Stadium v Bournmouth. It’s a shame we have to wait for a week

  24. Sliq

    We sold OX to liverpool and nobody seems bothered. Now they have Mane, sturridge, Salah, Firmino, thats quite fast…

    This is the worst transfer window ever. Finished 5th last season weakened the squad by selling Ox ???….

    Im getting fed up of arsenal, Alexis would be super frustrated. Why cant we buy mahrez to replace ox? Im tired


    Who cares anymore just sit back and watch these fools turn Arsenal into a mid table club.
    I would not let Wenger Manage a under 7 boys team never mind Arsenal. WENGER OUT.

  26. Okoro E Alaebi

    I blame Wenger equally for d decline of things in d dressing room n on d peach. Kroenke does not care about d club, their tickets is quite expensive n d fans keep buying so what do expect,and d fans satthey want Kroenke n Wenger out well they should v a rethink.

  27. john_gatal

    its always wenger..dont make a question is why player not interesting to coming…finally,PANIC BUY..haha..always wenger..and also kronke with another issues..

  28. Sam-afc

    ?bidding £92 Million for Lemar when we could’ve got him about a month ago for 60/70 million, had we of not been penny pinching. That Dick law is one useless negotiator.

    Kolasinac and Lacazette I’m over the moon with, but why did it stop there when it’s clear as day we need extra quality.

    I’m quite concerned as to how we’ve brought back joel Campbell, just to loan him out AGAIN….
    I thought Perez could’ve been given a chance…
    And worst of all we still have Debuchy at this club….

    No contracts sorted for our best players yet.
    We don’t know if Wenger is going to play Lacazette at RWB now because the Ox has left.
    So many questions unanswered

  29. Ronny

    Yep agree with Ian wrights analysis it’s like someone needs to step and stop the fight to protect Wenger from more hurt but it seems he likes and relishes pressure and hard times!

    I do wish though that some of the post match interviewers would respectfully say “I know you’re the manager arsene but is there a reason you are placing a rb at lb and playing a lb at cb when an international cb is on the bench, oh also why the new signings on the bench”. We don’t get an opportunity to ask Wenger and I can’t believe this clever man is senile however it backfires there is a reason he does what he does.
    Politics in the sqaud, fitness issues, things he sees in training, an opportunity to better counter the opposition?
    For example I think he played bellerin lwb to try and contain salahs pace. Valid but an oversight.
    It’s like waking half asleep and trying to drive on the other side of the road! It doesn’t come naturally.
    At an field we should have set up heavily defensively biased sat and countered just as Liverpool did to us.
    A point would have been a point no shame at parking the bus at an field against that attack.

  30. Ronny

    And the thing is who played Rwb as well as ox pre season. Cohen Bramhall who we sent out on loan.
    So many decisions made post ox sale that I think we may regret.

  31. Seatofthesoul

    The only way Wenger will gain any shred of respect back is if he benches all the children and plays people who want to play. Let’s face it there will be no changes before the end of the season. Let’s hope Wenger tells the board to swivel and earns some integrity back.

    Kos mustafi holding
    Bellerin kolasinac
    Le coq elneny
    OG laca

    This team may look defensive but it is balanced. Coq and elneny for stability that we desperately need. Ramsey in 10 and free role to try an recapture form he showed for Wales. Bellerin and kola given more attacking licence (which we know they prefer) because coq and elneny can cover and protect back 3. OG and laca will always be dangerous and can hopefully form a bond.

    I know people are up in arms and rightly so, however I’ve always been a fan of pragmatism in times of adversity as opposed to chaotic reasoning.

  32. Tom

    There is fundament issues that everyone seems to be Missing. Arsenal are apart of a group of businesses owned by a single holding company. If company A,B and C make £1m each…and Company D makes nothing, company D requires investment taken from profit from Company A,B and C.
    AFC can inform you of our profit and losses but they cannot explain what happens to what we do with our profits. We talk about money available but in truth it’s not. AFC is the second biggest turnover in Kroene’s portfolio and a cash cow.
    Saying that, our share prices have risen, our value has risen, our facilities have all improved. But the Wenger magic the board want isn’t going to work in today’s market. The same is true for our socialist wage structure.
    Wenger, is the smartest manager in the league. So much so he got a degree in economics and thus operates AFC from a financial and as well as footballing side. This doesn’t mean he is the overpowering king of AFC that some claim, but it does mean he cannot take himself away from being just a football manager, as a man he has developed into so much more but Arsenal don’t need more of something else, they need more of just a football manager. Wenger claims he breathes football, but he has misunderstood that spending time on working out finance java isn’t football (in the form of onfield importance…tactics…)

    I am not condemning Wenger. Even today, after recent FA Cup wins along with league wins, invincables, new facilities, new stadium he does not deserve the abuse for what would be struggles that mount less than 20% of the make up of his career.

    We have Wenger for 24 months, we have to support AFC to get back to top four finish. Let’s take steps, forget about winning or competiting for the league, let’s focus on creating the right environment for our teams to play in. They need to be encouraged to develop, from here they need to attract the right signings… step by step.

    We don’t have a bad squad. We have Sanchez for another year, give me objectives to achieve. Ozil is also in the same situation.
    We have 2 top under 20s semi finalist CD, that’s something to work towards developing.
    Kosinac and Lacazette are top players, let’s make them along with the squad feel they are at the right club with the right support.
    Riess nelson has been promoted, could be a special kid, let’s encourage him.
    Xhaka has the potential to be the lil Einstein that he is known for, I rate him but he needs stability.
    There is a lot to focus on that is good.
    The glass is half full or empty, the one you pick is a reflection on you, not AFC. Pick wisely.

  33. Zaidy

    And admin I know u will be too chicken to let my comment be seen, maybe the fans can’t read it. At least u can, Chicken!!!

  34. Victor victory

    Finally the window is shut so I can have some peace. But honestly, words cannot describe how disappointed I am. Nonetheless, out of this tragedy, we must rise and support the team we love. We have two seasons at most to endure more pain from our disillusioned old manager and God knows when from the American Lynch. Only our solidarity and massive support can spur our disgruntled and disdained players to winning ways. COYG

    1. Andrew Elder

      The only problem is, if they start playing a little bit better, Kronke might extend his contract for a further two years. Then what?

  35. gmv8

    I do not see anything getting any better under Kroenke. I think most decent managers would refuse to work for him. Wenger was actually spending, then there was a sharp turn around. That must have come from Kroenke. Rafa has been doing great things at Newcastle, but he will leave because of Mike Ashley not funding him. It will be the same with us if we get a decent manager. The difference between Rafa and Wenger is that Rafa publicly criticises Mike Ashley, because he doesn’t care if he gets the sack – Arsenal is Wenger’s life. Conversely if Wenger is found wanting, he will be moved on, if we had decent governance.

  36. Paul Edwards

    Just our luck Lemar will become a brilliant player and we missed out. No chance to sign him next season either as we’ll end up about 7th and still no champions league. You may hate him but how would Alex Ferguson have handled the Sanchez, Ozil and Ox situations? Simple choice to sign a new contract or sell and replace. Still can’t work out Wengers team selection for the Liverpool game. I wonder if Stephen Hawking could work it out as it makes no sense whatsoever. Can’t stand Kroenke and would love David Dein to come back but Wengers had money to spend, and bought Xhaka, Perez and Mustafi who haven’t improved us that much. Could have got Klopp or Koeman who I think would have been good. Just because Wenger thinks he can do the job, doesn’t mean he can. How many other clubs keep the same manager for 20 years! He’s like a used car with no petrol in the tank.

  37. Noddy

    I dont know why im so disappointed i keep thinking every window he will do it splash big bring back the old days and especially this window with all the abuse he had got last season but no did nothing im the fool for getting my hopes up again you would think id learn by now , if we did pull off lemar and kept sanchez after buying lacazette and kolasanic id be delighted but keeping an unhappy sanchez isnt good hopefully some forgien club will come in for him in January but what happened at Liverpool was a disgrace i cant take any more its ruining my mood im depressed in disbelief at how stupid and soft centred we were making the exact same mistakes for 8 or 9 yrs ground hog day i cant cope we have leaked 8 goals in 3 games very worrying and the clown wont even play kolasanic i wanted wenger to spend big go out in a blaze of glory in 2 yrs time but this is embarrassing to me it looks like a money racket and we are the fools

  38. Jfmgunner

    Now we hear from a BBC reporter that Lemar was willing to join but we backed out when City refused to pay 70 mil for Sanchez. So because we couldn’t pay for Lemar’s fee with City’s money we bailed… utterly shambolic. They pretend to be willing to spend big but it was a ruse bc we had no intentuon of actually going into the red this window. Even at the death we need to make a profit and lost out on a major young talent who will now undoubtedly go to one of the bigger clubs. We could have removed a negative presence from the locker room and reinvigorated the squad but we chose to squabble over a few million. Dark days ahead for this club.

  39. Jeremy

    Well done AW and Stan the Leech!

    Both done well in putting up a terrific show to con Arsenal fans into believing they are again trying to be actively TRYING to sign players to improve the team.

    I don’t know how long can fans put up with these two. It’s time something needs to be done to get rid of these two.

    The whole situation at Arsenal FC is turning into a fiasco. We are in for a long season with a house of unhappy players. It’s unimaginable to see where we will end the season.

    Arsenal Supporters Trust, can you take the lead to do something?

  40. I'm tired of this mess

    They (Kroenke, Gazidis, and WENGER) are all a**holes. You AKBs need to to stop defending Wenger. Look at his team selection against Liverpool. Yeah,…. pathetic.

  41. Turbo

    I’m so sick of trying to sort out who is most (or what percentage) responsible for this fiasco of ineptitude. The club claims to have serious title ambitious and to have retained Wenger as our best chance, then makes a net PROFIT during the transfer window and brings in only two players? Seriously, WTF? It’s almost like they’re begging the footballing world to call them out as losers and hypocrites. I feel so sorry for the fans who just want to watch beautiful and competitive play and have something to genuinely root for. Now that the dust has settled until at least January, time for the players to step up regardless of their feelings about AW and ownership and show some fight and grit on the field out of professional pride. Prancing around halfheartedly like pansies and getting utterly owned by equal or lesser skilled players does not cut it. No more excuses! Get out there and hustle and fight even if the clueless manager sticks you in the wrong position on the field! How many millions would dream of a such a chance no matter how bad the team atmosphere. Time to man up!

  42. Mike

    To me stan shud sell d club to someone who really loves soccer bse for him z full of sh..t he cant even buy world class players to compete for titles . Is just profit minded but not worrying about we fans its beta he sell it to dangonte a nigerian tycoon

  43. Elmo

    Our club is in serious decline, our transfer window activity compared to the other big clubs is pathetic, clearly profit driven for greedy Kroenke, wenger is a subservient puppet and gazidis is just another yes man, none of the current board have any interest or backbone for the club they represent, as long as the silly fans keep the money coming all the management are happy, to keep their respective snouts in the trough (money pit) and laugh all the way to the bank. This great club seriously needs an over haul, we need to starve Kroneke of profits forcing him to sell if the shares and profits are declining, force wenger out through sheer number and the board through a new owner. They have all fed on the supporters for too long, time to go and good riddance.

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