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Why Palace win could be IMMENSE for Arsenal

All Arsenal fans should be absolutely buzzing right now. It may not have been the most convincing win by the Gunners, but how often have we dominated games and not got the win? It really is starting to look like Arsene Wenger and Steve Bould (because I am sure our former defender has had a big part to play) have finally got Arsenal playing with the steeel we need to win these tough games.

It was much tougher than most of us expected and I have to say that Palace were really unlucky but we earned our luck by simply refusing to wilt in the face of huge pressure. And this sort of hard fought win is just what Arsenal needed to add to those where we just blow the opposition away. I am feeling so lucky after that result that I’m going to get 50 free spins on Starburst slot game and see if I can turn my luck into real cash!

It could be just as important as the away win over Man City because the relief anf the belief should be coursing through the squad now. And with a big game against a hard to beat Monaco coming up, that team spirit is really important. And with Man United losing away at SWansea, holding on for the win puts us above the jammy gets and sets us up nicely for the FA cup clash.

There will be bigger games for us and more important ones but I reckon this could prove to be a key moment in Arsenal’s season. What do you think?

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58 thoughts on “Why Palace win could be IMMENSE for Arsenal

      1. muffdiver

        that village in serbia is for sale?
        mayor slaven kurchen killdamovic must be nuts!

        he hasnt been the same since someone stole his time crisis 2 game

        1. Robin Vanpayslip

          Chuck a couple of flats on it and Phil and Kirsty will be doing stuff I can’t say without getting censored

          1. almostawinner

            very long grass on their field today. deliberate i’m sure. caused a lot of our players to slip & fall (theirs too, but they needed to stop our slick passing). wenger should’ve subbed monreal, he was getting regularly smoked. palace played the same kind of pressing game against us that dort and tottenham had success with. i’m 100% sure we’ll see more and more teams doing that to us. to counteract that kind of pressing, you need to have good off-ball movement . ie when one of us has the ball, he needs 2 supporters nearby to escape their press. we did that better today than we did versus spuds. i have a feeling we’re going to get a lot of practice doing that since other teams are going to give it to us regularly.

    1. muffdiver

      ….when we buy the right players, adapt our training methods (injuries are no fluke) and
      show more fight.

      we were sloppy again today but we scraped a win- needed sometimes
      we havent looked good all season, but were third-
      i will take that all day long!

      1. rools

        We’ll be ok if we get Lobodobski, but I heard Nofukinfeer is also for sale so we could be on to something.

      2. Champagne Charlie

        Interestingly United fans have wanted LVG out for such a thing (playing crap yet being 3rd).

        Given our superior squad and ‘experienced’ management I’m not sure I’m too thrilled with taking it all day long…

        Not having a go Muff, I rate your input on here. But sometimes when things go well for us, and we get the better of a few teams at once, we get a false sense of achievement going. We can do far better than this, where we are is where I expected us to be AT LEAST this season. Our squad is 3rd best in the league by some distance, and we have no ‘new manager’ excuses.

        I’m happy to win in spite of a bad performance, but I’m severely underwhelmed with this season as a whole ONCE AGAIN.

        1. almostawinner

          i think the mysterious injury problem we have explains 80% of our under-performance this year. solve that and we’re well on our way. the other big problem this year was the inexplicable decision by mr wenger to go light in defence: pure negligence as far as i’m concerned.

          1. Champagne Charlie

            Nothing mysterious about it mate, it’s negligence on 99% of soft tissue injuries. Whether that’s with the medical team or Arsenes training intensity/regime who knows.
            Find it questionable that when Ray Parlour recently visited a training session he talked about how it was exactly the same as when he was there. It’s never good to be doing the same things 10 years later, in any walk of life. Where’s the advancement?

          1. almostawinner

            if we want to win PL, we need WC striker. someone who can make something out of nothing like rvp did for us a few yrs back when we came 3rd.

  1. Chima

    A win, 3 points and 3rd place and progressing gradually. That is what matters most and very important…goneers for ever!!!

    1. CraigZWE

      Yes it would.

      Are we not meant to be the most technical, best passing and cool under pressure team when being high pressed?
      This is what I thought but after watching teams press us the last 2 seasons I can’t see why I ever thought this.
      We can’t string 2 passes together when pressed, even against low opposition, can’t keep hold of the ball and I really can’t understand why.

      I always hear or read others saying, “let them press we will pass around them”, but this doesn’t happen.

          1. Ks-Gunner

            Com on, i simple stated something based on the truth. Chelsea 12 points ahead of us, and thats what counts.

            1. rools

              there is no denying we are trailing behind chelsea and city.
              I am the first one to also refuse to hide behind the “we had a lot of injuries” excuse but you have to admit that many ppl (some of the fans, pundits…)(not me) were questioning Arsene’s ability to adapt his tactics to our oponents.
              15 games: W12, D 1, L 2.
              Who the hell can question anything right now?
              Arsene has not been perfect but he is now defo doing it right so yeah…
              Come on.

              1. Ks-Gunner

                Big teams are supposed to win against smaller ones. Its our job to do so. I do question Wenger for failing to challenge for the title that we will end up in the 4th place is no biggy to me.

              2. Champagne Charlie

                Are you serious? Last season we were slaughtered by top 6 teams and we had a great record against “the rest”. Just tell me what has changed this year?

                Lost: United (h), Southampton (a), Spurs (a), Chelsea (h)
                Drawn: Liverpool (a), City (h), Spurs (h)
                Won: City (a), Southampton (h)

                W2 L4 D3 vs top 6 teams

                That’s 9 out of 27 points against direct rivals of similar calibre. But yea….we’ve beat a bunch of lower teams lately so let’s ignore the facts. Oh and we got dumped out the Capital One cup at home vs Southampton too. So I could make that Loss column 5 and not 4.

                So “who the hell can question anything right now?”….I’d say us, the fans, because it’s yet another season of inept tactics and poor performance. YOU’RE just happy overlooking things, I’M not.

                1. rools

                  Half way thru the season. points taken against top 10 teams would be represented as such:

                  man city 22 points
                  everton 18
                  arsenal 17
                  chelsea 15
                  newcastle 11
                  man u 9
                  spuds 9
                  southampton 9
                  liverpool 8
                  hull 6

                  Don’t call me out on stats, because i never make stuff out.
                  I am not “just happy overlooking things”. I am objective and well informed. Do some research before patronizing me.

                2. Champagne Charlie

                  That’s cute. How it’s relevant to OUR progression is beyond me. The point I raised is that we have the SAME issues as last year but you’re acting like we’ve made giant leaps. We haven’t, yet again we’ve been beat by the teams directly challenging for top 4.

                  And as far as City away is concerned no I was happy to see us play adapt and win. But why are you using 1 performance in an attempt to justify change when there’s 7 games we’ve failed to win from similar opposition.

                  Guess you’re one of ‘those fans’. I stand by what I said originally, you overlook facts for your agenda driven nonsense.

                3. rools

                  “agenda driven nonsense”.
                  I have been checking your posts out and i invite you to do the same about mine, you’ll realise i am one of the most objective guy in here.
                  Well of course i’ll have a tendency to support my team, especially when things go bad.
                  That does not appear to be the case for everyone…

                4. Champagne Charlie

                  I don’t need to go over an archive of comments, your most recent one serves plenty. You ignore our record vs the top 4 teams and cite our record in the last 15 games as reason nobody can question Wenger. Complete nonsense.

                  Also, your snide remark suggesting blind faith in a boss as “supporting through the bad” is ridiculous. I support us as ferociously as ever, but I’m not going to ignore the utter stagnation. We are no better this year than last, except our squad is. So what’s the problem?

                5. rools

                  I am going to put an end to your idiotic comments.

                  You said: “Lost: United (h), Southampton (a), Spurs (a), Chelsea(h)
                  Drawn: Liverpool (a), City (h), Spurs (h)
                  Won: City (a), Southampton (h)
                  W2 L4 D3 vs top 6 teams
                  That’s 9 out of 27 points against direct rivals of similar calibre.”

                  I didn’t want to be condecending but check your math, genius.
                  “W2 L4 D3” makes 9 games and only a max of 18 points NOT 27!!!

                  last season, against the top six.
                  W3 D4 L5, 13 points out of a possible 36.
                  9 points out of 18 would give us 18 out of 36 if we average same results against the top 6 teams till the end of the season.
                  To me, 18>13. So, yes… there is an improvement.
                  Not huge but it would still be an improvement.
                  Good night.

                6. rools

                  lol dude don’t bother, i just made a fool of myself, lolololol.
                  i am drunk, i can’t f*cking count anymore.

                  Well, i appologized.
                  This is your win. End of.

  2. muffdiver

    matic getting banned could change this season, no doubt jose will appeal
    that tackle on him was a roy keane special,

    1. jonestown1

      Yeah difficult one isn’t it – Matic was probably within his rights to knock him out. Not sure what the disciplinary panel will make of it – if they overturn it they will be setting a precedent that is OK for a proportionate response if a player is badly fouled, not sure they will want to do that.

    2. Mesut O-healed

      Yeah, Matic has been huge for their squad, they’re gonna miss him.

      I’m still shocked though that his leg didn’t break. That tackle really was a Roy Kean special.

  3. Grim Bligh

    It seems to than in the winter period,Wenger has changed the Arsenal way of playing.
    I have noticed a more defending style with less possession(tiki taka) and counter attack with fast wingers.
    The intrusion of Coquelin has helped with that as he is really protecting the back four in the middle,thing what Arteta and Flamini could not do well enough.
    Welbek may not be the world class striker that we hoped for but as a winger,hie speed and work rate is very handy.
    I still think we need another DM and striker in the summer.

    1. almostawinner

      yeah, kudos due to AW: ppl (me included) said he didnt adapt tactics to games. now he’s doing it.

    1. muffdiver

      what about a new stadium?
      i heard the dinner lady at the emirates makes lumpy gravy- out she goes
      have u seen holloway rd station? rpg that b*tch medal of honour style

      ur like david bowie in ziggy stardust mode-

      ur ahead of ur time

        1. Robin Vanpayslip

          Got to give Wenger an MBE for that shit. He’s got Giroud beating defenders, giving world class assists and a couple of weeks ago dude turned a defender to go one on one and score.

  4. ras911

    I don’t get some of the bad reactions from some fans after today’s game.
    Haven’t you all noticed already that pretty much every away game we play more defensive and counter-attack oriented football and at home we go back to being more possession and passing based?
    People complained that Wenger has no away game tactics and now that he has one that has been pretty decent people still complain. Our defensive away wins are no flukes, only better strategy that have provided good results so far so we should be praising our better defense.
    Our recent performances show that we are becoming a more balanced team that has a great attack and a improving defense.

    1. Ks-Gunner

      If you let the oppesite team bombard you with chances, the risk is high that sooner or later some of these chances might get in. Today was the best example how not to do it. Just strange man? How you see football is simple strange.

      1. ras911

        Man that’s exactly my point, we have a better defense. We let them bombard us, defended well and scored two goals. Sure we let one goal in but very late and we won.
        Against Man City for example we got bombarded too but counter attacked well like today and won as well.
        Any team at home is going to be a fierce opponent in the EPL whether they are a great team or not so moral of the story is that we are much better in playing away games. Yes or no?

          1. almostawinner

            not luck; better defence. + u cant win pretty all the time. i do however agree that it would be better if our defence was outside the 18yd box or closer to the halfway line: too nervy at the back.

  5. tissiam

    im not trying to make excuses but was the pitch really bad!!a bad pitch doesn,t affect teams like palace,west brom ….but it does us ,a team which relies on quick ,fluid passing!!anyway i am happy with the result and on a lesser level with our performance bar the last 10 minutes,i think some gunners are being too picky we can,t always win in style,when man u wins ugly people say it,s a sign of a great team but when we do all we get is negative comments,i think HAFIZ is hooked on thumbs down if he doesn,t get his 50,s a day he doesn,t get a buzz!!COYG

    1. NY_Gunner

      Our pitch is the “Rolls Royce” of pitches, suited especially for our passing game. When we play on”Gopher Lovenests” like at Palace etc. it throws our passing game out of wack…LOL

  6. Ronny331

    Keep hearing people say or write ‘a game we easily expect to win’. Although our form is good at the moment haven’t we all worked out yet that on any given day any team could beat us. We played away against a strong and attack minded palace side on a resurgence under pardew. These 3 points are of epic proportion and wins like this can only galvanise the team. Off topic thanks burnley and swansea 🙂

    1. NY_Gunner

      Exactly. Some make it seem like we’re playing in La Liga, Ligue 1 or The Bundesliga. Every team in the EPL has the capacity to beat the next, regardless of the table standing…

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