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Why Ramsey and Arteta injuries are NOT a disaster for Arsenal

First of all Arsenal fans, I cannot believe our luck on the injury front. And just like last season, they all seem to come in the same areas at the same time. First it was the defence, losing Kieran Gibbs, Nacho Monreal and Mathieu Debuchy within the first few games and now it is the midfield Arsenal players dropping like flies.

But in the cold light of day, I don’t think the loss of Mikel Arteta for a couple of weeks and Aaron Ramsey for a month, according to, is necessarily as bad as it first looks.

For one thing, the international break is approaching so that gives us nearly two weeks without a game anyway. As the Arsenal captain is due back after that, he is only out for the next two games and surely Flamini would get the nod for an away game with Chelsea anyway. So realistically, the Spaniard will only miss the home game with Galatasaray this week.

Rambo’s return date is supposedly the 1st of November, meaning the Welshman would also miss the home clash with Hull City and the trips to Anderlecht and Sunderland. Not ideal of course, but still games we should be able to win without him. Especially if the attacking threat starting to come from Ozil, Welbeck and Alexis keeps building. We do have some options, with Flamini, Wilshere, Chamberlain and possibly Chambers.

And to be fair, Rambo has not really found his form yet and neither has Arteta. Jack Wilshere has been the better player so far and if he stays fit, I don’t think Arsenal will miss the other pair too badly. But that is a big if the way things are going for us. Jack is due to have a late test on his ankle for the Champions League game but it sounds optimistic and then it is Chelsea followed by an international break. So cross your fingers Gooners.

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6 thoughts on “Why Ramsey and Arteta injuries are NOT a disaster for Arsenal

    1. ebemka

      I just hope injuries to these pair creates room for other players to perform well… We are gettn better, though the results are not wat we expect

  1. Vlad

    I’d like to share your optimism, mate, but unfortunately I don’t. We were paper thin in the back, now we’re paper thin in midfield. Putting Chambers to play alongside Flamini or Jack is a suicide. First, he’s not ready to play in that position yet, and second, we cannot risk an injury to him, because at the moment he’s our starting RB, and a cover to Mert/Koz at CB. Wenger is “baffled” by our injuries, but in reality he should have been prepared.

  2. SaveArsenal

    Flamini vs Cesc, Matick and co with ‘milk turns quicker’ Mert as a last defense, we are gonna get raped like a jail virgin.
    Honestly expecting 4-5-0 up from this game.

    When will the fans support this club and get Wenger out!

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