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Why the Ox’s refusal to sign will hurt Arsenal fans the most

Why The OX Saying No Hurts The Most by Dan Smith

Arsene Wenger seems to have accepted that at least three Arsenal first team players will play out their contracts, allowing them to leave for nothing next summer. It perhaps highlights how much money is floating around the Premiership that our club is willing to turn their back on approx 150 million just to retain the services of 3 players for 12 months.

The contact sagas of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil have in many ways overshadowed the equally uncertain future of Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, however it is the Ox’s refusal to sign a new contract which might sting the most.

Many Gooners accept that the Chilean and German, both in the prime of their careers, deserve to be winning titles and European trophies not currently guaranteed at the Emirates. It’s not that the OX doesn’t but if we are summarizing his career, his entire tenure needs to be analysed, not just the last 12 months. That’s why our Board may be finding it hard to put a number on what the England winger should be taking home. This time last year there would not have been the urgency from supporters to offer the England international over 100 thousand pounds a week. The Opposite in fact!

Like a lot of his British teammates, the Ox has often been used as an example of how our manager puts too much faith in his players. In his 6 years since being signed as a teenager the OX has been dogged by injury, meaning never being a consistent part of the starting line up, with accusations of becoming too comfortable and not challenged enough to develop faster.

In the second half of the last campaign there seemed an effort to be taken mores seriously and viewed more then just the guy who can be funny on Arsenal’s Youtube channel.

From a pure business point of view it is obvious why Stan Kroenke will want as many British players as possible to be on the books, they are easier for fans to relate to which is why they are often chosen to be the ones to sell merchandise from the club’s shop.

Having spent big money on him as an unknown, giving him opportunities at a big club so young, and kept an arm round his shoulder when he clearly had lost his confidence, you can understand why Wenger would now feel let down that in return a player he has groomed is now considering jumping ship when he is needed.

Another factor could be the players desire to play regularly as an attacking CM. No player has benefited from the change to our 5–3-2 formation more then the Ox, a place on the wing ensuring he’s a guaranteed starter. Publicly though he’s never been shy claiming he wants to be the next Steven Gerrard (although his statistics don’t back up his argument). Even a rumored move to Chelsea though would not make that happen. Surely he has more chance of starting ahead of Victor Moses then Eden Hazard at Stamford Bridge.

So his decision not to sign can’t be down to a favored position. Nor can it be for financial gain. While someone deserves to lose their job over just how many contracts have been allowed to run down, it’s the one area where you can’t accuse the club of showing ambition.

They have already offered to pay Sanchez more then any player in our whole history to stay put and you would assume if Theo Waloctt is on 140.000 a week then the OX’s agent can get his client a dramatic pay rise.

This isn’t the days of Fabregas, Nasri or Van Persie, when our owners either wouldn’t or couldn’t (depending on who you believe) pay the going rate. A fact the Manchester clubs took advantage of time and time again.

Outside of Paris, few in Europe can compete with wages on offer in England due to the new TV deal. But that’s what hurts us Gooners. It would be easier to accept if it were all about money. It be easier to understand if he was seeking a move where his precious AM position was waiting for him. But deep down we know the real reasons….. and it hurts.

The brutal reality is when picturing in his mind the next 5 years of his life he can envisage winning titles in West London while perhaps the odd domestic cup in North London. Can we really argue with that thinking?

Don’t just base it on the past, look at the present. It’s not just supporters who were promised change, so were the dressing room. The Ox, having been here for a while has heard and seen all of this before and probably knows how this story ends. He would have expected more than money being spent on only one player this transfer window, income that the club are quietly beginning to recoup. He would have rolled his eyes like the rest of us to hear the Lemar deal is ‘dead’ despite over a month of negotiations. He will expect a plan B to be brought in by Thursday but won’t be surprised if we have put all our eggs in the Monaco basket.

Perhaps improving the wage structure is the wrong area to ‘change’. While all players like to become richer maybe they would rather see money being splashed in the next week.

Maybe they would rather see money used to bring in a Virgil Van Dijk or Mahrez instead of a few more grand added to their contracts.

Maybe they are not greedy and it is as simple as being shown that their employers have the ambition for Premiership titles to be lifted at the Emirates.

And like the rest of us, maybe they know the truth.


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75 thoughts on “Why the Ox’s refusal to sign will hurt Arsenal fans the most

      1. Cheadle

        4th February 2012, after his display against Blackburn Rovers the Ox is taken off and replaced by Thierry Henry?? YES! that was a sight to behold, the past and future of Arsenal time-warped for a brief moment… surreal.

        Fast forward five years and the Ox has steeled his frame, honed his skills and gotten his body used to top flight tackles and….. injuries. Yes he has had many injury lay offs 512 days and 82 games to be precise that’s more than two seasons out. He has effectively played just under three seasons for Arsenal. Injuries come and go and when you sign a teenager his body will take years to adjust. Messi himself racked up over 230 days out injured in his first five years.

        In order to lessen the blow. We should sell him and get in the one quality replacement winger available in England, the player in question has a Premiership medal and he has handed in a transfer request yet has the emotional intelligence to remain loyal to his club despite reported interest from other clubs (No funny back injury here). A managers dream player, a perfect Wenger player! Again, this guy HAS A PREMIERSHIP MEDAL!! which he contributed directly to winning!

        Off load the Ox to the highest bidder and buy this winner who will slot straight into the first team. We know he is proven and effective speaks French how could he not already be an Arsenal player?
        Must keep Sanchez and Ozil they need to help us fix this 5th place Europa awkwardness.

    1. Napersie

      Lol am not hurt at all not that he’s going but because as good as he is, ain’t a world beater nor world class that I will feel hurt. Felt more bad on Gabriel leaving, and I’ll feel worse if Sanchez depart this summer. For Ox am more happy seeing a space freed for Nelson to step up

      1. kev

        Gabriel for all his mistakes is better than Mertesacker,Holding and Chambers.His only problems were communication and decision making.His sale was pointless.He’s now left us with three inconsistent defenders in Mertesacker,Chambers and Holding.Why am I not shocked that Wenger plays Monreal over some of these ones.The Ox loss to me is a big loss.There are players which every team’s defender will find difficult to handle and Ox is one of them.He provides us with so much cutting edge.However, I hope we buy a winger and not a wing back when he’s sold.Our formation is a joke and I’m hoping we revert back to our old system.Those also calling for Reiss Nelson to replace him haven’t learn their lessons.It’ll probably be too late when it comes back to haunt us.

        1. Leon

          When has Holding been inconsistent?
          When he was called into the team at the end of last season he stepped up and did brilliantly – I was expecting him to become a key player until the buffoon decided it was a better idea to play full backs in the center of defence.
          I am not bothered by Chamberlain who cannot score goals, set goals up or defend – as far as I am concerned just another of Wenger’s donkeys that need to be moved on (including Wenger himself – the biggest donkey).
          Six days to sign the players we need and sell the dead wood on.
          Who are we kidding?

          1. kev

            Holding’s done well but his recent performances have shown that a youngster is indeed a youngster.Even when he was playing well there were many times where he overdid things.However,I’m saying all these things because the guy is being heavily replied upon and that’s putting pressure on him hence the inconsistencies.I’m still sratching my head over the Gabriel sale.I honestly think he’s better than Mertesacker,Holding and Chambers for now.The three back suited him perfectly.I agree with you that Ox can’t score or defend but he can definitely set up chances with his crossing.In fact I think though he gets many wrong he’s actually our best crosser.People should should go and rewatch his crosses and compare it to our other players.

            1. Atid

              Well I personally think Gabriel is not as good as chambers holding or Mertesacker. I put him on a par with Monreal, Debuchy and Bielik.

              As for chamberlain try and squeeze £40m out of Chelsea then with the £10m for Gabriel offer it all to buy van dijk. Then sell mustafi and get carvalho before West ham do. He can play dm and cb.
              Finally I would rather have mahrez and lemar than ozil and alexis. Let’s get players in on long term contracts that want to play for us rather than 4 that want to leave, 3 of those for free. All that would still leave the club in a net profit window and still 5 more seniors to move on. 2 of those would be the under 23keepers macey and iliev. We would then have to choose between Debuchy. Gibbs, perez campbell and akpom. Personally I would just sell them all and invest in one or two more players.
              Obviously the week is going to be too busy to do all that, but one can dream.

              1. kev

                I also personally think Gabriel is far better than Chambers and slightly better than Mertesacker and Holding.I mean even in one vs one which is the most important he tops them all. I also rate Bielik higher than Chambers and Holding if we’re talking about potential.Gabriel is just not rated because of his mistakes but when it comes to actually defending he tops Chambers,Mertesacker and Holding easily.

                1. Break-on-through

                  Gabriel and Chambers are close, just going by AFC career and how often or how badly the mistakes would be. They’re close. Mertesacker is much better and made much less errors than Gabriel. Holding it is only one season we are judging, but in that season he was better than Gabriel and had much better consistency. Gabriel is one of those that will put you danger like Xhaka seems to be doing, and Chambers was like that in his short time too. I would rather give Beilik a try than rely on Gabriel.

      2. Napersie

        This have to serve as a reminder to Wenger persevering with average youngsters in future. This wouldn’t have happened to any other top manager

    2. ZA_Gunner

      A top team might just bring the best out of Ox. Wenger never game him enough chances in the CM role when he was doing well, but we should sell him to the highest bidder since he’s not willing to sign and won’t be expected to show loyalty to the club.

      What should be of concern is the same rhetoric is being seen in both players and fans, which is everyone is tired of Wenger and things going on at the club. Arsenal FC needs a breath of fresh air.

  1. walle

    I don’t rate him at all…. he cant score and he cant cross..he just runs and runs with no end product. LIke all the other “english core” at Arsenal he will never reach the level required to be a top level player. Lets take the money and run… give Sanchez 500K per week or something.

    1. Tidan2

      Weird. His crossing and resulting assists was the exact reason why he did so well as wing back last season and took Bellerin’s spot.

      1. ClassyGunner

        Not weird at all. Towards the end of last season, the changed formation resulted in a tighter defence and that is why the improvement. Sure, Ox had some really good games, but those spells are few and far in between. If you watched the last game, his crosses are back to what they were. He has stayed where he was a few years back if not gone backwards.

        1. Tidan2

          I was talking about his crossing only, and it is one of the best in the team. Easily better than any of our other LB/RBs.

          “If I watched the last game.” Clearly, you didn’t because he made 2/3 good, traditional crosses from the right (the bad one was an indecisive shot/cross), one fantastic crossing freekick, and another good, central cross/lob that Butland had to dive to get out.

          I swear you guys just decided how well a player is playing based on the result and whether the player is loyal.

          Try to refrain from making up stuff in the future.

    2. kev

      It’s only a person who hasn’t watched Ox that would say he can’t cross.That’s one department where he can’t be faulted.Compare him to the others and you’ll know how good or bad his crossing is.

  2. Sam-afc

    Imagine if losing your best players helped you win the league!! We’d of won the league year in year out since 2004

    But in all seriousness… god help us

  3. ClassyGunner

    Agreed that Ox is in the same contract situation as Sanchez and Ozil. However, is clearly not in the same quality bracket. Arsenal has waited so long for his potential to blossom, which hasn’t.

    Read a report that he is set to reject 180K a week. He is not worth that, certainly not. Best situation will be bidding war between Chelsea and Liverpool and whoever else thay may be interested. Sell to the highest bidder.

    This will be another Vermalene-to-barca like transfer. Ox refusing to sign will not hurt Arsenal.

    1. Arnold Ngereza

      No, he needs to get shipped out 35mln pounds is too good to turn down and i hope Wenger has some replacement lined up already – for Chambers, Ozil and Sanchez will be very stupid to let 3 of them leave for free – get Mahrez and Lemar and CB van Dijk we will be awesome – and Arsenal as a whole need to change i would prefer how Bercel;ona and Madrid setup work too much power at Arsenal for one person to decide everything – that why Spanish teams have been exchange trophies European Cup because of good quality recruitment whether the coach like or not you dont need a Masters in Economics to be good manager – Zidane has shown that!!

  4. kev

    This is why I keep saying “loyalty” is one of the most overrated things in football if not the most overrated.Do you think Wenger hasn’t sold first teamers or youngsters who wanted to remain and play for Arsenal??Were their feelings considered before being sold?Listen in this world you have to act smart or you’ll be on the losing side at every point in time.If wants to leave let him go after all football is a business.It’s just those who refuse to be smart who always lose as is the case of Arsenal .People should stop with this idea of every first eleven player being tied and loyal to our club.We expect other players to be disloyal(Lemar) when we want to sign thdm but expect ours to be loyal when other clubs come calling.Football should be viewed as business first before loyalty.I mean players are dying because of this sport yet people behave like they have the right to tell people what to do.
    Arsenal is not a serious team at all.The Ox should have been sold long ago.The best thing we must do is to sell the Ox and bring in a winger not a wing back.Then we have to revert back to our old formation and stop this joke of a formation so as to get the best out of our players.But will we do this?The jury is out there.

  5. mikeB

    Having supported Arsenal for over 50 years I’ve seen these jumped-up little tin gods come and go, and they always regret the decision to leave. Let him go, get what you can and move on. He is an ungrateful little s.o.b. who hasn’t the skill to play in the position he prefers for a really top team, but seems to think that he’s god’s gift to football. He should be on his knees thanking Arsenal and Wenger, but instead he wants to play Prima donna and demand all sorts of rewards his skill doesn’t warrant. Sell him and let the supporters spend their hard-earned money and devotion on someone worthwhile.

    1. Leon

      I take your point but that was when Arsenal were competing – they are not now, sadly Arsenal are in decline. Even the most passionate of supporter can see that..

      1. Dom

        we’re not competing…two games played, you’re an optimist aren’t you. Bless you and your support. Me…I’ll just watch all the matches and make up my mind at the end of the season.
        Must admit that being an Arsenal player it must be tough putting up with such profoundly negative fans. I’m not surprised they want to leave 😀

    2. Mr pat

      Mike b me old mate spot on 150k a week is what we are being told is his demand goodluck to him unless as long as whoever wants him cough nothing less than 40 million then sell the ungrateful blighter

  6. Lugdush

    If that story about ox refusing 180k a week paid, do sell him right now; to chelsea or the team who offers more…who the hell he think he is??? He doesnt deserve that amount of money..he is playing good last games, but he is very inconsistent and injury prone…give him 180k a week and he will probably turn to the next walcott, without a place on the team and too expensive to sell him…he deserve 100k, 110 at best…if he dont want it, sell him, there are many players better, younger and hunger than him…the managment of wenger is shamefull…we should sell ozil at any price weeks ago, we should offer the ox what he deserve, take it or leave…then we should buy big player and offer sanchez what he wants…today not many players want to play for ud and i understand that problem..but thats because of wenger too, he is part of the problem since he always have privilege money than glory…besides his average decitions on the field..

    1. COYG_CA

      When I read 190k a week, I nearly spit my coffee onto my computer! What a joke! The boy ain’t worth that, especially if/when he goes to another club to ride the pine! No way in hell is he going to walk onto a top club starting roster, no way! Bye-bye, son! See you on the TV when they pan to you sitting on the bench with a glum look on your face.

  7. COYG_CA

    As I have said, all involved at AFC are on the same page. IF Wenger was being held back or did not agree with transfer action, her would speak up, he has zero to lose! IF he were to speak up, the fans would be on his side and rally around him in support of transfer activity. So here we are, Wenger is a mouthpiece for the organization and a very important cog; if he wanted change, all he would need to do is make a couple of comments and the fans would be carrying him in the streets! This should crystallize the view that things will not change until management and likely ownership changes.

  8. Segun

    Dan, “Maybe they are not greedy and it is as simple as being shown that their employers have the ambition for Premiership titles to be lifted at the Emirates.”.

    Please be serious. So, suddenly, the Ox is now “a winner” who desires to win things and Arsenal are in the way? Puuuleeeaase!

  9. John0711

    Who’s fault is this? And don’t blame Gazadis. When you hear he’s been offered 180k wow he’s not worth it. Firstly sell him and if there’s nothing decent offers stick him in the u23s for a full season. He’s different than Sanchez he doesn’t have that quality so we won’t miss him much but all in all this is another one of wengers failings. I could go on an on but no point by you all know the club is in free fall. I pray someone offers kronkie silly money to sell before else end up 8th in the league or worse
    My money will be staying in my pocket. I’m guessing a panic but will appease most of you

    1. jesus

      don’t bother much cus Africa richest man will purchase arsenal very soon, and will turn the Club like real Madrid and PSG

  10. John0711

    A shrewd club would think I could sell Sanchez, ozil and ox for around 130,000 in their last years contract and buy possible 4 good technical hard working players

  11. lower east

    Does it hurt total BS

    This player just wants money.. if he waits 1 year he will get a 25 mill move all money to himself over 4 years with oout adding on wages that is 129k per week without WAGES add them in at a modest 100k a week and he has a 4 year contract worth 230k a week,, thats why he wants to go

    Wenger has not helped him at all.. when he has played well he gets taken off or dropped

    Godd luck to him

    What hurts it that fuckwit wenger and gazedis doing it again. its a joke club

  12. J c walker

    I have on good authority that Dangote- net worth 13.1 billion- will buy Arsenal and sack Wenger and bring in Benitez to steady the ship for a couple of years after he’s been sacked by Newcastle. Also he will bring Jon Jo with him . Then Dangote will go on a merry-go-round of sacking managers and staff every couple of years like Real and Chelsea. Ha. Ha Be careful what you wish for.

    1. COYG_CA

      I hear you . . .
      The sad thing is, only if the manager made sound and lucid decisions regarding formation/line-ups, and only if the purse strings were loosened a bit, I imagine 75% of all the fans bitching would calm down and enjoy the ride. And that IS the sad part, most of us see just a bit of change and/or effort there, and BANG!, different scenario altogether. I think this is the most frustrating aspect of all being an AFC fan . . . .

      1. JJPawn

        Nonsense… the English players want more than they deserve, and given Wenger’s commitment to develop home grown talent, these players thought too much of themselves.

  13. ThirdManJW

    I wonder if the Ox will now suddenly pick up a little injury for the rest of the transfer window?

  14. J GOON

    180k a week, glad he didnt sign. that money is WAY over the top for what has been a squad player at best.

    sell him on.

    1. J GOON

      also what the fu*k are they smoking at arsenal? 180k a week for the ox?

      wengers failed kids need to get the boot not bumper contracts.

  15. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    The only sad thing about this is that bellerin is now the first and only choice ????

  16. lcebox

    All these contracts running down for next summer has me thinking whos it gona be next year after this lot are gone no one seems to have signed a contract since Wenger did..

  17. emmaobi

    who is Chamberlain, He has scored
    just 9 league goals in his time at Arsenal. 9 goals in 6
    years in the Premier League. Is that a good record. Just imagine. Mahrez may be lazy but the goals and assists he contributed in a single season cannot be compared to Chamberlain. He already has 2 assists this season. One against Arsenal and one against Brighton. Chamberlain can go we won’t miss him.

  18. lcebox

    I rememeber the Ox playing Man Utd in the F.A.cup for S’hampton in the center and he looked great… then we got him.
    And its been down hill ever since.
    l had a rant all planned out but you guys know so i wont bother just sick to death of us being made a joke of…
    We have had some the best players around and when u see how highest transfer out compared to other teams you gotta wonder why?

  19. Essien

    U know, I’ve been hurt by the Chamberlain stories through out the week. But reading your angles on the whole thing. I’m buoyed! You lot are saying the same thing: He ain’t worth the Melo drama. Thanks. I’m lifted. Though I really like the idea that wenger should go for mahrez and revert back to 4 5 1. Our front four will now be Laca, Mahrez, Ozil and Sanchez. Then when Sanchez leaves next summer… We go all out for GREIZMANN!! thanks guys

  20. James

    Sky Sports reported that we’d signed Higuain a few years ago, do you think he’ll start ahead of Lacazette on Sunday?

    The only reliable place for news seems to be the BBC…

  21. Vish

    Sell him off to Chelsea and ask for Willian in exchange . We will get a consistent, hard working winger who can score and create goals as well as having a killer free kick .

  22. Bsquared Kagoro

    Harry Kane on 125k per week and The OX on 180k? Did I hear someone say he rejected? I am fast loosing my interest in football.

  23. samz

    sell ox and get gelson martins
    trust me he is the next big thing
    just see him against real madrid he gave ramos marcelo hell of a time
    i really want him at arsenal
    he is way better then dembele

  24. JJPawn

    Sell the Ox for 45M, buy Draxler for 45M.
    Buy Dijk for 50M.

    Mustafi-—–Koz—–Van Dijk

    Sead will and Mustfi will work well together to cover on side, and Ramsay will be given good cover on the other side by Van Dijk.

    Pay Draxler the same as Lacazette (100K), and Van Dijk (80K).

    This is not an impossible scenario… but, to still hard to beat ManU, but not impossible. Next year they will spend more on the back three and get Griezman and be untouchable.

    Add Jean Michael Seri for the future to replace Carzola.

    All within reach of Wenger, and no doubt within his plans as one scenario. He needs to sell four more players, or release them. Debuchy will be released, and 70K freed up. Sell Gibbs (60K), Ox (65K), Jenko (45K) and one more.

    1. COYG_CA

      ha ha ha . . . you think Wenger and company would sign these 2 players and do all this business? You even hope for it to happen? You are delusional. Are you joking around, or are you really one of the hopefuls thinking, any day now, Wenger and AFC will completely change their ways! Man, you are just setting yourself up for even more frustration.

      Sell Gibbs for 60k, Ox for 65k . . . are you high or just as delusional as the old man is now??? So we are going to buy Draxler AND Van Dijk for a total of 95k, but come out ahead by selling Ox and Gibbs for 125k??? Wow! That is all I can say . . . .

      1. JJPawn

        You are very silly.

        60K cannot be a selling price, it is their salary. If you sold for 60K, Crawley, down several levels will buy all of them.

        Read, think, reflect, then write. (This not twitter, when people just send random thought to people.)

        1. COYG_CA

          I’ll give you that, ok, but still, Wenger isn’t/wouldn’t dream of buying those players. Sad truth is, here we are, again!

          1. JJPawn

            Actually, I am just working on the rumors going on, and facts of the recent past: Ozil and Sanchez.

            I am not sure why everyone is so upset at Wenger, given the competition from the top three teams in terms of spending. Perhaps not understanding that competition has changed?

            Arsenal are doing well to have survived, built a global top ten brand, managed the books/stadium build, and stayed an outside bet to win the Premiership while winning several FA Cups.

            Arsenal cannot win the CL, but then only three or four clubs can dream that far up. Of course, if Arsenal can get a loan of 1B, like Chelsea Wenger can go and buy Mbappe for 200M, Messi for 400M… etc.

            However, within the current window, Wenger can realistically try for Van Dijk and Seri at least, and also Mahrez, provided he sells or releases several of this English squad players who are overpaid.


  25. AngryGunner

    Arsenal should sell this snake now (With all respect to Actual snakes) , he will literally ruin his future career with leaving Arsenal , Chelsea has so many good players , they will make Ox sit in the sub and when he gets play time he wont be good enough so Chelsea will sell him to a low level club and from then he will rot , he could have became an Arsenal legend , now he will become another player the has existed.

    1. JJPawn

      Come on now, he is not a snake, in that sense.

      Just having a set of bad advisors and being English can make even the ordinary person foolish.

      The next generation are better: having observed the failures at Arsenal, other English players are a bit more circumspect.

      Ox perhaps also needs a tougher coach, as Wenger was too gentle with the English set. Conte will be tougher. On the other hand the best players do better with Wenger, and that is why Alexis has not gone on strike yet, why Wenger is the best coach there is for Arsenal.

  26. Ben10

    I’d sell Sanchez abroad (or swap him with aguero if city would entertain that)
    Sell ozil abroad Unless he wants to sign a new deal.

    Buy in players who want to be here along the lines of Mahrez/lemar and sign players to long contracts.

    I’d also liked to have seen us get butland to replace cech.
    Barkley to replace Elneny.
    And a centre back.
    But obvioisly that would’ve cost a few quid and for whatever reason we won’t do it.
    That’s what we need to get back to challenging though.

    As for the Ox, personally I’ve been a fan of his but I don’t think he deserves to get his move this way.
    If he’s not signing a new deal then make him see out his contract.
    Make him train alone and don’t give him any game time whatsoever not even with the kids.

    In 12mnths time he’d be a forgotten man and be lucky if he could get a move back to saints let alone a team we want to be challenging.
    He’d also have no hope of going to the World Cup.
    If he can’t repay us with loyalty after the time and money put into him, then we should take a firm stance.
    We don’t need the 30m chelski or liverfool would pay that badly.

    1. JJPawn

      Actually, the trend has been to gradually bring better talent, and Wenger is on record saying he will only try for the best. That does mean he has to compete with… the best clubs. On occasion he will find gems for less money.

      Elneny is a good squad player. So is Theo. Both types will be loyal. Then the high players like Sanchez is what he is really after, skilled and professional. Not easy to land, and his margin for error (he has less money than the top three clubs in England) is much less.

      Van Dijk would an excellent buy, and we might just get him. They are trying to do the last minute deal. That was how Ozil and Sanchez were landed.

      Seri might just fall through the cracks as everyone is gaga over Monaco players… and given the mayhem elsewhere, other teams might over look Arsenal, or think like many do that Wenger is too old school.

      Let us hope for the best, and be prepared for the worst. At the worst, they will have a good side to face Liverpool, and much will depend on eliminating errors on the pitch.

  27. say-ma-name

    LET HIM GO! end of…I’m not hurt for Ox leaving, just bring in someone better. Was hurt by Gabriel leaving though…

    PS: tell him to take Theo with. That’s perhaps a new Arsenal unfolding <3

  28. John

    Why is everyone upset about the Ox taking care of himself?……….there is crazy money in football…….and the guy wants his share………look the guy is an average player……….but the demand for him is there…….don’t know why…….cos he has shown some brilliance but not consistent enough……..I just hope Arsenal also take advantage of the situation…….and sell him……fast…….

  29. amb98

    Let him go Chelsea and sit on the bench. Won’t start as a CM- will be behind Bakayoko, Kante and Fabregas plus he lacks the footballing intelligence and positional discipline that Conte likes. As a winger he’d be behind Hazard, Pedro and Willian. Only way he’d start is as a RWB and even then, Moses right now is better defensively, Ox is better going forward, so starting as a RWB isn’t a given.
    I do like Ox as a wing back or winger (despite his injuries, inconsistency and lack of end product) but he has done absolutely nothing to warrant 180k a week and to start as a CM- his awareness and positioning isn’t great. Take the money and invest in a better RWB like Aurier/Henricks/Mario Gaspar/Florenzi/Ricardo Pereira.

  30. KaTs

    Eventhough many wrong decisions in managing the players on the pitch, Arsene Wenger is one of the few with courage to maintain the beauty of football sport.

    It seems like he is the only one who dares say “football is about respect, fellowship, joy and profound attitude, not about indecent money transfer”

  31. ruelando

    Ox is going to regret leaving arsenal and who so ever is doing a stupid job of advising him should be fired, but i wish him all the best on his ridiculous journey

  32. Mogunna

    Management just unreal, retarded…How can all these players have one year contract? Then we keep them to sign anywhere in January, not concerned anymore. Instead to sell them, buy other good player, put the money…This is a business model with one ambition, make money on fans and TV rights…Then look at the team old guys as BFG, a tall snail, happy & motivated when not playing…They actually wanna make him a coach as Wenger, an employe running a business!!! That shows you the ambition and target, not to win titles, just money…We get young players, play them years out of their position where they supposed to play and develop their potential; i feel sorry for the OX, what position does he play lately; RB? Then what? Goal keeper? Cech is good but losing it, not a sure and securing keeper…Would let half of this team go for free if not able to sell them, not at end of contract; they will still leave free… Then build a real team… Goal keeper, CD, CM… Sell OX, Ozil & Sanchez, Ramsey, Will chair, welbeck as we still can, Giroud… Not at end of window when no more players are left, but from top of window…Common sense Wenger totally lost since leaving highbury, saving money as if it is his, said it too…Wenger ruins players. Funny how Gnarby we let go is signed to Bayern Munich on loan where he is developing well. He is an exciting player who will one day come hunt us down. Another example but so many, Walcot in a way was not playing his central position that made him that top prospect in his club at such young age…Same for ox…Even Ozil looks average…Anyway, let’s see where we stand at end of season…I will check game support my team but mainly to see Liverpool fantastic style of football. Pace, passing is devastator..

  33. killamch89

    Guys i just was going through a Chelsea forum out of sheer curiousity and they kept saying how ox could be that box to box midfielder that they were lacking. I couldn’t keep a straight face the whole time…Ox for 40m would be robbery of the century – Make it happen Arsenal. Seriously as i said earlier in the window i’m not remotely concerned about the ox leaving or staying. I am more concerned about Ozil and Sanchez. The Ox is not worth half of 180k pounds a week and you can all red arrow me if you like but the fact is he is so inconsistent. We have Reiss Nelson and others comign up with bettter footballing experience…why not play them.

  34. Scubagooner

    I have been supporting Arseanl for over 30 years and reading this site for around 9 years now. Being a bit of a social media phobe it has taken a lot for me to join the discussion. However I have never felt so pessimistic about my team. If the ox wont sign get rid. If you told me we could replace him with mahrez I would snap your hand off. Many of you have pointed out mahrez’s faults on here defensively which maybe true. However mahrez does deliver at the other end something the ox does not do never has and probably never will.
    Having lived in asia for many years now I still have not missed a single game for years. But getting up at 3am to still go to work in the morning is getting harder and I am losing faith in my team. Where has our beautiful football gone. We need a clear out starting at the top. This is going to be another long painful season.

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