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Why Wenger is Manager of the Decade – The facts

I am pleased to introduce a new Guest Post from Nitesh, who has been researching in detail the last decade of Wenger’s reign, and the reasons why he is the best……

Arsene Wenger – The Manager Of The Decade

As our dear Gaffer prepares to receive the Manager of the Decade Award 2001-2011 this May, I thought we would have a close look at how Arsenal have fared under him during this period.

Season Games W D L GF GA GD Points Position
2000-2001 38 20 10 8 63 38 25 70 2
2001-2002 38 26 9 3 79 36 43 87 1
2002-2003 38 23 9 6 85 42 43 78 2
2003-2004 38 26 12 0 73 26 47 90 1
2004-2005 38 25 8 5 87 36 51 83 2
2005-2006 38 20 7 11 68 31 37 67 4
2006-2007 38 19 11 8 63 35 28 68 4
2007-2008 38 24 11 3 74 31 43 83 3
2008-2009 38 20 12 6 68 37 31 72 4
2009-2010 38 23 6 9 83 41 42 75 3
TOTALS… 380 226 95 59 743 353 390 773

As you can see, Arsenal were always around the top of the pile in the first 5 seasons of the decade, alternating with Manchester United for bragging rights. Then, in the 2005-2006 season, we saw the first signs of Arsenal weakening. This was due to a number of factors.

The Invincibles were nearing the end of their prime, the arrival of the ‘Special one’ (!) at Chelsea and the megalomaniacal bucks starting to flow, and of course the impending move to Ashburton Grove. People will argue that these are just excuses, but they are pretty big excuses if so {although I leave that to the AAA clan}.

The move to the Emirates cost a pretty large sum of 390 MILLION POUNDS. That would be a sum large enough to make the Oil Arabs at Manchester City hesitate before splashing out! Now that that storm has been weathered, people are saying it was a masterstroke on Arsenal’s and indeed Wenger’s part, and other clubs are looking to emulate the same. During this building phase, due to there being limited funds to get players in, Arsene turned to his youth academy, promoting it vigorously. He also started on his mission to get players in young, and reap the benefits when they grow older.

A prime example of this is Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri. Fabregas, of course joined when 16 in 2003 and Samir joined the club in 2008. Both cost next to nothing, and both will be worth infinitely more now. Not that we are selling!

But now, because this is an award for the best in the world, I thought of comparing the result with that of other teams. I decided to take only Premier League teams you really cant compare between two different leagues.

Team. Games W D L GF GA GD Points
Man U 380 253 67 60 751 306 445 826
Chelsea 380 236 86 58 713 294 419 794
Arsenal 380 226 95 59 743 353 390 773
Liverpool 380 204 94 82 625 330 295 706
Tottenham 380 149 91 140 529 506 23 538
Man C 342* 117 84 141 438 452 -14 435

*Man C were relegated in the first season of the decade and spent the 2001-02 season in the championship.

Well, that was a shock. I knew Man U would be first but I never expected Chelsea to creep ahead of us in the table. Just goes to show that sometimes, just sometimes, you can buy your way to success.

Man U came first. Would kind of been embarrassing for them had they not done so. Of course they pay something like millions of pounds to the referees to buy them off. Where else did they get their £770M debt from? (This is speculation and NOT the view of – ADMIN) Of course, their insane amounts paid for and to the players also helped.

How can I speak about insane amounts without mentioning Chelsea? The arrival of the Special One coupled with the Oligarch taking over the club sparked a period of absolutely mad spending. Meanwhile, Arsenal took a backseat, silently shifting their base to the Emirates. Arsenal’s total spending during the period 2004-08 was below £30M. Compare this to Man Utd’s £100+M and Chelsea’s £300+. See this and we wonder that Arsenal managed to remain competitive throughout.

Of course, I am not accounting for the Misery brigade. They want Arsenal to win every trophy. Losing anything will prove that Arsene has lost it and needs to go. After all, he didn’t buy any of the world class players that were available. A few extra mil wouldn’t have hurt, would it?

Well, leaving that aside, we must now concentrate on what Arsene did to deserve this award. Why not Ferguson? Why not Mourinho? They won everything there is to win. But these are all things that can be seen on the outside. None of them really was successful on the inner jobs. Mourinho, of course, acted as if his main aim was to get immediate success and then leave the club when the debt collectors came calling. Ferguson played his role in the massive debt piled up for the club. Supporters only seem to blame the Glazers, but the manager also plays a huge role.

People need to have a high level of intellect to see what Arsene did during the past decade. I never expected Fifa officials to have any kind of intellect, so has someone been hacking the computers to tip a few extra votes in? If so, I take my hat off to them, or whatever I happen to be wearing whenever you read this.
(I believe the votes were compiled from the Manager of the Year voting which is made by the other managers in the League – ADMIN)

Go easy on me, please. This is my first article and at 15, I have a whole life ahead of me, doing the thing I love, supporting the club I love. 😀

Nitesh PS this article first appeared on the Untold Arsenal website

Watch Wenger’s pre-Barcelona Press Conference here

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21 thoughts on “Why Wenger is Manager of the Decade – The facts

  1. Jose

    You just wasted 10 min of my life… for making me read things I already knew but thanks for refreshing my mind good article kid! You got a bright future ahead maybe not as a sports writer but As someone who wastes people valuable time jk mate.. Go gunners!!! And good luck my dude!

    I would like to make it clear that I didn’t read the entire article and that I am just messing with you….
    Arsenal to beat Barça 3-1 on wednesday!

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  2. Adam kemp hater001

    Yeah.u really tried at your age.from this, we conclude that you more intellige than people like Adam kemp (i know he must have reach like 25-30 years).Adam kemp should learn from you. THANKS 4 refreshing our mine.

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  3. Hassan

    infact it was one the things i always agitate with my collegues that Arsene is a Coach to respect bcos he can manage effectively meanwhile if Arsene take on west Brom to manage the club he will surely change their totally. in a nutshell Arsene Wenger is a good manager to have.

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  4. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Hey Adam Kemp Hater01,
    You really need to get over Adam Kemp. He seems to be dominating your life. I suggest you kiss and make up and build a bridge. Not unless you are infact Adam Kemp in disguise! Stranger things have happened.

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  5. Ahmed

    this post was originally posted on untold arsenal week ago

    (Thanks for the info Ahmed – I have contacted Tony and added a link – ADMIN)

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  6. Adam kemp hater001 - hater

    Nice article Nitesh. At least your grammar is better than Adam kemp hater001 he can’t even spell mind and is too lazy to type out ‘you’.

    You are definitively more intelligeNT than Adam kemp hater001.

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  7. Nitesh

    Yes, i sent it to Tony first. He told me it was not something untold could publish at that point of time. They were doing a series of articles on refs. He didnt tell me he was going to publish it. Sorry.

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  8. Neil

    Hi Nitesh,

    Great article (I wish I was still 15 🙂 )

    I certainly think if you look at results and net spending then Wenger is the coach that has achieved the most wit the least. I truly believe that we are at the start of a period when the investment in youth will start to pay off with trophy success.

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  9. OCgooner

    Great article, always pleasing to my ears, but i think you should avoid giving your age out for the amount of condescending assholes on this site

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  10. JJ

    crap,manager of the last decade is maybe ferguson ,not wenger ,we are talking about trophies here not building a stadium that nobody asked for and buying land in lodnon to build apartments…chelsea have spent a lot of money in the first years when they were building the team but then they cooled down ..showing me some stupid facts that we don’t have any debt is nothing ,we will be debt free and not able to win anything for 10 year to come..i want my team to make me proud ,to show fighting spirit ,i want a mountain of a man like sol campbell to represent me ,or a rock like gilberto silva or ray parlour,where’s the magic of bergkamp or henry ? when i see the touch of bendtner i want to commit suicide an arseanl supporter i went trough alot of frustration and stupid moments ,personally i have had enough ..this season i truly lost my enthusiasm and my trust in wenger ,he’s just a stubborn donkey …not buying a proper defender ,a proper goalkeeper ,some true leaders has nothing to do with the new stadium,with debt or other bullshit that’s said’s just stubbornness and a big ego

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  11. Chidez

    Hey jj if ur frustrated bein an arsenal fan wit no trophies 4 d past couple of seasons,then try d manchester money spinners or beta still Chelsea.we true gunners luv d job arsene’s doin n his no doubt d manager of d decade.*decamp n stop talkin trash*

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