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Why would Arsenal want to buy Pepe Reina?

Arsenal shouldn’t sign Pepe Reina. by KJ

There have been rumours lately that Arsenal are after Spain international, Pepe Reina. He used to be a brilliant player in a solid Liverpool side but has lost his way as the quality in front of him has dropped. Is he really the best keeper for Arsenal? Not at all.

He was once a great keeper but now, I can’t even distinguish him from the impossibly bad Mannone. Even now, he’s being benched for Brad Jones (yeah, I haven’t really heard of him either). He’s even lost his place to Valdes in the national side as second keeper to Casillas.

He’s lost the confidence he once had and fumbles the easiest of shots. Who remembers Santi’s first goal against Liverpool at Anfield? It was a well hit shot but shouldn’t be beating Reina from there.

We also have to see how he’d fit into the club. He’s a very good shot stopper but isn’t great with his feet. He’s also 30 years old meaning that he isn’t going to represent value if we need to sell him on. He also is probably on a very high wage at Liverpool as well as probably costing £10-£15m and hence would pose a very high risk moving to the Emirates. Finally, we don’t have the luxury to toy around with players and “hope they come good”. Arsenal have done that far too much over the last couple of years. We need experienced players who also are in the form of their lives. I don’t mind youngsters if they clearly are going to be great one day.

It really does dawn on you what a player we may have missed in Lloris. There simply aren’t many quality keepers on the market at the moment and considering that we had the Lloris deal wrapped up and the board backed out, it is extremely disappointing. It’s another case of where Wenger is ready to spend and strengthen us but isn’t being backed by a very stingy board.

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27 thoughts on “Why would Arsenal want to buy Pepe Reina?

  1. chunners

    Just a rumor won’t happen! Should get Fraser Forster of Celtic instead. Would cost 7-10m

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  2. JONNO

    Shd defo have bought lloris wen we had the chance,
    him&shez wld have battled well for the #1 shirt.

    I wld have loved reina to come to us like 3 seasons
    ago wen he was quality an wen we also wanted
    xabi alonso. Now tho reina isnt the player he was,
    its prob bcos liverpool r shite and hes been.rotting
    away.with all the average players they have.

    Pray we do not end up like them i really do.

    No reina pls wenger, not now, its too late. Still can’t
    beleive we offered £20mil for him few seasons back,

    Also like sumbody said yesterday i cant get the whole
    cesc barca shirt business out of my mind wen speakin
    bout reina.


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  3. the gun show

    Are the board not backing Wenger, or is he backing out of deals because he can’t get the price HE thinks is right. The reason that the average player price has gone up is because clubs don’t want to lose their best players. Why should a club accept half of the sum they want for their players from Wenger, when they could easily get a better deal elsewhere. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s all Wengers fault, but don’t assume it’s all the board’s fault either

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  4. tom

    Experience? He’s 30 and would be more patient than a younger keeper such as Mannone to be kept on the bench until needed.

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  5. the gun show

    @ chunners. What good is another inexperienced kid in goal? We need an experienced keeper to show Szczesny the ropes, like Julio Cesar, who could become available if QPR struggle. I would pick him or at least someone with experience playing in WC and CL finals

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  6. Jon

    @ the gun show

    Thats the most frustrating thing about this whole depressing situation Arsenal are in at the moment.

    We don’t know who’s to blame for anything, is it Wenger being stubborn and pigheaded or is it the board being stingy fcukers?? Even worse …. is it both the board and Wenger?

    If Wenger does keep pulling out of deals because his MASSIVE ego won’t let him be beaten in negotiations or because he has become incredibly tight with money that isn’t even his…. that would be a disgrace and a complete disregard for every Arsenal fan and what the team needs.

    I personally think its both, Wenger wants to prove his way is best and thinks he is god and no-one else knows better AND the board just want to pocket as much money as possible, they see the fans as cash cows and wouldn’t p*ss on us if we were on fire!! Kronke was just the perfect person for the board to use to keep the money rolling into their bank accounts and take a big chunk of the blame.

    The whole situation is a lot cause, maybe a bad season this year will make them all see that money (investment) CAN make more money sometimes and is necessary 🙁

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  7. Bradster

    Why not go for the keepers we thought were good in the prem if Sczez is not in the plans. Get the Vorm’s or Krul or even Buttland.

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  8. Ronny

    Reina isn’t great with his feet, Are you for real? Reina definitely is great with his feet and among goalkeepers he is probably the best at it. But i agree he has lost form which may be due to lack of motivation at Liverpool but i think he could be great coup for Arsenal and at current form we could sign him for a bargain and if he finds his motivation back then he is still better than all goalkeepers we have put together.

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  9. wendell

    South African number 1 is good .great shot skipper and super distribution.check him out on YouTube. Itumeleng Khune

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  10. Gooner Cape Town

    Another step backwards if we sign Reina!! Jack Butland for me and Arsenal.

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  11. Leo

    I don’t really like Reina shah but we truly need a stable and good and experience keeper………..Leo

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  12. fatboy

    Don’t need him don’t want him he’s to old and not the keeper he use to be and I personally don’t see why we need another goalie with all the other problems on the field the goalie isn’t one. I hate it when pointless rumors are just put out there when it looks like we are struggling we need to keep with the team and trust in the to pull it together not to just throw in people and hope it works if it doesn’t then we are back to stage one again and all the work the guys have done has gone out the window and you lot will be jumping on your high horses and complaining again. Rant over peace out

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  13. Arsenal1Again

    Reina is just unhappy at Liverpool and has been since our move for him a couple of seasons ago was blocked. 30 for a goalkeeper is great. Reina is now in the exact position Lehmann was before coming to Arsenal. With Reina out of favour, this makes the price of a top drawer shot stopper a lot less than it was. If we hung on to a keeper and blocked a transfer, why would we be expecting him to make more of an effort with Cazorla’s goal. Why would the Liverpool manager risk him between the posts. People need to see the bigger picture. Spain will not play a keeper who is on the Liverpool bench or is off his game at Anfield. IMO Reina would be a huge player for us. It would also make Zceszcny get his finger out and start getting focused.

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  14. Invincibles nice (1)

    I really dont agree with you at all, for one he is at an age when keepers improve greatly with the amount of experience gained, all players go through periods like this its just that with the goalkeeper it is devistatingly highlighted, Liverpool made the mistake of ridding themselves of Friedel in similar blunderfull form who in my opinion the best keeper by far last season and the reason spu managed to find themselves a shoe in to pip ourselves, can you really honestly say that you wouldnt prefer Pepe to Vito, Pepe on form can win you big number of points and against the big teams can be the difference between winning and losing with last minute heroics whereas Vito other than the last game hasnt made any points/point winning saves and isnt too likely to have world class performances atleast for a while yet, Vito might become a very fine/established keeper one day but he is an absolute age away from gaining near the same experience as Pepe has earned, i would love us to have a fine goaly with an old head on his shoulders just like Reina

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  15. Dan

    ‘We also have to see how he’d fit into the club.’

    Well, he certainly wouldn’t be taking no dogs**t defending off of Vermaelen of Mertesacker. An experienced keeper in the Prem would sort those 2 out straight away.

    All joking apart you’ve also got to remember that it’ll give the defence confidence, knowing they have a proven stopper behind them. I know he’s out of form, but he’s 30, and I reckon we could improve him.

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  16. jumper

    just because people only watch arsenal vs liverpool pepe reina doesn’t become a bad far this season has been bad for him with suspension and injury..but he was argubly the best keeper in the premier league for almost 7 years equalling cech.we fans are so biased to see the obvious truth..and tell me how many of u fans said a year ago andre santos is a super Left back and how many of u voted for him ahead of gibbs a year some consistency in ur support.all these fans talking so underratedly about other teams and other team players should just drop their heads in shame(even myself).we didn’t win anything for 7 years and yet we have so many words to talk about other team players never mind the likes of utd,chelsea..let us support our team and forget about others work with what u have at hand believe in ur urself the the miracles like the majeski are possible.if our fans have turned their backs on the team at 4-0 we would never have won that game.those are true fans…for once stop babbling about RVP and how we could have finished in top four even without him and concentrate on the job ahead.i hope a renewed arsenal team could emerge out of the blue but at the moment wenger is the only one who can cut it with this squad.forget the past.don’t hope too much for the future.this is the time where u have to live

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