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Wigan v Arsenal – Terrible play but great result!

Wigan 0 – 1 Arsenal. A gritty win that will be vital at the end of the season by KJ

Today’s game was a very odd match. On paper and on form, it looked like another thrashing was going to be dished out by Arsenal but in the end, we were lucky to get the win. However, it’s well known that winning when you’re playing terribly is what champions are made off.

The game started with us playing quite timidly. Wigan brought the game to us and possession was even at 50 – 50. We didn’t really create any chances of note and our passing seemed to lack the crispness that it had on Monday. I do have to credit to Wigan though who made the first half unbearable at times for our players. They constantly put pressure on any players with the ball and closed down most offensive passing channels. Most of our players were anonymous for that half and there were suspicions that the referee was a Wigan fan.

The second half started a lot better and the Ox (who was Gervinho-esque in the first half) managed at least 3 times to beat his man in the opening 10 minutes of the second half. One eventually lead to a Walcott – Cazorla move that ended up with a penalty to the Gunners. It seemed pretty soft after all the replays but I’m not going to complain. Arteta placed it well and gave us the lead. 0-1.

The game ended with us defending for our lives. Ramsey was brilliant at doubling up with Sagna and making sure that Wigan were forced into long shots. No one will give him credit though as everyone has already stereotyped him. He also ended the game well by dribbling out of the defence and managed to get past a couple of Wigan players before passing to Jack who passed it to Theo on the wings where the whistle was blown. Those little things can change a game. No doubt Ox would’ve tried running it to the by-line himself and may have conceded a final chance to Wigan (which they could’ve scored).

All in all, it was a good result but we played terribly for the majority of the game. I hope we can continue this 3 game winning streak against Newcastle next week.

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33 thoughts on “Wigan v Arsenal – Terrible play but great result!

  1. poli

    terribly? cmon.

    Yes we werent as good in the final third but we played to our strengths. Ox ran at their defense. Jack was all over the place and our defense was strong. Sagna’s performance epitomized that. Wigan made it very difficult for us and you can see the potential in that team and what they could be with a finisher. Same for us. Theo shoulda put that chance away, but u can see he is not a cf cause he isn’t clinical enough and can’t hold up the ball.

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  2. Kemp hater

    we need quality signings in the window…..nothings changed, but great to be winning again however it looks

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  3. Twig

      Podolski D. Villa
    Wilshere Diame Arteta Cazorla
    Gibbs Vermalaen Mertasacker Sagna

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  4. hg

    I don’t think we played terribly it’s just I think Wigan made it very difficult for us to play in poor conditions…

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  5. goonercrouchy

    I thought we were brilliant. Wigan made it so hard for us bur we won. Terrible? Did you watch the game? Merry Christmas. Enjoy your Turkey.

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  6. artillery1

    We have 1 weakness tht kills US! tht is High Pressure…. As Arteta is not Holding Mid, so this thing create too much trouble for Us 🙁
    Thy Pressurize us in 1st half, n crippled Midfield many times 🙁

    Oh Diaby Oh Diaby, get well soon 🙂 🙁

    Rest, Giroud n Walcot Combination will B perfect!
    Rosicky at least need to b on Bench!
    Its good to see Gervinho on Bench , dont knw y Ramsey replace AOC, is he our next Winger ?? 🙁
    COQUELIN must b given More time, atleast he Tries to Run Forward like JACK!

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  7. terry barry

    i think ‘terrible’ doesnt really fit the reality of our performance in this game. loved our mid field 3 – they had a big battle out there – wigan were really up for it and played very well – their performance belied their league position. ox played well too and credit must go to our defending too. feel its a shame that we not playing sooner because we are on a roll here – at least the lads can have their xmas dinner and put their feet up for the day on the 25th and come back fully re-charged for the toon game.

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  8. william meleady

    B a is the man we need try wallcot behind him
    ox one wing and risky on the other carzola
    and wilsher in the middle sagna gibbs and
    Van ma and kiselmy sez in goal

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  9. snakeoil

    This was not a “terrible” performance. This was in fact the kind of result you can hope for from a hard fought in the trenches type of game.

    Some weeks ago, Wenger would have picked a starting squad with Ramsey and perhaps Gervinho and the Arsenal players might well have lost it.

    I was proud of their result. Now they can get back to Arsenal football with 3 points in the bag.

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  10. snakeoil

    @Twig Your lineup is OK but I would put Ox in the middle instead of Diame.

    Ox is just starting to play fantastic. He needs more quality in his services into the box, otherwise he is looking like a gunner.

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  12. Jego

    Nothing to be proud or happy about! Let’s be honest – we didn’t deserve to win. Below par performance. Lucky with penalty, lucky not to get a penalty. Ref was on our side. We parked the bus in the last 20 minutes against bottom 3 team – absolutely pathetic. The only player who did well was – OX.
    The only real competition in the team is between 3 centre backs, other than that no lack of depth, no cutting edge o sharpness.
    How many points is Man U ahead of us?
    What are guys so happy and positive about?
    The only people should be happy right now – are Kroenke, Gazidis and the Board (now they’ve got an excuse not to buy a decent player and pocket all of club’s money), and our competitors.
    Time to get real?

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  13. palmer17

    Defo not terrible conditions were awful wigan were exceptional and gota hard earned 3points well done boys…. just seen an article saying we should get adrian lopez over david villa would have isco over the pair of them he is pure class munain of bilbao also quality

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  14. Malik

    i’d just like some cofirmation, who are the kings of london? Sure as hell isn’t tottenham


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  15. Henry14

    Biggest signing will be the signing of Theo Walcott. What a player he has turned out to be for us this season – won us the game with a brilliant run today. Keep him and big things will happen. COYG!

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  16. Aussie Jack

    Pardon my ignorance but just what is meant by the term “final third”?

    I didn`t see the game (past my bedtime) but Arsenal are cetainly riding their luck and it`s a very necessary ingredient if you`re going to be champions but we can`t keep relying on luck ,we need to have consistent rhythm and player interaction if we`re going topple United and City.
    Plus a striker haha!

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    we need january signings..and as we know wenger will look for bargain players and they are Demba Ba for stiker and Diame (now injured tho) for DCM. As for winger Zaha some say its done deal (rumours).

    For defend we should get rid of deadwood Squilaci and Santos (lack of team spirit from rvp shirt swap issue) first and we can sign good players as replacement as their wage is cleared.

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  18. Joe

    Hard conditions and a hard earned win well done lads. We found it difficult in Midfield because they vastly outnumbered our 3 players.

    Mcarthur was man marking santi cazorla and Jones, Mcarthey and Mallone were pushing up on jack and arteta. When we did find space one of there strikers dropped back and effectivly made a 5 man midfield too our 3 and because they play 5 at the back the wings arn’t much of an outlet.

    Our free men were our LB and RB which isn’t really what you want perhaps wenger should have tried to address this is game by moving santi too the wing and having OX in midfield too add more energy and santi would have more space too work with.

    3 wins on a row and spuds dropped 2 points, good day all in all. Newcastle next lets keep this run into the new year, if we can go on a nice winning streak and add to the squad we could be looking very good for our date with bayern in feb.

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    what i see from the game is we really need a good DCM…someone who can make important tackles to get the ball back from our opponents..apart from Wilshere who charge and tackles the rest were just pressing on opponents..someone like Diaby (when he was in good form n not injured) is needed to cover up the defence and snatched the ball from midfield to move forward..

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  20. Joe

    @ Jego yeah we didn’t play great but were happy because we won. How many times have we seen United play shit and win, infact i’d go as far as saying they got outplayed in most of there games all last season and still managed to just lose the title on Goal difference.

    Were not going to be playing fantastic each game but what the players are getting is confidence by winning these games, if they didn’t carry so much pressure they would most likely play better hence the reason our home form is so poor as of late. Also the new players haven’t played much with each other it takes a long time to form a telepathic understanding of where your team mates are going to be and were not going to achieve that in 3 months.

    I would like to see podolski used more as a CF on the wing he is either good or bad there seems to be no in between but put him in front of the goal and he scores.

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  21. caribbean

    @Aussie Jack
    Final third basically means just around the opposition penalty area

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  22. Gunner

    Have to agree Walcott is not a natural at CF. He is fast, he is a good finisher etc. but I am not sure he is effective enough at holding up the ball in classic CF fashion.

    He might combine well with Giroud in a 4-4-2 format. In the glory days it was that formation with Lundberg on the right, Pires on the left, and Bergkamp in the deep striker role. With Henry breaking either side of him and making the runs up top. Walcott could feed off of Giroud’s touches in a similar way. However he and Giroud woulod really want to start working on developing a telepathic type understanding with each other in order for that to happen. If they did AOC could provide the width on the right and a combo of LP and Gervinho on the left

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  23. Gunner

    As for today’s result!

    Well lets put it this way, I am not so sure that 3 points would have been won if the Referee’s decision had gone the other way.
    The same has to be said about the West Bromwich game,again I am not so sure there was enough firepower available to have brought home the 3 points there either. Again a referee decision broke in Arsenal’s favor.
    3 wins is 3 wins but, the referee decisions are breaking in favor of Arsenal!! That will change soon and then what? You never know but it is hard to imagine the Newcastle game unfolding the same way! In fact it will surely be the opposite.

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  24. phutse

    this is the worst gunner team/season …. cant get shots on goal …. wat has happened …. i hav no confidence in this team ….. no wonder my bp goes up everytime ….. :)…. pl buy some good players this time …

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  25. JohnW

    I pray that we continue playing terribly but pick up wins. In the end, only the points will be counted, not whether we played champaigne football.

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  26. gunner

    @aussi jack

    The third of the field where one team is trying to score against the opposing team

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  27. hamid

    This wasn’t such a bad game for Arsenal, other then a few mistakes by the giant German. Wigan prepared and performed good tactics, but failed in attack, while Arsenal waited for their chance, given the fact that Wigan were more dominant on the ball. Coquelin should come in waaaay earlier, he is a good player, he performed excellent.

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  28. GP

    This was a good performance because we rolled our sleeves up away from home.
    This performance would have destroyed Bradford the other week which is what upsets me.
    When Man Utd scrape a win people say it’s a sign of quality when you play badly and still win.
    I’ll take three points all day long.

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  29. Gigi

    sometimes when a team puts pressure the only way is to provoke a penalty…well done, proud of that ugly!

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