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Will Arsenal battle Man City for Zaha?

Reports today suggest that Roberto Mancini will start the bidding in January with a £15 million offer for The Arsenal transfer target, Wilfried Zaha. If this is true, then we will have to wait and see whether Arsene Wenger will be given the money to compete with Manchester City, and whether Crystal Palace will stick to their word and rebuff any offers.

The news that Arsenal have signed a lucrative new sponsorship deal with Emirates airlines means that Wenger will have plenty of money to spend in January, as Ivan Gazidis has promised that the cash will not be swallowed up by the board. Wenger, however, might see anything over £15 million as too much for Zaha, talented though he is. Having money and being willing to blow it are two different things, and Wenger is well known for being a shrewd dealer.

The Sun claims that City have already spoken to Palace about the young player and have offered to seal the deal and let Zaha stay at the Championship club until the end of the season. That is quite a clever tactic, which would allow them to get their man if Palace agree. One of the reasons that Palace have given for refusing to sell is that they are in a good position to push for promotion to the Premier league, which would earn them more than the sale of Zaha.

Palace might think twice before accepting, however, as they know that Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham are also keen. They might want to let the clubs try to outbid each other, thereby maximising profits, and who can blame them. They might think that they want to keep Zaha if they do win promotion, and they will be able to afford to. Of course, Zaha himself might have a say in where he goes.

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38 thoughts on “Will Arsenal battle Man City for Zaha?

  1. Gunner

    Yes go get him if Walcott leaves hopefully not…. Off topic we r playing Saturday and Wednesday again?!!!! Yeah boyyyy lottss off premier league this week.. I’m happy.. 🙂

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  2. Gunnerineverylife

    If we still have money left after we buy a striker,a left back and a defensive midfielder we should enter the race,I dont think getting Zaha is as important as buying a striker,lb and dmf,they should be our priority.

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  3. gooner fo life

    We already get kinked to everyone out their in transfer seasons. Now imagine after this emirates deal! Even the likes of Ronaldo seem to be linked. Lol

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  4. Gunnerineverylife

    @green gunner We should not underestimate Villa.Teams in bad form always play well against us.

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  5. Matt C

    Walcott, Ox, Podolski, Gervinho, Arshavin, Gnarby and even Santi if neccessary we have enough wingers. Get a LB and CDM instead

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  6. ERG

    I cant see us bidding 15 million for Zaha so we would be ruled out if infact City do offer 15 million.

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  7. jamsyb

    if he goes to city in 5 years him sinclair and rodwell will be forgotten because they will get less starts put together than stewart downings carear goals total
    is this guy woth 15m when santi cost 16m?
    he is a talent but we have ox,gnabry,eisfeld and the rest
    if were getting a new young winger get raheem sterling, hes proven at a middle premier level team
    get wanyama he is class and will cost about 15m, fellani would be good but will probaly cost more than were willing to bid

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  8. Gazabomb

    History tells us that always signing young players is great, but doesn’t seem to win us anything, I’m not saying we shouldn’t go for this lad, but we need a mixture of proven talent, Huntelaar, Lewondowski, with young raw talent, which Mr Wengers is fantastic at developing, if we get the mixture right TROPHIES will come

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  9. Peter

    Oh please, we need our own messi, our own Ronaldo.. We had Henry b4 and to me, datz all Arsenal is lacking. Zaha aint dat person. We need Neymar… I’m f’ng sure he’d be world best player under my world best manager. 35mill will do d Job. I know… Its just my dream bt dreams come true 🙂

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  10. Zak

    Its simple I think we should get rid of the players that we don’t need i.e. Arshavin (quality but we don’t use him), Chamakh, Djourou, Squilachi, Santos. Then consider bids for Rosicky and Diaby and loan out Ramsey. Which leaves us with 5/8 spaces free in our squad. I think Eisfeld should be promoted for starters. We should buy Capoue for the steel in the middle. We should promote Walcott to striker and bring in Ben Arfa on the right. Buy Willems to cover at LB. Buy M’biwa for back up at CB and perhaps buy another CAM.

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  11. ahmad


    the Arsenal matches are shown on but I am not sure if other matches are shown I think so

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  12. Laurentkboi

    If we get him then ox will be forgotten so no! Ox is better than any young winger on his day part from el sharawy who I rate very highly!!

    Sign the ting theo, if you look we needed him v Montpellier

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  13. leo

    theo walcott is unlikely 2 leave he doesn’t want 2 join lfc no cl guarentee/he prefers lond while at chelski he is likely 2 be just a squad player /still dissapointed with the emirates deal could have been much much better

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  14. ram

    wenger wont go for Zaha when he has Theo, Ox, Gnabry etc.. stop this.. and some people thinks fellaini would be a good addition.. bt he s not even near to an Arsenal player.. his reflexes are too slow.. his feets are very slow moving.. he cant fit with Wilshere and Cazorla in their tiki-taka style of play.. he can give u the physicality, but he wont involve in something like a quick passing game.. wonder who gave this guy such an hyphe.. Diaby s always better for us..

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  15. leo

    + we should also look at luke shaw lb at southhampton & will hughes & ofcourse need a a exp striker & a cdm

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  16. cesar

    every body ask for a new strker but we already have 3 that can start any game(giroud, podolsky and wallcott), for me fellaini would do it.

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  17. LoyalGOONER

    We have too many bloody wingers. Everone seems to forget about Rui Miyachi. If Ryo was in the championship, he would be as prolific as Zaha. To be honest, zaha is over rated and probably on par with our own Wellington Silva (on loan). No on posession needs to be adressed. When the likes of Arteta and Santi… Get too old , arsenal will splash the cash for replacements. From a business aspect, no changes need to be made. We cant hinder the growth of other players by bringing in replacements. COYG!!!

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  18. AremaniaGooners

    Why should we splash that much when we have Ox and Gnabry??
    For me, he is overrated ..
    Buy LB and kick santos out and pure winger i think ..

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  19. Bolly

    Why keep calling for a DM? We have never used one (Song was never one) and our system does not warrant one. We are not that rigid, if Jack or Mikel or anyone else goes forward someone stays back to cover the defence.

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  20. JustJoy

    Zaha over estimated i dnt know like he is a god.. A striker outside the EPL will struggle with assimilation. But what about Hangeland? Klaas is CL cup tied. COYG, villa is Dengerous but i see a WIN.

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  21. clarks

    Forget Zaha, use the 15million+ it’ll take to land him to go for Holtby & A DECENT LEFT BACK and not another Santos. Zaha hasn’t even played top level football and the price tag is over 15 million!

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  22. Gooner Cape Town

    15m for him is far too much. Let Shitty take him and he can warm the bench for seasons to come……
    With 15m we can get a serious DM and use soe of coffers for a top class LB.

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  23. Big Gun

    @ahmad….w.w.w.firstrowsports.e.u (Take out the dots between the w.w.w. and e.u) Click on the link of the game you want and walla. You might have to switch between mirrors (other links) to get better bandwidth but I watch games on there when I don’t have access to a t.v.

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  24. snakeoil

    The reality is that when there is a very public battle between top clubs to sign a coveted player, a team’s chances of succeeding are not great. And because of their financial conservatism, Arsenal seldom come out on top – they just don’t compete financially.

    Arsneal have far better success getting less-targeted players using low key, behind the scenes processes. When the top clubs get involved in a high profile battle, Arsenal are often out of running

    For example, Arsenal’s recent acquisitions were not hotly-targeted players. Although they are great players, Giroud, Podolski, and Cazorla were not really top targets on the radar screens of Europe’s top clubs.

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  25. Dan

    Not a big Walcott fan, but for the first time in 6 years the guy actually looks like he is beginning to do some damage on the wing. If he signs a new deal, you can forget Zaha. We might aswell add some more fire power in the form of Huntelaar for half the price.

    I think we need another quality centre half aswell. That Yanga Mbiwa was the stand out player on the pitch the other night. A defender like him who is always prepared to give 100% would be ideal. Nothing would get past him and Koscielny.

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  26. vyash

    vyash says:
    November 23, 2012 at 9:30 pm
    arsenal will win tomorrow
    sagna and walcott will sign

    wneger will give our present for christmas like today

    AND FOR CAVANI he will not come because his agent did not said there was discussion between arsenal and liverpool

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  27. Gundam

    Once upon a time I used to hate Man UTD… then Chelsea came along with all their money….. now Man City have taken it to a new level… and I hate them like no other team in world football even more so than spuuuurs. We are hardly a rival to Man UTD now neway… I hate man city so much… buying everyone… disgusting… more players than they can use…

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  28. Top Gunner

    Zaha for 15million oh! please. We have Gnabry, Ox, Theo, Gervinho. let City get him so that he can warm their bench and earn good salary for warming the bench

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