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Will Arsenal lose Capoue to Chelsea?

Arsenal are in danger of watching as all of the potential signings get snapped up by other Premier league clubs. I don’t understand what we are waiting for. Maybe Arsene Wenger does not want to get his pants pulled down over transfer fees, but Arsenal need some players and we don’t want to be left to pick over the players that other teams have left.

There have been reports linking the Gunners with a number of defensive midfield players to give the team a stronger backbone, and link the play between defence and attack better. With Diaby always one game away from a long lay off, too much pressure has been put on to the shoulders of Mikel Arteta. The Spaniard has done well in a role which is not his best, but we need an enforcer.

The players most likely are Victor Wanyama from Celtic, Yann M’Vila from Rennes, James McCarthy from Wigan and Etienne Capoue from Toulouse. Celtic will do everything to keep Wanyama, at least until the end of the season, and Wigan have a long term contract with McCarthy. Both of the French players are keen on a move to the Premier league, but there are other teams interested.

The French newspaper, Le Sport 10, reports that Chelsea are thinking of making an £8 million bid for Capoue, which is signifuicantly less than the £12 million that Toulouse want. If Arsenal do not challenge them, however, the French club could agree to sell and we would be left sucking our thumbs and looking stupid.

For me, Capoue is the perfect addition to Arsenal and if he costs £12 million then so be it. How much money would it cost us to fail to qualify for the champions league?

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54 thoughts on “Will Arsenal lose Capoue to Chelsea?

  1. 14

    We wont buy anybody, Arsene always disappoint us. Thank you, you WAS the greatest manager for Arsenal, but it’s time to go.

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  2. Maxigooner27

    Capoue or M’Vila, I don’t care, just get one of them Arsenal! Both would be awesome in an Arsenal shirt!

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  3. loran 12

    We were going to sign sanzu but no wenger does not want him.
    I cannot understand what wenger is looking for?

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  4. MattGooner

    If there are no decent signings (OVERDUE REPLACEMENTS) there is something seriously wrong with our clubs. Unfortunately it just continues to prove RVP was correct!

    We, the fans, should not agree with the direction the club is going. It’s up to us to do something about it! We need to protest and empty Emirates stadium Arsene and the board have lost their minds. An for all you pro Arsene fans how can you agree with anything Arsene has done over the last 8 years, failure after failure! Especially sellin RVP to Man U! Biggest failure of Arsenes career. People are still clinging on the the invincibles memories. However that’s all they are now.

    We pay top prices to watch a B grade team these days, because Arsene and management have screwed up so badly! They are in massie hole and when we fail to win our “top 4” trophy this year hopefully we will see a change!!

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  5. Aldo

    Arsenal isn’t loosing anyone..cos they’re not looking for anyone..simple as that.

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  6. Goonerboi89

    We better make a stand before its too late, I hate to say it but I think wenger lost abut of his battling passion for the club he once had his heart at.

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  7. rio

    aw man, i just can’t believe there is remour that wenger has 70m to spend… people say arsenal dont have that money really?
    look at spuds how can they bring world class players? better than arsenal players……and they dont have russians or arabs shiteaters to inject them cash too… and then they are spending like crazy…thats just shit!
    loking at spuds arsenal are way better than them commercially and ticket prices are way more than the loan… its even more money than that
    that means more money than spuds both with commercials and ucl plus take that player sales…
    whoaa!!! look what we got compared to them….billions!!
    NO SHIT!!
    where the heck is all those money going??? not in the team wel evry1 knows that then whre?

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  8. Sank

    Here are our fring players


    players that are either injury prone or not of 1st team quality


    total of 16 players which are on big wages and neither of them play regularly nor do they play as substitute.
    just sell them all and atleast promote youngsters.

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  9. G00ner4Life

    Apparently, Wenger thinks DIABY > Victor Wanyama, Yann M’Vila, James McCarthy, Etienne Capoue. . . #FACT

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  10. boom boom POW ...wankerz

    This man called wenger is digging his own grave….u aint got legs to stand on nomore, buy quality players now when u have the chance n our money sitting in the bank or bury yourself…it aint your private property.I use like u a lot, now I’m starting to hate u more…Sturborn man

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  11. giroud fan

    this kind of article make fans dimoralize ….please support our squad instead of f**king them…they need your support…

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  12. Allen

    I said it that Arsene wenger is a useless man in his life but u fan hardly belive me just look at how many players he has been eying since the begining of January? are we going to sign 102 players? is a question we should ask arsene Wenger

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  13. mark simpson

    Well ther is no surprise we don’t seem to get anyone if we can’t get Zaha who is a gooner and would certainly sign for us if we made sensible offer there is no chance with other players. What the hell is going on

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  15. Gooner Cape Town

    Probably at least if they go for Capoue we can have a run at Fellaini. But Wenger will not pay 22m for God himself!!!
    Just get him AW.

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  16. Gunnerineverylife

    We have lost Drogba,Cole,Mata,Hazard,Ba to Chelsea before,Capoue wont be any different.

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  18. habtu woldehawariat

    Look AW, what he always say is we dont like more expensive with out good quality playersw. But what are those mentioned fringe players and most of the the time injured player, he is always talking about phallacing ideas. noe we are waiting new dead wood players at the end of janury.

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  19. vanlev

    if wenger rates his squad so much (deadwood)us fans mite as wel all go for trials

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  20. LovedHighbury

    On a totally different note, I was walking past the Arsenal world of sport in finsbury park so i decided to pop my head in and talk to my mate nick who works there. He was saying how terribly quiet trade was and that he’d heard rumors that it was going to close down. My point is that commie, brother, socialist rich arsenes stingy actions in the running of our club has a knock on effect. No star signings, our top players flogged every year plus some mediocre performances means less happy fans meaning less merchandising sales. Still, as long as socialist arsene is alright then nothing else matters. I pray he’s gone by the summer, and inflict his tight, penny pinching my way only experiments on some other poor club.

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  21. max power

    What do you mean Arsenal lose Capoue to Chelsea. Mr Tight Wallet Wenger was never going to pay 12M for him or anybody else.
    As Mr Wenger says Theo Walcott is like a new siging, end of the transfer window for Mr Tight Wallet Wenger.

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  22. vanlev

    wenger says arsenal r not on the case…..wen asked about negredo……cant wait to c who this “exceptional”player is???…….al give u one…for example..NEYMAR….LOOK WENGER ITS EASY..NOW GO BUY ONE U BULLSH!TER

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  23. MattGooner

    Chelsea fans are threatening to boycott games until Rafa is gone! We should do something similar

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  24. wads

    I know this feeling. We all know if this feeling becasue we have been here before. It seems to me the guys that hire and fire at AFC, can only focus on one thing at a time. Currently it is Walcotts contract extension. Before it was RVP and Fab. But when you have a player toying with the club, management seem to herd to one end of the dressing room and forget we have trash to put out (players that need to go) and groceries to buy (players we need to bring in). Surely a club of Arsenals stature is not so restricted. What would be nice is an understanding of what actually goes on behind the scenes, if only to be honest with the fans and allay fears. If this is all smoke and daggers, then fine, its still only sport and its still only entertainment, but it is frustrating. For arsene to say, he is happy with the balance of the squad screams of either a plot we know nothing about, or a plot he knows nothing about. has he not been reading the papers or spotted our performance on the pitch???

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  25. ROGER

    Letas face it we have 110m in the bank 150 coming in 5year period and addidas money possibly to come, d dein’s worst deal was to sell his shares to kroenke, the first 20-30 million goes to him in dividends, he is not interested in us winning anything jsut like his other interests in usa, as long as the club makes money thats all he cares about, we are now a minor club growing players to be sold elsewhere, we cant compete with the big 4 and never will
    we ahve 9 players out on loan,and as far as i can see the only player we have sold is vela,it is time for wengfer to go and get guardiola in as manager quickly, he will come to us so lets grab him, he can then bring in the spanish talent to make us as threat again, wnger really only brought in 5 players to an existing great team, since then we have faultered in 8 years, the wordst was playing the kids in the league cup against chelsea with henry and viera sitting in the stands,worst decision ever, after supporting gunners for 46 years this is the worst i have seen them , time for a change

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  26. Proud to be a gooner

    if we keep doing like this ….Santi may leave after 2 years ,even jack and wojciech will leave …eventually we will keep losing our players with Arsene and Board …..time has gone we want someone like Klopp or Pep ….i know i will get thums down but that is theFact ….Mr Dein wher are you …please advice this stubborn man to sign someone

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  27. solomon

    What a shameful situation that we are in. It is unfortunate that the team management does not suffer any pain but is only the supporters that suffer the pain, the disappointment and the anguish of a team with a big supporters base like Arsenal.
    I cannot see anyone coming in this January. Yes Diaby is fit now, Yes Diaby is a world class player but can Diaby alone do the defensive job in the midfield with hectic shcdule like this? The answer is No. Even if he stay fit for the remaining part of the season, fatigue will set in at a point. Lets put it straight, Arteta is not a defensive midfielder so we should not consider his as part of the option. Maybe Fripong or Coq but they still lack the experience required. If we are not look at a defensive midfield maybe Wenger might decide to use Kos as a defensive midfielder but we are also short in the defence. Wenger said that he has two players in every position, who is the other striker because to me Walcott is better on the right wing than as a center forward and even himslef does not say that he want to be played as a center forward at everytime but sometimes. Look at the Southamptom game, Walcott as a center forward look lost for over 80 minutes of the game. A proper center forward will always create something out of nothing. If he sees that no supply from the midfield, he will go and pick the ball from the midfield and create chances but Walcott cannot do that.
    I just hope that Wenger will just be mindful of the pain that he might cause a lot of Arsenal supporters all over the globe with the way that they are handling this transfer window.

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  28. mwenyeji

    I got this comment from a fan in another site commenting about the probable Walcott signing:

    “All ready to go so he will sign in 2 weeks time?? Are we at Arsenal meant to be over the moon by this signing of a player that already plays for us??? So at the end of the month when the fans want to know why we never signed anybody the answer will be “We did, we got you Walcott” It is almost unbelievable what we endure at Arsenal. It’s like having to put up with incorrigible family members.”

    You know what, I agree with everyword in it!! and who is this top top player we are waiting for? Neymar?Messi? or is it Messi’s new born kid?

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  29. Ging

    M’vila, capoue, sissoko, wanyama, McCarthy wenger any will make a great addition to the team so for once in the last 6 seasons do the right thing and sign one of them before someone else does

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  30. stu

    Wenger probably waiting for contract to run out and sign them on a free. My guess would be m vila in the summer. Although i have a feeling walcott is pressuring wenger into signing one or two before he puts pen to paper

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  31. Yemmy Akinleye

    I can bet that Mr Wenger won’t but anybody except we lose woefully τ̲̅ȍ Man City on Saturday. He will then buy one player whom nobody has ever heard off Fø̲̣̣я̅ cheap JƱڪτ̲̅ τ̲̅ȍ placate the irate fans. The man won’t be satisfied until we finish below the top ten.

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  32. vyash

    dont worry weger will sign 2 players
    he will take his time
    diaby is back to cover the month january and walcott is signing

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  33. Hademe P

    Wake up( fans)from slumber.Wenger is not buying any body.He said his effort is making sure Walcott sign a new contract and ensuring all injured players are back, then they will look for exception players.Last season he was using the word TOP QUAlITY to decieve fans but this year he choose EXCEPTIONAL.Good players are every where,how come only Wenger does not see them yet the team is full of Mediocre and below average players.He is simply taking the fans for a ride.Until we borrow a leaf from Blacburn or Chelsea fans to teach him a lesson.

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  34. LikeaBoss


    Arsenal have just signed WAYNE KERR and Shefal Swallows from
    Higginbottom Athletic

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  35. The Messenger

    “Only looking for exceptional players”… Fellaini. Isco. (potential: M’Vila, Zaha, Mapou Yanga-MBiwa, Sissoko, Capoue)

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  36. Invincibles nice (1)

    Why are yiz saying that Wenger never buys as always, we have bought in recent windows you gloomy moops.

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  37. Uche

    Wow! Arsenal! Thanks to you, I am learning what not to do when running a business. Thanks to you, I will end up a much better business man by not repeating your stupid mistakes. Did you hear what wenger said about ticket prices? He said that fans shouldn’t go for games if they don’t like the ticket prices. Wow! Wenger just gave arsenal fans the finger! I hope the AKBs are loving being told go fcuk your self. And on top of that, he has categorically stated that he will not be signing anyone in this window because he has a complete squad. There you go. Can we now spend our time on other things besides pointless transfer speculations?

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  38. Nyallay

    Wenger is becoming a celebrated liar. Do you all remember what he said after our last game December about the transfer windom? He was gonna be busy in the market but has been the case fellow goonre? I am even beginning to doubt the so called degree he has in economics because in economic theory you need to invest wisely in order to get any return, which is the opposite he is doing. I strongly believed that he has been very lucky over the past years to win trophies for the club which i think has not been because of good tactical skills but luck and the ambition of the players we had. He’s not a good manager tactically but rather a good public relations officer. I think he should be given that post and get Pep the manager’s job this summer.He’s not gonna sihm anyone so stop bothering yourself fellow gooners.

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  39. mighty

    Well spoted mate only wenger don’t see it that way the all need to go(dedwood)the question is if there is any team whant to singne the dedwood?

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  40. jermaine

    why dont the buy bregade go support someone else. you sound pathetic wenger will buy IF space has been made why buy and add to the wage bill when we cant get rid of players. i totaly agree with wenger a player like remy is eqivelent to chamack he might make it he may not gervinho was rated higher than remy in french division he is struggling here buy for buy sake doesnt make sence thats why we have so many deadwood. look at who wenger tried adding villa top top quality player as he says. the only good players ont he market are negredo and snedjier thats who we should get but we need a buyer for squilacci and arshavin our ssquad is waay to full come summer we will have the same problem as there are soo many unwanted on their way nback from loan so i can see us spending most of the summer trying to sell

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  41. dilla

    wenger has lost it!! hes out of his mind to think that our current squad can even finish in the top four without making any jan signings. bullsh*t. january is the worst month of the year to be a gunner

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  42. robbie

    ARSENE WENGER TOMOROWS Gotta be signing gotta be your messing with our health! There’s more than enuff EXCEPTIONAL players!

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